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Starting fire 3 different ways...Fresnel Lens, Flint & Steel, Bowdrill

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it's got me thinking about practicing fire prep something I like to I've never used a Fresnel lens before I've got one here I've started a fire with a magnifying glass when I was like a lot younger so I want to use that today on some punk what I found and we're blowing the flames with a tinder model made from sassafras leaves and a little bit of grapevine bark just a tiny bit to start it off and then after that I'm going to do flint and steel a bow drill and fire steel and then we get flames out of all I'm not just going to stop at the coals so couldnt trying to get it on the camera too but getting the lens so there's just a tiny beam of light I seem to remember that being the trick so having a hard time do that right now here we go see that



okay that didn't work too bad the sassafras leaves are still going one actually and their sizzling like there's some kind of oil in them or something which I don't doubt because uh surprise pops like crazy when you burn it okay next up is flint and steel my char cloth steal my Flint

everybody's seen this before I know okay this tinder bundle is made out of just dry grasses alright

the button still gave me a little trouble that time I actually had it caught and didn't realize and put the whole char cloth thing down I'm going to pick it up again to try again and it was lit


okay so last one obviously doing the bow drill and I've got some fried meat some Phragmites read but i'm going to use as a tinder bundle my battery is low and i hope that i can pop a call off before it dies we shall see I racy me explain how i do this and everything so go right at it that's good still going yeah all right this Phragmites is a really good tinder bundle

get off of that there we go all right well I guess that concludes my fire practice for today I'll probably take a couple snapshots oh my gear and stuff and put it on after the video thanks for watching guys if you have any questions asked all right take it easy you

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