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Saws for the Outdoors, Bushcraft, Camping, Monkeying Around.


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I go over 5 of my saws that I use Outdoors for Bushcraft, Camping, Backpacking and Canoing.

Bahco Laplander

Silky Pocketboy

Silky Gomboy

adventuresworn.com Bucksaw

Homemade Bucksaw

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Video Transcription

hey folks its Joe here I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my saws what kind of saws of using and specifics about them so I thought I'd do a video about five saws here we'll go through them and I'll let you know my thoughts on each of them before I get into the might need to assemble this one so this is my adventure storm box uh it comes just like this three pieces and to put it together it's super easy the saw blade is already connected inside there you just got to unfold it and put your cross piece on they put the adventurer horn logo on so you'll never be able to mix it up and put it on upside-down shouldn't be able to do that anyway but foolproof

joe-joe proof so then you just slide your toggle on and you got to start twisting and you got to give her hell you got to twist this thing until you don't think and can't twist anymore all right we're getting there you know that it's done when if you feel like you let this go it's going to sling black back and super hard just maybe do it once or twice more yeah that's that's done right there and then tuck it back in matado just kind of rides and holds it in place we'll start with the folding saws I'm sure you all have seen all three of these before so my first one was a bahco laplander good saw pretty indestructible saw it served me well for many years this is actually probably my third one I got a little orange lanyard on there because it's a green handle my second one I've had this for I don't know better part of three years probably two years three years is a silky pocket boy and she's seen some better days for sure she's a little warped and bent we'll go over that in a minute and I have a green lanyard on there just to get it on my pack the handles red so I'm not too worried about it then the newest one is the silky gone boy this thing is a beast it's quite a bit bigger than the than the silky pocket boy and have an orange lanyard again because it's a black handle so this is a homemade bucksaw I'm gonna have to use your imagination a little bit for it I mean this probably three two or three years ago for less than overall bushcraft USA and I just kept it because I think it was the best one I've done so far so basically this is the same setup as this here right so this is your cross piece your toggle this will be your toggle and it would have paracord on it so I made two notches here for the paracord to loop around this goes in the paracord and twists in and locks against the middle brace just like this here and then the blade at the bottom I put slits in because I was using a trailblazer buck saw and it has the black pegs at the end so I just slid the the blade in here and pulled it in it's tough but if you don't have that kind you can actually put key rings on it and just put it over top of it or put a piece of stick in the hole up for the for the blade and that'll stop it from pulling out too so that's it that's a good option if you don't want to buy one if you want to make it yourself or just have a little fun making one let's take a look at the bahco laplander first Laplanders a good saw was my first saw it's probably the saw that everybody gets right off the hop there is it is good saw but there's a couple things I don't like about it the thickness of the blade has positive and negative effects on it positive is it's it's pretty durable then I can bend it but I've never really bent it too bad while I was sawing but the thickness of the blade makes it bind a little bit more in the wood it doesn't slide through as easy whereas something like the silky it's got a lot thinner blade but I have bent the crap over the blade as you can see and it's going to break anytime now so there is there is benefits to the thicker thicker saw good saw I couldn't really go wrong with it next up is the silky pocket boy that's a good saw so first silky I got and it's the one that sold me on them so this is a pocket boy 170 with medium teeth you can see it has no no lock on it just kind of slides open and it opens relatively easily so it's kind of sketchy but it's been bent so much that it actually fits in the handle without coming out because it's been bent not not the greatest thing but whatever

the handle is grippy real grippy the factor if it was in the heat for a long time and be one of those things where it kind of got sticky the blade locks there so it doesn't fall down and then it locks back one more so you can get a different angle on if you need but that's synonymous with my other silky as well good saw again a little flimsy a little on the flimsy side my pride and joy the old gone boy this is my newest saw I got this is the silky gone boy so one and a half two times the size of the pocket boy see for comparison so you can see quite a difference on it there's handle to handle and it's thicker the blade is a touch thicker and I got the large teeth on this one as opposed to the medium one on this one this is a very good saw I haven't found it yet too much and it hasn't been because it's a little bit thicker and because I know how to use the silkies now again grippy coating this one's black black rubber why I got the orange laying it on it like I was saying this is the gone boy 240 with large teeth so they're all made in Japan good again good saw like I would take this as opposed to a lot of other saws these days so all of these are good size you can buy any one of these saws and be set they all have different applications though right I'm not going to take my adventurous 1 bucks on a backpacking trip I'm not going to take my laplander on a trip where I want to build a shelter you know what I mean substantial shook shelter anyway I wouldn't it from personal experience from from using saws for a while and knowing what I like and having different ones and stuff I'm not again going to buy about a bahco laplander it just doesn't fit the bill for me anymore it doesn't for it's for what it is it doesn't cut as good as a silky bottom line in my experience silky pocket boy I won't buy again it's just too small for what it is the weight difference between the pocket boy and the gone boy is insignificant and the cutting power of the of the gone boy just blows the silky pocket boy out of the water so I think I'm set on folding saws now right when this when this silky gone boy goes I want to get another one and the thing about silkies too is like you might as well just buy a whole new saw because the replacement blade is like five dollars less than the whole saw so I'm sure I'm exaggerating a little bit but really probably just time to buy a new saw when this one goes but this will last me a while like I said this silky saw this gone boy there's pocket boy has lasted me for two or three years same blade so enough talking I'm going to go around and find a piece of red oak so I can do a cut test off with these for sauce first up and when you use the bahco laplander so it works obviously and right away just from not using this software while I can feel how shortened is how short I have to make my cuts because the blade length is just not there next up let's use the silky pocket boy it seems like the Laplander cut better than the pocket boy might because the pocket boy sold the teeth are worn out but definitely seemed like the laplander cut better than that pop then a silky pocket boy all right the old gone boy yo she goes I'm doing all these one-handed as well more of a full cut on this one cuts on the pole nice and easy so that one's the best so far obviously and I'm sure the buck saw is going to do it quicker but the point of this is they all work right it's not like one doesn't cut so obviously the buck saw killed it all just for ease of cutting because the blade length is so long it's one of the reasons anyway and of course there's lots of other options right you can get a Fiskars folding saw you can get a ACOG lens you can North 49 I'm sure makes them all these little like Walmart II kind of things but the thing with those are they will break on you I had a Fiskars or a Gerber that the same kind that's slide up and you have that knob to turn it on to crank it on the knob failed on one the blade broke on the other if you're going to get a folding saw or a saw for bushcraft Road Gore's use I would recommend to get at the very least get a laplander they're going to last you for a very long time they're sturdy they do the job as you've seen that's what I recommend to start with is a laplander bought Ibaka laplander silkies again silky would be my choice but some people don't want to drop that money I think there I'm not even hard percent sure that gone boys gotta be at least 50 bucks and then just right around there for the for the pocket boy but lots of saws work well folks I hope you found this useful hope you got something out of it there's been a lot of questions lately about my saws on my gear so I'm trying to answer it if I didn't answer it in this video just let me know and I'll do my best to answer in the comments or make a video about that so if you appreciate what I'm doing if you like what I'm doing I would appreciate it if you like comment subscribe and share try to make a run of this so it helps thanks guys I'll see you next one bye something that I do like about the buck saw though that the the folding saws don't give you the option of doing is when you have a piece of wood that's this small maybe even half the size this or quarter size and you want to cut it up in two and a half and it's awkward because when things are small like this you can't really hold them together Prime or prop them up on something so if you take your buck saw you actually just put your foot on you can do it with any buck saw this one works really well for it's got a big big part on it put your foot on there put your other foot on behind it you can do a couple different ways you cross you feel like us whatever but then you can just move the would go to do it slow at first till you get a group and then super easy to cut wood that way and it's a good way to do bigger pieces like rounder pieces because you're getting a lot of torque sawing that way as opposed to moving one arm anyways good little little tip

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