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Just giving a little history about me, Joe Robinet, my family, and our life.

No bushcraft camping, outdoors, or survival in this video, just me running my mouth. I'm going to try to do a few of these videos, if there is interest, that is. Let me know, guys.

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hey guys it's joe and emerald here today I was going to help you make a video today but she's decided she's a little cranky so maybe she'll just like it with me so I thought today we to get to know Joe video in the past couple videos ago I said I was trying to get about two or three videos out a week to you guys and I don't have me film for this week I'm with her right now I'm with her for a lot this week because my wife's back to work

so I don't know how much I'll be able to get up this week I will get it once or twice but this is the video for now anyways get to know Joe alright so a lot of you probably don't care about this but maybe somebody do and in an effort to be closer to my subscribers and to can converse with them more I'm gonna do some videos like this so Joe my name is Joseph Allen Robinette my last name is pronounced Robinette even though some French people might tell you that that is wrong

spelled so I pronounce Robinette - damn I would imagine holding a all be name which is translated to faucet I am French and Irish as background my grandmother's last name was Hogan before she married the Robinette so alright from Ireland and I live so if you know me if you if you first started hearing about me or following me after the show alone if you watched alone they said I was 29 on there and oh sorry they said I was 24 on there I'm actually 31 we 32 in May so that was kind of a big big gap in English 70 some years where I was born in 1984 history told me that it was just an accident why my my teachers put up with that that age with who knows well um I live in a city called Windsor in Ontario Canada this is a very very very very southern city actually I could see the Ambassador Bridge that crossed over to Detroit Michigan from my hips very close to our border city were very very Americanized here to the point where I know

Oh low temperatures and Celsius and high temperatures in Fahrenheit it's weird I would say it's 90 degrees out today I wouldn't say it's 30 degrees or whatever it's close to that so I lived in here at Windsor my whole life I met my wife here we actually moved away for two years to go to college going to college up in Sioux saint-marie I took a park operations program it's a natural resources program and my wife took an esthetician program so it's a beauty and makeup and stuff like that we lived there for a year moved down to Huntsville worked at the resort called Deerhurst for a year where I got to lead people on guided tours snowshoe hikes all that kind of stuff which is really fun but family issues so we hadn't come back home to Windsor and wenzer is the least outdoorsman city that you've ever come across in your life but it is what it is so when I go camping around here I'm just in the farm field in the farmers bush about 40 minutes from my house last time I was there there was construction all outside of it you can hear it in my video it was very annoying but what are you gonna do right I can't travel six hours for a day trip and even for overnight it has to be planned ahead of time right so anytime I go actual real camping I'm traveling at the very minimal six hours North appearance in northeastern North Eastern Ontario for the past five or six years I had been working as a research assistant from the University of Windsor in the biology department so basically we would go out into the field I would captain the boat we would go get seven samples we would go collect fish and gill nets and other methods electric shocking them we bring them back to the lab and I run the lab and we would do experiments on them and extractions the front of the mercury the PCBs toxins all kinds of stuff like that it's a very good job funding ran out in May so I've been laid off since May and the wife had been home with emerald since she had her so we figure it was time for the wife to get out and start talking to grownups again and having a wife and I felt like it one year left before she goes to school I would really really like to stay home with her as much as possible and watch her as a to her going somewhere like daycare or talk to a babysitter every year have you been here come here because that's it that's very pricey and then I miss out on this time with my daughter right she's not gonna be like this forever she's gonna go to school things are going to change and I don't want to be your own so I feel blessed to be able to do that right now I think my youtube videos helps that I can go up for the day or go for it overnight or shoot two or three videos and supplement my income with that so I don't care if other people don't want to talk about it on YouTube or whatever people get paid on YouTube obviously right it is what it is that's why there's ads it's why there's monetization it's beautiful just like you and then I'm making a few bucks off that each month not by any means is it close enough to being a salary or enough to live on it's just supplemental Thanks at this point anyway and I would love for that to become a full-time job for me who knows if that can happen I would go for that my hardest if I can do that awesome if not no big deal when she goes to school

I'll go get a job you know I'm not opposed to it so we would love to go to Windsor we'd love to move up north actually Eastern Ontario's is my favorite right around Peterborough area lots of land lots of parks crown land stuff like that and you're not too far north because we will have to come home for Christmas and things like that and to see the families but five hours up from here I would drive to go to coming up this week I plan on doing a trip to a different bush around here where I actually spoke with someone the other day and got permission to use their woods so this patch of woods is very similar to the one I normally go to but it's a lot more old and a lot less young trees and it's at somebody's property so there's not going to be construction outside right outside of it so I'm not going to be hearing trucks backing up and all that in the hot dog yes it does so I plan on going and doing that it'll be something different I'm not going to give away what I'm going to do but it will be different than what you've seen so far I'm gonna go spend a night or two there I probably won't bring the dog because the guy has moved six dogs that run around all the time so I'm sure dogs will be in the video just not old scooter I've been with my wife since we were 16 years old 32 32 now almost so it's a long time she's a good girl puts up with me and yeah we get along alright so when you see me in my video kind of busting her chops but it's not because I'm a disc some because I don't love her because I'm super comfortable with each other and this is just how how we interact I got a lot of comments on my camping with a girl video people thinking that I'm just a dick to my way this is not the case you know I mean maybe I am you thought I mean but but but we don't see it that way she doesn't see it that way she watched her back with me and we're laughing at it you know what I mean is we laugh at the comments that people give me because people don't know and they think they know your life it's absolutely crazy they think they know your life because of a two-minute video you know what I mean like so me and my wife go on a camping trip put on a 20-minute video well there's lots of things that happened in those 48 hours 24 hours that aren't on video you know what I mean so even even feeding the dog just like I didn't I didn't film feeding one time on video talk about it so I don't feed your dog so yeah things happen other than the allotted time to pick up kids right thank you nice I'm not going to go out for 24 hours in film point for our put on because I'll be zero views on that a-ticking right excuse me geez alright I have to entertain an old I think I've rambled on long enough you think I've been talking hah enough there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you learned something if this is something that you like if this is something that you

want to see more of my personal life or more of me just kind of talking to you guys that I have no problem doing that at all definitely not going to be the the main output of my channel I'm Camden from doing bushcraft you camping stuff outdoors your stuff still but like I said every now and then maybe this will come in I do a cool story about Les Stroud as well if you guys want to hear that so thanks for watching see you the next one bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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