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Video Transcription

I mean what do you got all over you do you like furs let me turn on icy yeah you go over so just go and Daddy yeah you gonna help me all righty all right grab it

jeanny so help babe emerald spotted these mushrooms they're pretty good she told me not to touch them right

no touching mushrooms why you're right good job

tilt it tip it I mean you get some all right good what else is in that backpack a me once you pull the stuff out show me you see the water bottle what's that for who that's not mine Oh what do you got there what else yeah there's something else tip it upside down there's a little sleeve inside tip the whole backpack upside down and shake it tip yep yep tip the whole backpack upside down upside down and shake shake her yeah we sit there we go pick that up what is that it's a saw like a night like this

kirsov this this big log why don't we find something a little bit smaller Oh one under the spectrum to the other okay let's find something in the middle let's bring it over here yeah just be very careful cuz it's super sharp okay I'll have a fire make some popcorn

alright we'll cut you but it's made for cutting wood so you go be careful because it's super sharp always you gotta start it first round round I'm gonna like the wood on fire I'm not sure how to do that the ground we cleared the leaves way so it's all just do you know how pull it all the know pull the blade out I pay attention okay we get a bonfire over here we just want a little bit of a smoky fire to keep a little bit of mosquitoes that are away and emerald wanted it for nostalgic reasons I'm sure can you sit down baby so we can have some popcorn you got that or do you need a hand

what all righty so what the burrs Oh snake my popcorn snapped a good bra oh my this is this is this is how she treats me just like your mom thank you but so scope scope master is eight years old today October 8 so we're gonna give him a piece of popcorn here you go you've been a good dog for eight years there's your reward he's got a pretty bad limp now he's gonna getting it for a while but after we just got back from a family camping trip it's noticeably worse down glucose meaning chondroitin and all that stuff so I have to get on some pain pills soon I really don't want to but yeah Birds just like us look at them silly bird dog we're here oh yeah look at you we're Albury Halle Berry miss Marie no get it you got it good I'm glad I'm glad you got that rap reference was that popcorn coming not good why hmm what it is on this button - I sure do it right here where push down yeah yep

that's great that's weird what does that mean I don't love you oh my goodness wow that's really mean you hurt my feelings it means I love you and I don't love you it means that yeah well typical you are you are a girl right yeah yeah all right it's not an axe that's not an axe all right show me how you use it no for real yeah there you go nice what you did made a nice line in there couple more hours you can cut right through her do you think with that my thoughts exactly

chip off the old block emerald Oh what are you doing getting what cutting - you're trying to cut the little spider with the saw what is it a seesaw it's a big cake don't leave that near your face sweetie dangerous seesaw all right we're ready to roll out of here say bye I'm give me a wave hey thanks for watching

nope alright so never had intention of making a video I didn't bring my tripod or anything so this video if I post it'll be like 3 or 4 minutes long I just wanted to come take some pictures and stuff but emerald started doing some funny stuff as she always does I thought yeah I captured on a video so thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed it something completely different please comment like subscribe share and I'll see you soon with the new video

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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