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HD Bushcraft Video-Building a Large Semi-Permanent Shelter, Outdoor Cooking


I was looking through an old hard drive and found a folder from 3 years ago that I had never edited into a video.

It's very interesting to see the difference in filming,quality,overall camera presence, and enthusiasm from then until now.

This shelter stood for a few months, I eventually tore it down and that summer I shot a small series i this location, you can watch that here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCEa_e2XIa8F7la1_Ph4cPrAuYEvF-Xfw

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

I'm gonna work on my bed and I'm sitting on here work on the shelter today and get a fire going cook up some food it's a nice chilly November day it's November 12 it's right around zero Celsius it's a nice crisp day I'm glad to be over here basically all I'm doing here putting cross bowls like in an a-frame style so that I'm gonna lash it to the ridgepole using a Canadian Jam not I did that on all the other sides too then I'm gonna run a pole underneath this tarp from this log to that log over there and then I'm able to stack logs leaning this short logs against the pole that's there so I don't have to get big long logs for the whole way it's nice and solid you can see in there I've got the cross bowls and like I was talking about just take you around that's the one side of it and the other side cross so far what I've done with my bed so now I want to get two long poles to go from the top to the bottom in the middle to hold the tarp out

sold trailblazer so I haven't used in a while they work good my blades just getting a little dull on it but as to be expected after years of use let's like get a new blade you really got a wrench these things tight

we've got to cut this a bit shorter so it'll fit properly [Laughter]

to me I've got to go cut a pole for this side because the sides are more of an angle it's longer after I reset it up it's not the same pitch it was before so I don't have a pole long enough to fit it

I found this dead ash all the ash in my area are dead I probably don't need to cut it it's super tall and I could probably push it over


okay you can see I cut it and I'm measuring it now and it's gonna fit fine there's a I wanna fix up the top so there's no splinters or split ends there so it's not gonna poke through my chart my tarp

there we go it's all framed up now with the middle frames like the ribs there just to keep the the tart from bullying in too much and yeah obviously these cross pieces like I said so I can lean stuff up against they gonna make a little bit of lunch get up and we're going to cook up some bacon and eggs [Laughter]


so I got some grass from the field that I want to start with probably shavings on that and whatnot after that should go up nice and easy - mother did definitely spotted it she's going now though no biggie it's two o'clock in the afternoon now and I'm starving so I'll need some food on my favorite thing to cook in the woods bacon and eggs this is a ten-centimeter Billy can and I'm gonna cook an egg in the in the dish part of it and I'm going to boil water for tea at the same time so my egg all I do is I wrap it a couple of paper towels put it inside the Billy can and it's fine so I'm just going to crack it right into there

and that fire I myself like pepper all my my egg so all I did just put a little baggie with pepper in it that's good


pour water I don't know halfway into the Billy can happen till it's halfway full that's plenty actually I don't even need that much maybe a quarter full throw that back on take it over the fire so all I did was tie stick to my tripod and left a bunch of what's spinning left a bunch of knobs poking out that way I can switch the height if I want it down lower I can do that too whoa all right and two on each so that way I can cook more more than one one at a time

that's been cooking for about five minutes let's check and see if it's done oh yeah nicely poached but I gotta cook my bacon now so instead of this coming off it's just gonna get moved up to the upper notch

keep it warm I don't like to cook my bacon on flame at all because it ruins it in my opinion if the flames are touching it so I like to wait till my coals my fire is completely called up my don't grill

my wife got me not extra-thick she said it was extra thick but it's not saying it on here so yeah that's thick that's good the thick Bacon's better cook this way doesn't shrivel up so small and that'll take I don't know five or so minutes to cook on this heat by then my egg will have cooled down a little bit if it's too cold I can always just drop it down and warm it up on the coals again but it should be fine so four pieces extra-thick bacon and egg some tea and that'll be it for me for lunch you can see this wood that I took out a smoking a lot I'd like to get some of that smoke on my bacon so I'm just gonna put it around the fire not directly under the bacon but right around the fire so this smoke goes onto it more onto the bacon more I'm calling that bacon done all right dinner served so egg perfectly done there's a little bit of water in there from how much condensation was in their boiling but that's fine it's totally done cooked and with the the rest of the water that was in the Billy can I just gonna throw my tea ball in there got some steep tea and throw the lid back on let that sit [Applause]

stop that

the pepper really helps was my favorite it's a really nice day to be out in the woods I feel very relaxed right now I was a little bit bummed up when I got here it's on the shell to it down but whatever it's bound to happen well guys you probably noticed I changed my channel name while back I change it from my old like four year old name was Joseph Allen 19 Joseph was my first name Allen is my middle name 19 is the date that my birthday's on so a while back I figured I'll change my name to my real name which is Joe Robinette and now I had in Joe Robinette bushcraft to it I think it'll help people find it if they're just searching bushcraft which I'm not gonna lie I want people to find my channel I'm doing this so that people watch my stuff I want people to be able to learn some stuff for me I want to just show what I'm doing and maybe give some inspiration to go out to the woods and I've had a few comments on my channel that people have said just that which is great that's the bottom line that's what I want to want it for I'm planning on being out in the woods a little bit more now that it's cool cool weather I'm gonna be doing some winter camping I don't know if you guys have anything you want to learn or want to need a show I can try and do it I don't know everything I don't know half as much as some of the other guys in YouTube what I get out and I try stuff which is cool this is a first for me doing this set up I've got the inspiration from Iowa woodsman video that and also a more Scott Hanson book bushcraft I'm sure everybody's read that book yeah it's just a little little lean little a-frame setup and I'm gonna actually throw a lot more debris on and close off the sides or whatever I'm just gonna be this is gonna be a work in progress especially if people are gonna come here and mess with it I don't really want to put too much time and effort into it at once if I come back and it's destroyed again maybe I won't set it up again who knows my bed's completed I just have the pounded mistakes to keep it all secure I hear something cracking oh it's not too bad I can sleep over here

except for my middle piece was rotten and is broken now it's fast what I should have known better there we go ah

I want to pound some steaks in to keep my bed together and I couldn't do that with the tarp on there so just easy pop it off in two places no I have access to my bed so I powder my steaks in on all sides I've got my base secure and now I just want to get these logs so that they don't move too much and I can't pound steaks in because of the the location of the base logs so I'm going to just Canadian Jam the hell out of it the Canadian Jam knot is constricting not I've already done the other two sides so basically you tie it on overhand knot for a tail a second overhand knot before it and you don't close it up he just basically run it on diagonal through the piece of wood underneath it and then through the piece of wood you're tying you run your tail through the loop and you just wrench on it and that's on there there you can see the construction of the bed four big round logs on the base cross piece two big long ones going across two other cross pieces and then the bed that's a good two feet off the ground I'm comfortable when I sit on it now you can see my back wall is almost done it's just logs lean up against the crosspiece I tied up laterally I'm gonna put some bark on the outside of it it's not gonna be airtight no no matter what but that's fine I was trying to try to get it closed in a bit I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the front yet on my twiddle and I might put like he's a clear plastic down like a super shelter style I don't know that's gonna be it for today guys I it's almost 5 o'clock and I got to pick my wife and daughter up go home and have some supper but I hope you enjoyed the video like I said this is just just the start of it I plan on coming back and working on it a little bit probably doing overnight run it hope you enjoyed it hope you learned something and see you in the next one

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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