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Overnight Bushcraft Camp with Scout 3. Steak Fried on a Rock, Fireside Chats, Tearing Down Camp.


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This is the 3rd and final video in this series.

Scout and I enjoy the later part of the day, at supper time, I rock fry a nice t bone steak, Scout gets some raw steak and the bone.

I have some nice drinks, and we have a good ol time camping in the winter underneath a tarp.

Come along with us!

The next adventure awaits :)

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Video Transcription

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oh he knows I've got something so if you again if you watched my last video you'll know that I received a bunch of goodies from subscribers and one of them some homemade jerky I got into this last night

it is super good thank you very much you did a great job this is Korean BBQ marinated Alderwood cold smoked beef jerky the stuff is legit good boy I was eating this stuff like chips last night so good I could be a close up here you back off you back right off No look at that quality man cold smoked Alderwood I'm so spoiled good boy good boy yeah

I wish I could save this stuff for like calm like a canoe trip or backpacking or something there's no way this is fire very very good and I'll give you a couple more bites don't you worry big guy you get the hookups you're good to hook up somewhere else you rode you two boys you sir I'm so warm the spires just pumping the heat oh wow glorious bastard style this guy el mucho all right this gets put away now gotta save her gotta save for the jerks go back off homie

the water

No well camp is pretty much done I've got everything cleaned up I've got all my sleeping stuff there where I needed to my cooking stuff my sunglasses all hung up my backpack hung up fire squared away some rocks to cook on a little bit of firewood I have these two here and that one this one here is that solid piece that I thought was maple that's percent not maple I cannot figure out what the heck it is but she is a very nice piece of wood very solid actually it's like a piece nice straight piece threw it over there I'll make some shavings from it and stuff just kind of play around with it a bit with my knife things are good eyes are all burning from the smoke but other than that we're good he's tired he's a terrier dog all right well I don't know what to do I guess I'm gonna go get some firewood go get some firewood it's probably the thing to do ah so happy in here go home tomorrow edit this video and have her up excited to put it out there to show you guys I'm into camping still not just talking to my living room gonna get some firewood just gonna take off my coat so I don't overheat put all my glasses so I don't poke myself in the eye ball gloves so my hands are protected you know all the normal things I always do when I get firewood every single already I'm not gonna break my saw why half the you if I have to eat chop or cut I will use my what's wrong but you look majestic big guy and jessic so something like this looks funky and rotten and it is for the most part of it but there's still a solid inside if I was having trouble finding wood

I'd definitely be using that it's so strong that it still did it yeah get your stick get it okay you want it move watch okay I want breaking face there you go rip it out you got it now I'll help you out let me help you okay good boy Oh big boy you strong you strong dog so proud of himself now love giving them like really like energetic praise like that he likes that more than the treats or anything we'll come back for it buddy don't worry I know go get it if you want it

yeah that's nice you dry cracked in the head by a piece of falling tree right in the dome

I like this axe loop it's nice and handy anybody Hawks bigger than this they'd be cumbersome I'm sure but [Music]

what collection is easy this trip easy pretty happy with my wood collection fires going pretty good so I feel like I got some time to kill I want to go walk down and try and find the place I had my other shelter at or my other my last video my last road trip video where I did the survival kit overnighter my bed should still be there where it is if I can find it so I'm gonna head out over to this patch of woods and go to the next patch was and try and see if I can see it see if I can see it if I do you know what I'm just gonna bring my GoPro and if I do I'll show you on the GoPro so I don't feel like carrying a DSLR and my tripod around it's quite a haul from here at what point exactly it's quite a haul from here and I don't want to carry it okay where's my GoPro hey go I'll bring my coat maybe just pull on not zip it up there's no snow out here at all it's crazy there's literally no snow all the way up here like the whole way driving from home you can down the street there's no snow I don't get to this property it's the little patch of woods for sure this place has snow there we go this way I believe I'm near the site my other location but it's very hard to tell as you can see it all kind of really looks very similar spruce grass a little bit of snow I assume this is tech haven in the summertime in the spring oh is this area here is this my jam right here it is that's a trip that was quite easy

all my wood burned up a bow bed still got some loft with a decent bed guys that's that pile of snow I made for no reason wow this is kind of cool this was an awesome little camp look at this is it on two of these now three the squirrels must be doing this on purpose so there's a pint our story of spruce cone they're just kind of resting in the in the tree one they're just resting one they're just resting I wonder oh and they're too Toula I know squirrels will do that with mushrooms to dry them out yeah maybe they're doing that because if the spruce cones are stand there's another one it can't be just by chance man a plane yeah so if they if the spruce cones are left on the tree growing they won't dry out but if they the scores pick them off the tree and then place them in the tree they'll dry out I'm gonna go with that look I'm gonna say that is 100% it's happening professor Joe

it's great just wants to go that way are you going well I guess it's time to go back to the camp and start working on supper it's past 5:00 now so I'm a little hungry too I'm seeing lots and lots of tracks animal tracks in the snow here and then there's of course goat and squirrels [Music]

there's bunny - that's like funny and I don't believe there's snowshoe hare those are quite small the tracks I don't know it's all blending together now either way that's the gnarly old tree welcome to Jurassic tree it's a big old oak on the edge of a farm field here I'm sure that that tree has been around for a long time just the edge just just skirting by all right I am making the probably 10 minute yeah I'm gonna hike back to it to be back all righty my favorite time of the day Epic Meal Time all right I've got my steak and I've got Scouts steak as well it's a t-bone so we're both gonna share it I'm gonna cut some meat off for him and the bone before I cook it I put my I'll cook myself up the pieces that I want but he's gonna have his rare for sure okay

can you see it's not the greatest cut I've had much better-looking steaks but that's okay

it'll be decent I think I'm gonna do well I cut it off the off the bone we'll take some nice choice cuts and then I'll give him the bone with a bunch of meat on it he's been eating jerky scoped back up he's been eating jerky and bacon too all day so he's more than good I'm using the bottom of my plate like Canadian Tire plate to cut the meat on using it like a can you back up like a cutting board I'm gonna take this other side a nice big cut off this other side because that's the super tender part right so that's the tender side that's my other side that'll be enough meat for me let's go it's good chunk of meat yeah you know what you know what I need to take another piece of meat can you back up I'm gonna take another bite there let's go can get all that that's all meat here bone here cartilage good meat there there you go you're gonna take it take it and go even at home I used to feed them a bunch of raw food at home and I would always give it to them and have them go outside so it's his thing now even when I give him a treat or whatever he always tries to like even at home go go outside for sure but when we're over here he goes off and heats it up in a video a while back maybe a year ago or so I cooked a tomahawk steak and I gave Scott the bone after and people were all like you can't give the dog the cooked bone after and you're right but I didn't even really cook it it was such a slow cook at a high height and for such a long time that it really wasn't the bone wasn't brittle that's that's what the problem is when the bones brittle so I got these three pieces of meat I'm going to use my steak spice that I got from a subscriber I'll go grab it it's a different kind it's called steak dust and it's from a subscriber in Missouri I do not know if this stuff is specifically from Missouri but I like to shake my knife when I talk to emphasize points famous missourian steak duck

no that's too much not for what but that's what we're going with smells really nice that's another reason I wanted to give Scott his first so that I didn't have to her so that I didn't put any spices on his how's that going you working on that or what is that good buddy yeah get that bone careful I'm gonna throw this sneak on should be pretty good

oh yeah I don't have to use those rocks I want you got pretty good wrote a pretty good like this I'm not gonna be able to have those on for much or for very long before up to put them actually Oh buddy I'm loving this rock oh look at that

like this procession out not any good well how's it going mr. scope we got left

we don't pretty good pretty good I don't want you to try to swallow that okay you know what you're doing made it this long oh I have a surprise and I'm gonna be way more excited about it than you are I got two beers we're gonna go check these guys out will my steaks good my steaks almost done actually I don't want to overcook it so let's go check on that and deal with the beers beers are very cold pull the joke not so hot so hot how many use the glove again


alright don't touch that rock buddy she's hot she's a hot one good things are happening okay I've got two beers I don't believe that I've tried this one before here we go what else brewing co hops are the dominant flavor and our American IPA the five different varieties used used gives us ale subtle notes of citrus pine and herbs subtle malty backbone helps balance the hoppy bitterness with mild sweetness a result is a well-balanced IPA that is big on hot flavor 6.0 and then we've got the staple Lone Pine from sawdust city I love this beer I'm gonna go with this one because I know what it tastes like and because I mean I'm drinking it with my supper and I'd like to have this taste with supper so you got my hops a liter can it's pretty cool it's more for the summertime but it also keep this from getting I guess not gonna get too cold now but anyways this cool can i got it from a subscriber a while back i am sorry i cannot remember who it was from off the top of my head but you know who you are thank you very much so the can goes straight in and it's got this little insert too for the small little girly cans too but know that here only just leaf litter anyway stuff too and the lid goes on guess i could have put the lid on and then opened it oh yeah oh yeah it's like exactly how an IPA should taste or smell Cheers

a little bit of grapefruit very good very good okay let's dig into the steak they say let it sit for five minutes I definitely let it sit for more than five there she is that is tender boy it's overcooked for sure

but it's still tender I'm actually gonna dip it in the sauce all juicies not snakes mice is pretty good completely different than my Montreal steak spice look very good and Missourians you know what's up I really do enjoy having beer with my food over here it's nicer when it's a steak or something cooked on the fire staring at me like crazy but you had more than enough buddy and I'll give you a little bit more of jerky later on but no more steak for you where is my fork where's my spoon what's my lap let's read my crotch alright maybe this'll be a little bit underdone or rare we're done the rest because it was such a bigger piece no touch

wish had some salt I like to put salt on like the cut pieces of the steak now salt based style yeah I'm fan that seeks place I did bring rice with the last minute I left in my car but I eat bacon for lunch jerky for a snack and now steak that's like all meat diet today that's a pileated woodpecker I mean didn't need to look I was literally about to get up and shut my camera off that's right there behind me I remember the first time I heard that I was living in Sioux st. Maria I was up at these rocks these like bat caves actually was that a bat cave and um I was on top of the rocks I had a little shelter up there everything was hanging out and I heard that know that you're a fast that is I had no clue what it was was that somebody with a hatchet like I couldn't even hit that oh I just made a bunch of dust blow my beer I couldn't even hit a piece of wood that fast in order to mimic that I no clue it was and like looking all around all of a sudden cuz I'm up on these cliffs like on these rocks Oh didn't know where the frickin pileated woodpecker just flies right over my head he must have come from like underneath the rocks or whatever the cliff right over my head and the thing was so big I had no idea how big they were I'm gonna try to see if I can spot that guy and show you guys on on the Vidya he's not doesn't sound like he's going for oh okay let's go look and see if we can find him here woodpecker woodpecker woodpecker woodpecker woodpecker here what do you want that's easier that's what they sound like right Oh get them I don't think it's working so it's just crying standing right next to my steak and crying at me probably drooling right okay no go but that's cool anyway I believe you finish up the rest of my steak I might end up going to get a couple more pieces of wood I got a quite a bit here and it's six o'clock but yeah I mean gonna take a quick little walk around see if I can find a couple more pieces it's not gonna hurt anything anyway still got a little bit of time it's so nice now that the the Sun doesn't go down right at five anymore like it's literally six o'clock and I still have Oh still comes a late look the Sun is down I believe or just going down past the horizon but yeah obviously still Lots late we gonna listen oh boy well supper was good well my second beer now we're getting a little chilled I'm gonna try and scoop my my chair forward towards the fire it's always a precarious thing doing that with these things but yeah I'm chilly sitting back there let's go drink most of his water that's all it was left I'm gonna have to melt some more snow for both of us yeah this is sketchy always sketchy doing this

things are happening boys and girls all right this looks quite lopsided just a little off the ground and a little a little lopsided this will take some tweaking but I'm sure I can get it alright let's try that it's okay

too shabby feel the warmth from a fire much more still a little cockeyed but that's not so bad I can retie this that's what I'll do I'm gonna retry this piece another reason we're tying just a simple overhand knot obviously when you sit on it it's going to tension up like crazy but with that just overhand bow-bow not easy anyway what I'm trying to say okay not so lopsided just off the ground a bit that's alright but second beer is pretty good it's a little on the malty side but I'm ok with that especially in the colder weather

yeah that's a decent beer well it's dark now you couldn't tell it's got a little bit of beer left I'm trying to see bird as much as I can well eat a clock now please been sitting here with the dog my woods burning up pretty good I got a few I got four pieces left smokes going my face like crazy but I'm not gonna move this chair I can go lay down the bed if I want to or whatever but not yet it's a nice night I don't think I'm gonna be able to see any stars or anything it's pretty cloudy or was cloudy today but I can definitely hear planes so that's something

yeah this is a good trip good little good little camp with the dog glad I was able to get out what I was able to bring him with me when I first looked it was supposed to be negative three tonight and then when I looked again this morning after I've been here cuz I can top last night again like I do normally I can't stay with my buddy left but my buddy's place last night with Scout I might be part of the reason he's been sleeping so much today you probably get a good night's sleep last night but anyways when we looked this morning it was gonna be negative seven tonight so glad I brought the negative 10 Celsius sleeping bag but I brought scooter Magoo's I'm sure he'll still be finally negative seven like I said I'll I'll cover him up with that wool blanket and if I find that he's like cold or whatever shivery a little bit I'll freakin even I have to take him with my sleeping bag with me that's fine I don't care

well I doubt it'll come to that he's got a thick thick double coat he's pretty resilient I just don't want him to be cold he's an old man he's freakin 10 years old

whatever that translates into he's old if he had his way he'd be coming on every trip with me no quit no months for sure it's a good feeling having him home again today with me like I really haven't had a boat on an actual trip in a while I had him out here with me last two times ago that I was here but I didn't stay that night oh that was just like a recon mission but it's cool to have him oh it's cool out them with me and like it feels like old times

he was in my first youtube video guys he was in my first youtube video like eight years ago

what a good boy guys I hurt myself so bad I burned my finger really really bad I um I was stupid and I stood next to the fire for too long and I melted my boot see if I can show you straight straight melted my boot right here he's kind of like hanging off and stuff I hope you can tell but anyways I melted it really badly and it's uh it's ruined

straight ruined but as I was figuring you know and realizing it was melting and everything I just kind of reached down to see how soft it was stupidly the couple beers could have had something to do with it this has been a while now this has been an hour a good hour since this happened it's 9:59 it's ten o'clock now but look at this oh man I can't believe this it hurts it hurts very badly well here at dog going crazy out there

so that sucks I wish I never did that I put some polysporin on it and I got a bandaid on it but literally the heat from the fire or the heat from my pocket or anything like my body heat anyways any any kind of heat just makes it throb I'm hoping I can get a replacement for these boots even though it's my fault that I messed them up I don't know we'll see I want to turn in soon straight ten o'clock now been done both my beers for quite some time that dog wasn't annoying as hell oh my goodness bark bark my finger hurts so bad it like progressively got worse for like 20 minutes

I did it and I was ah shoot burn myself I said shoot that was the word I said it was shoot I burned myself stuck it in the snow and that made it hurts so bad like I think the temperature difference was too much so I poured a bunch of water on it and it really was more than just my middle finger it was like the inside of this finger this full finger and then the inside of this finger it's like a dummy like a dummy there was all rubber black rubber all on here and I had to wait till it cooled down to peel it off because they don't want to peel my skin off with it boys when I stay up for about an hour or so burn the rest of the wood I I'm not that tired I'm not cold at all this fire is just reflecting onto me like crazy the heats just golfing me in flames I'm just golfing in flames

third buddy good boy Joe but here get off here over here buddy go over here move move come on man get up get up scope get up you can't stand look at that

not exaggerating when I say that that dog barking is probably one of the most annoying things I've ever heard of my life like I don't care about dogs barking normally but for just the simple fact of the duration of the bark like this is not stuff I hope when I lay here I hope it just hears me or something or sees me somehow which seems impossible and it's so very far away but maybe it hears me talking or something it is barking because of that I'm just hoping that when I lay here and go to bed I try to go to bed it stops because I am NOT enjoying it it's not a good ambient noise it's a good hiss and ASMR yes oh yeah i melted those bad boys that sucks

only one with three or four times two that's what happens you go outside [Music]

use your gear so I'm gonna change my socks oh tonight because it's gonna close to the temperature rating of this bed

and I've been hiking around those socks all day long I'm sure they're very moist these are darn tough thick wool socks thicker than the ones I was wearing today I'm gonna strip down to my long johns sleeping those hard work I like to keep my clothes and everything right next to me either if it's in a backpack anticipating rain or wet or just by itself right now I have my tarp and the wool blanket and the tarp itself down under so everything is pretty protected well I can put it right up next to me so that I have a little buffer like something to create like the idea of the wall next to my bed at home so I have something just kind of leaned up against especially that comes especially handy when the ground is uneven and you're rolling one way and you can kind of just brace yourself it's sandy very handy alright guys that's it for me for tonight go to bed I'll get up really early make some breakfast and get on out of here but I'll keep you guys with me for sure until I leave I ended up putting that away my backpack all right good night guys bark-bark before I go to bed here's my view do you hear my sound is well anyways the view is nice the view is nice good night folks morning slept really good it's just after 6:00 now it's already starting to get light which is awesome the birds are singing the trucks are in the background the dogs are barking thank God I forget until asleep - that thing barking last night no joke like legit fell asleep to this thing going to town and I woke up at like I don't know 2:00 in the morning to go pee I peed like six times last night like Hello

empty my platter six times I digress anyways I got up at like 2:30 2:00 in the morning to pee i freakin ple back down and get all comfortable and like a second after I get back into bed the stupid dog starts barking and howling and it sounds like twice as close as it was last time our last night and I'm just laying here like oh my god this coats all riled up about it and what's the want for 15 minutes before it stopped but then it and that was lost haven't heard it but it's looks really good other than like the six times I got to pee but every time I just went right back to bed no problem I literally I don't care if it's gross some people think uses gross I put my sip pad right like in front of my bed here where I sit when I stand up I'm gonna stand right on the sit pad piss out that way and I never have to put my shoes on I never have to walk far or I even like open my eyes really just stand up P lay back down warm back up oh I did make scope move a couple times last night because he kept going off the wool blanket and the one time I tried to move him back on the bed he couldn't even get his back legs up off the ground so we'll see how he is this morning but I imagine he's gonna be a hobbly doggy for awhile

hobbly doggy okay I'm gonna get up and make some breakfast I don't know what I'm gonna do you don't need a bar or make some one meal but I'm not sure yet still got up what do you see bud he's on point 1 1 come on I never tied them up last night I normally do good boy instructional normally you see something it's time to get up and colder um whether it's like negative 10 or colder when I get up I like to uh before I get out of bed I will get my clothes and put them on inside the sleeping bag to warm everything up just start the process because when you get up you know I mean if you put on wet stuff or cold stuff you're gonna be cold it's not that bad today or this whole trip or this morning so I don't need to do that but yeah tips and tricks with Jo so check out my the damage I did on my boot yesterday and my finger will check out my finger damage too but see you're all right here sucks but such is life and now my finger oh yeah yeah she's bubbling I'm glad I put the polysporin on it when I did you see it

little bubbly little bubbly but I'll be alright thank goodness for this band-aid and the police porn though because it really really helped okay I gotta get these boots on my feet are getting cold

a Phebe's is too cold to hold off and at them up an atom see I burned up most of that firewood that big one on the back is that same one that I started burning early in the day yesterday not too bad I'm kind of in a hurry to get out of here but I don't have any bars left and I'm starving so I'm definitely making up some oatmeal this morning I just got some this fat rope makes for nice easy work or a fire in the morning and then I got these pine twigs I just got it really quickly I can just literally set them right on top let that grow well I continue to put myself away so my hands are a bit chilly the fire will help with that too it's icing up when it hits the air slushing up on the head I'll show but no watch oh good boy I'll get you some water in one minute here hey go water good boy oh it's the burn that burns the burn so my first night under the white tarp I liked it I liked the white tarp I liked the material I liked the color is super bright early in early this morning so yeah pretty nice I will continue to use it and now I have three mains hearts my Kyle made turf by coyote tan bushcraft USA tarp and then this white one which I'm really really hoping that I don't have to fold to get into this stuff sack that it came with it is a little frozen from being on the ground the tarp itself but if I do it if that is the case and it doesn't fit into here just stuffing I'm definitely going to get a different stuff sack for this tarp because there's nothing I hate more than trying to roll up a tarp and stuff in it and get it in like perfect way I do not have time or desire to do that I'm call I'm not done it's almost all the way in there oh it probably can go actually just these little bit of paracord hanging out but I'm done I'm going to get a new stuff sack guys should've made the stuff sack a touch bigger a great product but touch bigger on the stuff side I'm gonna go for that oh right in the cup today because he's over the packets alright touch on the old side and I don't know that the hill they would last getting a hot water poured into though alright so much water which is perfect because I wanted to put a second one in I had a good time out here hope you guys enjoyed the video if you want to check out any of the gear again I'll have that separate gear video that will be posted up beforehand the chair I used was a hidden woodsman chair the backpack I used was a hidden woodsman backpack the tarp I used was a bushcraft outfitters tarp the canteen is a heavy cover canteen spork his heavy cover my sleeping bag is a Mountain Equipment co-op down second bag that's about it this is one of the more enjoyable odin's I've done lately I think a lot of it has to do with the dog decent weather and the dog I'm gonna have to try and keep getting a mode a little bit more and more in the springtime as we turn into spring before it gets too hot this summer

again his coat is way too much for southern Ontario summers I think that's it for the video guys I'm just gonna finish eating and then finish packing up and hike my butt outta here I got about a decent hour hour-and-a-half hike out of here and then a long drive home so call it here hope you guys enjoyed it thank you very much for watching I'll see you on the next one goodbye check this out I just got home after driving like I don't know six or so hours so yeah that sucks

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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