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Bushcraft Basecamp - Building a Raised Bed, Tying a Ridgepole, Outdoor Cooking E1


Here in the first episode of a short series called Bushcraft Basecamp, I show how to build a bed for your shelter, as well as securing the ridgepole, and laying the framework of the shelter.

I also build a fire and do some outdoor cooking.

Episode 2 coming soon.

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Video Transcription

it rained a lot last night so the ditch that had to cross to go over here was raging this goats goat took a swim and now we're in the woods it's all yellow very pretty today I'm going to try to build a shelter I'm going to do a little lean-to and line it with bark I saw some loose bark on some trees on the way in I think it's gonna be a good day [Music]

yeah this is going to be the location of the new shelter this is the same location as my old shelter I talked about it a little bit on a previous video and I show cleaning up the area a bit I'll put a link to that video in the description and put it right there I think you can click on C if you want but yeah basically the idea is I used to have a shelter here was a lean-to I didn't

I moved locations because it's too dark in here in the summertime there's too much leaf covered all these young trees and lots of leaves so being fallen out it's time to move back it's been a couple years since I've been at this location itself I'm excited to build it and yeah I got a lot of building materials ready there's my little fire reflector next to my backpack I'm going to keep the same fire reflector it worked great for years I've noticed that one of the trees that my original ridge pole was tied to has died so it's an oak tree it's good for wood for burning I think when I first I'm going to do is cut it so that the top doesn't get all wobbly and break off and it possibly hit me or the dog so I'll probably cut it just above head height I'm gonna use my boreal saw today make short work work of wood I plan on bucking up quite a few logs today before I do anything else on a make a bench or a bed it's much much easier to assemble the bed underneath the shelter underneath the spot where your shoulders going to be before you build the shelter as opposed to building a shelter than trying to cram under there build a bed and stuff I've got one piece like that I've got to get four so three more pieces so cutting my third piece out my arms starting to get tired so I'm using two all two arms and it's nice that I can be able to do that because this log is stuck on the ground like this it's it's wedged you know the trees laying down it's been on the ground for a while where as opposed to something I just cut we trying to saw it like that it might be rolling around I might have to hold it with one hand so there's a big benefit here doing it this way where I can I can dedicate both my hands to the power behind the saw both my arms so three one more that's Ironwood two pretty dense stuff power bud

I already have a good idea of what I want to do because I've already had a shelter here so I know where to lay things out there's a slope right before the trees the the poles I'm going to tie my rich ball to there's a slope and then there it builds up it's flat and then it kind of goes down at the back too so right in between the trees is the biggest flattest highest spot and that's where I'm going to want my bed so I'm going to put two big logs these are four inches wide

look like two on either side let me buy the tree and I'm going to distance them the same distance apart same width apart everything then on top of these four are going to be two wrists thick logs running the other way and then on the top of that we're going to have big sticks or logs running the length way to make the bed so now we've got to go and find sturdy Pro actually I'm going to cut some pieces off of that oak that I cut the top of this tree off because I know there's solid and dead and strong yeah

let's hold it solid as you can see they're both the same length both going to sit on top of the logs and then the actual seat is going to run this so I'm making this shorter making everything shorter in this one the whole height of the ridgepole everything is just going to get closer to the ground I don't want to make some big shelter I just want to have somewhere to come get out of the rain and sleep if I want to or need to so I was able to use some some logs from a previous shelter so I didn't have to cut a lot which is helpful I think I may have enough the majority hope there goes my saw majority of this wood is iron wood

but there are some ash in there as well so still gonna trim it up and and set them properly and possibly even stake in the big round pieces I put on the bottom what it's got to feel it out for now see where everything goes like a puzzle like a puzzle all right so just rudimentary it works it's sloping down towards the back but we'll fix that up and we got to fix these logs anyway if you notice most these logs are pretty straight boat wrists thick and relatively sturdy this one in the middle here she's a bit rotten and not very straight at all so we're going to get rid of this one I don't like the way this one feels so she goes over there for now probably use it for something else maybe we can put this one in the middle but it's going to take some cutting to get it to fit between the two trees measure it against that tree and then just cut it a little bit long and I can wedge it in so if I cut it right about there and Ironwood is super tough okay there we go

there's some of these bottom very bottom logs that I cut aren't the same width around because they're from the same tree and it slopes down on this corner quite a bit so I'm just going to lift this whole back end up it's still going to have a little bit of gap there I might have to get rid of this log and switch up for a new one but if I don't want to slope down so much I have to lift it up regardless and the way that I'm going to do that is to split this in two and put it the flat pieces underneath this round piece and prop it up that way might work there that probably works too nice so it's done that is pretty pretty well done it's a somewhat even the middle piece is kind of higher than the rest which I can switch out at any time it's not in there tied in or anything but the width is good it's no stable it is I haven't tied anything down nothing's rolling scout clear Oh up up up up up good boy

hop up sit sit sit yeah good boy yeah I think that's totally stable enough yeah I could it could all honestly use one more log on the end and I can get that there's room for I can do that it's not it's not imperative that I do it right now but like literally I'm pretty happy with this because I haven't tied anything down at all and on my previous beds and stuff I've used to have to tie a Canadian jam with paracord itself to each other to itself or two trees or even you stakes bill make steaks and Hammerman on a diagonal to hold everything down but like I'm very pleased with this this is my bed now what a Tyler ridgepole on next I think it is muggy man this is November 2nd I'm getting eaten by mosquitoes I'm sweating November 2nd guys so what I'm going to be using is Canadian jam nuts Thai the rich pull on I've done this for years now and it works fantastically nothing's ever come come off it's fantastically a word nothing's ever come off so to do a Canadian GM not you have the end of your rope I'm going to tie a stop or not about an inch away from the tail then you're going to tie a loose overhand knot just right in front of that knot between the knot and the tail but on the other side of the knot okay loose pre tie these so that because I'm only one person here putting up this Ridge pull sometimes it's a little bit difficult but if you have these pre tied helps a lot helps a lot he says accentuating the lock okay anyways losing them on guys there's my mind then again okay okay let's get the ridgepole I need to mark where I want the ridgepole

I just want it just above my head so I mark it with my knife where I want to tie it at so I actually lay the one then down support this side with my body normally I would do it with my shoulder but it's lower than that come up on a 45 around both around the both the tree and the ridge pole you're going to go through that loose knot you made and that loose knot is going to tighten up against that stop or not okay it's just going to create so much tension I can tie a

a second hand security not after but I'm going to get the other side up first again I'm taking my my pre-tied Canadian Jam coming up on a 45 what I mean by that is wrapping around the tree wrapping around the pole on a diagonal and coming up I've got my my running end going through going through the loose knot and then those are just going to again tension on the tension together see and then to undo it I just have to pull this tail and it loosens right up we'll see but we don't want it to loosen right up

we want it to tighten so let's wrench on it a little trick I learned from Iowa woodsmen you can actually get a little stick and wrap the cord around it and pull that to get your tension as opposed to trying to yank with your hand cutting your hand with the rope I broke the stick but you get the picture so that's on there and I will just for safety sake do a little wrap and a tie I was tight right here it doesn't even need to be anything extensive I'm just going to do an overhand knot here tuck it in not is not on I always like to test it before I put weight on it before I start make it into my shoulder pretty good I got head room right just enough then as I lay the poles on it will crime going to put them past my seat here so I had create like an awning so even if it rains I can sit here I'm not way way back from the fire I'm not totally in I'm on the edge of it and I have like a like a rain on a like a porch

well the shelter is starting to come together and I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far but this is absolutely crazy I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes I feel like I have to start a fire to get rid of some of these mosquitoes so that's what I'm gonna do I never thought I have a freaking sweater here man that I thought I was gonna have to wear I never thought I'd be haven't yeah look they're on me right now I'm gonna battle mosquitoes in November 2nd why you crying Scott he's a whiny baby you see the Viney day because there yeah that's finally scout today I miss my dog skull tears cry what to cry crying cries go let's go let's go here eat this one bro oh he just ate the worm he just just I keep getting asked questions where's your adventurous one Joe why don't you play with your adventures for anymore what happened to it why did you sell it well in fact the matter is I do play with it I do use it I didn't sell it I still have it and I like it a lot but I have a lot of nice knives two or three that I like to rotate with and I just been lately on my Turley kick I like a convex knife but this is a great knife I love it is my first my first adventurous one I think ever had I BRE bought it off a buddy about a year ago it's the Explorer model it's a bushcraft USA model it's a great knife it's in one it's in 5/32 it's candy so there in all honesty it's too thick for a scandi for my liking but it's okay I'm used to it it's convexed over the years anyways basically mostly convexed so that's a nice pile of shavings of good shavings too but I just did right off the outside of this oak and split it down at all I find that the wood closer to the outside is easier to make shavings left and when the wood is dry if there's no reason not to always like the first fire in a new fire pit like breaking around you know breaking the side of the champagne on the on the boat Chris inner-tube at it Alma beer just marking I want to cut my logs I'm able to find a lot on the forest floor right now which is fantastic don't want to be cutting trees I'm not going to cut live trees but I don't want to be cutting even dead trees to do this I want to be able to just use when I've had before on previous shelters and find deadfall on the ground I'm going to end up with a lot of these these cut-offs but they're going to come in use later on for building a shelter as well so we're just making a rib work right now trying to stick them into the ground a bit we're going to get a frame probably three more substantial logs then we'll start working on on the cross ribs brought some eggs out I think I'll cook up some eggs pretty soon too it's 1137 I have to pick up my kid at 3:00 so I've got to leave here by 2:00 roughly two hours left so I need to make myself a pot hanger I'm putting a pause on the shelter build here so I cook my eggs I'm looking for a green limb and I like I said I don't want to take anything down that's green but if you look hard enough in the woods sometimes you can find green thing green trees that have just died that have just been pushed over by another tree that they're going to die anyways or in this case I don't know what it is somebody might have cut this it kind of looks man-made but there's an ideal green tree down that I can use a maple this is what I was talking about that's the break and I can't really tell man it kind of looks kind of looks it wasn't cut but a kollek's it was pushed over and it broke on that spot why are you crying bro why crying hey they're still yellow and not falling off very easily so this must have been pushed over pretty recently I'm going to just take the top half cuz that's the park that I need what can I do here it flex it flex it and cut it let's go Oh Oh buddy there's one piece of wood I'm going to make my my full pot hanger because I have that fire reflector in the back I can use that as part of it just cleaning it up a bit that's about perfect all right so the whole idea is that I'm going to put this stick through so far that smash that down and the weight of the water in the billy pad is going to just hold this even having nothing on the back just the weight of the stick pulling it down on that end and the way the bullet Billy can putting down this end let's see if that works so I brought some eggs like I said bring them in inside my Billy can I'll wrap it in a paper towel and nine times out of 10 they stay all right and even if they don't they're just cracked and losing a little bit which is fine but keep that paper towel it's invaluable to fill my Billy can up quarter of the way Alma between a quarter and half the way full then I'm going to put my top dish in my zebra crack my egg back my other egg I got some Montreal steak spice which goes really well on these believe it or not just a little bit in there little wobble do you lid on buh-bam son it's kind of not over top of the fire though so I'll just and see if it still works put that like that in case so I have the top there's a little knob sticking there so it'll fly off I left it there on purpose for that reason that is a boot perfect a boot perfect guys

some come to the realization I'm not gonna be able to finish this today having to leave at two o'clock to go get the kid but that's okay I kind of kind of had that in my head anyways that I might do this in a series kind of like what Lily did with her bug out camp I'll only do maybe two or three videos tops and then I'll spend a night here the third video might be me finishing up the shelter and then sleeping here or something like that I'll probably bring Scout too but yeah right now I'm starving starving so yeah maybe I'll just name them like specifically what what things I did in that video like call it like a bushcraft Basecamp episode one building a bench and ridgepole and a fire and a pot hook and cooking eggs it's a long title how's this mustache working out guys how's this this mustache working up for you let's just zoom right in on there oh haha time to shave tell me shave what do you think let me know in the comments should I trim it should I keep it should I try and grow try and grow something oh the fun we have a I'm guessing it's done now yeah nice and white now the pot hook will just get taken out of there stood up right here for the next time let's get a look at these bad boys whoa oh you know what I brought some tea snap I brought my fruity little tea ball with my fruity holiday treat tea and Doug always makes fun of me for so I'm actually going to use that same water that was used to cook my egg I'll let that steep in there and then I'll have my tea not that it's cold out at all okay so this is the finished product egg with the Montreal steaks place on it it's a little warm so I'm gonna put it on top of a stick on top of my leg as opposed to just resting it right on my my leg and I already carved up a little eating utensil go for all the yolk is nicely gone hot so hot there's the yoke right there that's just yoke making solid a whole body the only problem with doing this is a little bit of a pain in the butt to to clean it after but if you scrape right as it's still hot it all kind of comes off the bottom but it doesn't matter it's not a big deal I've used this with that stuff on it for days after Wells camping it's no big deal did you get it all good boy where's your step okay as you can see I was able to score some good pieces of wood only a couple of them I have to cut again so I'm going to use one of this these logs as a marker

how long cut it we're really glad I brought this book so just want to clean up this bottom part I didn't want to saw it twice but you can see the bottom parts all rotted out so it's a good idea to get rid of it with this little axle make short work of it what's up buddy what's up buddy I left a little bit of room when I cut it because I knew I was going to do this so I cut it a little bit longer than I needed to you're getting there the idea is to have like a good framework of strong ribs decent like none of these are going to break if I lean on them this is all these oak Ironwood sassafras at the end yeah so a good good structure of strong vlogs I want to start working my way around to give it sides but I want to weave in or tie probably tie in thinner ones on the inside

running length vertical nope horizontal one of them good day good day in the woods it feels uh very nostalgic very nostalgic alright guys I really hope you like this

I hope let me know in the comments actually is if this is something that you want to want to see if you if you don't mind seeing different parts of a series some I get comments all the time telling me different things I don't know what people want to see so I'm trying to do my best let me know what you guys think this this kind of format two or three episodes in this series about building the shelter and and then camping in it will be the culmination but then this will be here you know I mean this is the shelter well if it doesn't get torn down or broken down in the storm or something like that we'll be here and I'll be coming back to here and shooting videos and stuff so yeah okay that's it thanks for watching have a good day I'm gonna leave goodbye guys even Scouts content okay you content to just lay there finally whole scooter magruder let's go home

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