Golite Shangri-La 3


Here is a brief review on the GoLight Shangri-La 3

I have had this tent for over a year, I've camped in all 4 seasons with it.

Check out this trip video, My buddy Kyle and I used this tent for 7 days in the backcountry earlier this month.


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Video Transcription

hey guys today I'm gonna be talking a little boat this tent I've been using a lot which is the delight shangri-la three comes in two parts that I use anyways there's another part just the floor that I haven't used yet this is the owner show I think it's a SIL nylon those way too much and I have the poles in here as well this is a necessary floor of the spring in the summer which is the bug net it also has a bathtub floor and a bathtub floor it goes up high it's a really really useful piece as well I think they call this the nest and this be the just the case like I said so first off it's about four and a half pounds together in the winter time I've used this the the shell just by itself there's no bugs obviously it's totally fine by itself custom waiting about half the outer shell weighs a little bit less than the nest but I keep the poles with a shell so kind of using the cell phone so we'll call it right around two pounds for this and that's not a lot to carry at all for a ten I really have been interested in and and fighting myself preferring sleeping on the ground a lot more than a hammock I have used to Hana quite extensively but for me personally I feel like I get a better night's sleep on the ground so here's the toggle system on how it stays how it connects to the peg it's just a little toggle system like that it's nothing fancy but it works really well in the shot cord and goes over the mistake so there's a shot of the floor of the of the nest and there's a rubberized piece there to show you that so there's a shot of the floor of the the nest it's got a reinforced rubberized piece there to stop the pole from ripping through the bottom of the tent which is an awesome idea and if you just look to the top it's got the same deal on the top it's very very strong I wouldn't be worried about cutting a piece of like a sapling to use in place of the pole if you didn't want to carry the pole another feature that I really like is that it comes with this full tub where you can actually hang it from a tree you don't have to use a pole so before I put the shell on and show you how that works I just want to show you how good 8 inches I would say but that way you're it's a little bit of a wind block because the the shell doesn't cover right to the floor and you're not gonna get wet I've been in this thing and downpours and heavy rain in sorry in heavy wind and snow I actually took this thing to uh Upper Peninsula in northern Michigan in February we've got tunnel at negative 18 Celsius was cold and I liked it because it provided me more coverage than its Harper I didn't have as much wind flowing up underneath alright here's a shelf I'm gonna put it on on real time show you guys how quick it is it goes I'm real simple and easy it's fun to put on quickly take down the only real thing you just got a lamp floor obviously slide it over the shell actually has a rubberized portion at the top and the hook as well as a loop as well so you can hang it from a limb if you don't have the bowl or don't want to use the pole and these the connector pieces the the tie oats really cool design just slide it it locks or you can slide it out farther really really well it works really well like it well thought-out design I think I usually tighten it up after I put it all locked

all right that's it it's all done up okay so it's got three ventilation ports worked pretty well I'm not gonna lie you do get a little condensation in here especially with two guys in there it fits you guys really comfortably I actually have my gear in here as well with another guy it says it's made for three but I wouldn't I wouldn't really push it with just use this trip or that sorry I had just used this tent on a week-long Algonquin trip that me and my buddy Kyle took he actually has a really really awesome video yeah really good job editing it and and shooting it I'll put the link in the description here you guys should definitely check it out it's really really cool it's worth watching we had a great time put this thing through adverse conditions like crazy we had like strong strong winds the whole time this thing held up awesomely what a good I think another good feature about this is has these reflective guy coyotes go to a lot of meats and sometimes I pipe I set up way far away just so I can sleep without hearing anybody and it's nice to have these reflectors if you're away from your tent at night so your headlamp really it really hits it and show you where you're at as you can see it's pretty roomy in here I have my bag and big backpack here I'd have my sequins stuff here

and then the another person could have their bag and they're sleeping stuff there as well this middle bar kind of acts as like a divider like this is my half here this is your half I kind of like that all-in-all this tent is awesome it's got actual other tie-up points to where you can type paracord whatever and really cinch it down this tent has really held up and it's worth it's worth its weight my friend and I did that trip in Algonquin he carried one piece I carried the other piece kind of split it up two pounds each it's not really bad for it for a super contained shelter I wouldn't have wanted to be in a tarp this last trip it was way way too windy so this thing was a godsend I'm really happy I got it a couple of things that I don't really like not even for any fault of the of the manufacturer or anything it's just wear and tear if you use your gear it's gonna get ruined or get get a little banged up the these bags could be tougher stuff sacks from putting my I pull in and out of it it's actually ripped little holes in the bottom of it that's not a big deal I can patch it up or make a new one it's really not a big deal at all but the pole itself has this like bungee cord in it and it's lost it all in less elastic it's really a pain in the ass to actually have to stuff it back in every time so I'm either gonna just take the elastic cord out or maybe replace it with some shock cord but watch out watch out go on uh-huh all-in-all this is an awesome tent I researched it today I think there's there on set for about 250 right now normally five hundred they were saying so that's scope move quite a quite a big difference if you can pick one up for 250 I think that's a steal I recommend it highly so check that other video that I was talking about from Kyle is that I'll put the description or sorry the link in the description and I hope you guys find out of some use I know that this is a good time

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