HWII plant uses Queen Annes Lace.


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all of these brown grassy things you see the Queen Anne's lace it's also called wild carrot and I'm going to try to show you two uses for them right now the to use is being used the heads for a fire starting with a fire steel and the roots are edible so I'm going to pull this guy up a little drown and see if it's somewhat edible might be kind of woody this time here you don't want to confuse these with cow parsnip or hemlock they do kind of look similar the tops of them but there's no mistaking the smell and I've seen these Queen Anne's lace all over here my whole life so I do know what they are hello hello let's go okay that's good thanks bud

I tried one of these already it was pretty damn woody but this one looks like it's fresher thinner at the bottom so let's see if I can do this without gagging myself this one's a lot better I can actually choose this one so a little piece on my tongue yeah it's a lot more pliable if you will still break down woody though

alright anyways aight that one I think that if you cook them do we better hold them up with some some water I don't know what else but they are edible so that's one use as pathetic as it is alright these are the Queen Anne's lace heads that I collected I had to get into the woods for two reasons I had to find a platform i try to do on the ground it wasn't working for me and it was the wind is kicking up out there so try and get these lit i already and they didn't work out too good for me I think it might be they went you too fresh still will see

and they were going for a second there we'll get it going now they keep wanting to die out on me in the wintertime these make a great tinder and probably even in the fall it's just a little bit too early for them you can see they keep wanting to go and then they're going out on me there we go it's a little bit better anyways that's the second use for Queen Anne's lace AKA wild carrot

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