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Some fire practice on a nice day, new pot.

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p on that sticks go it's a nice day today we're back at the pikes Creek Scouts about to go for a swim in this nasty water Oh saw something run there he goes it's usually not this high but we've been having a lot of rain like about other people I guess it goes let's go got to it before it could really hit ya move too quick to shake off right here after thank you thank you for that that's good oh it's pretty much summertime now the leaves are all out the ground cover is growing the mosquitoes are going crazy say I'm the only living thing in this woods not to be eaten by mosquitoes yet so they're going to all come to me after all the rain we've been having it just saw soaking wet everywhere perfect breeding ground obviously so first order of business when i get to the hut is build a fire it's really warm i don't need a fire but the fire is gonna hopefully help keep the mosquitoes down it's a very nice day i bark

so my prep that smoke will get rid of some of these damn mosquitoes

tryna with this new little pin I gotta hand / pot I don't know it's not very deep but it's got a bill on it and put my rice in there we'll try it out hang on the pot up either way so you know she works

okay this cooking dish it didn't take any longer or shorter than the ability can to cook what I need to cook obviously it's not going to fit a lot of stuff in it but for a lunch for what I eat this brown rice for lunch which is absolutely fantastic but yeah it works and it's about maybe a third even if less of the weight of a billy can't of a zero Billy putt it's got a metal bail on it the only thing I'm going to change there's the plastic holder oh it's just a bolt in there I'll put a piece of wood or whatever what it work and for the weight and price of it it's going to stay in my kid I think a lot better than carrying my zebra in my day pack

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