Trying to do the fire chain, faied on the 2nd part, but I redeemed myself for my bowdrill mishaps

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alright given my sad attempt yesterday with tinder bundle I'm not going to take any chances today I'm picking up whatever I can find so I'm at a different spot i'm at the Prairie or me and ken like to come because i know there's cotton wood here and i'm going a bit easy on myself today i want to i want to get a call I want to get a flame from a bow drill so I'm coming where I know I can do it so got some bull thistle to aid in my tinder bundle as far as tinder gathering goes doesn't get much better than this alright well I found my wood it's a great candidate standing next to a dead I think tan Aspen I don't think it's a cottonwood but it's another sake part of the same free and you can see a thumbnail scratches it pretty easily so that's a good characteristic I'm gonna harvest this bad boy all right I got a tinder bundle small one made up of this cedar it's uh fuya occidentalis its eastern white cedar that makes a good tinder bundle I got this off a dead one this is a live one there's my pre-made bow and my pre-made hand hold the bow is a oak branch and the handhold is Cottonwood bark Redemption time oh man that cool going to happen it is going to work come on you dirty dirty girl haha alright she's gone okay whoo no my tinder bundles today we're gonna be a lot more reliable when I grab one so its eastern white cedar bark haha with Cottonwood bark around it that's a healthy call I do say so myself alright

okay you already claimed about my happy to grab my tender I wasn't prepared was overzealous yeah baby

redemption yes all right what now bow drill right our noble crack Cap mushrooms I don't know about any other mushrooms actually that we have around here I just ripped this off of a tree it's got honestly it looks the color of chaga inside it's not it's definitely not this is the outside of it looks like that but it's got pores it's about tons of little dry pores in there so I'm thinking that might work i'm going to try to char that from my natural material

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