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Overnight Camp at the Hidden Waterfall


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Join me on an amazing hike. Doug and I backpack to a huge hidden waterfall and camp out overnight right near the hidden waterfall.

Fish are caught, fire is made, fun ensues :)


Next video is a bushcraft overnight.

Doug's video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTgXwUQ_ISM&t=125s

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Video Transcription

hey guys how's it going thanks for tuning in I'm with buddy Doug we're up north far north we're gonna do a backpacking trail just overnight there's some fishing opportunity and lots of fun so come with us we're gonna be hiking on dominated by 300 meter canyon wall trail the trail ones to the Engel of River Valley sugar maple yellow birch and white pine are predominant in the valley which supports most of the complete representation of Great Lakes small stands of oak elm and ash are also scattered throughout the valley this very demanding 12 kilometer lunar year trail takes about eight hours to walk one way at me and nurse it along the riverbanks and the trail completes with a huge waterfall footpath has very steep grades wet slippery areas and uneven terrain Squarespace features beautiful designer templates the templates make creating a powerful online identity even easier each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects whether you pursue your side hustle or promoting your main gate in 2018 there's eight more new templates that I'd like to highlight still a pursuit impact blend Pedro Royce Kim and Val and all of this is on one platform you can create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all in one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade period ever there's a ward winning 24-hour customer service which I use constantly it's very easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace with the domain transfer in you can now transfer in your third-party domains to Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence you're able to manage all your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of the easy to use DNS interface this is a huge help because if someone has a GoDaddy domain they could just switch it to Squarespace another option I'm using on my website is the online store it's never been easier to sell a products or services online the Squarespace they allow you to manage your products orders inventory easily so Joe and autumn say make your dreams a reality with Squarespace we're striving to we want to give a hue thank you to Squarespace I had an obligation for four videos with them and this is the last one they're a big help sponsoring my channel a lot helping me improve life a lot so thank you guys I hope to work with you again I hope you all the viewers enjoy the video to come it was a really fun trip and I'm sure there's lots of funny parts so yeah daddy does too much all right guys here's the video I'll see you soon although you're skipping along skipping a tripping it's an overcast cloudy day very chilly supposed to get down to negative three tonight but it's nice for hiking you know I don't like to hike in the heat it's a nice day for hiking we're gonna hike out tomorrow in wet snow apparently so that'll be another adventure to just walking by check out the roots of this yellow birch on this big ol rock look at that gnarly gnarly okay on this side very cool there's the first shot of a stream the first water which is good because I was my pack to no water I just have my B free system and I'm gonna go down and get some right now because I don't know when the next time we want to see water is could be in a few more kilometers should be half a day so I'm gonna hike down there right now off trail and get myself some welder change your dog we've got our fishing rods got our fishing rods so we're gonna be hiking along this trail and then the it does follow some water after and I'm going to be able to fish along the way and then camp at a waterfall at the end so that's really cool oh man this is pretty eh don't say this is pretty and have my face well I didn't say this is pretty and how your face so right this is so scary look my eyes watering okay yeah this water man though check her out [Applause]

look at that water she's a little cold well numb on the hands I have my teeth Matiz broke yeah they're not called that but that's what we call them or I have called them see them off that's nuts well to agree MA well never so this is my first trip since moving north this place is a couple hours north of me and Doug made the trip up yesterday spent the night over at the new place checked it out but there's lots to come soon I have so much land around so many opportunities to do different things I just want a four-wheeler so I'll be able to get in the backcountry even farther a quicker and easier obviously that's not gonna be my full stick from now on but I'm excited to use it so lots of stuff to come how are you doing a lot more videos and probably some shorter videos or on the host in the midweek and stuff - why not right I have all the time in the world and I'll have all the space to do it now so I'm excited for more videos it's cold it's very cold did we mention that it's uh supposed to be negative three tonight let's play a high of four today

Celsius but it's bitter it's like bitter cold I'm gonna follow my new neoprene gloves here in a minute all right check it out things are changing we're more in this little like gorge type thing it's just starting so I'm sure it's gonna get a lot more rocky so this is pretty cool walls on both sides now if you can tell what that is one big white pine right there

I'm here talking to you guys and doug's it there I can't hear you okay okay make it what you're saying what I'm gonna cross a bunch of big old trees on this trail here's a yellow birch look at the shelf fungus and there is a ton of them I bet you that's almost like an artist conk type thing whereas if you go up and you can write high for the next hiker by I made it to the river there's a little side trail down this way so they want to walk down see what's down it there might be some campsites down here

I'm not sure this is cool dougie I'll get a size the driftwood just like those trees that almost fell on our tents oh this is a camp spot right here there's a camp site look at the view look at the view from the campsite oh my this is a cool spot wow this looks like a open BC or something oh my pie look at that we're gonna catch some fishies over this thing look at the landscape win it first oh look at the landscape Doug's taking a few casts no luck yet so hoping that's not a bad sign but we shall see there's a few places to stop and try to fish so I brought my full-length fishing rod it's gonna bring a little pack rod but if they're bigger fish then I don't want to be messing around okay I'm gonna rig this thing up with a spoon


so what do you get Doug oh it is it broke EA so we're what did you catch that on Doug I'll put a brats a bigger brass Williams wobble right think like this one oh there's a Johnson something yeah I'll use a bigger one right now see if I get in get lucky big lure big fish right yeah that's the hope anyway this is a light enough lure two that we can use it in this river though too much concern

all right first kiss this really is nice nobody's had any luck after Doug thought that brookey so it's a really nice brookie probably within the first 95 minutes of us being here but oh it season and we're not getting anything else

so as nice as it is here it's also very cold and we need to keep hiking so eating all about food we're gonna get going

this place is gorgeous ma'am I'm definitely coming back here Peak fishing season but a very emerald the possibilities are endless just even with our almonds

seaton raw almonds that's Doug's a fishing rod normally I'd be a nice guy and bring it let's see if he forgets it will tell me before we leave too far we'll get down the trail a little bit middle tone unless he remembers as he's packing up his backpack that's what real friends do people think that's mean it's actual real friends do bust but this is not rehearsed this is right after I was done saying that what I did not touch your Pole

I did not swear god yep I was going to tell you I like two minutes down the trail oh well it's fun what lasted look at that landscape look at that landscape boy this is really really nice I know I keep saying it oh nice we were just talking about how to easy the trail was can we come to this perfect Vasant loosen Lucentio asked asked our paella glass and listened listen what's I will say it will happen your face there you have it folks don't move furniture or you get the dug face look at this one so I've showed you guys this before stumps trees going out old stumps but look at that that was an old tree like mangrove almost esque so that's growing on an old not just stump but like half tree that died it's split off there or whatever that's pretty neat man and the mangroves of Ontario that's a yellow birch as well batula yep


well here's campsite - I would assume so yeah there's a camp sign yeah back there that's a decent camp - yeah nothing wrong with this that's where we just were that's the dress food we were just that I would lunch you trying to fish but this is something both this area is like the rocks yeah this rocks

getting a little goatee more uphill the days of walking on the flat path or over it's been all hill all the time now for quite some time but I'm warming up look at it this is my backyard play the supports for the trail run keeping it all up here cuz she opens up and there's a lot of water down there low - Wow but good news is we're on a descent right now and that's always better than an ascent downhill versus up though two-hander he says maybe there's a two-hit son-of-a-gun the problems can get wet at all shipping off the Boston never get a song in your head or just a certain couple lyrics of a song this massive rock wall behind Doug was screaming over there about something cool so I'm sure we're gonna find something interesting when we round this corner

they will rocks a ruler and post up under their winter camp where you go where you go oh he's gone he's gone all right so maybe it was nothing cool Doug it was just yelling at me to hurry up it's possible to maybe this is what Doug was yelling about yo

this is awesome man gonna try to be a little careful here a little slippery but pretty rugged though pretty wild tear this what I'm what I'm walking on that is cruising it's moving okay now we're no joke getting elevation here I'm looking at the trail in front of me and she's straight up bud like straight up there is where we're going yeah he's like an old washout I'm gonna get water here we're going uphill see me sometime before we see water again I'm sure I'm gonna fill my container right there hey you can see dug way down there Kona Oh no joke


some water here Bob Hill little steep that's some cold water hello man I have been using these be fries for maybe two years now and I throw a bunch out because they get all clogged and pulled cold I found a good one an old one I'm using that so it's got a good flow nice flow you know totally the flo-jo hey where have we seen something like this before oh my gosh look at that danger bacon

it's that white pine for you she came down hard yeah okay well that's good

we see it now we don't need to experience it later on it's fine got our dose of that rock look at the split that's cool man I'm gonna do a camp where I just bring tiny like I'm some crown land that's similar to this just bring a tiny amount of gear I do like a survival overnight in the winter or late fall utilizing a rock like that and building around it and having a fire and stuff it sounds like fun so thinking like kind of fun yeah you're going back down are we locked it down [Music]

since the last clip I shut the camera off for a good ten minutes and look at this we're still going downhill no drove Li this is a pretty steep descent now so hopefully we're almost at the ground at the bottom near the water all right almost at the bottom that's it all of that and we are nowhere near of water sure looks that way yeah we're on the ground

we're on ground oh my goodness look at this this is huge that's like very old aerial other people tell the people what we're doing Douglas Marine lunch no you sticks Doug anytime buddy you were such a sweat on your hike in and forget help actually cold early is stopped here for a couple minutes and she's quite brisk so I got my this is a prim loft like synthetic insulation I've also got a real down Buffy and I also have a a vest a puffy vest in there too

Oh much warmer right away that's nuts Tiger nuts too bro I just got my only pot is my my canteen cup we do be new in the water so we're just drinking right out of the be free have a macaroni and cheese product I know it said oh no very good as close up with that mac and cheese product more evil it took up the water all right all right

so I have some meat and cheese for lunch those uh United rated Milla's don't those kind don't do well at my stomach and I have homemade one for supper so I'm not a big heavy lunch guy either a little bit of meat cheese moseph ice but I snacked like all the time as well the guy eats that's how I keep my figure so yeah

how many thanks if you had this morning for nothing

so I like a big lunch dubbing are a little different kotas you're the moisture coming out that piece of wood look at the color of it nope I wouldn't have had this uh this video opportunity for that didn't happen you know knock that won't see it drop no okay yeah thanks thanks bro okay Oh

all right Doug's getting ready to start eating I'm done I'm gonna hang up the trail a little ways see if I can fish or maybe even find the camp we're gonna meet up down the trail see you later dougie bye bye she's cold yeah I didn't want to sit there anymore so Oh Mike bought myself a little bit anyways we're gonna chat and hang it up for the past couple days so I get to camp that's cool I'll start setting up like a tarp and getting some firewood and stuff and if not if I see a cool place to stop and fish I'll do that I'll just go from there happy honey just goes up man this is so nice in here it is cold though this is the trail guys that's cool little beach well sandy beach okay this is a sketchy part of the trail I'm literally right next to the edge that's a good 50-foot draw down there but that's the edge right there Wow

man slippery

you almost need waiters I think look at how shallow it is right here you almost need waiters to get right in the middle on a deeper spot and fish check this oh this is a cool looking one I've shown you guys this may be two times recently in videos this is a different type of one there's a root ball so a tree obviously uprooted from the ground fell over got washed here but look at the rocks in there how long those rocks been stuck in that root look at the size of that guy really cool I'll always find that pretty amazing okay grew around it I love this place look at this this is just awesome country just amazing this changes my life guys like really does living up here is going to be awesome and this isn't a great great time of year like we came at the end at end of fall everything it's like cloudy and gray and cold and windy but we'll have many years I promise I'm sure Doug's on his way by now I've been poking around this campsite for a little bit what I'd really like to do is scare him the hard thing to do but if I can pull it off I'll be pretty happy pretty pleased with myself you know this is a calm cool I think I want to try and fish from the shore here I'll have to fish from up here that's okay DC gets decently deep I just go watch out for these balsam fir branches but it's worth a shot well Lots has happened since I saw you last I'm still at the fishing spot my second calf I caught a rainbow trout believe it or not I swear to God I did being was a fighter it was all deep purple this colt the whole thing was almost deep purple you're not supposed to keep rainbows around here they are trying to reintroduce and stuff so it's it's a bad look so I let him go but I didn't keep it on camera either because my camera was way up there when I took my casts and I didn't want to mess around with them and I caught a rainbow troll I swear I did now I can't catch another fish now that I have my camera in my hand Doug also found me and I was not able to scare him because he found me fishing here because I've been fishing here no we're fishing here still don't see a waterfall no no we should have done just stuck to them rivers and lakes that we danger dug on that right there Doug backpack and camera okay that's enough that's enough

just get off all right just get up now you're worried me old so much a phrase Scottie

yeah that definitely could do that that could do that yeah

it's kind of screwed up if you look down don't look down that's a bad move yeah that's a bad move to look down whoa okay well that was fun and not dangerous at all nope nope we made it we're at the waterfall we're gonna take you over there in a little bit and show you up close it's pretty badass it's really big but we're at our final campsite or these v-final campsites so this is where we're gonna camp got some nice flat ground behind me right there that is moving some water look at the bottom even just a spray well surprise surprise I had no luck fishing Doug pulled out a brookie pretty nice brookie actually but I'm done I'm frustrated and I'm not catching anything so I'm going to set up my tarp I was gonna sleep in a bivy but then it started to call for a lot of rain so switch over to a tarp and now it's gonna snow I think it's dead that's alright a nice flat spot here I'll probably pitch up here so I'm a pretty light load this trip obviously only hiked in the one day I don't need much for the one day tomorrow we do have to hike about the same distance took us a good six and a half hours to get in here and I assume tomorrow we'll stop and fish and take our time as well considering this again it's supposed to be wet snow slash rain so some of the parts of the trail were treacherous as it was and being the slippery of even more so so let's show you what I got I got my Down Vest I lay down with jacket I have a synthetic down jacket I'm wearing now and two shirts along Stephen a short sleeve I brought some neoprene like booties to wear around the camp in case my feet got wet they did not they stayed dry all day so that's good I won't have to switch into these but a pair of long johns for tonight so see down in negative three get one pair of extra socks for tonight got a piece of cordage to hang up my tarp I've got my cooked cooking set set - which is my Snow Peak 900 no sorry this is my toks titanium pot and then my bush buddy is inside it that's my bush buddies at twig so it's um toilet paper I mean paper towel a little bit extra rope my tarp still nylon nine nine by nine and my sleeping pad firm arrest me Oh err X term and my like old-school negative seven down bag which is probably like right around a negative two three now as it's been used so much and it's very old so that's everything with the exception of like oh no it's not sorry I've got a small pillow I've got my adventure sworn scout more info on that very soon I just talked to adventures warned about this this should become an introduction extremely soon and be available really soon - I will definitely keep you informed and let you know where and when that's some titanium stakes enough to cut any stakes here two packets and Esty coffee Nescafe my front coach I have the gloves for the morning I have a poncho in case it does rain or snow wet snow then up top I have some snacks some toilet paper and my flashlight my headlamp before or later on so not much as you can see right around me just probably weighed 20 pounds not even you get anything else you did

how many another brookie this guy over here anyway I'm gonna set up camp and then collect some firewood and maybe hike up hiked up to the waterfall for sure I don't know if we'll collect firewood or not we're both pretty jazzed waterfall and show you guys and check it out so


alright the turf shelters looking good we're all kind of like a wet sand area because everywhere else is hilly and rocky so it's a little damp I think what I want to do this is my poncho - huh you know what a poncho is but I'll just show you anyways of course I can can I do it we're out

hello hello so obviously if it rains I can wear this I can put this over top of my backpack as well it's a part of the reason I chose a poncho instead of a rain jacket pants for this trip but also it's super lightweight it's still nylon I could use it as a tarp in this case I'm gonna use it as a ground sheet so I'm gonna lay it out flat and I'll be able to put my singing pad right on top of this

that way I have some place to put my clothes that I'm not gonna wear bed I don't put them on my backpack just a little bit a little bit more room you know a little bit more luxury it's cold though that ground is a very wet cold ground all right pretty good there that off-center so I don't have to Leone the buckle part or that snap all right cool

take it easy I don't want you passing out so we both agreed we would use Bibby's I was gonna use mine and he had yet his but the last minute this morning when we left we're leaving my host was pitch black was like 7 6:30 in the morning and it was raining and it was just like so cold and wet and I'm like man we have to hike all day in the rain and then like get to camp and we can't even like we're both in babies we have nothing to sit under under a fire nothing we just have to lay down and go to sleep that's not as fun as hanging out by the fire you know what I mean so I said screw it I'm gonna grab really a tarp really quick so I ran back inside

grab my tarp and I switched my video for it because I don't need a bivy and it's HAARP it's redundant bringing both things and I didn't want to carry both things so I kind of regret it now but whatever at the time I thought it was this more idea so I'll show you here I'll have dougie explain his setups dougie set up the Aurora maybe I have one without the hoop but I like the hoop basically

we can tie this up this is my clothes here have a pad in here sleeping bag lots of room so that's that's gonna keep you as dry as a tent it says yeah that's pretty cool

but you can cinch this up just yeah I'm just gonna lay here of course if it rains then I'll just pull this over and the that is very cool that the hoop is is the dealmaker for me like I have a bivy and doesn't have a hoop and it doesn't seem as tense like as this it just seems like a I got nylon sack over top of my seeding bag yeah I assume if you don't have to do up the the thing up it'll be fine yes big time all right the anticipation is killing us we're not going to get firewood right now we're gonna hike over to the falls so I'll probably bring my my fishing rod just because I'm lacking in the fish department dug three up on my one and I have no proof of my one we're in close that massive waterfall massive massive waterfall gettin closer man that's a lot of water moving you can feel the mist in the air you feel the mist in the air oh my goodness that's some water now back from the waterfall it was really cool and it was really loud over there I started probably to hear what we were saying but very cool over there got some good pictures and video clips hopefully so it's about 5:30 now when you get supper go on and we will need to gather a bunch of firewood I brought my adventure storm Scout like I showed you guys earlier it's asking me my firewood processor I'm going to also get some water ready and boiling so I can gather some twigs and stuff and blow my water to rehydrate my meal once that's going I can go get firewood so good use of time and they clear water you can't see but it's clear I promise the only sticks here enough start my show stove and boil my water anyway moving the leaves are the way I gather a little bit of birch bark this is yellow birch and the light just as good as wait Petula Oh burn myself pretty good yeah go cook that one Doug little bush buddy for the win it's coming here my next trip yeah my buddy Bush hotly mode for empty promises lately for him Simar soak up the water and then the water half stick some of the water will have to be evaporate at the top so for now leave the lid on and feed it a little bit of fuel underneath and later on if water still needs more water still needs to come out I'll get it going again good found a couple pieces of firewood nothing great Doug's out there looking right now it's pretty slim pickings to be honest everything's pretty wet and falling apart we've done decent on the firewood front nothing great but we got quite a few pieces they're like again most of them are pretty rotten but go burn I'm gonna sit down to eat my food now I'm starving and it's already raining right now keep feeling sprinkles drops here they're so open the whole zone a little bit it's only six o'clock it'd be nice to sit over here it's at least eight for crawling in the pit it's still pretty early bedtime that's Colts water chili Oh before I even eat the chili chili rehydrated nice none of it is still crunchy I didn't burn anything it's a good consistency not too soupy everything is coming up chilly I got this um this bush buddy going because I need a little bit heat right now it's a really cold

pretty pretty show put another layer on - I'm sure eating this off warm you up Cheers

I got to show you I got to show you the close-up scramble those style Luda chili boy where is he everybody helps scrambled oh I know up on Instagram and yell at them oh yeah it's a chilly kind of day in every sense of the word did it my job is done baby I have every piece of clothing on that's so cold sitting there eating food even the birchbark doesn't want to really go up that good good job Doug well nothing left to do we just kind of hang out by the fire tonight turned out to be a really nice night I've got all my layers on bugs in like a t-shirt I think that's gonna be up for tonight got a long sleep some player morning good morning it's uh wet snow rained all night and now it's wet snow doggers gonna come under here in this tarp and we're gonna hook up the bush buddy get up it's a breakfast go on my thoughts on that that baby have changed completely it's uh it's not worth it you know you twist in your sleeping bag uh yeah but twist up in your sleeping bag I don't even know where the top of the bomb is because the wetness over this thing was stuck to me like a sock I did take a leak at 4:00 in the morning I could even get out and fighting then what are you are you gonna use that baby again the conclusions we come to the light of day or dark take it one step further then you gotta put your shoes on so you lift the lid you might as well dump a cup of water on your head stick your feet out in the wet I'm so happy I'm so happy that you learned this lesson this is fun this is slick Oh all date wet wet snow right now it's a miserable morning and and the baby Sox suck so bad [Music]

my sleeping bag and I couldn't get like joke that came out and dragged me and threw me in the river and I couldn't have done anything because I was locked in oh it's almost 8 o'clock in the morning believe it or not how dark it is still it's time to pack up and get out of here we've had breakfast though still drink this coffee but once they're packing up

the little wet so I'm just trying to keep it off all my stuff and buy a little wet I mean it's soaking wet couldn't be any more wet alcohol any sense of the word I love a tarp it's never felt another failed me it's always very predictable very reliable that won't set up with Doug's maybe is a good idea man I was really envious of it and stuff at first but you know what that's like a more fair weather kind of thing like I don't want to have to get changed in the rain I don't want to have to have nowhere to put my stuff you know what I mean it's a good lightweight option you see got soaked from condensation on the inside too because you had to cover it all up so something that taken into consideration I was all jazzed on it yesterday I've had babies before I'm using you seen that but none of them have had that poop in them to keep it off more like a tent anyway no he's talking about a hammock when will he ever learn I said when will he ever learn talking about a hammock now I used to be mr. hammock I started out with all the guys and all hammock all day and then I was ambassador then I took a spill and I hurt my back and I heard it in my desk and I can't lay in my hammock anymore for a year and then I got a bridge hammock and I liked it and then they gave it somebody else save up you a big setup well folks this is the end all my camping gear espect up Doug's got a little bit to do still but we're almost ready to go nothing left to do you know I mean just hike back down the same trail we hiked all in on the way in so I'm not gonna film it I'm gonna put my camera away all right my backpack and I'll call it good you got a good six hours five hours if we're if we bust it to get out of here and then another couple hour drive home so not too big a deal but I'm done filming so I hope you guys enjoyed this video it was a fun trip it was a fun trip it was a fun trip nice little quick one but yeah you'll see a lot more to see a lot more coming up soon I'll have a lot more videos ready to go go ahead and smash that like yeah check out Doug outside and well you're doing that give me a subscription give him a subscription subscribe alright thanks guys have a good one [Laughter]

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