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New Backpack, and My Backpacking Gear


Showing my new backpack, and what gear I use when on a backpacking trip.

Bag is a MEC spirit 40L

Video Transcription

not in the woods here I got a new backpack for Christmas I had planned on coming out and doing it over night or with it but I've been out here for a couple hours I'm really just not feeling it so I'm going home tonight but instead of not doing a video I figured I do a video about my new backpack and some of the back gear out use for backpacking so this backpack is a by Mountain Equipment co-op for you guys in the States Emme see Mountain Equipment co-op is our equivalent to REI so they have their own brand this is a their their brand of backpack it's a forty liter pack it's a cool pack probably weighs about three pounds but it has this internal plastic frame with a lumen 'm stay in it that you can remove so maybe it's about two pounds with it removed something like that

anyways I'll show you how I pack it that's a good fat so as far as gear goes I tried to simulate because obviously I'm not going to have food for a week tonight I try to simulate what I would have and make up for the weight and the volume with other things that I wouldn't have today so clothing wise I'll bring this this is a down jacket follow so bye Emmie see it weighs nothing it packs down nothing and it's real warm I like it a lot it's I wouldn't go without it big thick wool socks to sleep in I would wear the same pair same pair of socks every day with hiking and changing those to sleep in every night I have long johns shirt long Jean pants and this was the wool blank little blanket I brought obviously is not going to be something I'll bring backpacking at all but this is what is what took up the volume and the weight today in the pack so I brought that for backpacking purposes to see to just to take up room okay so that's like clothes I have my line kit it would be a little bit smaller than this by still nylons harp this thing's awesome it's a war bonnet mail and Java big melody and stuff like that it packs down nothing weighs nothing you can squeeze into the slots it's a good carp it's a something like 7 by 9 this is a therm wrasse NeoAir I use this all the time also lightweight - pretty small not as small as you can get but it really is a good pad it pumps up probably 2 or 3 inches - also IMEC sleeping bag is a positive 5 so sorry positive 3 Celsius sleeping bag and I have my down pillow in that as well huh cooking I would bring this snow-peak pot it's a solo cook set I had the lid for 2 in there and I carry this little bail that I would make started this little piece of wire that I could make a bail out of if I wanted to an analogy I don't have a water purification setup I do but I didn't bring up but I usually go camp with one or two buddies and they each have a better one than I do so they bring in this foam pad slides in the back of my backpack it also acts as like more support on my back and it's really good to have a foam pad to sit on it's worth as well you definitely which is not much first aid kit basic storm proof matches good idea toilet paper a buck because it gets dark early these days and a book keeps you occupied a headlamp also very useful and then I brought food just a hobo dinner and whatnot obviously this food would be a lot bigger and a lot more weight and again that's why I brought lessly are starting to roll blanket to take the place of that I saw a silky saw is a good saw also Laplander I have I use a silky now and just a belt knife this is a light Mora that's what I have right now also I have this mask this 5 by 7 nylon tarp that I have everything on I'll probably bring that as well alright when it comes to packing this thing I've done it a couple times now I think I've got it down this pad there's a slot in the back right here it goes in there first before anything because you can't get it in very easily once it's crammed full of stuff but that's in there real nice in asleep first thing I put in is my sleeping bag

it goes in sideways I push it down as far as it'll go try and compress it okay so the bulk of it is right there at the bottom I don't know if it's like proper but that's how I do it it works so you can pad next again sideways it's tarp sideways line kit goes beside them okay if you can see in there but I've taken up from here to here about half way next we'll go my clothes and I would bring rain gear as well if if I was actually going camping if I was going backpacking the rain gear would go near the top so that down jacket I can slide in real good I'll have to mess with it my socks okay now I'm going to put let's go see something over there I want to put that that back that blanket in because it would be like where my food would go at the top the good thing about this backpack too is the lid comes up and over and it really gives you a little bit more room so that's all in there I'm just going to throw this little bit of food 1/2 right in the top of it and you can see I'm using a lot of the space up in here but that's what I wanted to do it is to test it okay and I could still get like a jacket in there if I needed to some other things I could squeeze in for sure okay so I've still got a few things left but those things are going to go in the top because the things that I don't want to just leave in the bag itself so the top compartment is pretty cool it's got a couple different zippered compartments in it I would keep my batteries for my camera and whatnot in there I put my first-aid kit in there my match is my book my headlamp my toilet paper okay and then in the side pocket I'll do it in this one is where I put my cup and my Nalgene now it takes a little bit of squishing to get it in because the sleeping bag really pops it over the end but we'll get it in there okay so that's in and I really push it down and I strap it so it doesn't have a chance of going anywhere

I read that these on a review that these spirit backpacks had a tendency to let go of your Nalgene if you bent over but I don't see it happening so whatever one other cool aspect I think of this pack is is the outside compartment so it's got this stretchy material here with a sleeve inside it so and then it's got a drain hole at the bottom so if you have like a tarp like this is not mask that everything I had laid on top of my my 5x7 if you had something like this and it was wet Scout going buddy and you don't want to put it inside your backpack with all your dry gear you can slide it down in there which is fine or there's this zipper in front then you put it in there I like to put gloves and stuff like that in there you're not gonna wear them when you're hiking I have my silky saw left I'll just slide that in there pretty versatile um one thing I was gonna mention I wouldn't bring this this Wetterling it's large hunter's axe backpacking at all but for an overnighter around here and stuff I would like I did today I was gonna use it so it's also cool you can slide it down next inside that the pocket next to the water bottle and just kind of buckle it in

or turn it the other way actually I would do that so it's not digging India these compression straps cinch it all down and then I've got this pocket and these straps to hold my tripod pretty good it feels like a good bag I'm happy with it as far as I've used it for the two and a half hours I've used it I think it's good I was using an Everly stock little brother before and it was a thirty liter bag and I did a week out of that thing but I had to strap to my sleeping bag to the to the back of it or sorry to the bottom of it I really didn't like that I lived from that to a go light set jam 70 liter it was just too big and it wasn't my style didn't have enough what it was very very old for light night I just I don't think I need the ultra light thing but this thing seems to be a happy medium so hopefully hopefully they'll all work out we'll get you on sand backpacking trip soon enough and we'll see thanks for watching guys I really hope that this kind of helps someone I know I'm just blathering on but it is what it is you

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