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24 Hours in the Mountains - Camping in the Sierra Nevada


Join buddy Kyle and I as we backpack into a campsite on the Rae Lakes Loop in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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Video Transcription

oh my goodness in like four to five miles maybe six are you looking at camp oh yeah alright this is perfect this is exactly what I wanted to do coming here I'm going to hike in about six miles on the rail a backpacking loop we can't do the full thing you saw the water coming down so there's river crossings and stuff is just inaccessible she was telling us so we're going to go up the first camp say about six miles up hang out there calls numbers fly rod maybe there's a little pool he can fishing but yeah we're just going to divvy up the gear all right now get to hiking I am pumped man you should see right in front we look what's right in front of me here all around me actually yeah I'm hungry too look at this man

ready this job I'm ready Kyle you filming me I'm filming you take the camera shit I got my gigantic full-frame DSLR here pause the song Nick function do it do it one of those popular loops in the Sierra Nevada begins here at Raley loops 41 miles sixty six point three clicks through rugged Canyon to elfin wilderness Elton Hall pine or Elton helping open glue so we're going on Paradise Valley six point eight miles [Music]

six thousand six hundred feet John Muir name this valley calling it the most extravagantly beautiful of all the Alpine Gardens I have ever beheld well John Muir he says that I was Gotti well those are your trees that you're talking oh no the bail Bob all right we going camping

oh I did not cut them on your boots get it off


we're surrounded by mountains here second rasterize right like it's justiça woods with some Burke's stuff there pine tree do you look up and it's just like holy crap holy crap let me take the next to this river basically the whole time so we really didn't have to hack in too much water I've got a leader I got my Sawyer filter and that's awesome because Kyle said the last time he was here this is like a trickle and up into the mountains more without any water so have to have to lug it in but not is the case right now I'm happy with that it's a pretty light pack on I ended up putting Kyle's six seven pound tent in my backpack and he's got probably the equivalent weight in a bear canister for our food in his bag so we divvied it up that way I don't know what weighs maybe the whole backpack maybe we swing pounders I'm not bad at all should be great be great going up into the hills okay this is so cool I've always wanted to do the John Muir Trail we're not doing it obviously we can't do it but the John Muir Trail is 13 miles that way we're going to Paradise Valley which is 4.5 same way as John Muir with a whole lot of power right there won't be crossing those things Oh a son as soon as you come into the Sun you can smell the cedar a melting air

we've gone

second bear that one was really bro hey blondie almost you guys see that do you understand the magnitude of it I can barely grasp it with this just so cool so foreign to me so foreign to me like Kyle yeah yeah look at that it's beautiful I've never seen anything like this man the question like why do into California don't like

we're in this or in the Kings Canyon Canyon of the king aren't you coming out of it it's all good hey hey I wonder they named the king Canyon follicle drops right now we're gonna rain down boys what happens here little dumpen 500 flat 3 4 that's great

feeling the burn all the elevation in this hole hikers writing this will two mile stretch really high up we were next to the river not too long ago in the rivers Wow bugzilla you know that's waterfall thing who we think what do you think

das leben

so you switch back again funny

your first experience of snow in July look at the snow now on the foot of July on the trail up here to quite a bit legit snow crazy are you doing there Carl no you take it oh the fun we have I brought a little next thing go dip in the water I was going all Bush copies no no draft up in this piece

the river has finally slowed down a bit still moving good look at this log jams a massive massive log jam we stopped next to the river here it slowed down like quite a bit like I was saying

looked in there for 30 seconds cause like there's a TRO I'm like no way come up and look in there too I saw two more it's a matter of less than a minute it's a three little TRO it small but they're in there so Kyle's got this little fly rod loved to watch and catch a fish on it I've never fly fished I don't have my license here or anything so I can't do it here but I like the filming doing it that's for sure sweet even if it's just a little catch release catching release is really cool fly fishing is a something I've always thought was very cool looks like we've made it to the camping area I think we can basically camp anywhere around here and just not on the vegetation the park ranger said so it's going to look around for an on slopey site right Kyle nan slopey this is looking pretty glorious right about now this is about perfect dude so no vegetation on the ground which is a go there's pre-existing fire rings we're allowed to pick up like some squat wood off the ground for not kind of stuff yeah so there's some there yeah buddy yes yeah that's about as flat as you're gonna get it I'm so happy with this right now

oh he's Mountain and I'm going to take a little at least put my feet in there Wow gosh she's a bit cold on the feet [Music]

that was refreshing girls over here working setting up his tent I'm evening drinking my water and taking my feet a little dippy poo he doesn't want me touching the tent anyways he already made that perfectly clear perfectly clear you just shake his head over here oh man so we just started to uh put the tent back a little bit because we were just a little bit too close to water we're still shade the most part levelly lovely ground pretty good he says it's better than last night it's hard for me I believe anything I wish I would have brought my own tent oh no it is taking plane and stuff thanks so much for your help - anytime bud well no I didn't just sit down right will you cook it for me - oh I'm not going to cast it a I'm bad at it we the wind is blowing this way and there's trees all here so I'm just going to let it kind of float wide out here and I feel like the Fisher over there might just be kind of a karate chop removal nice one yeah wasn't it cool I wrapped it around welcome to part three

stick with us kids oh why is it deeply wrapped around my second flaw oh my god what is as far as we did it's good honestly every time I go to do the best it was giant not well a last time I saw you close to work but it's not good condition sharmeen excellent but yeah I actually took a nap so I was in there for a good hour at least and I felt amazing I feel a little tired now nice that I put the pen up for you you know rolled in and pluck it was nice of you so now I take a little hike down see if there's a good spot on that we can try and do some night photography tonight there's a really epic sky that way with the the mountains and stuff we're just a little bit close in here with trees but yeah I wouldn't be opposed to want to check that out so probably we're going to do why don't you go walk down there in the core back and then I can take a nap

even you can try to secure me try let's tell the folks at home what has happened right before we come on restart an oyster no no I'm not really any your company's a bowl for no reason I never heard the homeowners don't know those love I did that part aloud found one beeping squat home detent open spot the pictures tonight which isn't too far maybe five minute walk from the camp but the fellows got his fly rod with them here too we walking away from the river so just turn back around and going back towards camp I noticed a spot right beside our camp earlier than it was a little bit free of trees I think Kyle is going to try there but you got so kicked off time

that's why I went live in Kenneth just give them some room funny it looks frustrating it looks like a very finicky thing okay it's instantly drag on our water currents too strong wait it's so strong working

check out this aspen tree just tons of bear more bear claw marks all the way up this one too so we're allowed to have pliers here but we're not allowed to cut anything which is fine because there is plenty plenty of good wood on the ground it's all Smit all small sticks and stuff like that that's totally fine we'll need to be having a ripper or I am going to click my hot dogs I'm a fire tonight as opposed to boiling them because letting them is really not my favorite at all but if you look see what I mean sticks laying around curved roar so I'm gonna grab some booze all right now to get about a hundred more go there go all right I'm really hungry I want to cook up my hotdogs they're displeased player with lighter and wood off the ground and dy the very high area around here that literally two seconds later and what I got off the ground we need an hour ago well so much for being able to quickly buy the line and get it on all that so much for refrigerated hotdogs as well here's a supplement old-school roasting a wiener on a stick over flames not even cold drop this bad boy up

damn son okay so I got my flatbread I got two of them one underneath each other I got some jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese my hot dogs looking pretty good sweat dog mix is sweaty I love the sweat dogs looking forward to this I wish add the mustard though not having mustard is the bane of my existence cousin Troy he's getting the casting down he actually I do it a lot better doing it my green is greeny so we saw a couple TRO trade not spots it will be good twin hope he gets one Oh what is it called that's a new trout species but there are terrestrial trout bonus

this is really good melted the cheese on everything

I'm a free rude okay now I'm really thinking this is how you do it right Kyle oh my goodness good job buddy let me get your camera for you oh I got him you got him catch and release kind of go first there's on a plot I thought I basically just tenkara rotted them you gotta do what you gotta do yeah it's almost uh it's all it's almost nine o'clock now the cloud cover came in pretty good so no night photography tonight for a bunch of thunder but no rain either surprisingly I'm okay with that I'm not ready for bed I'm pretty exhausted so yeah probably me an early night what epic day something completely out of the ordinary for me so really really cool good morning a great night's sleep messed up I've had since I've been here but a little bit chillier which helped and be able to actually use my sleep and pick up and Adam this morning nice and early we're going to go back head back down the same way we came today airlock yesterday sorry and get on out of here we'll head up Yosemite for a little bit especially pretty cool excited for that and back to Kyle's tonight so that we can go whitewater kayaking tomorrow they're very excited to that Kyle has a had a nice plan for this trip for us just a bunch of stuff so pretty cool pack up it on that trail oh you look good I can't say hello say can't you what so proud that it hardly why I like something cleaning odd or whatever tonight you know the funny thing is there are all written of olds like three people okay yeah she's a bunch of elk easy and watch out little princess what was your favorite part of our last trip we just did yesterday and today I guess that the array Lakes same as every trip I like eating at the end no I'm kidding I just like catching the trout was excitement that was my first trout ever caught with a fly rod that it mainly kind of just uses takara rod but if it's up to us on that well I'm getting better I was able to cast I only lost like five flies to the trees that's not that bad yeah it was good phenomenal picture-taking I wish we wanted to call it up with you guys more charlie

probably right yeah right here's know when we first rounded that bend and we looked at we were like I don't know maybe six thousand feet up or something had climbed a thousand and we turned around and we're just there was at least three peaks I almost got the left dead center then a little bit on the right yeah we caught in the wood like the last week three hours look at trees opened up here it was my first real glimpse of what I always thought camping the mountains movie it was just unbelievable I've never honestly ever been out and done anything like this as I've said like probably on our thousand times but yeah man

very very cool something that should be on people's bucket list if they're into the outdoors and we didn't do much you know I mean we hiked in six miles back in six miles with our gear set up camp there and back note six today like there we saw a guy that he had somewhere DK's walking for two months like soft but we thought ton of people out there just doing real bad fighting stuff but like even if you can't dedicate the time to go to go for two months we wrote for one night and we saw all that so that's at the beginner next year it will probably be the whole loop yeah very good auntie oh so white you going to see Sam

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