Bowdrill with Chaga (tinder fungus)


Using Chaga as a baseboard with a bowdrill

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Video Transcription

so I want to show you guys a different way to do the bow drill today I've never seen any videos about it I have done it once before and I think it'll be new to some of you guys so this is a piece of chaga or tinder fungus see it's got the black cross the outside and the orange a Corky entertainer I got a bunch of it here and going to attempt to make the bass or sort of the baseboard out of the tinder fungus in the last time I did it I didn't have to cut a notch or collect dust or anything after I after I drilled it for a while the whole thing just kind of em bird up on me so I'm going to see how I can do that again today and show you guys that all right so I cut a piece of it uh squared off like a like a flat piece I got my hand hold my drill and my bow

I'm going to hold it in place with my toes this time this it's pretty small oh alright so I made a little indent into it with the spindle now so hopefully that won't happen again it's awful close to my toes so I'm not just going to burn a little bit not yet as you can see it was smoking quite a bit imagine will work I don't see why it wouldn't this time huh

well she's not working I don't know why am I spindles too dry or too soft I want to try again with the harder spending I'll be back all right so got a harder spindle before i was using basswood nominees and poplars see if this helps my battery's about to die so I already know what this is going to be on show look Oh

yeah I got it okay you see that that's the chocolate itself on fire there are amber okay that's not the the dust and a notch that's actually on fire so it just goes to show you if if you believe something can work and it doesn't work the first time I try try a different way around it you know I knew it I knew I did it before and I must use a harder spindle before as well so there you go a bow-drill fire with the chaga as a baseboard no notch thanks for watching

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