Make a bush chair/bench


Another summer skilld challenge...I remade my seat in my lean-to.

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the next summer skills challenge I'm going to build a bench or a seat and this is just a model of what i'm going to do so one have two bigger logs leave them long ways i have two shorter loves and lay them like that and have a bunch of straight logs gonna lay them like that on top so that's going to be going to see and obviously that's a tiny scale but that's what we will try to do today they're just as a side note i'm going to be putting my bench up in my lean-to this is leading to that you guys have seen in ton of my videos i actually knocked down the back wall just now and i'm going to rip up that bench that bench is way too low to the ground but the main reason i knocked it out or knocked on the back wall it's because i found my slipping in it and these spiders that I sort of God with the size of uh you guys don't know what what it is but a toonie a big coin anyway huge spiders so that's that for now oh and the ridgepole was all this fungus growing on it and there's not much Sun that gets in here so don't feel like breathing it in and all that nasty stuff got a nice oak ridge pole here put on it so yep renovations to the shelter what's up at the cross brace on now it's a nice piece of oak sitting on top of those other ones and the same one that size all right so there it is I'm going to leave the back off of my lean-to for a while to let the air get at this I cleaned out underneath of the seat there too it was all piled pulleys and stuff so it's nice clean-looking thing now and i'll show you how high it isn't sit on it one second that's a nice comfortable height to sit at before I was sitting over there so just to recap you've got four big logs running the same way as your seat to nice size logs running the opposite way and then however many straight logs across it takes to go this way so I want to see different variations of it the same one it doesn't matter I'm going to tag carry cuz he gets out a lot and I'm sure you can come up with something like I said doesn't have to be this exact thing to be as simple as a stump that you sit on whatever just something to make yourself a little bit more comfortable in the bush

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