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Summer Skills Challenge, 1 Stick Fire, No Knife


We are having an Informal Summer Skills Challenge over on BushcraftUSA, it's been really fun, I was tagged to do a Dakota Fire Hole, so it's my turn to do a challenge, I chose this, and tagged Skab, but all are welcome to try and post thier results.

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Video Transcription

alright so a lot of us been doing that informal skills summer challenge and carry TM was cool enough to tag me for doing the dakota fire hole and i did that last week I was a good experience I said on that video that had to wait a while to do mine where I went it where I'm going to show show a skilled for other people to do so this one I'm going to do is a one stick fire which a lot of us have done almost everybody's done but I don't want people to use their knives on it I know Terry did something like this a while back but I think at least I think Stu year back so I'm going to use my axe I want everybody else to try it using whatever tool they want just not a knife and then use the firesteel to start it if you can that be the ideal so I want to tax cap to do that because I know that guy gets out and he'll be able to do it make make a good go of it I was asked only tagged one person so that's who I'm taking all right so this is perfect this is a dead standing straight grain tree this is open my my favorite wood to do this with so I got lucky here there's two shoots off this big one that are dead the small one will be more ideal but using my axe is going to be hard to get in between this and this outer one without hitting the original live tree so I'm going to go for this one the second one just to show 26-inch water and you can take out a huge chunk of oak itself so that's a very hard wood got a nice long piece broke off cusco bully down but now to just split this down in further alright so that's the wood split down in two lengths now I've got to make some feather sticks and some shavings and scrapings so just like Terry shoulder on this video you can make feather sticks with an axe obviously make sure they're stick with almost anything machete acts tomahawk kukri whatever just got my blue foam pad there to catch the shavings and these are going to be nowhere near as fine as say when you're using your knife that's all right let's go

so I've got all my prep done I've just got to make some fine shavings because I know these aren't going to catch the spark from the first deal for some fine shavings so hopefully i can do that with that

there's a couple all right looking too bad there

mosquitoes are driving me crazy that was a little hot so as you can see I'm not half as good at Nathan the one strip player with it with my knife so that's probably a good reason to test myself and if you're the same weight I see yourself without using a knife she's going that's the size of my next stage of kindling after the small strips so once again the challenge is to make the fire without using a knife the machete school your kukri whatever you think I can't think of anything else off the top of my head tomahawk axe use an axe whatever it's not a knife I don't care if you if you get the wood a different way if you say if she saw you would use your ass whatever doesn't matter to me I just wanted to see if I can do it without using the knife at all so once again yep checks cab and looking forward to seeing everybody's post about it thanks for watching guys

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