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Wildland Series Scout backpack bag info and launch


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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in Joe here I'm with Tony founder and head designer of why not the company that's taking the backpack for me so I told you I promise you all that I'll give you lots of information on this backpack when it's coming out all this stuff specs so that's what we're gonna do here today I cook Tony's got the geeky info for you totally and I'm just going to mumble my way through this awesome okay so the backpack right we named it the wildland scout pack good name kind of like so so we're gonna go with the theme right we got a couple of other options with this bag when the wildland is the theme scout pack is the pack right you guys all told me you wanted named the scout pack you got it that's a great name the way we did this was there was a backpack already called the magnetic ahthe at why not mate and Tony wanted my take to make it a bushcraft bag too so we're gonna go through the things that I wanted to change on the bag to make and it wasn't much to be honest with you things here and there but it made a huge difference big big part of it was this ABS sheet in the back right yeah it's removable 100% so the ABS sheets completely removable we don't have that in the magnetic ax Joe wanted something that was more rigid that would just hold its shape a little better we do that in some of our bigger packs right and that make total sense because we're in theory we're putting more weight into this bag this bag can be a 72-hour bag and without some kind of frame it was just it needed a friend so what else you got we got an axe loop with my logo on it now explain to them how that's going to work with totally so what's really cool is all the bags are actually laser-cut because of that we're able to do a really nice version of Joe's beautiful new logo here Canadian or us leather that we use and it's laser-cut and laser engraved what's nice about this is that it gives you a spot to put the axe and that's what Joe really wanted but it really looks pretty cool I think to write and personalize it a little bit so on the other side you're going to get the same thing but you're going to get a Velcro parole pouch so you can put whatever on these nice enough to hook me up with the Canadian flag which is sweet but you guys put your merica flags on your British flags on whatever good spot I like the morale pouch idea the Magnetic uh the first backpack had a laptop sleeve in the back and Tony said well we don't need that I said well let's keep it so we can put a sit pad in there and that way you're not gonna have to open up your backpack proper to your set pad oh because you know you're walking around you want to just pop squat for a second so easy that it is pulled right back up goes right back with no problem I wanted water bottles I wanted removable water bottle holders putting water bottle water bottles in and put putting other things in but having the option of removing them cinching the bag down and making it more of a day bag and that's what Tony did actually Tony what above and beyond on this one and made them huge so what you can fit in here like I've already showed you guys have seen I use this backpack on a few outings but mainly my solo bush bushcraft backpacking on a link there you can see how I used it but I'm able to get my full cook kit in one side of these pockets so I've got a Snow Peak 900 with a bush buddy stove all in there with room to spare and then when I'm not using this pouch look how small it folds up to that's what I really like so you don't even have to take them off so that's the pouch folded down completely flat and then I can even cinch because we put um what do we call these you added well straps on the side to cinch down down yeah to two straps that's not on the magnetic oh but Joe wanted it on this bag right so one on the top one on the bottom and that really cinches our down and I like that option the axe loop is actually two straps of webbing so it's not going to wear on the straps against the seams it's going to sit in the middle and then you can cinch up the top with the buckle if you want I don't even need to but the option is there we'll show you in a little bit how you can take off the pouch it's super easy what are these called Molly clips Molly let us check with laser-cut Moll yeah super tough so you wanted more storage more storage right and I found that originally on the prototype the magnetic I got I couldn't fit too much stuff in the front pocket when the backpack was full so I asked Tony to pleat the pocket and who did that no problem so now I can get ton of stuff in there what I have in there for today my day high got my wallet I got my keys I got some sunscreen because she's a scorcher a couple hours ago yeah and then you'd only have to I don't know why undo the buckles to look at that post you obviously do not have to they're not impeded at all on and off super easy nice pleated and you can fit quite a bit of stuff in there even when the backpack is full which is great we even lined that pouch that pocket there with two pieces of corduroy just to give you a little bit more water protection there you go my other pouch same deal with just again to show the size and the variance of it or the value of it I clicked two water bottles in one pouch and then again it goes away and you can see on the inside that's that rips up yep totally lined again with the waterproof grips on everything everything is lined with the rib stuff so the bottom obviously I wanted straps right to carry sleeping bag won't blanket jacket chair tarp right now I got a tarp on there I don't need a sleeping bag today but what's really cool is we got these explained these welcome yeah so these buckles actually are auto-locking so what's happening is they have an attachment system here that allows them to lock so they won't loosen up at all so you can really pull and go crazy on these and they're already curved as well so the curve helps around a lot of rounded objects that you'd put on here like Joe was saying you wanted you know just like you said you wanted tarps sleeping bags things that are usually round shapes so it'll fit really well so these you can you can add to the pack you can use them in different ways on the pack because they're all one inch national moulding clips that are made for the military so they're all they talk to each other so you can strap it up in different ways nice the other thing that Joe wanted was you want long straps but you also don't need them alright so Joe's like let's make them so that we can actually roll them up so two little pieces of velcro and you just roll it down and do whatever you need to do and you can you can actually move these straps or not stationary so you can put them in the middle if something that you have say so you had a shorter piece of kit right and your straps are not going to fit on the outside well you can take these straps now and put them on the two on the inside so you're golden either way which is really versatile really cool oh yes another thing I wanted just was the wings so we went with wings and a buckle and this buckle actually is another one of those lock tight ones so what this is going to do is just add a little bit more production from debris whether anything getting into your backpack right so you unbuckle it and then here's the wings and the cool thing about the wings is if you don't want them in the way if you don't need them they tough down inside this removable look no not removable floating line totally yeah so this I talked about the floating oh yeah so I will so our bags have always had this really unique system which we call our floating separated liner so what we do here is first of all this separated liner is just separated with velcro we sell extra pockets that you can actually put in here to add more pockets to the bag if you want to but what's so useful about this is number one there's no seams here like there is on the outside of the bag so this provides more water protection it's separated from the external construction therefore water would have to get through this and then go through that it was line together that would not be the case finally you have another spot to stash things you wanted a nice little hidden pocket on the side here so we put a hidden pocket right on the side and you have complete access you know what I was thinking too would be a good idea is if your tarp got wet and you didn't want the rest of your gear to get wet you could slide it in between these two liners as you're walking around you're good to go wet clothes we tell people for the gym people use it for wet clothes perfect yeah perfect

so yeah and she's pretty she's pretty hungry man she's got a bit she's got some capacity what do you think 30 liters yeah yeah it's all it's pretty much you can get it up to 30 liters if you stack it all the way up you've got a little bit of extra leader edge probably another two liters almost due to the pleated pocket here and then the side coaches you're getting another almost four liters on each side pouch as well and then it does cinch down will show you tony's got another color scheme here yeah of how cinched down it can be for a day bag it's nice and tight nice and nice and sleek but yeah the floating line one more time comes out with three sides yep so you can dry it out if you wanted

everything's good that way yeah you've packed us get into the drink you could totally dry it out way faster did you don't have these two laminate materials right against each other no it makes perfect sense so let's grab the other colorway hold on okay cool so this one um so I'm gonna talk about a little bit about what Joe and I are doing so we decided to launch this bag through Kickstarter and Kickstarter is a great platform that allows us to basically bring this bag to you at a really great price point and what we decided to do is launch it in three colorways initially so you have the Joe Robo net addition the Scout addition it's an awesome bag in the army green with the laser-cut Molly it's got a little bit of accenting of the the yellow we could show them after yeah we should and then we decided to do a woodland camo the classic woodland camo and finally there's a black version as well what we're going to offer through the Kickstarter which is live right now is that you could actually get it in any of the colors that Whynot offers most of why nots bags you can customize them and so this pack you'll be able to customize the entire color in almost all the quarter colors that we offer very cool so that's going to be really cool option as well but back to to kind of this pack and just showing you so Joe was talking about how really it can cinch it down and make it really small if you don't need the pouches we're talking about the Molly Clips so the Molly Clips they just clip off like this and then in a second your pouch is removed and so these pouches are laser-cut and its 1000d cordura it is very very strong but we were ripping on we were ripping on them at the factory when Joe came down and helped us with the design we really wanted to make sure that before Joe took this into the woods that it actually would perform and it did and up to now it has as well so we love this fact that also makes it super light it's more modular because you have more attachment points you can move this around a lot more on the pack we mirrored it in the exact same way so with the camo you have like a black on the inside and maybe with Joe's showing yeah

it's really cool it accents it like crazy so we did a nice little accent on that and then we have an all-black version as well that's going to be available I mean the pouches come in all the three colors as well so that's really cool and you can customize the colors of the pouches as well if you wanted to go so that's really cool now we'll talk a little bit more about just the specs of the material itself so all of our bags are either made are made sorry with our thousand D Cordura the courier that we source is either from well most of its sourced out of the United States or Canada so it's a Canadian made or american-made material so that's pretty awesome fitters um the inside material is a 420 danyay ripstop that has a PU coating that allows it to be considered waterproof now we don't call any of our bags waterproof because they're not seeing sealed or things like that but that does allow us to offer a lifetime warranty so all of our bags have a lifetime warranty they always have and it's based off a manufacturer defect so obviously you can go crazy on these things we'll always try to fix them if you broke it it was your fault the cool thing is we actually make them in Toronto not far you ship it to us we fix it for you and you get it right back that's so cool that was very cool um the other thing that we decided to do with this pack is we kept our standard back pad so all the wine out bags have this back pad it's air mesh but then what we do is we put closed cell foam closed cell foam is great doesn't absorb water so even if this pack gets wet you don't have the squishiness for the rest of the afternoon on the shoulder straps it's a similar 4:29 on here that's really nice and soft but what's nice about it is it doesn't absorb sweat as much and it also has the closed cell foam inside of there finally a lot of our bags we sell our bags

we've been company for seven years we sell our bags all over the world we sell them in the UK we sell them in Japan we sell them in the US and there's a lot of different frame sizes of people that use our packs so because of that we had a project a few years ago where we went through almost 80 prototypes of shoulder straps and these tends to be the most well if they were the most comfortable and it's because they're articulating so they're extremely strong they're all bartack there you can't break these things but somebody that has wider shoulders

they'll fit really comfortable and someone that has narrow shoulders both fit really comfy and that's something that we do on all the wine op packs you have well worth wearing the same the other thing that we did is you have a sternum strap right here that's completely adjustable so you know for for women that have bigger busts you can move it up and down for guys that are bigger guys you can move it lower or higher and then Joe has the waist belt attached to his so you can order a waist belt through the Kickstarter as well and there's two sizes of waist belt there's one that's a little bigger and longer therefore so for a bigger guy like myself and then there's some smaller ones since it comes out super easy yeah it takes a second to put in which is great

making it that you can just change the pack up going back to the separate laptop sleeve so we always put this little hangtag and this is for a Hydra pack so you can hook up you can hook up your Hydra pack right into it and it'll hold it up nice and tight and then you could slide this over and now you have it working for a Hydra pack or like Joe is using it for the sip pad and I forgot to mention that that's the weatherproof weather resistant zipper on it totally so we're using we use aqua guard YKK zippers and all this stuff that's really important for them so with the kick starter that's available right now you're going to be able to order this pack and when you order the pack you can get into three colorways like I mentioned there's going to be an early backer price and then a great price throughout the Kickstarter and it's the best time to get it because it's the best deal that will ever offer on these bags

the other cool thing is you can add on a bunch of different pieces to the bag if you choose to so most people might just want the pack some people will want the pouches so you can add the pouches or you could just buy the pouches if you just wanted the pouches alone you could also add the lashing straps if you think you need them so the lashing straps that we made there or you don't so you could really just order the bag in the way that you want it and finally you can obviously order a custom color we also wanted to offer a couple small items and this is something that Joe helped us develop yeah the centers at poaches man I use these all the time they're super convenient they open up completely from side to side and you can access all your stuff in here I've got things like bug spray for today because there's some bugs around

headlamp because you never know you know I mean like water purification squirts and pills in there just normal odds and ends and if I was out for longer I'd be putting some toilet paper stuff like that in there mm-hmm and the bigger one it's actually a decent size and I really like that this is made over that 500 it's the 420 organ sound rip stop okay and what I would suggest doing is tying a little glow thing glow cord or something on the end so you can find it or or even just hang it if you wanted to hang it to have it easily usable on a tree or something but in here I'll carry things like food for my day and I'll leave it at the top of my pack because I don't want to dig through everything to find something that I want reasonably cooked so I got a couple Clif bars I got my knife because I'm not carrying more a knife around right now yeah sharpen our stuff like that in there but you can put anything there this could be your this could be your line bag for your paracord this could be uh I don't know man anything really even the extra lens for your camera something like that in here I switch these up all the time different ton tons of different uses really really helpful I probably won't ever stop using these in the future so on the Kickstarter the Kickstarter is gonna last for 30 days we're gonna launch it and we're really really excited about this we love the fact that this packs been tested and we're really excited that we got to work with another fellow Canadian but also someone that loves the outdoors we're a brand that loves the outdoors and we're a small brand that's really cool to partner with someone yeah it's great that everything's made in in Toronto downtown they've got a warehouse downtown and then a storefront as well which is really cool if you guys are in the area definitely check it out cool guys lots of cool stuff they got some stuff recycling as well all around the board okay guys I think that about sums it up there's all the information for you thanks to Tony for coming out and hooking up with the info cuz I can't remember that stuff so yeah it's a good bad guys I put my name on it I'll be interested to see how many you guys pick it up let me know in the comments what you think and I'll see you on the next one

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