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I Went Camping with a Strange Old Man...


Check me out out on Fishbrain https://bit.ly/2NxJvIF

my user name is Joe Robinet

Join buddy Doug from the Doug Outside YouTube Channel.

We meet up, fight our way through a bunch of low water, beaver dams, and liftovers. To an awesome crown land spot, a beautiful river with rock cliffs, marsh, lots of fish, and amazing scenery.

We find a spot to camp for 2 nights, we swim, fish for our supper, explore, and have a great time relaxing in the summer.

come along for an easygoing time :)

Check out Doug's channel, he has a great video of the trip as well.

Part 2 will be out soon.

Thanks folks.

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing Joe here thanks for tuning in get with buddy Doug we're up in our secret location just catching fish hanging out for a couple days camping out I want to give a huge shout out to my sponsor for this video fish brain fish brain is an awesome interactive app that you can use to help ID fish and tons of other features that can help you become a better fisherman catch new fish you can use fish brain to connect with other anglers near you you can see their pictures you can like and comment on their catches it's like Instagram but for fishing there's also an interactive map to help you find new fishing locations near you or even when you travel my favorite feature on fish brain is species recognition you can upload a picture of your fish fish brain can automatically tell you what type of fish it is through artificial intelligence that's really cool if you're in a new spot like away from home halfway around the country and another country something like that that could really help out you can keep track of all the fish you've caught over time but you never have to share your fishing hotspot unless you want to which I'm not going to there are some premium paid features that are super helpful and cool exclusive data driven fishing forecast shows you the best time placing bait for every fish species as well as the depth contour so you can see the depths and the shallows of all bodies of water we've been having a lot of fun on this trip playing around with the app and its features and just catch a fish left and right so big thanks to fish brain for sponsoring this video check out the link in the description enjoy the trip enjoy the trip jug jug hey guys how you doing Joe here thanks for clicking on the video I'm up north I'm just waiting by the side of the road for buddy Doug we're gonna want a two-night canoe trip haven't been camping with Doug in some time you haven't seen me camping with Doug in some time at least so it should be a fun time just waiting on his old self right now there he is hey Doug to see you buddy my name's Jeff we go camping now I'm ready all right meet you there everybody gets one so that should be good and that's what we'll do uh-huh okay guys all right the third lift over is second or third lift over here

third lift over danger bacon I imagine and normally you see me wear like running shoes or hiking shoes for this kind of thing in the summer because they dry quicker but I knew I wasn't walking in a lot of water so I figured I try these I've got these yesterday on sale Solomons they're $116 they're super lightweight hiking boots they're they're supposed to be waterproof I know that they're it'd be harder to dry them out and everything once they get them wet but my idea is if I'm just stepping in the water here and there where my shoes would definitely get soaked maybe these will keep me dry and not get soaked on the inside we shall see and I'll report back maybe tomorrow everyone is like there's a lot of leftovers are you going to land what are you doing oh man there's like for real decently leftovers right here this is the part last time where I would decided it might be easier to go up on the land and try to get on the shore but it wasn't and I ended up just doing the lift over the thing is after these four they're pretty much done so just kind of kind of man up kind of man or just hard for me to do he's going in it's a little quick sandy over there yeah you go loses paddle - there's no are to go brambles I'm gonna stick with what I know watch our way waterway yeah he's checking out the same spot I checked it less

not far

I would keep going if you're up there and you plan to do that I would keep going yeah like what I'll stay down here I'll let you know when the lift or stop okay variance I'm go to breath and I'm overheated I need to sit for a minute [Music]


diplomat hat in the water make it away pond a can temporary layoffs no good times

got to fill up in the clear water for drinking water and hot water nice and clear oh man those a lot of work so Doug got to the end before me but he was in front of me - I don't know I don't know it was better I tried to do he did it the way he just pulled his canoe on on the land humming but I'll find out from him how that was he's over there by an island filling up ice waters lukewarm at best okay catch up with youth when we find some shade sit down for a minute what do you think what the way that you took on the land all the way in the land yeah

either way both pretty crappy so hard getting in here but now we're in here we're in this nice spot it's all clear and open this is the same spot that I see that and have my lunch at last I was here so we're gonna find the awesome spot nice pretty big open camp so we can set up a tarp get out of the Sun catch some fishies

the fire bans lifted they're carefully gonna be the size that rock that's what I mean there's not it just by the leaving this this used to be like a paddle right up to the the Beaver Dam up here now it's it's drop some but still there's no sign of like people doing the portage or anything just now Oh some room just just hanging out her paddle are looking pretty hot what time to look for a camp squat there's all these nice big white pine here they create a good amount of shade so maybe somewhere in there is not so bad but you also do want to kind of find a rock good nice rocky outcrop where we can have a fire safely and be a little breezy keep away the bugs I'm telling you up in there is looking pretty ok nice to me yeah yeah yeah that's nice and flat - alright this spot looks like it might be okay lost Doug he's fishing somewhere yeah my boat's no not just not just gonna leave it not a smart idea we've learned lessons so we're gonna stay for a couple days are you nice to find a open spot you can't this doesn't look too bad it's flat ish we have a fire up here or down near the water there's a rock nice flat rock up here anyway oh yeah so we can put the tent up here this is fine I think this will be good so they put their tent up here got good water access plenty of firewood this nobody's been here so yeah I like it I like it a lot hey check this over there's probably a lot more beer here than I thought over last time I was here and the bear ran across the Beaver Dam we're a little bit well before that but look at this I'm looking around the ground trying to find a level spot and I see this this obviously part broke off but look it's just a perfect flip right over so that that rock was there for however long and the only thing big enough to move that is a bear flipped it over looking for bugs then you can see this pretty well-defined trail going down to the water maybe a lot more abundant with bears I originally thought here not a concern it's totally fine especially to guys you know these cameras are turned on before I can't just will it I read the secret is the Willing thing all right up here there's a little grassy part there's a couple flat spots so those under a tree over there I'm gonna pick under a tree here I need to clear out a little bit of these pine branches just so I can have a little bit put my tent up in the flat spot so no real need to keep these for firewood if they're in there so much firewood around Duggars bugs can't with Doug there we go I should be enough a nice flat spot right here amongst the blueberries and the grasses all of the grasses plural see the two respective just like waters other man's seat I love how easy my attention is to set up yeah I'm pretty happy with that that looks to be a pretty flat lay well what do you think about that little axe dug too thin for your likin yeah yeah but the I like it does and I like the length of it actually the Les Stroud one yeah was that the Bushman yep here Armour the name of this one velvet coat yeah woodcraft take some getting used to alright tents all set up I want to set up my hammock too and the shade here so we can both take turns just kind of lounge and there's not much to do this trip hey this is like a relaxing like summertime swim fish eat good food have a cold beers trip look really just like relaxing think so cut the hammock gonna set it up I need to trim my way excuse me away from these branches again she saw my little axe doing making quick work of those branches up there this is my adventure sworn scout this is the model that we're working on together convex blade nice big long chopper as you can see a lot of a lot of on the Halal to get OOP OOP OOP OOP so we'll clear these off see how she does compared to the axe obviously way too way different tools but as you can see that worked out just fine is actually pretty easy to get in here and shop without the big axe but I always love an axe this is just something different

the blade is totally fine too I guess that's what I should be showing you after all that chopping and again there's a on the knots of pine so it's it's harder it's way more dense than normal than normal wood or normal pine right on the knots is obviously they didn't spot so I'll be continuing to use this for the rest of the trip and for for a while now but she's a beauty she's a beauty

Lavetta soreness CPM 3v what type of steel it is there's my plane oh thanks for checking in on me I'm doing all right

this is awesome this is a great spot guys it really is it's very hot even the shade so I think we go swimming anyone swimming lay here for a bit pop in oh my my skivvies forgot to bring my this is how it is anybody's been sitting around the shady is kind of going away with the Sun coming in that were standing I didn't didn't hit the bottom nope not all not even a little Oh swimming up water get out quick no I couldn't be a rapper if my life depended on it

I can't blame them from it's cold here is very cold would you touch the slime yeah you you know you're not in the water oh but my killer is right here these are great to rip through the weeds we're probably gonna get more bass than anything so these are from CL fishing who is my brother Carl Whitaker I'll see you outside show the colonel go look him up on YouTube and seal outside if you want these spinnerbaits you can find them on the website CL fishing and you local has an apparel line so anyway quick to colors all right okay thank you thanks Carl see L fishing outdoors outside you see a website on YouTube CL outside on the tube curl but you know that your boats not in the water I do know that but nobody knew that on my side but but now you come along with your camera in your underwear we won't fishing I remember last time I was here I was telling guys I wish I would have brought the wacky worm setup well Doug was nice enough to bring enough for both of us so got a full set the little applicator and the rubber rings the worms the whole nine yards so we'll get one set up here real quick hook already on there with Barb's a little bit different than the last ice fishin I was doing right barbless over there and the Northwest Territories oh man it's hot guys she's hot

she gets yourself one of these one dime here little rubber rings there get yourself a rubber ring you know there's this applicator has some on it already so thank you the best of my recollection you stick the worm in half way that's a bit more than halfway but run this ring up

Oh notes in the middle and you can actually hook your hook to the ring instead of the worm so you don't lose all your worms in the fishies mouths or other places there you go so if this works I'm really not proficient with this method I've only ever used it once and that was with Doug last fall I'm more of a spinner spoon type Fisher man as you probably know can I call myself a fisherman yet I think so I think so well this one just bought me this way I might as well just continue to go with the current I love this place surprised I'm back already I didn't think I was gonna come back yet if I'm still around in the fall I'll be back in the fall too but I just got some news and we did get the mortgage which is awesome so everything looks like we are getting the hose just has to all happen still you know she's pregnant we can't move until she has after she has the baby because there could there she's high-risk pregnancy potential complications everything we go in but so it'll be all it's a homeowner now - whether or not you can hold on to the house I'll give him the plan is to give a down payment but I'm sure we'll be all fine I'm 99% sure we'll get it very happy very very happy but that pretty shallow here if they gonna head down that way man I moved into this into the shade here it's much more bearable I'm not ashamed or afraid apparently to say that I'm not having any luck at all I know Doug caught one I'm also positive he caught one I could see him hold it up just gloating no but yeah no look so I'm just gonna hang out in the shade here cast near some of these fallen trees cuz I can't be out in that Sun too much longer what's the fit of boy-oh skin Joe but I have dehydrated chili for supper if I don't catch any fish and I'm sure it bubble sure is fishy with me he's good enough but I'm okay I can eat fish tomorrow night well fit I guarantee I'll catch fish tonight after supper today after suppers when I had planned on catching a fish in the first time first place so strange okay I'll let you know if I catch one but don't don't hold your breath I'm back from fishing hunting catch anything I can't see Doug anywhere so he's obviously still out hopefully getting less some supper while he's doing that I'm gonna make myself useful let's set up a tarp is super bright Sun is all on our side now so she's that high in the sky it's 5:40 I'm gonna stay late I don't know quite some time so we need some shade bring up a tarp here and then maybe go cut some firewood I've already strung up a Ridgeline [Music]

now that it's just a matter of taking this down at the bath tonight was I right and see saying that I saw you pull a bass out not too far right up there yeah nothing enough to be were you getting bites

I got bites no fish I got a few bites nothing I switched up lures and everything they felt very small yes all right well I don't feel so bad except for we don't have dinner it's gonna be like last time I was here was a later type thing like when it started getting a little dusky you is when the fish really got hot it's 10 to 6 catching fish so I'm gonna get o2 we'll stay in the shade as much as I can I'm gonna stay with this heat but I need to go catch up and catch some fishies - why did Doug get us some dinner I'm really fine with that yeah potatoes and onions I'm just a little guy no place let's turn around Oh Joe gets a little bossy guy well too small to eat we don't need up anyway but is Oh jumpin jumpin Jehosaphat no fighter that guy you knock the worm right no I got a decent fish way better than my last one oh nice alright I feel much better about this much better about this the last guy oh yeah

same size doesn't touch bigger well that was a better better bass than the first one

still on the small side but I feel better

BAM Sun woo flip it out the water over thing he spit her hard but something happened something happened that was fun not even like it was any good size or anything just a hit just a hit Oh little bleep it's fine it's fun fishing like this yeah but I didn't I did see no we won't do that we need oh yeah I said we thought we can't fire why what do you was gonna do a little take something better


okay well I'll stop doing this I'll come up and no we should it's power7 we should figure something out to do anyway for dinner

thanks for safe for the camera pass you took my worm you took my worm son of a gun it's getting hot hot I will build the fire pit you will do the deeds with the fishies all right what we'll see wiggling

yeah that's a good fire pit good decent cooking pit it's not like we need a bonfire for any reason it's nice and hot we'll just be cooking and keep it away of mosquitoes so it's perfect for that firepits completed there is a little bit of firewood kicking around there but I want to go get some hardwood that's all just pine so we'll go up into the the woods a bit away from the the water or the maple and the oak grove dug 10 over there winds up over there but I saw this oak earlier right here we can get be some dense wood [Applause]

start our fire today I'm going to be using some wax wood stick from production here 51 he creates the fat rope and all that good fire-starting stuff I always use so this is actually like I think I'm gonna use it before in a video this is actually like a piece of impregnated wood resident pregnant wood so you can really catch it focus shave up some nice pieces or you can baton it down into squares huh smaller pieces so you can use it as tinder and everything you go does it smell like you think it would nope nope but it works good on the rock just because of the dryness of the yep the fire Bell was just lifted we don't be silly here later I lost my first what is that thing called a land yard yeah I got one dug Dory JK anyway so good that works just a little couple shavings for my natural fuel on now I'm a natural

kindling rather look a piece of poop flipping out the water and everything come on Big Boy someone's here that a your daddy I am the fish's father you do not know this

there was nothing where well all these dudes is my sons [Laughter]

no we just can't stop fishing [Music]

okay this fish brain app that I've been using lately take pictures of my fish and record where and how I caught them it's basically like an Instagram for anglers pretty cool with that check it out actually if you have one check me out

my name is Joe Robinette Joe Robyn out on the on the fish brain I'm impressed with the shore fishing from this spot well there's a small it's just fun to catch you know just having fun anyways they're all going back where just kept those two that Doug caught for supper he's got some Mexican black bean jambalaya going on steak and potato kind of ethnicity it's bigger oh my itself all right heavy cover that is a heavy cover right grass and sticks in there with it if you could leave out as much leaf litter as possible

I'd be appreciated but you know it's not a deal-breaker either way I know I started you know right

I don't know [Music]

let me go light or would you like something to drink it's a verdict ich is very very very hot focus tastes really good yeah

you need to hold something behind it we've already eaten a few pieces of fish each

dish up divvy up this jambalaya Mexican great to do it do it smell good too dude well that was short-lived well once again this looks a lot brighter and my camera than it is for reals Rose this is good fish

warm water largemouth bass and those on top like at home though I'm stroke no worms in this one no I got a wicked awesome IPA this is from nickel Brook this is a really good beer Mike Mike and I always message back and forth really good beers we find or whatever and I normally can't find them once he chose me because I live in Windsor he's in closer to Toronto where they have lots of good craft beers and stuff anyways you had this one in is a mystery pack winner from Nichol Brook winter or our first-ever mystery pack vote this New England IPA is the People's Champ Ferraris and hazy dank and juicy with a big tropical bite it's pretty friggin sweet no wait it's dank is a really good thing yeah yeah all I need is drinking that day no no dank is good dank memes like dang so like I could see where dank like if you're describing like a basement or a crawlspace I could see like yeah that's a negative but if you're describing like beer if you're describing beer you like a dank halt be dank hop like it just like I know it's got like a kick to it there's jank bro so I get sick no no really dad there's more life like a potency thing look uh oh you got that dank got a couple girls in my own town he's right in that dang no no he is pretty old


illumination oh oh oh all right it's 923 crack a second beer and probably head to bed a little bit I've got a what do I got oh we got where did I even put the flashlight now oh no things are happening there we go there we go

I'll be all right promise how do I even get out of bed Maureen I got a liquid Artfest IPA milkshake oh do you hear this listen to this milkshake IPA with passion fruit mango and vanilla

I kind of am scared but that's what yeah it's what it is that sounds strange that sounds like a mic beer to me it's just a touch warm - oh wow

that's complex that's complex news probably not the best one to drink warm milk shake IPA you got it is it far works laughs it sure sounded like fireworks not before though fire Clark's alright a little bad good night ducky shine the water in the water first keep up there duck oh well yours over here I gotta get my suit bag still yeah I think I'm gonna bring my backpack over there to so that I can prop it up on the okay it is getting chilly you can see my breath so I can prop it up on the slip what I'm on the spot where I'm laying so I don't fall won't open to the flatlands hey threw everything in my backpack Oh Rockledge hmm easier said than done Oh Pass easier in the daytime all right ah

spider spider there she is yeah oh yeah you moved all the way that's good I want to hear snore it anyway yeah no mosquitoes a not a one mosquito no maybe some deer flies some deer flies the rake ins in deer - got me anyone anyone all these millipedes in here though I don't want get from here I have no idea how the millipedes would have got in here it's been closed up anyway I said for me tonight good night guys I'll get with you in the morning get with you it's a little crunched good night

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