new JLT bushcrafter


Showing a new knife I got from JLT (Adam) over at BCUSA.

stats are:

Blade-4mm thick o1 tool steel about 4.5" long

Scales-Wenge with red fibre liners, brass pins and lanyard tube.

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Video Transcription

hey guys I got a knife in the mail today from just like that really nice knife I like a lot then the blade is I think about four and a half inches I'll do the specifics when I go home i'll post them on there but i'm out in the bush right now i don't really know but about four and a half inches long and handles some kind of wood i'm not sure like i said i'll post but there's red liners it's the first knife i have with liners i really like them to brass pins and the lanyard hole it's a quality knife right over the blocks of shaving sharp I've already made a fire I had feathers that made feather sticks and baton a bunch of wood with it I'll show you again though here's the sheet that came with it it's a really nice sheath has some leather work down the side and it's a dangler I was surprised well actually I didn't see this look at the work on the dangler part really really nice I didn't know he was gonna send me a dangler really happy with her thanks a lot i don't for that nice setup

so when a baton this piece of wood and make some feather sticks just to show you guys this is a piece of poplar it does that really easily inside of the poplars actually a lot darker than the outside

so as you can see it shaves nice actually I'm going to do this for a minute and strike with my fire steel I'll be right back alright so I shaved the bunch of curls with my new jlt bushcrafter and I'm going to strike it I like the striking edge on this it works really really nice boots off a lot of hot sparks see that it's flaming up it was

here we go well I keeps going up see huh well I had it anyways there we go

but anyways

don't worry I'm throwing those into the fire pit not on the ground so yeah really happy with it just like that bushcrafter hits my smaller hand nice I got a smaller than average hand and if it's it really really nicely it's a thick blade I'll propose the exact stuff aboard later on just like i said i don't know i know but thanks a lot item for this if anybody's looking for a quality knife scandinavian grind I know you a lot of you guys are crazy about the convex hey I got to say the Winx knife will be a convex just to try it out oh yeah check out Adam on bushcraft USA forums com thanks a lot guys

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