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Basic Pincher Collar Obedience and Understanding (Dog Training)


I shot this video for a friend a few years ago, and have kept it private, but I figured I'd share for anyone interested.

I understand some of you will not agree with the method I use.

I do not hurt my dog, and treat him very well, he is a member of my family.

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Video Transcription

if somebody on the forum was asking a little bit about dog training you notice way that scope acts and some of the videos sometimes he's pretty crazy going after sticks and deer and stuff like that but for the most time to call him he's pretty squared away and I told him I can make a bit about how I use my pincher call at the pinch collar on the dog so this is obviously pincher collar doesn't hurt the dog no matter what angry told to you he's not scared of it he's scary you run he knows what it means means he's gonna work that's what this breed is for for working they thrive on it so there's a couple couple things on how to use it first off putting it on you're never gonna slide it over the dog's head you're never gonna have it together and slide it over the dog's head it's meant to be tight it's going to sit right up under the ears are you here so you get the maximum control you don't want it slut and all over the place it's losing its sliding you're not getting the proper correction okay so just take it off you just undo it easy and then when I put it on I just kind of line up where I'm going to put the leash in put it around his neck so this really up around this ear beneath his ears it's on okay that's tight I can fit a finger in between but that's tight I'll show you closer in a second I'll show you right now I'm guys sorry kind of shoddy at first so there's two hoops

okay you don't want to just put it through the one you want to put it through both of the coops so the leash is going to both of these hoops okay I've got a good firm grip on it hey and we're gonna go out and we're gonna walk around the block but you notice I haven't been saying you won't go for walking we'll go for a walk and get them all hyped up like I know he knows what I mean right now but I'm not like an tag guys let's go a lot that's just stupid in my opinion your ear you're you're building the dog up so that he's gonna be all agitated all hyper and rambunctious before when you're trying to get them calm walking so I just grabbed the leash out of the collar or sorry the leash call it out of the ODE where I keep it and I put it on he's he has his leash and collar on I mean he's not doing anything he's just sitting here because I didn't amp him up okay that's a lot of one of the mistakes a lot of people make so I'll just show you a few things before we head out let's go off good good wait so I'm giving him commands right now and he's listening and I don't have to correct him because he knows all of this already but when you're first starting out there's ways to use this color okay so I'm gonna stand man is standing now right so I'm not gonna say the word good boy I know stand up Stan and I'm gonna say the word where he puts his foot on the ground because he'll do it I'm okay I'm gonna say the word forget it I'm gonna tell him to come in and I'm gonna show you on the the pincher color how do you do it so first sit it's you tell them to pants it and you pull straight up okay and they sit no that's not gonna happen like that right the first time but the key to it is to not take sit sit sit sit sit and pull and pull and pull and pull pull and let go all that stuff you see me come in one time okay come one time and then you pull straight up until he sits all right for down I give the command down and he's gonna do it and I'm not gonna correct on the first good down good down because he knows it okay now I'm going to show you how to do it Stan sit okay so the down command just like sit was up down no wait wait wait what you down is down so I'm gonna pull down on it and tell him down continuous pressure down and when he lays down st. it's it when they do what you want you say good and then repeat the command so he sat good sit if he got each home down he goes down good down notice a good boy good dog it's it's the command and then the praise that corresponds with the command sit good sit down good down Stan good Stan okay so with a stand command is I have the leash in my hand I'm gonna pull it towards the dog's nose stand good stand sit good sit good big praise too at first that's what they're thriving on we're not in this kind of training isn't tree training okay there's nothing wrong with tree training if you want to start off that way but I believe personally that your dog should listen to you because you're telling them what to do not because they're getting a reward out of it okay they're doing something for something not because you said not to be rewarded my reward to him is praised and then Teddy you know I mean that's that's what he wants more than anything you just doesn't care about treats treat treat treat doesn't know the word treat most I'll be going crazy you want a treat he doesn't even move he doesn't know the word doesn't mean I don't give him treats and he said okay mom treats for doing things give me treats when I'm sitting down eating dinner when I'm watching movie and I can give him something you know what I mean it's not because he did something to deserve the tree he does something to deserve my praise that's fine I'll give him praise so same thing with with the up command okay if you want your dog to jump over something or jump up on to something you're gonna use a command you can use up and you're always gonna stick with the same commands for everything so for up I'm gonna tell him up and I'm gonna well that's it and I'm gonna move him with the the leash up onto the couch okay ah good ah what I want him to get off of the couch I'm gonna use the word off not down because down means to lay down okay I can put him up on top something now say down and he lays down if I wanted him to get off and I was sitting down it would confuse him so the command is off let's go off good aw and now how to do that with the command up with the leash it's just giving a little tug off off good good yeah okay so going in and out of your house is a big thing the pack leader goes in the door first and goes out the door first so what I'm leaving I'm gonna leave first while I'm coming home coming in first that's just to simulate the pack leader that's what you want to be so I'll show you how to do that so he's sitting he's gonna wait there for me I'm gonna literally go outside Scout come wait for him

good calm he's outside I tell him to sit put him into a sit and I'm going to go back inside shut my door and this is our routine every single time okay so then when it's time for for me to go I grab him say he'll yep always me walk he wants to go that way so I want to turn this way never let the dog dictate where you're gonna go okay so with walking this leash is loose and he's not pulling if you have sorry there's the loose leash so if you have a tight leash like you're pulling back like this the whole time I always see a loose leash is a loose dog a tight leash is a tightly wound dog so this is how you want to be walking ok I'm barely touching us this Lea when he starts to go ahead of me a little bit must mean pull back give me the command heel okay sit put him into a sit this is I don't I don't recommend doing this until you know you dogs know listen so there's him sitting there I'm walking across this street he's gonna stay there until I tell him to come come you really should listen on that first come sit good good so when you get a little bit more experience doing this you can have your dog sit sit scope good sit walk away from you notice I'm not telling him to stay sit is the stay command I told him to sit and I didn't tell him anything else after that so he needs to still be sitting so I don't use stay so I'm gonna give him a Down command from a distance Scout down nope back you didn't listen because we haven't been working on this too much so I want to bring right back through this spot giving a little correction little tug on the fan sit now and put him into a down because that's what I told him to do down so it's consistency it's following through not everything works every single time that obviously didn't work and I brought him there and with no emotion I'm not angry or upset about nothing

there's these two little kids running towards him and that's probably not a good idea

but so I'm just gonna tell them to stand and come good so as I was saying though you don't hold a grudge you don't you don't worry about because he didn't listen you just put him back and and make him do it you said without emotion right scope need a good boy now this is why I was here and when we come up to the sidewalk leading up to my house he knows what to do I didn't say a word to him and he sat down good sit once again I don't recommend you do this until you know any dogs I'm gonna take off or whatever so he's way back there I'm gonna open my door take my time all the time he's just sitting right there I'm literally gonna take my fuse of it or shut my door take my shoes off come on door back up and wait until I say the word before you say no oh look at that awesome deserves people walking across the street he did not listen come on come so once again without emotion I'm back little correction have him stay there so just goes to show you like he's done this a thousand times and he never moves but there was people walking across the street with a baby carriage and you can find a trip built by it and now there's people driving by that sorry shouldn't move because uh wait supposed to want to make him wait a little bit longer because he moved come he's gonna go behind in the automatically he's gonna step behind me not in front of me and that's a sign of good boy

scent of submission so taking this thing off you do the same thing from the same link you just pop it off okay and that's it easy put it on take it off it takes a little bit to get used to then they praise for a good walk there's lots of petting I don't have to say anything to him just be praised and then I'll do what he wants then we'll get a drink you're allowing him now to go get a drink do whatever fulfilled me whatever needs he needs and that's a reward as well by letting him drink water by letting him go pee eat food whatever those are you're filling in fulfilling needs that he needs and that's a reward as well and what he wants to do is just get petted right now I think you see so that's very very very basic there's more to it what you have to remember obviously is I'm sorry just one second what you have to remember obviously is to keep a cool head all the time like I said the almost robotic about it except for when you're praising being show emotion when you're praising but this method isn't for everyone like I've said a thousand times whatever method of training or whatever you want to call it makes you comfortable that you're comfortable with use that if you want to treat training by all means true train if you wanna use a choke call or whatever just make sure you're doing it right and make sure you feel comfortable doing because if you're second-guessing yourself oh I don't know if this pincher is hurting him you're feeling bad and that's that I was gonna pick up on that and not understand why it knows that you're feeling bad about it but has no clue why he doesn't can't rationalize like this dogs happy as hell it look at me we just I just took the Pinder color often we had a good walk he's he's a Content dog walking an hour a day is the best for the dog it's going to create stability it's gonna create a sense of routine all that stuff so I hope that worked out I hope that answered everybody's you're the one forum members questions and that's it if you have any more questions let me know

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