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good afternoon guys so here in the woods shooting a couple videos today with my dog scope it's a beautiful day out here so it's good to spend some time out for a while now I've been contemplating starting my own bushcraft school there's just been a couple problems i don't have the land to do it I don't live in the location for it and all this other stuff something pretty cool happened I got a message through YouTube when someone who lives about five hours from me wanting to join forces and start a bushcraft course sorry bushcraft school together and he's got the land he's got the resources and the know-how to get the info to the people i'm going to be the main instructor we're gonna have guest instructors from time to time but starting up i will be the main instructor are our programmers can be called outside canada and it's located over very Ontario berries about an hour and a half north of Toronto for people who are around the area we have two hundred and fifty acre classroom basically outside in that setting it's mostly deciduous trees there's a stream running through tons and tons of resources for us to be able to show you how to survive in the woods how to be comfortable in the woods how to camp just how to love being outside that's what we're going to be doing or family oriented we're to have family courses we're gonna have group courses we're gonna have team-building exercises any any age any skill level is welcome we're going to have tons of different programs for each skill level the first one coming up is April eighteenth and nineteenth and to intro the bushcraft course and there's still a few spots left left open if you want to check it out if you want to talk about it more whatever you can email the company at outside can calm or you can get get a hold of me through youtube or bush crush craft USA I have a vendor account on bushcraft USA it's called outside Canada obviously and you can reach me through there like I said email couple different things YouTube anything like that no problem so yeah I'm pretty excited about it's gonna be awesome was gonna be a great time for four at all skill levels and I really really just wanted to get the word out obviously the letting people know is going to be the biggest thing any skill level like I said anything you want to do we can even Kate our course to your to your needs it's no big deal really excited about this my partner's name is Christian we're going to be doing this now full-time this is gonna be our job so we're putting everything we have into it my as far as my references and where I come from I love the woods I've been I've been camping all my whole life really took a huge interest in it probably about 12 years ago my huge influences were Les Stroud and Ray Mears as well as more ska hanski less trodden ray mears were the two that i saw on TV before it was main street before he could go on youtube and see me or anybody else playing bushcraft in the woods I saw Ray Mears on TV I saw Les Stroud on TV I got the book bushcraft by Morse code hanski I taught myself how to do how to do the bow drill it took me like a year um it was phenomenal feeling when I found out that I could do it I then went to school I went to a college sue sainte-marie sue college for a natural resources program where i learned tree identification in all you all year round I learned survival skills I learned tracking tons and tons and tons of useful things as well as it's going on i'm learning my own I'm doing research I'm going out I'm camping I'm doing as much as I can on my own I also got in touch with Terry Barney he is my mentor period he's where I learned everything from so I learned from him online and I also had the chance to go to Iowa a few times and I've taken three or four courses with him I actually had the pleasure of teaching a course for him through Bush classes online Bush God's set up which was the Mojo course what else I've taught bow-drill courses in person I've taught a couple courses in my local area witchcraft courses I'm a plethora of knowledge really and I really want to teach you people I really want to pass this knowledge on I want to make a living doing it to its bottom line I'm going to take the place of something that's missing in that region that we don't have something like that so

hope this is good news two guys i hope that this interests you something maybe if he does it please share I've never once asked my subscribers to comment like subscribe or share and I'm asking you now because I need this help so please do that stuff thanks for watching the video I thank you for your time like always and you guys have a great day

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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