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I drive 7 hours to Eastern Ontario to meet up with Author/canoe enthusiast/youtuber, Kevin Callan. Owner of Canadian Outdoor Equipment, Tim. and of course, a strange fellow, only known as...Speedo Man. We hike in, pulling our pulks, and sleds, set up a Wintertrekker, and an atuk kanguk tent with woodstoves, and just enjoy some Canadian Winter Camping.

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here thanks for tuning in as promised I'm far away from home I'm going to do a winter camping overnight in a canvas tent with an unknown guest driving to that person's house right now so next time you see me we'll be meeting that person for the first time hello hello he's Cameron like are you sure you didn't see that this morning Oh T my kennel right yeah I'm Robert now famous witch crap man robbed famous pop fish Rob is Raj Oh Rob I don't know all right if you haven't noticed I'm here with the old Kevin Callen and crew unfortunately and I'm doing all the work see this well somebody's gotta don't worry don't worry don't worry you you were on a TV show but I'll get this stop all right all right

did you bring your fire still no this all right then we got Tim from Canaan outdoor equipment and we got a speedo guy oh sorry speedo man Tim wants to stay but I told me to city pimps so anymore what so their butts not that much wood okay so you want to go left

sure whatever how about Jojo chooses so you witness a bad sight when you say why will you blame the show then yeah yeah yeah sure I give up yeah the pitch tent and go for a walk and enjoy the deer then tall that some dumb thing around yeah you in agreeance came in yes I think we should come right here looks nice nice and flat there's opening it's a lot oflot it is you have to carry in breath bring water

we got swamp water okay yes smell it from here and it would be the fever and now that'd be the thief no oh okay so we've had lunch I think we are going to go for a hike that's gay no we split up II know you ought to be you're on your own you're greedy we talked about lots of things lots things can't say on camera now we're going for a hike we should have brought our skis I kept saying to him let's take our skis then that wouldn't be fair cuz these guys don't have skis but they could run behind us you too thank you very much my knees fine with liquor quicker there you go there's two species in here they're opposite branching all the others are alternate that's opposite one branch one branch alternate would be one branch one branch here so it's either a maple or Nash and this is ash because we look at the tip it looks like a horse's hoof a stun what it is - awesome Butchie so just got back from our hike everybody's exhausted sitting by the woods though woman up kind of what stuff is this again Nyko packer for kanga that's nice and long so you actually get sizable pieces of woman is that is that Kevin's actually got ash ah no chills let me swap axes Kevin's will be Dalek if you know I'm so excited uh-huh i no clothes at all god I'm so excited cuz we're here on a camping trip and we have a speedo man virgin right here and he's actually a bushcraft expert I wonder if you can help me out mr. bushcraft server because as you can see you know I'm like trimming techniques that you use or like I mean this is not the right tool that I use I usually use a razor but and I like burn so when you're doing bushcraft is there like any kind of technique that you have that like this here you know just just like give me some tips the wife doesn't want to do it she doesn't like doing it and he won't because he's like oh I'm not touching down there and like will help me out cuz like how can I be filmed like write the book I say because that's what you do right I do craft some bush but that's a hand but that's just uh I mean it I've got it going on here no it's too much - I agree I like just try and trim aware but it doesn't work hmm and end it with rash around here especially route there oh I'm not filming that

like it's brew I noticed yeah all of this you can see what the chick I'm I'm regretting my decision to come here oh oh I'll take my leave that's your best friend Kevin that's your buddy like that's your main man I don't have any friends I gotta make sure that my battery went down so I'm not sure if I even got it yeah I got it all for you thanks Peter Ochs is shop do you want did you take this from someplace yes look at a dollar a nice oh very nice do you know about that Steve Yuri don't wreck up suit I'm do not record okay Kevin with this bushcraft car is tough and you dinner form I hate to do do dishes mm-hmm I need to keep it on soon well I'm the pushchair yeah I got all these views you have to give climbing off the scum of the earth thing so I had to do everything oh my god then we went for a long walk today two horses on a long walk we're all tired it's all true what he's saying we just wanted to see in camping rocks but Tim's like in Josie oh wow that's cold mush crap you know some people are in shape so they got a easy let's identify some dreamers a little our knowledge all right that's it for us we're going to bed sleep on now listen that's good can't believe they abandoned me jewel huh huh do you see where I slept hey you see where I slept wet there right there yeah all those guys you know didn't have let me have any room in there I try to come in with you but you are all diagonal

oh no room for a little Joe I tried it didn't work man so as you've heard it this is where I've slept I slept really good last night's up for about eight hours so it is 8:30 in the morning time for some breakfast oh really blew em for breakfast a smoked bacon like a real like from a a pig from a farm that was slaughtered and and then sliced up and then put it in their smoker and then they gave me some nice you woke up like that this morning just woke up and I just saw it was down to here no pressure to the camera site you got there huh what do you cook would you get slices oh this is uh smoked bacon we're in this morning's breakfast it looks like real bacon so my sacred a live done a phone there's a pig on a farm they got sliced off from yeah but on a smoker the short story goes I think the words slaughtered was a minute ood all right was something that you killed last night and put it on your head that sizzle though you did a fine job of slicing that bacon last one I made was really driving but still no chocolate chips eh yeah mr. Callum ate some nice banana bread it's gonna go real good with that bacon it's 10:20 in the morning right now everybody's just packing up all their gear we're going to head out we got about an hour hike to get out of here and then another hour drive back to where we're staying I know this video is short so our shorter than I would like it to be but a lot of the times when you just first meet someone you can't really film too much and it's not like I just met one person I met three guys all those guys are friends already and stuff sits there filming too it's just hard to film and set up shots and think about a storyline when you got all sorts of stuff going on meet new people new conversations and stuff but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it and you'll see me once you're camping very soon on another video thanks for watching bye get ready to witness Ashley tell tuck over

is gonna end bad hahaha and I'm the youngest one

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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