After years of traveling for work, and living in the city, my small family has grown, and we have outgrown our small house, we decided to sell our house, and move north.

So many things fell into place in a matter of a couple months, and we were able to score our dream home, not just mine, but also my wife's dream home. I can now make many more videos in a closer timeframe without having to travel 6+ hours to even start my trip.

I posted a couple short clips on instagram and people really wanted a home tour, so I decided to do one.

Hopefully you enjoy this video, and I hope it holds you over until I can get out camping and make a proper long bushcraft camping video.

Thanks guys and girls

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Video Transcription


hey guys how are you doing we are home finally I bought my dream house at the age of 34 my family's in it everybody's happy

wife's dream house as well scooter magoons is finally able to be outside run around without worry about getting hit by a car over haha crazy people we got lots of property here at the new house obviously very excited about it I did a couple posts on Instagram just showing a little bit and whom we're asking for a home tour a host tour so here it is man let's give you the ball tour my dream home we got a big boat door we've got a normal door normal car door well obviously that car door is electric but the big boat door is not that's fine I can handle that we can walk in as well look at this look at oh we got more wood it's more wood over there so we have no garbage services or anything like that over here so we have to bring our stuff to the dump which is fine but it's really cool with thinking in Windsor you just throw everything in the garbage or recycling mix it up but here the recycling needs to be split up into specific you know cans bottles paper plastic all that stuff and that's good should be doing that anyway but now we're accountable for it so now we need to do it so recycling garbage in there check out where my canoe is the morning after we came here we would move in the next day had like an answer to us snow on the ground but that was again a week goes melted off yesterday was a beauty day I set up a little rant up in here from Emerald we were playing around on our bikes and her rollerblades and stuff so my this is my mountain bike there's a Rocky Mountain Reaper pretty decent bike I've had that for 10 years or so but it's a big big garage lots of room and Rosewell four-wheeler there I can put a loft up there too I don't know about an actual hangout loft because of all of the ribs but definitely storage storage loft it's a big garage guys look at it like big lit well-lit dry cement floor drainage holes well taken care of we've got a lot of my camping gear out here haha my sled my canvas tent my wood stoves some old extra tires paddles some Hunter and Harris paddles with a hunter and Harris good Canadian company then obviously paints and things that they left some extra wood my host is all made of cedar so some extra cedar planks oh hello where did you come from so coming from what I had a little two or three-bedroom house in the middle of City no garage just a little shed that's huge that can take up all my camping gear and some I'm keeping my camping gear inside because I don't want a lot of it to freeze which it will do out here but hey big guy okay let's go around back behind the garage I'll show you my forest my two acres of woods a row there's my chopping block the houses the house is heated by wood stove and propane but the propane needs to be salvaged or what's the word I'm looking for not used up as much we need to save it as much as we can use it when we need it for this secondary shed I don't know if it's unlocked or not has just a couple that's locked little odds and ends in it the more stuff that the owners left emerald and I had a silly-string fight yesterday like I said Emmie wasn't at school for a full week so we have a full week of just hanging out here together it was awesome we had a lot of fun okay so here's my forest my bush I will be building a little shelter in here just to hang out with emerald kind of thing but yeah let's go check it out

so as you can see you've got some moss got some rocks lots and pine needles and cedar leaves this is not bad guys you know it's not the biggest in the world like that see that tarp over there on the ground that's probably the driveway that's where the driveway is and it ends in front not too far in front of that and then I've got a driveway there the neighbor but this is a decent amount of Bush for my front yard I can see right now spruce right in front I can see spruce there balsam fir big cedar a couple big Cedars some Burt oh there's a big birch lots of dead wood look at that that's dead dead hey bud let's go it's been loving it out here just absolutely loving it I got my another birch tree there yeah this will be fine to make a little shelter for emerald and me to hang out in in the front here and I'll obviously 100% still go do my my trips this would just be like a home home base kind of thing so something I'm not used to there's a lot of rocks all over the place it's very cool to see right scutes yo dude whatever you say bro so this is here when we got here obviously it's been here for years those woods probably not the greatest it is cedar so it's rot resistant but it's probably been there for 20 years so 10 years ago when wil and I lived in Sioux sainte-marie we had neighbors inside our apartment and they are the same neighbors we now have next door to us which is awesome Scout grew up with their dogs and now they're dog friends again all dog friends for life yeah we're getting up to the house she's a haul I'm gonna have to buy a four-wheeler ATV with a snow plow because I'm not shoveling this driveway this is my hopes all right guys she is this is our first living room good I've got to get the bigger TV up we're just that's just there for now we're going to hang the TV on the wall nice big window and we have to get couch couch still we're gonna get a sectional to come in kana on the same angle as these chairs we got chair chair table and chair waiting the sectional that goes boom around kind of like a an L or a U and we'll put these chairs over there and our our second living room we have just things like the baby's a little change table bassinet this table which was our old entertainment center type thing at our old house it broke on the move up so that's garbage is a lot of stuff sitting there for now you know just still moving in there's our big TV still wrapped up well Lord of the Rings drawn poster but if you stand in the corner this at the very corner you can see just how big it is all cedar this stone hearth for our wood stove got a bunch of tile on the ground near the doors and then wood again this wood stove is really cool it's cast iron and soapstone so it really really holds the heat the soapstone is all in top tiles and here in the cast iron is here in here got one of those nifty fans it just runs off the heat from the wood stove this is all obviously residually hot still pretty cool though I think dungee got me another one so I have two one direction I got to stoke this up because we run on propane here for heating and wood and we only have one propane tank and it's at like 40% so that's obviously from the previous owners still we have to have

they're putting in two more tanks so we'll have it we'll have three total and we'll be okay but like when I go away and stuff I need I need my family to be warm so I'll be calling the the wood guy get a few more cords of wood today as well like I said let's soak this up and I'll show you how the damper works and everything it's a little bit different it's pretty cool actually so I've never seen a damper on the bottom like this before I'm sure it's pretty common but pushed all the way in is open and pulled out is closed I want to push it all the way in because I don't want the host to fill up a smoke when I open the door now as a safety measure the handles are not operable they are but they're super hot and they don't have a handle on them I keep the handle up here just because we have a mold and I just would prefer it to be safe as possible if the handle here and the handle goes right on there and opens and comes off easy we also do have a secondary opening on the side which I really like for long logs right you just stick them right in length ways you don't have to fight trying to get them in and around but we don't need this one open just yet it's easy enough here you can really see the soapstone tiles they are really nice it adds a little character to it too she's a warm one it took some getting used to learn how to use this one every would still was a little bit different this one was way more different than I'm used to but I've got it and I'm really starting to like it

so dampers fully open for a little while and we'll close it down pretty nice I love the what the stonework behind it all those rocks retain the heat and pump them out as well nice little setup with the tile scoots food and eventually pretty soon actually will have the chairs over there all that'll be cleared off and that'll be like a chill spot with a nice little coffee table we could say look look with the window or read or chat let's go see you let's go see your mum I'll take you outside here in a minute this is my backyard big old deck big old Lake sleepy baby this is our living room or sorry our dining room you can see there like a hot half octagonal octagonal octagonal viewing area you can look out and eat look down at the water which is really nice yeah a secondary door going out onto the porch on the deck that's our room over there that plant that white pine was a sapling that will got when we graduated college yeah ten years ago when we lived in Sioux sainte-marie I got one too but I don't have a green thumb so that'll be planted out in the in the actual grass and it'll grow hopefully into a big ol tree so the kitchens pretty nice way bigger Hey

but lots of cupboard space good lighting which is something we also didn't have any other hoes nice fridge we are on well water which is taking some getting used to it's a very sulfur e and hard that's hard water so we actually just haven't gotten calling in just leave and they're gonna put in a water softener and are something to make the water softer to make it not sulfur e and then possibly have to do a bacterial test if there's bacteria they have to put in a UV light as well and all that's gonna cost a few grand but that's okay because as of now I've been taking showers and stuff but the family doesn't really like it I don't like the way it smells either I can I can handle it we have a baby you know we need water I don't want to be walking down to Lake every day getting water even though it's right there I'm not camping this is my life this is how we live we're not camping I don't want to come home from a camping trip and go down to the water and have to boil water yeah oh but we are walking down there getting water for scouts probably one of the cleaner lakes going so that's water right from the lake and you can't even like that's as clear as it would be under the tap clearer than this so but anyways that's all gonna get taken care of soon and there are other few things that we have to get taken care of like I said the propane the internet we don't still have the Internet you know I'm gonna have to be paying 200 bucks for two hundred Meg's a month and that's not a lot gigs gigs nutmegs let me know what those words mean alright come on guys follow me I'll show you the rest so down on this side of the house there's two red rooms in the bathroom this is autumns is going to be autumns room

they've all room lots of wood look it looks like a scope logo lots of wood got a little decent little hallway here between the rooms got a bathroom this is emeralds bathroom

lots of wood pretty cool pretty cool got a full shower and bath obviously no peasant life super soon to be no peasant life with actual water got a good storage here again way more storage than we ever had before so we're taking it up making good use of it you're gonna unit want to go in there what you doing and this is Emma's room and of course Emma's room already looks like Emma's room nice and pink and frilly she's got a good view big old closet carpet these two rooms are the only ones with carpet in the house emeralds and autumns room I'll take you down the other side of the house and show you my room in a spare bedroom so this is the spare bedroom a little messy right now but extra bed got it will rats in here scouts best friends and down this little hallway is the master bedroom check the size of this piece of it Oh where's the weight so this is very very big in our old house our master bedroom this hookup 3/4 of the room we had a little tiny hallway to walk on one side there like a little bit flatter on the end where our dresser was now and that was against one wall now it's smack the baddest bed smack dab in the middle it tuns a room I've got a patio out here we'll bed best in that Scouts big old dog bed as a beast and then we're gonna put a hot tub right there and this is deck wraps around it's pretty decent the size let's go run down to the lake real quick and I'll show you the rest of the house I promise we're almost done but these old railroad ties for stairs going down these things will never rot they're like oil infused and then we've got raised beds as far as the eye can see you can plant tons of vegetables and herbs and flowers and nonsense in there in the springtime lots and lots of opportunity for that look at the house look at the house guys look at it what you just look at it crazy and here is the piece that resists all the windy Lake the big oil windy Lake

beautiful it's just amazing you can start to see across after i zoom it in all the way more wood more land hang my hammock up between those two trees just oh just an insane amount of possibilities guys an insane amount of possibilities for real and for some reason if I got to full up on canoes or other watercraft

I could just start sticking them down there under this big old deck that has nothing underneath it at all I'm pretty happy about this can you tell it's been a long time coming guys it's been a whole whole lifetime coming this is legit my dream host and Will's dream house what was one of the prerequisites you had for your dream house you don't remember anything about the tree-lined driveway so not exactly what we wanted like she wanted like big towering Pines lining the driveway and I wanted a little bit more of an intimate lake but this is pretty good pretty good so then we have walk-in closets on both sides that's mine that's hers then we got a decent sized bathroom lots of wood again but I mentioned the wood and look at the sink paid extra for that one looking out into the front yard this is one of my favorite views looking over my kingdom and cars would to go yard that garage though the garage makes me happy well well yeah yeah what do you think that's alright alright last part I saved the best for last or the potentially best for last alright this will be my mancave this will be my studio this will be family living room type thing Comfort upstairs as would die menschen that's all wood downstairs I want to make comfort alot of your carpets and the cloth couches and make a bar down here and do the whole deal E you ready so there's just the first part of it right I've got a cold cellar in there it goes far like all the way to that wall it's big and they're all insulated no I think I missed it missed a light switch there we go

so we got a lot of storage underneath the stairs well this is gonna be all finished it's all completely finished Bill little storage spot underneath there got my camping coats and vests and whatnot hung up tons of boxes from the move and I mean like this is all camping gear camping gear and from here empty boxes this Cove I might make into my studio I'll have to build it out a little bit more because it's not the biggest but it's pretty cool in here I like the way it feels so you're half octagon this is obviously where the the dining room is upstairs but that's small if I just built the walls out in front a couple more feet I think it'd be alright so anyways this will get all cleaned up we got our laundry over there hot water open up they'll get the water softener over there - these are supports for underneath of the wood stove was a super heavy so we'll build that into a wall I got my sleeping bags hung up already it's all insulated as you can see not finished but we will finish it there's a little work bench here and I think over here will be the living room bar area but you love it at Scout but up up up will might tell me you did you hear that an extra door an extra bed frame extra boxspring extra toilet so again this is a lot of potential down here and you can bet I'm gonna take as much use of it as I can again not having it and then coming to it it's it's awesome no other word to say dude is awesome well I think that wraps up the home tour guys hope you enjoyed it I hope it wasn't too long-winded like my loving wife told me but you can expect to see new videos soon new camping videos and building videos and bushcraft videos new fun videos soon I promise so thanks for taking the tour with us and we'll see you guys in the next one bye goodbye

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