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Video Transcription

alright so this is going to be the video for the contest when the Green River and the contest obviously is to talk a little bit about what true you use the most and what you use about it now i did a video and a couple pictures back saying i found a hard woodsman's birchbark substitute and i showed how to use it but i didn't know the correct name for the tree now I figured what that tree is talk to some people out of nature nature reserve and they informed me that it's this tree right here I knew it was this tree but I didn't know the name so see how the the branches grow on a tangled mess that's like I they grow almost downward as trigger right there it's an oak I knew it was a no good but I thought it was a black oak turns out it's a pin oak so not the cinquecento put the pin oak so they all grow in this bird's nest mess hanging down it's a great the twigs are a group tinder or sorry uh kindling but what I use is actual bark now this bark is a lot are way too old for it has already got the grooves and so already thick the bark that I'm looking for is thin and it peels off almost like birch bark but in smaller pieces alright so I'm coming up to another good example of the pin oak it's not small like I need it but this tree right there just wanted to show the growth form again so that's all the tangled mess how the branches grow almost looks like at the bottom part of a spruce tree hold the dead branches are just hanging coming from the same tree is a branch or an extra shoot it's got the natural check in it that goes up all the way out there now what I'm not really happy about fun on this piece is the bark is already curled up for me you can see it it just peels right off like that so I'll peel all this spark off and keep it in one spot it's not the whole piece of bark you want either it's not this underbar the lines on it it's this stuff that peels off you get almost he really not a good part down here there we go there we go that's gonna talk more right there and I drop it so like I said I don't just use the the bark for the birch bark substitute I also use the wood because it's very straight grain it burns really good and I make great everything's really good scraping don't go I'm just sweating down the wood as you can see it's got really really straight grain no effort at all it splits it's all so small let's go to check in i'm using my hatchet but what's really good

what I like to do is split it into quarters my hatchet all my knife whatever sometimes I feel like using my knife and go on to make the shavings prey from the quarters probably my favorite one to use for all the reasons I've listed like I haven't seen anywhere else anybody talking about the Burke the bark to being used like that I could be totally wrong you know I mean there could be it could be a well-known thing I've never read about it I've never seen it on the internet seen it on TV or anything so I I'm glad I figured that out or at least realized it so that other people can use it people who are like me and don't have burch around and then it's not even necessary obviously like you guys know how to do the 16 fire I do a one stick part without it but it really is cool i like it always looking for new new new things in the bush any things that piqued my interest there i'm pretty much coming to the woods make fire and have a lunch that's what i usually like to do on my days off so it gets kind of mundane kind of same old same old but when something comes up that i haven't practiced before or never really realized about before or knew about before it's pretty interesting

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