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hey guys this is a Wednesday video for lack of a better title that's probably what I'm going to title it as well and so that I don't continue to look in the viewfinder I'm gonna do this there we go one on one so I probably just go through a few things well update video a little explaining video some of you guys were a little offended unbeknownst to me about that Walmer video I think that's brilliant they come through the comments some of you who thought that I was putting down people who would use Walmart gear and if you thought that you couldn't be further from the truth and I if you watch the full video then it would be completely clear to you I was raving about some of the pieces of gear and I was also explaining that that's how I started you not I mean I don't think anything of less of people who want to use Walmart gear why would I care so lots of people have different opinions lots of who love different ways of interpreting things I'm just here to tell you that if you were offended by that I'm sorry I didn't was not my intention at all and maybe just actually listened to the real message that's what I would say it might look a little bit different my Wednesday videos are normally me and the wife downstairs on the couch the thing about that is right now we have a renovator in doing some renovations they've been here for a good week and people who lived in this house before I did was my cousin because my my grandma's owned this house her whole life or until she passed away she's holed it off the island : my cousin lived here and now I own it now I bought it I own it but before I bought it and owned it or before I even moved in my cousin looked here that was seven years ago and they had changed this house from a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom so there's two bedrooms upstairs here which I'm in one right now in my bedroom emeralds is across the way tiny little hall is the old wartime house a 40s house so they turned the big main bedroom into a bathroom on the main floor which was very silly it's huge and there's no reason for it and it devalues the house and it takes away a bedroom so we've been spending money and time and energy on hiring people and doing things ourselves but to get everything turned back just the way it was you know I mean for the the big bedroom on the main floor to turn sort of bathrooms or turn back into a bedroom for the laundry room that they turned from the bathroom into the laundry room to back to the bathroom and a laundry room back down in the basement like it was originally lots of things have changed the house is falling apart so lots of different things have been needed to upkeep in the plumbing and all that stuff so that's where we are there that's why I'm upstairs talking to you because the dude is downstairs making a ton of noise so can't be down there talking you guys I got a few packages I thought I'd open though on camera here I got one from a gentleman called named or his callsign his soul of Siberia not sure if his full name or his real name I was never told it but it's a pretty cool gift okay soul of Siberia Bacchus look at it writing I'm not gonna show you his address or anything like that but like you can tell some kind of Russian writing right there stop burying some burying writing alright let's get my little chin if he open this bad boy up buh-bam sign look at this dude that is so cool he uses birch I believe I talked to him about it I believe he uses birch this is obviously died but look at this cooks up man look at this little feather on their little runes is so slick guys this is a little symbol I'm so glad I'm drinking the coffee now like what else would you put in a tea I guess would be okay for this - but coffee will season in oh man thank you thank you so love Siberia I'm gonna link him in the description he has a YouTube channel and an Instagram I found out of him photo about him through his Instagram because he put up some crazy picture of like a saran wrap shelter in the wintertime and I was like just blow see work I was just blown away by it - cool - cool man Thank You Anton or or the other name I said for love either way thank you very much buddy I'll link him again in the description I'm stoked me tell so you drink it I want to drink it like this I think that's how that man very cool

he's helped you totally good lucky shot bonus points for who knows if anyone knows what YouTube channel that's from mama mama bunny sure alright very cool so we got I think he said was the same the older would applewood-smoked Korean BBQ jerky this stuff was very good best turkey I've ever had in my life he to him has little freshness seal thanks buddy Nick the jerky man much appreciated it

this one's from Elsa ray Oh Elsa ray what's up Elsa ray she has a YouTube channel and it's following I think they live in a scam scam they're on the road anyways Elsa ray let's see what she sent super cool lots of stuff all right here we go

here we go first up lost in the right direction this is a sticker that's cool another one oh you want to show up it's like a UFO sucking up daisies pretty hippie sticker free Elsa ray professional creative Instagram Elsa ray you too bells for a facebook ulcer a snapchat else over a dust city wood sticker this has gotta be by her I really don't know I wish you would have given me a little note there else alright let me know what the deal is okay so anyways will link her social media stuff in the description but look what I got dust city woods sicker sustainably sourced it's literally a wooden sticker camping that one's have a trailer it's gotta be she's not to be making these things that ones have a trailer oh she did she did give me a note guys I gotta look at the whole thing before I jump to conclusions something to remember a Joe and family I want to thank you for your dedication to YouTube you're making fully engaging hour long videos your effort does not go unnoticed well thank you I've sent some stickers I've designed the lost in the mountains sticker can be found in REI Bass Pro Shops the wood ones are sticky AF so put them places where you're okay with leaving them I live full-time in a 13-foot trailer with my partner Barron and have taken so much inspiration from your videos I keep kicking at keep kicking ass

we'll be watching else alright well thank you very much you guys are of inspiration - you guys are doing a lot more than I am okay I'm just going camping what you guys are doing is pretty epic I would would highly suggest gonna check those guys out look at this picture Elsa and Baron and their doggy chopping wood getting the fire going pretty slick guys pretty slick yeah just really cool wooden stickers lost in the right direction that's probably my favorite favorite one my favorite is the one well thank you Elsa I will put all of her contact stuff in the description of this video for sure figure out some places fees to mr. Joe Robin

to mr. Joe Robin let's open this one up oh okay I'm not gonna read all this but thank you Fran and James Fred and James thank you very much appreciate it this is about health issues that I've been having they seem to have a lot of information in there I'm going to read it for sure thank you very much appreciate that guys so this party there will be another camping trip video for you guys to nighter so that's beginning pretty cool excited for you guys to see that one oh my god I've been hinting at hinting out some stuff lately about like a wilderness living trip I am gonna be doing that I'm going to be doing that in May up near woodland caribou where Shaun and I did our spring trip our flying arboreal forest fly in spring trip I'm not going to be going into the park because I want to have more freedom I want to be simulating my alone experience it's not gonna be the same at all but it's going to be rough guidelines for it I'm gonna go for ten days I want to go with ten items now because I am restricted with things that I'm allowed to legally do as opposed to on alone where we had permission from the band the native band to trap spear use a gill net basically procure food any way we wanted there were a couple restrictions of types of animals but all that stuff was fair game all that was techniques that we were allowed to use I'm not allowed to do all those things I'm not going to have a big budget company paying a native band for me to use their land I'm doing this all on my own dime because of this I won't be able to bring a gill net and in in place of the gill net I'm going to bring a canoe I'm going to bring a small canoe I'm still going to stationary camp I want to pick one spot once I get on the Leigh will be dropped off on a lake either by a boat or by plane I want to pick a spot on that Lake try and set up spend a couple days there see if that's the spot I want to be where if there's enough food sources around if there's enough building materials all that stuff if it's a good location for wind Sun if I'm happy with that I'm gonna stay there if not I might go one lake over but um this is not going to be a canoe trip this is not going to be an endurance thing this is not going to be a canoe tripping thing that you guys have seen for me in the past many times this will be a wilderness living challenge I'm not bringing food I'm bringing rations I will be bringing be living off of fish my rations and frogs and things like that if I can find them again because of the reasons I've told you before about freedom and legalities and things like that I will be bringing a fishing rod and I will be bringing five lures so I'm going to count that all as one item a fishing rod that all the real that's all my us are all the line that's all my reel and then five lures that is one item okay that's one item a canoe is one item axe knife tarp rations will be one item and my rations will be rice granola and jerky I will bring a first-aid kit that does not qualify for my ten items and yeah it's gonna be pretty pretty cool man I'm excited I'm not gonna bring any booze or anything like that this is just gonna be a complete like find yourself wilderness living thing no contact

maybe maybe be fed the whole time maybe not I will bring a journal I need to do this I really do I did apply for a loan multiple seasons after and they they didn't pick me ever so it seems like they're not going to even though that was something that we had talked about in the beginning I understand they're just telling me things with that's fine so I'm gonna do this on my own and we'll be a little bit different but I need to do this I need to go do have this like alone time and I believe I'm going to present it to you as a series probably six parts by an hour each maybe two or three times a week uploaded until it's done two or three weeks it's a big undertaking and I'm excited to go do it I've not done anything like this in a long time so pretty pumped pretty pumped for I'm gonna fly out there I'm gonna spend a couple days just getting ready and I'm gonna head out for 10 days solo I'm excited I'm very excited for it I've been watching all sorts of things online just trying to get pumped up trying good ideas and things like that I watched Lily's Canadian experience watch buddy Clint's stuff I watched this guy Enel Explorer Justin barber and L do feel an explorer that dude is legit man go check that guy out Justin barber I believe is his name if I'm wrong I'll put it in the description again but and also NL Explorer Newfoundland Explorer is the same person that guy man a real cool dude and does some legit stuff makes me look like a little lots of inspiration I need to do this so I'll be doing a couple preparation videos for that trip just kind of showing you my gear when I'm bringing in talking about what I plan on doing the kind of shelter I plan on building and all of that can change the kind of shelter I'm building can can change what about there who knows but these will be my thoughts beforehand my concerns going into it my worries my excitements everything I really want to present this to you as real as I can and who knows maybe I can pitch it into Netflix after if I do a good enough job editing it I'd really like to do that so something look out for a little bit so something to look forward to

I've better stop talking now because that sounded downstairs is annoying me and it's probably annoying you guys thank you for listening to me talk please remember I'm not trying to offend anyone with anything I'm doing I like you I love all of you I'm very happy that I kind of you as an audience I will try to be better I will try not to offend anyone and maybe we can all just be nice thanks for watching guys I will see you soon video up Friday's like comments knots like like comment subscribe if you would like to hit that Bell notification if you would like to if not no problem good bye

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