Bowdrill fire from start to finish


A walk through of the bowdrill process, sorry for camera work...its hard to film yourself and start a friction fire!

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Video Transcription

so today I want to see if i can get a bow drill going and show you guys the process for all the way from just collecting the tinder to blowing it into flame after getting the coal so i got today some bass so that we working with i got a bass board baseboard you can see i just put the original starting hole in it with my knife just a little drill there to give the spindle somewhere to rest well I'm drilling and you want the one side of the spindle that's going to go to the fireboard to be a dull point and I like my other side to be a long point it helps reduce the friction with the bearing block so the bearing block or the socket whatever you want to call it is just a piece of hard hard you see the okra maple I believe this one's maple and spins in there the other way upside today I'm using my Kephart my new one I got in a trade I believe it's a JK kephart has the K there if you can see in this camera what I really like is my first convex knife and I'm liking it a lot it's for a half inch blade four and a half inch handle for the original style kept hurts alright so as for tinder to get the fire going after I've blown it into a ball get use this dried some kind of shrub dried grass eesh rub really really Airy really dry really thin and then I got my tenders in order that I'm going to put them on I got some small sticks that I shaved some larger twigs larger sticks larger steps larger sticks and that's just to start it off with that's not even the actual fuel that's just like I said to start off and to blow it into a tender the tinder bundle I have to blow it into flame is some boxwood inner fibers and then there's Punk wood inside I've never tried with the punk wood inside i believe it's just Anna Nicole go longer but we'll see so putting the drill or the spindle inside the bow you want to put it in so that the spindle is not in between the the string and the bow you want on the outside so I'm just going to start drilling before I cut the notch to burn it in a little bit hope you guys can see this I want to place my place my foot close to the hole ok so that's pretty good i got that burned in get the hole burned in there and the spindle fit i'm going to cut the knocks we'll be right back okay as you can see i cut the notch you want it to be I don't know the cord of the way in the hole so that the dust gathers in the notch and that's where the Ember forms ok so when I start drilling this time I'm going to get enough speed to wear it searched the smoke and then after I build in some some some dust I want to go give it up my all and try and see if I can get the Ember on the first time I've got a little piece of little sliver of wood underneath to catch the umber so that I can transport it to my tinder bundle I used to use my knife but I don't like put number on it anymore alright so i think i got it smoking it's smoking a lot and that's a good sign you don't want to blow on it you want to fan it with your hand because the moisture in your breath can put it out see smoke in there so don't know if you guys can see this i'm trying do this and fell at the same time it's kind of hard amber goes into the tinder bundle I transfer it to my fire pit okay I got fire so I put dried twigs on our sorry the the dry grasses or reads or whatever on throw my small sticks on throw my other small sticks on go on a crisscross them so there's a lot of oxygen in between the two and I could even start throwing my bigger sticks on now because the flames are pretty big all right well that's pretty much it I'm going to tend to the fire a little bit and I think I'm going to cook up an egg and the coals maybe I'll videotape that too but I was it for my bow drill tutorial I hope it was easy to understand you guys have any questions at all about it let me know I'd love to help you out I'm just learning to myself so it's uh it feels good when you can do that alright guys take it easy

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