Alone In Algonquin. Day 1 - MOOSE


Feeling the need to test myself, and my new Swift Pack Boat

I travel to Algonquin park for a 3 night solo canoe camping trip.

Day one took me from my put in point at access #4 Rain lake, all the way to Misty Lake.

Link to Swift Pack Boat!adirondack-pack-136/c1u96

Link to Axe

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Video Transcription


spending three nights solo camping traveling a distance of about 16 to 18 kilometers a day three campsites lots of poor Taj's I need this I need the solitude I need the challenge come along with me I think you're gonna enjoy this one so I did my first big portage my first portage of the trip and was a big one there's a 1,200 or 1,300 kilometers did single carry no problem so now I'm at the second porridge of my trip which is going from KC's lake into Daisy Lake from Daisy this is a twelve twelve hundred meter port Hodge again and from Daisy I'll be cutting up into the Petawawa River and once I'm in the river there's only a couple little poor charges I'm about maybe a third of the way done for the day and I've been going for three hours so that's about right I have a big day today I put like 18 clicks down something around those lines so I'm just fueling up before I head on to this port OSH drinking my water eat the sausage eating some fruit stuff so I'm going to take it easy and make sure that I do it every time before each port ah sure before a big port I drink a bunch of water eat a bunch of food rest for a map and get my weights about me this is my first time solo canoe camping in Algonquin Park so far so good so far real good control the whole night to get here I slept in my car I before our safe slept in the old station wagon gotta love all the water down the back your neck so about to start a short 130 meter portage from Daisy to the Petawawa River I'm excited to get on the river I've not been on this particular River before so I have no idea what it's like if it's rocky if it's marshy it just low hope the waters not too low but I can get through some low water in this thing a few inches and I'm good so I'm sure everything will be good and if not I'll have to line it and that's ok too there's the river and certainly not disappointed with this so I'm going to stop here and have a snack break watch these butterflies chase each other there's a moose over there just like that he's gone it's a young one I got pretty close the shores I don't know 30 feet that way yeah he was pretty skittish buddy let me get a little bit close that's pretty cool most day one I just completed a nine hundred thirty nine hundred and thirty five meter portage single carry no problem blah blah blah you're great Joe but now there is a second moose at the end of the portage over in the marsh let me see if I can get them there's just there's a bigger one right there it's a huge bull there and that other guy over there oh my goodness most territory holy crap man well he took off as I was getting into the boat but I did notice another little piece of wildlife a little leech got into my boot there you go this is misty Lake it's a considerable size Lake and this will be my home for tonight Oh hold evil man there's some animals out here holy I haven't haven't looked at this link yet so we'll have to go see where some good sites are I got one picked out on the map we'll go see if anybody's there I'm here at this third a second island site and I wanted to get to that point site this Isle this Island site is nice but it's really windy I think I want to try to paddle over it's only four Lycos and I got a few hours before dark I got a few hours before I have to stop I can keep going for a little bit I just I won't be able to film here because of the wind it's just a touch windy wind wind wind wind wind so I'm gonna go down in the into the cove behind that point that I was telling you or showing you on the map there I think that'll help for the wind might be worse bugs and no sunset but we'll see if I go over there and it's bad bad bad three times as bad come back Here I am at my first side of the trip it's windy man I got kind of winded the front of my boat has no weight in it at all and when the wind really kicks up then I got a really giver and I kind of got pushed here so it's an okay sight it's at the ass end of the lake not where I need to be but it's okay I was tired I'm done I went for eight and a half hours today so I've been here for a while actually I've set up my tent I ate food so I had a dehydrated shepherd's pie it was pretty good I added too much water so it was a good dehydrated shepherd's pie soup but other than that it tasted good so the winds dying down a bit there's gusts every now and then I'm gonna go cut some firewood I think maybe I'll be able to have a fire if the wind dies down a bit I just I if it keeps up like this I can't because it'll be all under the woods but it's good day I went all day hard I went all day hard non-stop I stopped a couple times from maybe the longest time was a half an hour I saw oh I saw another moose from my campsite there's a marshy bay over over there maybe I don't know man

a couple football fields away not even and there was one for sure so that's for moose there was something else that in the background could have been but I'm not sure at all but this guy was walking around I saw four moose misty lake you know gonca Park if you want to see moose right it's very very bright this trip I didn't want to bring a knife I in past trips backpacking and canoeing trips I haven't brought a belt life and I've never needed it the last trip I did I did bring him belt knife and I put all my belt about one time in it one day so I just thought instead of doing that again I want to switch back to what I are already known I'm gonna bring from now on for things like this in this trip I have a sack bushcrafter so sorry knife Swiss Bianco bushcrafter it's got the saw the blade and the all that's it the saw is very useful actually I've used it for a lot of things the all is really good for striking us firesteel putting holes in wood whatever and the knife is very good to go as well but that's not going to process my firewood for me at all and for this trip I didn't bring a saw I just brought the saw on my sock farmer or bushcrafter like I just showed you I have a grass firs outdoor axe this is the one designed by Lars fault I've used Kyle's call house when I've used it a few times on different backpacking and canoe trips and it in all honesty it's the way to go it's super lightweight short but has a long enough handle where you can actually get some oomph but the good part about it is the head is thick it has a wedgie kind of head on it and normally I don't like that but for how small the head is and for how small the whole axes in total this thing packs some power so I got this from Canadian outdoor equipment from Tim the owner I camped at them with him once he's a really cool guy we got along awesome yeah so Canadian outdoor equipment for you guys in Canada this is a good place to get this I think he's the only guy that has them you guys in the States I'm sure he ships to you too checking what I'll put a link at the bottom but so far this has been a good act and this is doing everything I'm bucking up would I'm splitting wood I'm making shavings this is everything ah damn it damn it that sucks just got to ember burned right through my pants wah wah I'm right near the fire I can see it it's in the shadow there or she right there a nice sized hole anyway burned my skin to pretty good I had to move this was smoking me out over there wood the winds died down so that's a good thing

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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