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Alone in the Wild - A 5 Day Solo Excursion.


I head out alone on another adventure

My Route has me traveling over 120km in 5 days through Ontario's Wilderness, Rivers and Lakes.

I travel by canoe and foot, making a new camp every night, fishing for food and battling rain, cold and wind the whole time

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Video Transcription

well this is what I've been waiting for whoa hey hey great big wind Little Joe hey guys thanks for tuning in I'm up north by myself getting ready to venture out on a six-day solo wilderness Trek I'm going to be covering 125 kilometers over the course of six days roughly 20 klicks a day some days a little bit shorter some days a little bit longer but that's the average I'll be canoeing all day we portaging we're setting up camp under a tarp I'll be fishing for trout for my dinner some of you guys might be wondering why I have a green boat my normal boat my red one is in the shop

just getting some finishing touches done up so they give me a loaner it's a swift track boat just like mine and Adirondack thirteen six Kevlar fusion 26 pounds so I'm able to saw is relatively easy and maneuver very easy to I'm going to get my boat all set up for my six day trip and head on out because it is storming it's been storming all morning I have a tiny break in the weather right now but there's a 100% chance of thunderstorms today but we have to start today all right the rain is starting to come down I got to put this DSLR away pack up the rest of my boat and get in the boat I'll be shooting with my GoPro probably for the rest of the day and if you want to find out about my eye my black eye stay tuned I'll tell you about it one night around the fire okay it's four degrees right now four degrees Celsius get cold I got to put on my gloves actually got these neoprene gloves popped we're probably all today hoping to get a few hours good title before thunder storm if they come or the rains are coming heavy man this wind huh blown right into a headwind

is the first color paddled all here in a very exhausted hunger node already a little bit idling for a few minutes bunch such as life such at the beginning of every canoe trip especially at the beginning of the season you really don't have your sea legs you'll have all that energy the muscle memory that I had at the end of last year's lose you what I'm looking forward for the challenge paddling every day catching throw oh yes will I be catching through a little wet maybe a little little rain go away today oh man I mean any thunder of heard any lightning or vice versa if that does happen you've got on getting off the water tucking up into the shore somewhere well I have pulled off to the side here cuz I'm hungry and thirsty and I'm bout to run this Bend and go into the wind again and if I try to do this out there I'd get blown all around so I got to get my my water filtration system out which is in my pocket and the filter itself

you got any users before basically this allows me to not have to carry water with me well good I can keep my water in here drink it as I go three pillar days ago getting these gloves back on its typical we're very tight and wet and going for just over an hour that was the first time I stopped for any reason just a good difference putting good timing I've got like six hours to paddle click play to move a little this is potentially a dangerous situation here by myself I have to paddle all day to get to the campsite in order to keep my track for the rest of the week I don't want to get off track and throw falling behind it's raining four degrees Celsius going to rain all day what I have done to ensure that I'll be alright is that I've packed on the clothes underneath my my rain gear here I have long johns pants then rain pants long underwear shirt full and then my rain jacket the only thing I haven't put on you and then I have neoprene socks neoprene gloves and shoes the only thing I haven't put on yet video to because I do want to say that for the camp and my ears are fine right now they're coated protecting me but if I start to shiver if I start to not be able to control myself what is that then I'll have to stop I'll have to stop for the day and set up my tarp and hunker down for a get some wood my dead goose oh no very much alive very much pissed off at me alright we'll leave you alone I thought it was dead anyways and then I've got clean clothes to dry in to clean dry clothes to change into when I do get to camp another set of long johns a fan and Parapan going to have my print off jacket and then a Down Vest I don't have an extra shirt my shirt gets wet it's fine I'll just throw my jacket and my senpai back in my winter so the only case is covered fine we have the first four five this porridge is very small less than 200 meters so I'm not going to single Carrie I'm going to double Carrie hello upside down hopefully I can fix that in post there we go come back for all the gear and then I'm going to do some fish I am set up for single Carrie but it's just not necessary right now on the moose poop on this trail when obsession with moose poop continues first cast of micro fishing trip only catching froze right now I swear to god I just had a beautiful brook trout on shore it had lost them that you kicked spit out my line and flopped back into the water it was the most ungraceful thing I've ever done I feel like a dummy it was a gorgeous big scuffle trail brook trout and now he won't bite again I only got two bites I got him on the third he blocked bit twice didn't get him on got him on the third and now you won't bite again he sees he's gone to me I'm very bummed out first time fishing here in this spot for the trip and I got one I didn't get it on film and he got away let me don't believe me do you Oh first Beaver Dam crossing I'm gonna fish here too oh it's not so dark oh right now the rain has stopped for a minute at least see my poor Tosh up a couple hundred meters in front of me it may thirteen hundred meter for towers one kilometer three hundred meters so it's nothing short not the longest going either but I will be single carrying so I'll have to rig up my boat to carry everything at once hello can you see me okay here we go 1,300 kilometer 1,300 meter for Tosh not 1,300 kilometers Oh jodan up and pulled the job there we go okay you guys ready for this okay so the way the weather is played out by two real crappy days to begin with about two really nice days in the middle and some crappy days to end with so I'm fine with that so two nice things in the middle are going to be glory even more song well why would I have filmed it why would I put the camera on for this right there's nothing special here and just catch a trout it's very tiny probably one-eighth the size of the first one I caught but I'm happy I'm happy I got a speck pretty well it was cool hopefully next time I will be able to get it on film the actual catching of the trophies I let that guy go he's just a touch too small he wouldn't have been a meal on his own

I tried casting a few more times and didn't get another bite so threw them back and yeah it's no big deal I have six days to catch on and um I think I will be I'll be doing alright this is just like in a free fair I didn't even fish this isn't a rapid deck and I can't finally I couldn't film what I got here is raining I had to get stuff all squared away this fire is taking place sometime to get ready as well it's going to be dark any minute I'm going to cook my food on the fire tonight and have some rehydrated spaghetti I need to get dry get warm by the fire and go to sleep it was lucky I found a huge sheet of birch bark laying on the trail I was able to use that to start the fire I still have this much left I gave that in case I need it I bring the fire just on the outside of my tarp so I can sit here try to get warm oh man I am exhausted today with a nine-hour travel day and probably seven hours of that was indecent rain oh it's hard to think right now I already got some river water in there do it my spaghetti maybe I'll be able to think after that got one and a half servings spaghetti I'm going to eat it all so I just fill it up actually that's probably about perfect all that water is going to absorb and evaporate starting to feel like a human again a human being these pants are soaked I had my long johns underneath them and my rain pads over top and everything is soaked all the way through my crotch my underwear everything so just sit here try and dry off a little bit by the fire and then change for gets too dark and eat up my own made dehydrated spaghetti how good that looks look how good that looks right now

has been putting my pieces of wood because I don't have many let them by the fire to dry the fire burns I'm going to have to go and try to get try and get more wood but I walked quite a ways couldn't find much it's all older and spruce here and alder is garbage and the spruce is soaked through I was able to find one decent spruce that wasn't not telling about the fire started sitting it close to the fire I'm able to get fire warming me and driving the clothes and here you can see just how much steam is coming off my pants right now I think if I sit by the fire for a while I'll be able to dry these out glad I brought this sleeping bag liner the sleeping bag is a negative one Celsius rating and tomorrow night it's going to get down to negative one so it's okay

but with this extra little poly sheet in there I'll be golden this is a Marmot Clark

quar okay there's my second time using it

stamps next to this awesome waterfall bunch of rapid very scenic you may expect ropes be in there I would expect throw to be in here I've been casting every now and then since I got to the campsite I'm going to bite not even nibble it is pretty shallow I keep bringing up weeds when I pull it in but I thought for sure I'd get some fish here

surprising that I didn't let Oh tell you what I'm using for a lure this is what I caught both goes proton today eg be lure it's a small one actually some one size up from the smallest I have smaller and a half bigger these things are the jam for trout the jam I brought the original blue foam pad the old beast this has been used as a yoga pad before that's why there's tape on it but this thing does a better job and anything else for Fanning the fire has to be blue that's part of it part of its magic blue foam pad the origin of the blue foam pad was a to use for a seat for backpacking and I cut it out of a puzzle piece like a kid's foam a puzzle piece floor I got a bunch of them I got a bunch of smoke of my - ah I'm not freaking sight man look at me that guy and all all right so I want to go through my map just so I have an idea of tomorrow maybe I'll give you guys an idea of what I've done today here we are this is the Western map from Algonquin all right so today I have paddled from here I put in here and paddled all the way to here to the second campsite except in black campsite so I traveled that distance today and that was down here that was 20 kilometers tomorrow and for the first title of the year tomorrow I don't have that far I think I only have 12 kilometers to go towards my shortest day so I'll be I'll be able to fish tomorrow quite a bit more so from here to here tomorrow is my distance so you can really see from here to here is like not even half as much as from what I did today but in this this is a meandering creeks meandering the river it just goes back and forth back forth back forth back and forth back and forth instead of going a straight line I'm literally zigzagging the whole way so like I said I'm in Algonquin Park I'm in the West Persian less person of a perch barb west portion the park to do fishing this is the reason I've come here because this is a fishing trip that I've wanted to do so yeah day 1 day 1 was a nine-hour day it was rough day but I'm glad it was day 1 now everything should be on the up go through the rough stuff at first - right Kyle but tomorrow is going to rain again but it's ok to be a little bit colder tomorrow if I'm being totally honest with you it's warmed up right now I'm not cold at all everything's drying out I haven't switched out any clothes at all really I've just taken off a couple layers and let the fire and the air dry myself myself out it looks a lot later than it is in the tarp in the camera the tarp is uh pretty light behind me here but I've got my canoe right there my wind block against the river I got my tarp here with the overhang this is what I'll be sleeping in for the six days I'm out here maybe different configurations but I didn't bring a tent there's no need for a tent there's no bugs so yeah tarp is more versatile and I do like to use a tarpaulin I can so at that time will airplane jack the annuals courtesy a buddy Stan thanks man Cheers

it's like Jack Daniels fire flames spit a flaw sticks for the wind I brought a small toothbrush and toothpaste as well but like on-the-go my crappy teeth have holes in them Oh Derek these are reusable

I'll have this for the whole week this one if I don't lose it I've lost things before once in place so I've got my pants off dance off pants off didn't hear my long johns these are my wet long johns that I wore all day to almost dry by the fire a pants are 90% dry which is awesome that means I don't have to put on cold wet pants tomorrow morning and I don't have to pack me because these are my bigger pair of pants my other pair of pants is super small nylon so I was worried that I might have to pack these away where my other pants

he's a bigger and I don't want to carry them but I have dried them out very well so I'm not too concerned just near the pant legs where the cuffs are because they have this elastic in them or a little bit damp and in the butt because it has this double material here is a little damp

nobody wants a cold damp butt so I think I'll continue to dry with the bum bum [Music]

yeah I don't think I need to change in my other long johns I want to sleep with these on and then dry them out with my body heat in the tent in the sleeping bag so it's only supposed to get done like what four or five tonight so that soon bag will be more than sufficient players dying down I'm just laying in my sleeping bag here I think I'm gonna hit the hay just close my eyes and relax I'll probably get up really early and start on my day to tomorrow they too will have more fishing they too will be eating fish good night guys morning folks I had a great night's sleep I slept for eight hours started to thunderstorm in the middle of the night so I had to get up and set the tarp up a little bit better configuration pull it down almost like an a-frame which works fine and then what actually woke me up this morning I was laying here sleeping and I heard grunting like two big loud grunts and II know what it was I whipped my head around and literally three feet from my head to baby otter we're playing with each other rolling around the ground and grunting literally like wrestling it was really really cool I unfortunately did not know what it was at first and was walking up and startled and kind of what what it scared them off but I still got to see them and it was very cool I wish I hadn't have been startled and could watch them longer but what's so strong I don't we'll see about day two it's not looking promising right now it's uh it's windy and it's colder than it was yesterday but that's okay I gotta get up I got to get some wood split off I kept some dry wood underneath my tarp here last night I've just got to cut it into very small pieces to use my twig [Laughter]

I'm not leaving my hand there anytime I'm not chopping with my hand there I'm trying to avoid accidents as much as possible on this trip being so low for so long these will burn really well in my twig stove I got some birch bark saved up from yesterday as well slugs everywhere I found a bunch of wolf poop yesterday and there was a ton of slugs all over it I guarantee when I lift up my sleeping bag and pad and all that as many slugs all in the bottom slopes so got my birch bark from yesterday and my snow-peak 900 pot titanium and I also have my bush buddy ultra which is very thin stainless steel and a fantastic stove this is a gasifier it burns the smoke twice flush Cryer well for breakfast on this trip I'm just doing oatmeal I don't like to do just bars in the morning I actually like to have like a hot meal and anything else is too much weight too much effort in my opinion for what I want to do so oatmeal in its own packet with a spoon super easy super sluggy oh and chilled I am chilled I love waking up to that sound I'm not sure what kind of bird that is I don't know what it is tears mmm joke meal nice and sticky to the ribs so I packed mostly everything up I just got a couple things on my tripod my camera but it's starting to sprinkle so again I'm going to put this DSLR away use my GoPro for when I'm in the canoe I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to use my DSLR in the canoe - here we go I should have been there I've been catching some Road there I hope I'm not going to regret letting that trope go that second rope it's hard because like yesterday for example it was raining I knew I had to do a few more Portage's and it was small it'd have been a different story if I kept I was able to hold on to that big first one I caught it it was worth portaging with or stopping and cooking the small one just wasn't and I tried to catch other ones when I caught the small one to like make a meal out of it and I couldn't but if I could skunk now just oh it's going to be gonna be familiar territory here comes the rain I was hoping there for a minute we get a pass no such luck Oh neoprene gloves are a lifesaver they're very cold right now but they will warm up [Music]

okay there's some Rapids right here I have to put in there's Rapids right away this should be fun

now we fish to come to a portage there's blowdown everywhere it's hard to get to it but I think I might be able to run it run these Rapids it's only a small like hundred meter portage and I think I'm going to scope it out I don't want to get myself in any kind of danger break my boat or anything like that but I think I can run them from what I can see here it's definitely doable I just want to make sure at the end I'm not going to get into some Rapids there's some waterfall or something well there's nowhere to fish at the end I can't get down to the actual river because it's so swollen up so it's coming out into the woods what I am going to run it so I'm going to strap everything in and push your luck I'm excited got my fishing rod strapped in my yoke is tied in I'll be wearing my gloves holding my paddle my bag will float my paddle float I can float thanks to the PFD but I'm not going in let's do this well that was a lot T more than I had thought a little bit tamer than I had hoped as well what's still fun nonetheless and just check my map and seems like I'll be coming up to a campsite on my left the river up here probably in about a half hour so I think what I'm going to do if it's not occupied is it when I stop for a little bit have lunch in pre-medieval poop and just hang out there for a little bit because I'm Cruz and today I'm going with the current and I'm only doing half of what just a little over half what I did yesterday so I'm almost done for the day I think that maybe have to overstatement when I'm alone halfway there

so I'm not in any kind of rush the fishing is not hot today I did a bunch of research before cone here and it seems like trout are very susceptible to weather so maybe it's the rain I don't know man maybe it's just the overcast two days in a row it really sucks cuz I'm on this river right now and this is the hot spot for the trout and I'm getting off of it tomorrow there's still opportunities to catch fish it's not as good as this river and nothing today I've been getting skunked but such as what such as Joe's life I'm stopped at this campsite I had a glorious poop I first have got a bunch and then I was about to eat my lunch and I said screw it I'll try again so I got a little brookie but I want to try to get a couple more because this is not going to be a full meal but regardless I'm eating this guy I'm not letting it go to chance again so thanks little brookie and yeah hopefully I've already dispatched them hopefully I can get another one cross your fingers guys just like tiny tiny tiny again on the egb lure third third trout third fish egb lure it was a the Sun had come out for a minute there was some blue sky that's when I got the bite the trout so I'm wondering if there is a huge correlation its sunlight and trout in this time of year just spring I know in the summer time they're hiding from it but maybe right now they're looking for it maybe right now they're only active when it comes out I'm really not sure huh well I'm gonna get this guy gut it out get a probably fire in my twig stove going and grill them up while I'm doing that I'll still continue to fish my InFocus

am I in focus [Music]

hello I am excited I'm very excited for this got a big chunk she's toasty still toasty okay I ended up cutting it up a little bit just so it cooked even where I got some fish crisp on there I'm leaving the skin on because it stroked she's hot wow I could handle that I could handle that

oh my goodness success as small as it may be you owe me more fish more fish on this trip that was super good very happy to have that trout in my belly and it's been holding off the weather's been pretty decent actually the whole time I've been at this campsite this campsite is a is very nice and I'm glad I stay here but now it's getting super dark again I know it's just how it is today it's going to continue doing next but I thought I'm gonna get going little I'm gonna get going here my my campsite for tonight is maybe only a couple hours off bruising lots of been on the twists and turns funcly' rounding corners but with the current going the same way as me or I'm going the same way as the current fun kind of really get some momentum going I think up for that time that I spent to that camp it must have been a camp for an hour and a half I was a really nice cloth if it wasn't so close to my previous camp core I started out today I would have liked to stay there fishing from shore Ethan sighs excite my sight last night was garbage there's no getting around it it was on the side of a river I would had to switch over to the other side because it had flooded where the normal site was huh but it's springtime

lots of rains that's expected there's just an impenetrable jungle of holders all next to me in front of me I hate making behind me crazy to think of that just on this one stretch of this one River in Ontario there's probably a billion folders imagine the rest of the world imagine the rest of Canada there's lots of trees folks and a spot on water right on my lips right here some Rapids my way over you know well completely the opposite way that I was going before now I'm into the wind because the river just so long the river is so swollen but it's kind of difficult to navigate there's all these offshoots now and things that would normally be under water over the water are under water so it's gotta be really careful picking my way through here making sure I'm staying with the current making sure I'm looking for landmarks and read my map I do my compass too but I want to break it up if I don't have to exist exactly like this so I go this way old JAL he's not the best interaction busy single carry time go around and set of Rapids I went up to check if I could run them but they look way too dangerous lead to raging to trial mile in the middle of a 800 meter portage but I cast a line in I got a tiny little brookie this guy definitely going back is even smaller and the one I got earlier so I'm glad I'm catching them all that's okay I'm happy with catching them that's number four no I hooked myself before that count hello I am on a twenty-seven hundred meter portage when I got to the third reportage I really really needed to walk again like I was saying my toes are numb I literally couldn't feel them so I loaded up like just my backpack and ran with it for probably a kilometer and then I came back I jogged back to get my canoe I haven't seen any uh moose or bear plenty of moose sign and normally when I'm here in Algonquin I do see moose last year soft twelve and three days something along those lines I wouldn't mind seeing a bear on the portage trail here but I think with all the talking I'm doing this price limb to know ah something Oh there is a cold reminder me is I so I have to cross a river it sucks that water is a foot deep easy try and go on this fallen log here root systems okay okay we got this we got this come online [Music]

yep that happened that was a whole took a couple hours and at the end there it was so wet on the port house shell that I literally paddled through the port aural craziness back to the river now welcome to camp two or has it been dubbed can't poo let me show you why lose coop moose poop moose poop moose poop moose poop moose poop moose poop right where I wanted to put my tarp blows poop lose poop don't think I need to keep saying it but that's a big pile no look and if you look you can see that this is all moose browse here on these bottoms they've been stripped I mu C so it's getting pretty windy I'm going to set up my tarp shelter I have to get firewood yeah I hope it doesn't rain anymore a good sight though and I'm right next to the river well here it is a little bit different than last night set up the ground is super uneven there's rocks everywhere but that's the case for here I can't find one flat spot so I'm going to have a little bit more protection from the wind and the rain with this setup the only problem is now I'm kind of own the elements for my fire tonight I do have a secondary carp that 5x7 that I've been using for my floor that was last night I did but I could probably string that up but it is raining now I can hear it I'm gonna move on I'm going to score on some birch bark tons of it and then I got about five or six spruce trees I have the camera underneath the tarp right now I struggled my 5x7 so it gets bit under it and have a fire tonight I'm going to cut up this wood obviously

broke my saw dry that's good I spent some time splitting up the driest wood that I could find making some feathers on there and also collecting damp twigs there's my birch bark not you don't need to mess around the fire seal until playing bushcraft though here in the rain real life later every time obviously if that lighter fails that you have my fire steel as a backup have two fire skills actually in the backup the birds bartend not too shabby boys and girls I'm happy with that man take about 20 20 minutes a half an hour to prepare and then less than a minute to ignite and have a sustainable fire I am very happy with that one we're doing chili tonight mix it up you know another read yield mr. Getty pink all red all the time this is a one and a half serving as well one and a half Joe servings a lots of water in that one so I've been sitting for a while I got a little cable no peasant life for Joe what up Mike let me know if Mike watches my videos anymore all the shiners dwindling she's dwindling

okay good food cheers guys yes sir

I drop the gun it's a reoccurring theme so I'm gonna mean the memory I didn't see anyone today at all yesterday I saw a couple like a man and wife and then I saw a solo guy at a real remote site but we didn't talk he was at his site I paddled by just wavy way back I was kind of thinking I would see him today somewhere but haven't seen anyone today at all raining again

it's like this light drizzle but it won't stop I'm really hoping tomorrow is going to be a nice like clear day no more rain more rain for a couple days and get into the throat a little bit more hopefully I fished a lot today I didn't film at all I fetched a whole lot yeah in places because I know I didn't have to travel far so it took me a little bit longer to get here to the site because I was fishing so often but yeah man I don't know the weather if it's my Joel uck or the combination of the two but you saw what I got today I eat that one for lunch that little tiny guy I got two today most small the second one was super small still a lump there you guys want to know what happened to my face why I have a black eye I have a neighbor let's just call this neighbor person so person teenage daughter was yelling at my five year old daughter I took my niece my two nieces and my daughter to to the ice cream store to get ice cream we walked there with Saturday night seven o'clock at night and we're walking they're the same walk letting you all the time and all of a sudden I hear shut the hell up I'm like what they can't be talking to us I was coming from the backyard of a house and it was like a teenage girl so again I just keep walking or whatever I look and then I they can't be talking to us so I keep walking and then if they say yeah that's right keep walking stop looking keep her get your dog and go I say why they go you heard me stop looking here get your dog and go I said I look because you said shut the hell up if you're telling three girls under the age of 10 to shut the hell up to get real exact words get real fast-forward two days later monday we walk em over to the bus stop my wife and I and as we're walking home we're walking cocks dead hosts and person opens the door and I say to person person

your teenage daughter was yelling at my five-year-old and two nieces to shut the hell up for no reason and person says why didn't you come tell me when it happened all like super aggressive angry my wife could not believe it I could not believe it so I'm like excuse me I wasn't trying to provoke the situation I was trying to let it go I had three little girls with me I didn't want to knock on your door I saw you so I'm mentioning it I am NOT angry I just as a parent would like to know if I'm old did that so I hear you go and person was not happy about that and person called my wifeís

and said that person was going to beat my way for the back and person lives three or four dollars down from you I could not let that happen so I walked up to person I said you do not threaten my wife like that person says lead or I'm going to hit you with a baseball bat I said no you're not person swings at me for four times I block it three times with my arm I blocked the baseball bat the fourth time with my face I called the police on person I did not raise my hand to person I did not do anything else to person I called the police and person that's it I don't know I haven't talked to police I haven't talked to person I have it I've seen person person is still around yeah so assault with a deadly weapon though straight up hit me here or you can see it the lump and then why I got black it was like boom up into here all green and everything what's concerning me is I never want to go to this checked out because I feel fine but this bump is not going away I feel like I have a some scar tissue or something there but whatever we're moving I'm done dealing with this garbage I'm done traveling five to ten hours for camping trips I'm done dealing with get old bullcrap from people's and persons we're moving

that's the story of the black eye I'm not letting it affect the way that I live where I live now but I couldn't I can't lie I can't say that it wasn't the last straw it wasn't the icing on the cake

very guys it's almost nine o'clock I got nothing else to do it's raining out there so I think I'm just going to turn in nice and comfortable in my sleeping bag in here I got everything dry all myself all covered up myselfs all covered up it could make guys pray for Sun in the morning please I love a Sun Rise oh good morning well that was a cold wet night I had to have gotten down past negative 1 degrees Celsius I had to put on all my layers inside my sleeping bag it rained it stormed all night I was really really really hoping to wake up to a sunrise but no such luck the wind is howling it's in still drizzly guys gray so my two days of good weather in the middle may not be two days of good weather I really really hope things turn around it'd be nice to see some sunlight I really I really want to see some Sun on this trip so I'm just huh deled in my shelter here

it's about 609 so I slept last night from 9 o'clock and I got up at 5:00 but I did not sleep all the way through is very broken sleep so just going to make up some oatmeal for a get going for the day I think on the Houston see as well have some Korean ginseng tea try that never tried that before that's some let me stand what's that I see there's some blue sky up there let's go check her out guys Oh well that blue skies there but the the winds there - oh man accrues look at those clouds there's black clouds and white clouds

cruising getting along harmoniously black and white all right I gotta get out of here all right I start my day on my feet are pretty numb I have to keep putting these wet neoprene socks on and then obviously my shoes are soaked as well but blue skies those guys are always good

see I switched up my shelter last night before I went to bed I stretched out the tarp over top of the canoe I got a lot more room that way and then the water shed down off the canoe stretching it back here pegged it down and this corner instead of being pegged to the ground but structure way over there and I just got so much more room in there this is a really good setup oh definitely cold locks right this is ice

so my carpets way more wet than it was yesterday and it probably weighs two times you know it literally weighs two times demoting you know if it does when it's dry lots of water weight it's soaking wet my ground carp is soaking wet as well I don't want to get all my stuff in my dry babe wet into the dry vac so I packed a small garbage bay with me I'm just going to use it as a buffer or a liner between my wet stuff and my dry stuff I'd only have to put my wet stuff in this just just put it as a layer in between and we're off the first time I've been able to have the DSLR in the in the boat Oh glorious Sun oh man she's out she's out boys and girls thank God finally they want to try it fishing here a little bit I couldn't fish from my boat last night because I had to use my paddles for my shelter but yeah what's this efficient do let's get some fish in doing I've switched to a black fury number one mainly because I lost egb I have a bigger one but figure we'll try this guy out I did try it I was switching up all all day yesterday but no luck except for the jeebies my sunglasses today it's not not a bad thing I was told that if it's too cold in the morning it might not be a good time to fish for the throat I need to wait till later on in the day and the sun's warmed up a little bit but it can't hurt clipping along here pretty good not even coddling there's so much current right there little spruce trees I've been heavenly behind me the birds are saying it's gonna be a good day I have a really big poritosh to do and I really exuded

like two kilometer portage so we're kind of looking forward to it my feet are numb from putting these frozen neoprene socks on like I was saying today's by far the coldest day I'm super happy it's not raining this temperature mix with rain be horrible I'm freezing as it is can you see this logjam in the middle of a river on a log standing on these floating logs I'm going to get all my canoe and all my gear past all those logs




feel alive

feel like a log roll okay 90% through it just gotta get past this one little last bit this is crazy a different story if it was not early spring one more lift over oh she is not stable oh man Wow she's not she's not stable oh my god [Music]

oh man it's rolling she's rolling oh so sketchy oh no no no no oh man oh yeah great dispatch I'm so glad I didn't have to do that in the rain I mean if this would have been yesterday the day before that woulda been a hundred times worse look at that she's a rough one man I think I would have gone through that one with Kyle kept making fun of us for Helen coordinated he lies oh I'm super glad to have that over with I thought I was going in a couple times there's nowhere to pull over for a long time and all its next needs these alders as you can see super homegroup so I did my backpack in the boat got my food out and made a sandwich all well moved drifting down the river doing da yeah okay it was a finesse hard to talk the brain is going to mush for some reason out here only three days this happened so that can you bring portaging and go and go and going you can kind of dumb when you try to talk and since I've already have that problem since I already have that problem imagine he's going down really good cheese mustard drum salami and flatbread Cheers what's up big guy we don't got to go anywhere I'm not gonna hurt you okay somebody had your pudding skull let me put it there must get a portage marker because this is the potage here big animals oh it's heavy - holy stuff on there good okay I gotta gotta get on my boat now again

whoever's getting a bit mundane I'll be excited to get on some open water a little bird turkey vulture we're excited to get on the open water and some late every camp said I've been at and then we'll both campsites I've been on it has been on a rapid or a waterfall so it's really noisy looking forward to some silence to an open lake maybe a still night where I can go paddle around the lake on a still night should be off this river today today or tomorrow depending I stood at 1,300 meter for toes around high falls and is rough and up and down in law to blow down lots of trees in the way I'm running on empty here I I can't why I hit a brick wall today like guns racking up hey straining mentally and physically I'm almost at camp today's going to 30 almost a 30 kilometer day I have a nineteen hundred meter Porto's to do now like any second so I just did a thirteen hundred meter now I have a 1900 and then I'm on I'm off the river onto a lake for the night which is nice hope to get there with enough time still dry out some stuff from the sunlight Oh laughs over there now you hear the keepers is the first time I've heard them on this trip getting super loud now this one feels nice man I'm very warm this is brutal I'm behalf way through a head drop my bag it's all uphill I'm out of water well I'd my out of water there's no water around so draw my bag want to finish the rest I'll just uphill poritosh chug some water at the end and come back for my bag but he's definitely adding time which doesn't really matter too much as long as I get there by 5:00 or so I do want to try to dry out my gear it's super heavy in my backpack and my sleeping bags a little wet so me nights hanging up your air dried and sundries oh man she's rough seas are rough one bud pole is just over there I am gone done for the day super happy to be on a lake proper when you can better sight see it even better sight going down home finally I met up with a fellow canoeist I sold 12 two weeks

14:8 that's what two weeks is forty days if you didn't know yeah so I stopped to talk to him for about a half an hour I had some cool stories and maybe I'll talk about it after but right now I really need to dry stuff out because it almost six o'clock it's windy it's losing light I love my stuff we dry it out by good time so I'm going to hang up clothes line up here dry when we left me a present how nice batteries all the fucking part will be packing dealt with there we are completely dry in like five minutes so I'm going to set up back up in here there's a left hook spot right there on that level spot go from that tree so that stump

there we go that's not too shabby not too shabby at all thank you have you have you a look inside nice and flat probably the flattest spot that I've had so far at the back you can see I tucked in

the corners it's only that tiny little gap at the end as opposed to an apron and then I can use that to lay on as well part of my ground sheet oh okay I'm a starving him my brain is dead I get some wood

I can't see if I'm gonna frame I can't tell us too bright I got pretty lucky with wood collection this is a big old fat fat wood from a stump I got a bunch of them it's all red pine here I feel like ta outdoors here but I figure because I'm pretty warm because it's a nice night I think that I will eat my food cook my rice I'm just having rice tonight I was planning on having rice and fish clicked up I'll cook my rice real quick eat it up and then go out and fish and then if I do catch something I can I can have that fish for a later snack but yeah rice tonight anyway other than that where's my lid we're in the lid so this is probably the easiest wood collection so far at this site okay so I haven't used this yet I've been just using my soror squeeze but my pristine drops to put five five part a fiber Part B let it sit for five minutes until it turns yellow like Gatorade pour it in I like to give the little safety rinse I'm going to do this carefully so you don't spill it and now that's got to sit for half an hour okay so a little bit but my Sawyer I'll have to have the back pleasure to have them back pushed yet I brought this syringe so haven't had time shake okay so half an hour the rice is good wish I had fish to go with it but maybe I can do that after so I am I mentioned that I stopped and talked with the gentleman let's go on sorry there where I stopped and talked with the spoke of the gentleman right after the nineteen hundred meter portage I actually saw his bags on the trail I left my canoe there to go back to meet him up and by the time I got back he was gone he says he comes and does this trip every year or he's done a bunch years this is the least amount of fish that he's caught trout we're talking trout not going for bass or anything like that so he came in on Friday I came in on Monday so he's a full three days ahead of me we came in the same spot he's doing we came to the same spot he's doing two weeks and I already caught up to him but that's because he's going slow we're just two different kinds of paddlers not that one's cooler or better than the other he's taking his time he's living life out here slow two weeks with dry Envy

but you do my loop the one that I wanted to do to get on to get on the fish see in the rivers and get on the fish I had to do this six-day loop where I'm just putting in tons of kilometres every day I can't be gone for two weeks I just can't what's so hot I tried to get him to say it on film but he didn't want to be on film he says that this year is the least productive for a trout that it's been so as soon as he said that I was a golf thank God like I'm so happy to hear you say that he's saying the same thing there's just so much water so much swelling of the rivers that they're just not it's impossible to fish one I got the ends of the rapids the water's just rushing by the fish aren't biting is just swollen up he says we're even too early for the lake trout he he said next week will be when the lake trout come up who knows he's just guessing obviously but he's been here since Friday yes he's only caught 11 fish normally he catches a 25th day but no Lakers so yeah unseasonally cold right now anyways I'm glad to hear him say that because coming from him my older dude who obviously knows what he's doing he's up for two here for two weeks does this all the time like makes sense that what he says make man I can't talk guy that comes here all the time he's doing poorly at fishing so it's a little bit more of a relief knowing that I'm not just sucking horribly

I'm sure that's still the case I've only caught I caught four fish in the first two days he caught 11 since Friday so he's like three days up on he said human kit can didn't catch anything yesterday he was dealing with all the rain and everything - excuse me anyways who knows this is a lake now instead of the river so I'm going to fish this after I'm done eating and maybe I'll get some luck here hopefully the wind dies down - okay supper was awesome actually just that rice was really good I found this old deer bone or loose bone and I'm going I need to hang up my bear my food my bear bag before I go fishing so I'm going to hook this over a tree I'm gonna hock it hug it real good get close to the tree you want to get it away from the trunk as much as possible I should probably do well that'll work it's not an ideal hang from being honest there's limbs near it but it'll be all right anything has to walk past me to get next to the water so I'll fight anything off this is a peaceful night man listen no wind no rain no Rapids as much as I like those Rapids man to get loud after a while especially in trying to film I'm just trolling now like a big X rap they see me trolls in the a eating this is what I wanted this I heard that this is what I was waiting for this is the first time I can relax in three days loving life right now guys no make this better you know old trout some swimming I think it's a loon I can't see the Sun is so bright okay I guess I'll check back in if I get something fingers crossed let's probably the size of fish I caught the other day just in case the wind kicks up tonight just precautionary there's that fat what I was talking about that it of a stump just reeks of resin so this is solid very heavy-duty very heavy split this down my fire going with it oh yeah you can see it see the resin don't that fatwood was really good it's going like crazy very long flames and black smoke

oh I'm gonna dry out my feet and warm up oh yeah this is what I'm talking about folks this is what I've been waiting for those two first days were challenging I'm disheartened to say the least Oh so note wrote today a little bit of an explanation why though from that guy and also it's already two more trow this trip that I've caught all year last year and last year was the first year I had caught any trout I can catch bass and pie a canned part but they figure not a real fisherman until you until you can catch trout so yeah tomorrow's another day two was supposed to be a nice day but looks of it it will be it's crazy I was looking at my map and I'm really in the thick of it I can't get over here for our three day travel regardless if I go back the way I came or oh the way I'm trying to go on three days travel deep in the wilderness by myself here and the I'm in the middle of nowhere really I'm the right smack-dab in the middle so I traveled east this whole time I traveled east until today so two and a half days traveling east and probably the last half of the day today I travel no not even not even for only for a couple hours I traveled so and then tomorrow I continue south and then start heading west and then that will create my loop on my sixth day I have a ton of work I have to go upstream and against the wind and the current in these rivers are crazy right now like I was saying from all the rains and the snowmelt so that's going to be fun looking forward to that when I told the guy that I saw over there we're exchanging route info and just the normal things you do when you see somebody up you ever talks to only a few days he said oh oh when I told him my route going out he said that's gonna be rough man I said why because the the current he said yeah but not only that the wind always goes that way so we going against current against wind but I don't have to worry about that for another two days well I'm super glad I got over that hump who's a who's a rough day and today was a nicest day by far just like I said my guts were all messed up which makes my blood hurt no but hurt but yeah it drains me physically and mentally too but just goes to show you and it's a lesson that I've learned before pain is relative if you just put your mind to something then a lot of the times you can do it obviously there's exceptions if you break a leg or sever a limb walk it off doesn't really work right but I did over seven kilometres of portage today a lot of those I did double carry so I worked it out it was like 6260 hook 200 metres of port hours which some of my single carried whom I double carried some I did half way I can't there's no way of knowing but I did well over seven kilometres today a port on the first two days I don't even think I did that combined so but I'm fine I'm here I'm having the best night I have I've had so far finally get to relax yesterday it was in bed by now it's after 9:00 now so yeah I probably stay up till about 10:00 or 11:00 and I think maybe I'll try and sleep in Swan a little bit I had a big day tomorrow

actually maybe I won't sleep it check it out

I really hope you guys can hear that owl who cooks for you who cooks for you think's borrow my wife cooks for me you guys know but who looks for you who cooks for you trivia I came to the realization today that the color blue it when I'm out here is a sign of like relief or like a good sign whether it be the blue sky after two days of cold rain or especially the blue of the lake after like a two half kilometer portage the old colored blue there a song called blue I'm I'm not gonna sing it I'm not gonna sing it great now I have in my head mmmmmm who even knows what are those words what are those words to that song

some of you know what I mean blue mm-hmm and who sang that I'm headed up to my tarp I'm going to attach my secondary tarp on it as a door just because I feel like it today I don't really know why so they do all right good night folks well I wanted to sleep in but there's an awesome sunrise starting to go away by the time I got out of bed it was a lot more pink but very nice night in six in the morning it what a beauty morning already that's really weird that goal was grabbing grass from the from the water in his bill and he took it off somewhere obviously to build a nest oh I would seem to build the nest I'm nursing a gold do that before I'm gonna light a proper fire this morning hang out here for a little bit instead of using my bush buddy stove depending if you can get dry enough twigs actually just like them break the ends well I guess you can't see that break the ends so that they're exposed put a bunch of them together Wow filming and trying new things sometimes doesn't work seiza down times where i start to really think about the family at home i'm ones getting up and getting ready for school right now it was getting ready for work always thinking I actually say it out loud

hope you had a good day honey today's a day for I'm starting to feel it woke up this morning pretty sore I've got I don't know what I did but right here on the other side on my left side something's pulled every time I cough or move a certain direction there's a guy now pulling it's a weird weird feeling the only way you can describe it as a pulling making up a tea Tim Hortons honey tea and then I shot a piece of wood underneath my my middle finger nail yesterday and the thing it opened my fingernail up like if there's a gap now it's super painful so I put a bandaid on that and then I got a no cut there right where I paddle so away my elbow my elbows jack notice that last night when I was coming to the site here so nothing nothing a little work Pat handle they'll get up insert paddle and I won't think about any of it reportage and paddling for the day is chilly it got cold again last night actually the sun's gone it's clouding up

I don't want another full three days of rain I have a yeah I don't want another few days great I'm freezing as it is now sleeping bag sucks Marmot that Marmot Clark what the clerk is right man that thing is a piece of crap do not recommend that at all it's rated for negative one and I'm getting caught there's no way I got down to negative one last night I'm like having to layer up and I'm shivering I bought that sleeping bag because I had a +3 Celsius bag that I was using for shoulder seasons like this I was getting too cold and that plus three Celsius bag is warmer than that negative one so sheís Marmot and marmots supposed to maybe Marmot has a couple different styles like you know how a North Face has like hipster urban crap and then it has actual camping stuff maybe that's what that is but it's a sleeping bag why would they make a crappy quality sleeping the guidebooks not like it was cheap

you know naming yeah Marmot get your act together on that one guys and like I know what it's like to be a cold sleeper I am a cold sleeper and I adjust for it but if that plus three Celsius bag can keep me warm and stuff like this and I use that bag for like three no like six years or more I bought that when we went to Lake Superior yeah like six years ago oh here we go again so I've got a short paddle over here and then I have 75 meter for tops which is good that's not much maybe just enough to warm me up all the snow yesterday I love the poor college Hills just feel a good half a foot of snow a couple spots I took a big old poo the old healthy poop and I'm starving right away it's like food is completely just fuel here ok I've been carrying these around for a couple trips now cactus candy prickly pear cactus made in the US my mom got them she visited the Grand Canyon like few months ago water sugar corn syrup solids prickly pear cactus juice pectin citric acid sodium's so a little bit a cactus candy let's try this out oh this is strange-looking Wow let's go oh my goodness thanks mommy energy energy I feel so slow right now like past to past three days for the most part of those I was on going with the current on a fast flowing river I feel like I'm paddling for pudding right now it's gonna take me a lot longer to do the same amount of kilometres just almost done this 1200 meter portage and I saw I looked up in front of me by the water stream under I saw like what I think is a fissure it could be wrong but it's a large size of a large cat light brown and tan colors he bound it away very much very nimble

I guess not majestic nimble and then he went up onto the hill and I saw again it's super early still it's 10 o'clock in the morning I'm going to eat my lunch and I have a six kilometre paddle across the probably the largest lake that I have I think I've reached my stride and getting in tune I'm literally just there's something about knowing that I don't have to get out of this boat for six kilometers

I just paddle straight on the run to this big lake I'm not pressed for time I don't feel rushed out like I have to power through anything I'm literally closing my eyes it's like a meditation on us it's like a very meditative state I could honestly close my eyes and paddle at this pace and just keep going there's wind in my face my hands are cold it's a good feeling paid for they say that if you want to experience new tripping is really about you need to go longer than four days and you need to go by yourself so you can really get into the groove of things start to work your way the world works up here at its pace it helps when there's no rain oh man how Joe got his groove back we've got to love that man the family of looms it's all echoing on the huge lake it's glass it's no one around there's not a sound except for those loans send I'm hitting it I'm adding it oh this is why I'm here to be in the moment I'm cold but I'm not uncomfortable at all I feel very good and thirsty I am 3/4 through this part of the lake then it opens up into like a still the same lake but a different thing Bay okay paddled the six and a half K or 6.3 whatever it is so that narrow channel still got more to go but I have to pee so very bad i Peter smell of drink one liter you can just happily drink one liter of water and my little girl bladder cannot hold it anymore so there's a small island here I'm going to pull up and go pee and maybe go to sick compete to PvP wow that looks glorious I don't think I want to stay here and cook a lunch I was going to cook some rice have a hot lunch here but it's super windy on Long Island and the wind is actually kicking up pretty good but this is a really cool Island red pine everywhere and then check this out there's a sweet fire pit so you can sit here these rocks or logs of that rock and it's tucked right in here trying to stay away from the wind I imagine but the wind comes from that way says it's hard but very cool you see there's been tons of fire here from the rock star some wood left over there shade from all the red pine - if this is summertime this would be an ideal spot an ideal campsite the wind would keep the bugs down very nice rock formation you can swim big lake for swimming oh man that when he's chilly but he's chilly [Music]

okay time to get out of here get away from this wind or paddle into the wind rather okay this is rough the poritosh sign is way up there already went the other way because I didn't think there was any way I had to paddle into this I literally had to cuddle up deep Rapids to get to the damn board cause it is going to be rough you

how how am I supposed to do this how the hell am I supposed to do this oh my goodness oh my goodness this is sketchy sketchy sketchy come on my elbow is Jack oh my god I had to switch the GoPro come at it from a different angle but I thought the profit to get to the port on the water is way too high right now crazy oh man how am I going to do this



okay oh my god I gotta walk it oh oh man oh I thought that would get for old Joe old man oh my god I didn't even see this here

well I the hell is the porch our sign not here oh oh my god no too much that was not fun I like a little excitement but holy oh my god oh man and this isn't a portage trail at all this is just somewhere that has a little bit of clearing there is a fire pit there so I assume this is I don't know man what this is but I gotta try to find my way to the port hogs trail now oh oh my god oh my god oh man I was I was too much I thought that was it my camera wasn't strapped in or anything my DSLR was just up there I thought I was losing that I thought I was dipping for sure Oh on me okay let's go try and find a trail that's what I mean man it's the same thing that guy was saying these waters are up so high it's absolutely ridiculous you know what really scares me is that I have to go upstream tomorrow and the last day maybe just the last day for 30 kilometers this put they would have put the poritosh sign here if this was not if this was normal if this was the way that the river acted normally the portage will be here not 100 metres up that way I actually got to just sit here and regroup for a minute I'm uh I'm shook up I'm all shook up Oh stupid Oh the dumb thing but thought if I skirted on that side I saw the port otter sign way up there why would they put the courthouse on air if you're not supposed to go up there and wonder about catching any trout I put put my lure in there if we can get washed downstream in a matter of seconds it's moving too fast oh no I'm stuck ingesting the route getting back home after I know it's not gonna be like this every spot and when it is bad like this there will be a portage but I'm just saying this is a reality check of how much how strong the current is because of the rains and because of all the melt just the high waters right now I got to check things out on my map here I have to a I'm gonna have to reroute which means a whole lot of port halogen so right now I'm here I'm supposed to go down camp around here then tomorrow come up and then I hit the temp which is going to be cooling this way the Tim River flows that way and I'll have to title either paddle all the way down the Tim river camp on roseberry I know the next day or half to which is up upstream against the current or my other option is see how it is until I get to Tim all right on the Tim river until I get to the first port are these are black poor targets which mean they're not maintained and they're - difficult so that's a 2695 meter then a tiny like one minute paddle then a 2000 meter so that's already almost 5 clicks and then a tiny four paddle for tiny paddle five tiny paddle one twenty to thirty the rosary but I don't have to go against the current that way but I'm portaging a whole hell of a lot in succession I'm gonna have to make that call tomorrow I don't want to do either of those things

I don't mind paddling upstream but have you seen this it's like a Temagami thing go find your porridge make your own port eyes to find your way to the port ah to do your pork cause seafloor taja gonzo four times so much for this being a short day almost five o'clock now I'm gonna last little paddle like to campsite I have two ducks here those ducks I have to pick one of the two camp States on this lake and not much left to do today I'll have any energy I pushed it my elbow was gone might this left elbow it's robbing when I was power stroking and like trying to get her stroke but I was trying to get up those droughts to do whatever it was just like the icing on the cake there it was already sore and tender I just pulled it so it's looking more and more like I'm going to be doing those big long tour charges tomorrow because the thought of going upstream into the land with the elbow I can't paddle the elbow normally like right now in this lake it hurts it crazy I'm gonna pop a couple advil tonight and hopefully I'd be different the morning but anyway I'll get back out when we get to I'll get back with you when I get the camera oh my goodness

all right we got an a-frame tarp configuration tonight fourth night forth different tarp configuration not too bad but this one in my opinion is the most homely feeling the most tent like most weather resistant winds died down some at least for now so Han when come so here at the fire pit which is a lot nicer I'd rather rather do that pretty legit fire pit with some benches for the first time so cop a squat Joe top squat ultra bushcraft today I don't see any birch around and there's no real fine pine twigs or hemlock twigs so I'm just using the sawdust to fire starter sometimes I like to put it on and put on before I put too much sleaze in so I can tell what could fit in then I mean I can just kind of slide it in now and have a limb bole oh there's that wind again oh man she's chilly the wind is whipping right through about this Down Vest the theme is my mom Hardware down jacket the dyno firm was just the best SAP all over it

oh I'm hungry guys super hungry today kicked my butt man I started I want to say before seven didn't get here till 5:30 almost six very long day everything was going really good in the beginning and I was having a great day but the realization of going again against my current and against the wind now it I've gone against the current in the Tim River what I'm trying to go back up I've gone I've done it I did it last year at least once probably hated twice but neither we're in the spring and obviously abnormally high water right now even for the spring so I have some some thinking to do some decisions to make a lot of it's going to depend on how my elbow feels it's it's a hindrance for sure it's a previous injury and yeah man just just aggravated the hell out of it on this trip I guess so even even now when I'm in camp and I'm trying to I was trying to push over a tree to get some firewood any motion it's like the pushing right here in the elbow it's all inflamed it's really bad so I don't know if it's at all possible I know it's going to rain tomorrow the next day it's coming in my barometers telling me it was in the forecast before I came over here and I could feel it there's some coming

I might try to make the long haul tomorrow and get out of here tomorrow I couldn't paddle the timber ever and get out too long I can't I can't go my original route and go tomorrow I can't possibly go the port or out and get out but even that will be a killer on my elbow

because at the end I have to do the Tim River regardless another stretch of it so we'll see let's play about here even if I get super close to the car tomorrow and then I just cut off a bunch of time for the last day I think that'll be alright

I just I don't really have any desire to stay two more nights in the in the rain but we'll see we'll see how she goes okay I just did not still eaten by the way super delicious Martin that's one for you if I go my original way if I go my original way not up the black poor Taj's but instead up to Tim River against the current it's forty two point three kilometers to the car which is not doable against the current like will the black port oscillates 30.2 km/h [Music]

thirty kilometers is doable I've done it I've done it many times the only thing is those foreclosures are rough there's a whole lot I think that's that's the road I'm going to go and I don't have to make it to the card one I you know I mean look for another day here I can stay another day I just this weather is garbage right now this is supposed to my second nice day so only got really got one nice day if it comes in I have I honestly have no desire to stay with this crappy weather I can't even came relax you know I mean I'm gonna go huddle with my tarp after this seven cloth it's all part of it trying to get that I'm just done good I mean it's what I say all the time like we done you're done so regardless if I can't make it out the whole way tomorrow we'll have put a good chunk I was expecting my last day to be a big 30 30 kilometer a day so tomorrow might be my last day it might be but it might be in my last night who knows it all depends on the weather how I'm feeling which I kind of like to it's believed it leaves it up in the open you know I mean more of an adventure I like being by myself I can make those decisions and changes without having to worry about a new partner which is not a big deal but you know I mean

oh thanks for the spaghetti honey well I can't say I'm not disappointed about the fish I probably won't even fish tomorrow if I'm doing that a long haul just call another ass over here the guy I ran into yesterday said that he thinks were a week too early this year it's hard to gauge it because like some years are different right I was trying to beat the black flies and I was trying to get into the fish it was already blocked that's a thing like I booked it months in advance so I you have to worry about I soaked because I so it was like three four days before I came so there was a concern that it was going to be push back anyway and then there's a mad scramble to book your sites and all that fun stuff but yeah it just I'm not a good pro fisherman yet and a week too early very high waters unfavorable conditions cold water all that stuff so there's only more time to learn more time to practice and other trips to do this year I've already in one trip beat my probe records so I can't be too disappointed with that my real disappointment is not getting that first trout on film and letting him get away before I go on film because I swear to god he's the one that got away right legit he was eight times bigger than the other ones I was giving but it's okay again like I said tomorrow optician Chris look it's gonna be sure it's nice stormy not nice weather anyway so other excuses that make me not sound like such better I head to bed soon fucking windy and cold looks so light in camera bring my bag with me I'm going to do because I've been so cold every night I do this last night to to take my prim loft puffy jacket zip it up tie the sleeves and a loose bow sometimes double over and knot and then now I had like a sleeve if I can slip over my feet and then that goes inside my sleeping bag so I have like a double layer near my feet where usually I'm coldest although in this sleeping bag which seems to be a lot a lot of gaps where there should be down 850 fill do you think it'd be good I wonder if I can write Marmot and tell them this ridiculous okay

oh oh yeah the zipper doesn't stay should either understand just multiple bad bendables good bag okay I'm going to turn in I'm going to probably get up at like 5:00 in the morning I think I work there I think we can do it in 11 hours tomorrow so if I get up and leave by 5:00 I can be done by 4:00 so yeah even if I get up and leave by 6:00 you're done by 5:00 that'd be all right that's the plan anyway wish me luck all right good night guys I'll see you in the morning good morning it's 5:20 it rained all night long I'm going to get up and have breakfast and get one but over here I got a full day this is looking to be a marathon day so I kept a large advil next kanae here so I could take it when I got up he's gone I'm mostly scurrying on my head too it's not I had to yell at it I don't know if mice like advil but this guy might I hope so because I really needed that with my only one now when I did take that as soon as I got up so I could work on my elbow before I started paddling and it's nowhere to be found so I really hope that frickin Mouse has no pain for a while

looks bloody still for the win I just kept a bunch of twigs underneath here last night like I've been doing rain falls lightly on the top as I cook oatmeal in my daddy and I'll be busting my hump to get anywhere feel like this and I movie where's my school there it is losing my mind or something I didn't read about those poor Taj's last night this is the first one that I would have to do the portage between Stagg Lake and Tim River often floods in the middle until late in the season August or so so it's definitely flooded right now you may need to paddle through the port arse prior to August the port Hodge is also covered with numerous blowdowns making it extremely hard to follow especially going from stag Lake towards attempt which I'm not doing going the other way assuming you're traveling that direction once you travel across the pond folder Creek downstream pass and blowdowns up into the forest be careful not to accidentally follow the animal trail instead we all know how well I am the direction right oh okay in the boat 6:16 let's see how this elbows down fish oh that's your Shelley that's awesome super funky with that okay as you can tell

drain it the rainy day it'll be like with old egg so we're going to make the push to make the long haul

I'm going to try to find a way to the river so today will be like a marathon over there at the elbow it'll be like a marathon style video shooting j5 has a very ominous feeling to it the gray of the sky the difficulty of the Portage's the length of the Protoss day 5 ominous well with jack guys I've not gone far at all I was like really wish I had that idol stupid nose or sambar Singh when you need them I found the river and she's swollen but extra rain last night doesn't help anything either if I stop paddling I lose momentum and start floating bacharach immediately it was a constant battle my elbow man I can't even follow my portage trails because the river is so swollen I have to pass them every time I have to go farther than the takeout because if I put in I have to spot I get washed downriver so it all sorts of fun yeah man this is all rough up to paddle my foot off not get sucked down string here just crazy alright hold on for your life here go in your book okay well that almost didn't work oh my god nice done can't let up for a minute oh it feels great on the elbow I can't do this anymore

I have to do the port Roger this is just trying to get the first one oh come on come on Oh me River why just widens out like this it's not so bad actually paddling why's it is bad for navigating but against the current it's not so bad what lies out there they're making me second-guess my decision once I come to that first portage on the stop there eat something looking at a bunch and heavily weigh my decision because once I've done that first poor tires I'm coming

you know and there's no going back that's a big one that's almost three kilometer black poor guys so my mind's racing right now just trying to think of the best way to do this weighing all my options I'm gonna do it I think when a portage meet my food now I'm at the port are what's gonna haul ass it's gonna be rough you up I had to go first with my backpack to try to find the way it's trailers I barely ever used and there's a bunch of game trailers around it so you got to try to not mix them up but they did they didn't put signs on this one every so often there's a yellow sign so that's a saving grace for sure but I just hiked straight up the hill back down and up and again do you like to get my canoe i I can't single carry over here I can if it I gotta pay attention I can't go there I can if it if it flattens out but just the unlike up in the hardwoods like this looks like nothing you've seen the whole trip solvent pine and low-lying stuff I'm super hardwood yeah super hard woody oh I am on a canoe trip boys and girls this is what it's all about walking three kilometers up a hill in the rain so that I can avoid paddling upstream in heavy waters

all right well even more adventure the trail split off there's a fork in the road I can't see a sign or a real trail and this is what I'm walking through so this is not really easy to navigate or carry a canoe and pack through really come on oh okay I see a sign I don't even know if this is the trail but I see a sign back from my backpack then make it with my backpack because I can see better when I have my backpack on instead of my canoe I can't say go carry this that's ridiculous there's no way so this is being become a seven kilometer portage or more by the time I keep scoping things out I'm attempting it onto flat spots cross over a bunch of blowdown still single carrying as long as I can a 5 ohm 10 mention helmet my spirits are unusually high which is very good okay sissy bar for the win ah I'm having fun swear I know I can do this I can definitely do this it's only a day can do a day 30 kilometer in a 30 kilometer day Wow plus with all the back-and-forth but I can do it even if it takes me 12 hours I want to do it sort of challenge now you go see him there he goes see ya I hope so first bear on a port wash sweet I sure hope that got in the camera took off he ran we will see if I can find on I know I know but he's scared to me he doesn't want nothing to do with me words go but I think I have to go this way anyway so at the scare ma yeah this is my way this is the port Hofstra where are ya he ran is a big boy I'm here oh I really hope it showed up in the stupid GoPro big ol black bear all right I bought he was in this like meadow right by that tree well I gotta come back through here with my gear and my boat I just want to make sure I'm aware because when I votes on my head I can't see much I was really cool you can size bear I'm gonna go make sure this is my path but at first I'm going to grab my paddle just as a little bit of deterrent I'm walking through learning care at all not even an issue well he's gone I believe I know my paddle might not be a weapon but it was would be a deterrent for sure I was going to make sure that this is my path looks that way but there you go that's your answer for all your what happens when you see a bear in the woods questions I will try to find it and get home until no you just stay confident stay authoritative I never had any kind of fear or fear of my voice I was aware of the situation and I still am as I'm walking home keep my head on a swivel because I don't want to startle him or her I believe was the hem it was very big star shape their babies yeah I just keep a cool head that's only like my second or third bear in the wild that I've seen I've seen tons of bears before just not actually in the deep wild they've always been on a garbage dumps or side of the road I've got Cooper Island exiled in the wild they're sure what same reactions kind of talked to him a little bit this one this one here was a lot more scary there ran away so I tried to go get on film it but it took off so anyway now I'm carrying my my paddle constantly I'm going to go back and get my backpack now before I was carrying my paddle with my my boat do you think I'm just going to keep it on in hand the whole time now just because like if it does charge me I'm gonna like raise this above my head wave around and screamed like the guttural scream which will work part of the brunt of the portage gonna cross back to get my bag I'm all little water and I've been on this trail for a couple hours now so I just feel looking drink oh man I'm glad I I'm glad I took the forward eyes now I got to see that bear I was going to say like I haven't seen any animals other than like little otters and maybe a Fisher begun on the first port hush that was the most difficult of golf in Portales I've ever done bar none it doesn't touch it allowed me four times but but I was rewarded with a bear and the sense of accomplishment Oh see see how long that lasts though because I literally have a four-minute paddle and then I have to do it again I just did 2,600 meters I have to do 2,000 meters so it's basically the same thing in four or five minutes that took me I started at eight o'clock ten thirty seven two and a half hours I doubled up because I bet you I did I don't know six kilometers decided double back so much white oh and I ate a sandwich two granola bars fruit snack and drank like 2 liters of water or a liter of water so liter of Cola don't spit not cops burger bar but yeah now I'm eating cold now put in the water rain is all-day rain there's no no let-up in sight you've got I'm doing more portage and got a modeling today you need to take note when I'm in the boat oh man my spirits aren't that high anymore guys kind of do indolent kind of dwindle little bit just I didn't film any of it so I forget reefs loaded that mm either for cause I still carry that 90% of it I only dropped three sometimes to to find out where I was going but I found something cool on the trail I'm trying to show you here folk sick of myself I found I guarantee nobody's been on that trail this year that's a very rarely used trail and there's no footprints on it I saw footprints on every other trail for Taj except for this one and then the long before that big one I found that in the mud on the way I don't know what kind of booze it is it still feels was attached to something else I'm keeping this thing as a souvenir I'm not drinking it I'm gonna keep it as a souvenir that's gonna go in my frickin camping room whoa sorry folks as a reminder I beast mode 2000 meter portage I feel like a man I'm happy with myself I'm very happy with myself or you can you tell okay that's why I'm not tired on my elbow is done I gotta go I think I'm done the big pork lodges now what time is it I started that one at 11 12 22 so much better timing on that one and only 600 it was the economy disorder but it didn't take me almost three hours so anyways now we're good to go I got like a four hundred and a couple other ones to do a bicycle carry all those but there is still a ton of paddling to see today I had thirty kilometers to do today and all I've really done is like stick so far in different slides I have daylight until like 8 o'clock like 81 hours almost I think I can do it now to turn the camera on in a while it's 2 o'clock now which means I've been going for 8 hours I started at Texas right I think I have a 14-hour day ahead of me I'm making some crazy progress right now not 14 more hours of working our day total so eight hours and other six hours I love that I make crazy good broad progress flying into these 500 for colleges all blackboard are just which means are not maintained like it's nothing to them 500 meters in 15 minutes tops so I'm making the progress with what might kill me is going to get onto a long lake and I think the wind direction is missing but really happy with my progress I've been living off of Turkey and M&M peanuts I'm eating in the boat drinking them filling up water in the boat and I'm just stopping to pee and every four months okay I'm out on to longbow now which is a long lake that I was worried about the wind but the wind is going in my favorite book I gotta kill it so awesome and change it change it I just came across a group of people at a campsite and I asked them if they had any idea how far how long it would take to get to the access point where I put in and they said about four hours so that's good I'm not sure if they realize about the current then going up against it at times but when I started paddling away they said at that speed three hours that's a good sign it's almost 3 o'clock now so I'm making scoop a good kind of left escape yeah it's 250 so if that's true pull that pans out laughing shoot myself like that chattering only at stake if that true if I can get off that quick go to a freaking steakhouse get a beer and we go oh man that looked at my skirt quite a bit I thought I still had another 5 I got the point our difference anyway we shall continue I am soaked to the bone everything and I'm being very very chilled at the leones anyway

just keep going pushing on and my logic to be warm enough I'm just accessing the Tim River now from Roseberry

class at Lake so for all my map it says I have a loving kilometers to go so see how far or how long that takes upstream now I feel like I made the right call

changing my route doing the poor talking instead of powering the whole day and I literally port eyes for most of the day stave my elbow a little bit and I was with the wind for 90% of it which was a huge help of the paddling yeah anyway now that I'm on the Tim River going upstream I'm still with the wind which is helping fix for here yeah so I'm still going with the wind keep on going against the current and the wind is relatively strong so it is helping it it's a bonus for sure so for the course of this trip and any other trip on by myself my head in my head I can't sing songs like I can't turn it off almost it kind of gets it what does get very annoying after a while but the longest time I had that stupid read a song I'll still breathe in favor you object hate that song but for the Hat half the frickin trip I've been with it now you know what to my dish I haven't heard this in forever Aruba I bought it a consumer beautiful home on pretty mama I have no idea why that got into my head hey because I was thinking of one warm places but like what if it's a Beach Boys is that the Beach Boys I lie if you know about the Beach Boys we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow Oh hope nobody's around way down in Coco way out in long run bow that is what getting off six o'clock in the morning paddling and causing all day will go to your brain I have eaten every single piece of food that I've brought that I don't have to cook I've eaten it all today and I have a poop so I imagine it's gonna get a barnburner Oh too much thank you much the water in here even look higher that it did five days ago when I came in this is the same river I access from other thing one out the same way yeah it's like flooded completely out man I remember coming here in the summer there's the fine waterways now it's just like water everywhere with a little bit of plan is walking soupy soupy guys I'm just paddling into the reeds and not paying attention what's even weirder about that song do you remember obviously the Dave Letterman Show The Late Show with David Letterman whatever it's called so every one they did the Nagano Olympics in Japan well listen Dave with his little buddy I can't remember me anyway the guy sings a song bold guy to do this song situm Kokomo it was Nagano and more than wine but they don't even get Dave show yeah I think I'm going too far with that but I remember that along with the Nagano Olympics were Paul Shaffer Paul Shaffer remembered whole chamber letting Ottavia go paddling hours later nothing left to give nothing like the paddle I have no energy at all at soon kilometers left hold stretch start the shiver and it's going to be 12 hours left a good news for me - I thought my 2/3 exit

it's like 5:30 now it should be sick fish when I get to the foot out squat or a go squad and that's 12 hours of working or I never stopped for lunch I never stop for a break or anything yelling times soft cut the code was a pee I eat on the go drank on the go I think we just 12 forces all in our day or half the day with floor cause literally half the day is for dodge every six and six oh I really wanted to show you my elation of getting to the car I got to put this down shaking too much mighty Latian of getting to the car my my SD card got full of my GoPro as I was approaching its you see that ten after six that in focus ten after six I started at six a.m. that's a 12-hour day that was full twelve that was no stopping I ate and drank and everything in the boat only stopped to pee my elbow was jacked I legit have to go to the doctors and get x-rays done about it I'm shivering I got changed I got the route call on the roof I got a I gotta make a call to Sean and try to get to his house because I can't drive home today I'm fucking done let me uh

I'm fogging up here listen guys I had a good time I'm going to fuck it up i it was a rough trip I wish a lot of things went differently too much rain not enough fish too much water if I could sum the whole trip up with one word the word would be wet that went I hope you guys enjoyed this this is gonna be some type beef one I'm gonna look back at this and be like wow I did something crazy I think I'm going to do a follow-up video because I have a lot of things I want to say but it I'm done I'm done right now thank you very much for watching

there will be more videos soon

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