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Video Transcription

today I want to go over what's in my bushcraft day pack you've all seen this backpack before this is my hidden woodsman de rock let's just get to it on the outside I usually always have my Sandvik 20-inch axe it's got one of one the quarter head on it if I didn't have this I would have mike oldfield tomahawk on the outside all of these things can vary depending on where I'm going what I want to do so this is gear mindless skills the other outside I have my water bottle holder which contains a liter of water and a Nalgene Snow Peak titanium solo cook set and lid and a tea bag so the lid and the tea bay go underneath in the pouch and then this all nest together so I can boil water on in in that and cook food in that and everything that's my cook kit for sure so bottom of the pack I have these Canadian Jam knots where I can attach a wool blanket if I'm doing an overnighter or I can put other gear like a coat or singing pad there or something doesn't have to be uh for an overnighter though so first off and come at the top alright and I've got my main piece of gear the piece of gear that I want to get to first which is my premaloft jacket right so this Primaloft jacket packs down nothing and it can keep me very warm especially in emergency but I tend not to need it when I'm hiking because you get too warm next up is my survival kit I'll go through all this stuff after just take all these up first my homemade survival kit in a tin can got my GoPro Hero 4 with tripod next up I've got my still nylon pouch from Phantom X we'll go through these as well my bigger still nylon pouch from Fantomex back up scope look up I got against the back of it about a pad to sit on which is just old foam piece old puzzle piece and then a grill to cook on inside an old tarp case or tart bag I guess about paracord and reflective cord tied up in this bag this bag is is double use because I can put something in it like a rock and chuck this over a tree if I need to hang a bear bag so I put the dogs in the back background and then the last piece in the main part is my poncho my bushcraft outfitters sil nylon poncho and it doubles as a shelter it's a 8 by 6 I think and then if there's a sleeve pouch in here or sorry a soft sleeve in here and my silky gone boy always rides in that that's it for the clean pack there's just as one other part there's no hidden pocket here which I don't usually put too many things in there because I'm afraid of them just kind of spilling at the top but there is this velcro part and I see things like my extra batteries for my DSLR sharpening kit when it's not in my pocket and like a pocket knife like a u.s. knife or a sack form or something like that I will also keep my wallet in there on a day hike because I don't like to wear it in my pants and my fault or even pants don't have a wallet pocket so this pile of mess is every single thing I had in that backpack right and it's honestly not that much once you let you break it down so I got one coat that packs up to nothing that's gone ok one piece of shelter which is also my rain gear which it's super durable can't can can do a lot with this alright that's gone my paracord and bag that's gone my grill so this is a the tarp bag that came with it or the stuff sack was all the time by 10 bushcraft us a coyote tarp that's the one that the yellow one that you see me use in a lot of my videos my older videos too so it actually just fit right on there perfectly this grill I've got a lot of questions from it this is just a crappy like north 41 or qog lens grill that I got at like sporting goods store shouldn't cost more than $10 they seem to be hard to find though from the amount of questions I've been getting from about it I would I would obviously look at North 49 Coughlin's all those a crappy kind of a gear but it doesn't need to be fancy it's just a piece of metal that's gone my ax

all right you seem to use that tons right that's gone like oh pro this is for our secondary b-roll whatever action shots stuff like that I just got this tripod so maybe you'll see a little bit more GoPro in the future but should we all right Maya sharpening Kate you should all seen it before it's a fall Navin dc4 it works really well I would recommend this this sharpen kit to someone who asked me about sharpening I would tell them to get a DC for this is just a case that my friend sewed up for me it fits the dc4 and a piece of leather for a strong Kyle from burly outdoors

so that up for me shout out to Burleigh where is he where is he where's he been totally get some videos up AA batteries nothing interesting there also I would put at SD cards with this and stuff I just didn't need to fit it so my cup can't cook anything for me picks up they can boil water I can rehydrate meals in it I can cook bugs if I need to some crickets or something I did that I did that before when we were trying out for a long we had to do that roasting weapon here it can also be put on if you don't want to stick it inside the coals you can just put your grill on it or I carry a bailing twine with me and you can with wire make a bail so lots options for that and my one liter of water again that's just for a day hike bringing the liter of water my us knife just like a Swiss Army knife basically Malcolm hook me up with that thanks a lot buddy so my survival kit all it is it's an old pure lean chocolate hazelnut those things you put in your coffee or whatever it's all the reason I chose you so it's because all metal has a metal lid no rubber gaskets or anything like that so first off I made a signal mirror by breaking another mirror and putting it in the lid so it takes up no room at all and actually goes with a holder a handle so I can move it who knows but the idea is is there what else you got we've got a big role gorilla tape on a piece of paracord we've got Fresnel lens from Ben's back woods I've got a heavy-duty plastic bag in here these are like survival bags I gotta add or Canada I think or watch crap Canada one of those two and it's actually very very thick and you'll be able to use it for water water purification water transport water storage water collection as well as a plethora of ton of other uses I'm sure this is super thick I've got a miniature first aid kit with some things like antacid some water purification tablets safety pins neosporin alcohol swabs stuff like that just little I've got the rest of things in here I've got a whistle I've got a little mini Ferro rod I've got a button compass I got a fishing tackle with hooks sinkers and all that stuff and I've got a pen light from thrunite that I actually unscrew the cap a little bit so that it can't turn on and off in your in your tin and then it gets a 120 volt 120 lumens not too bad for a little day hike a safety kit it only runs on one triple-a battery right so it's tiny about the size of my pinky and it drops right in there you just do want to make sure like I said to unscrew the lid a little bit so that you're not accidentally this one's a little bit harder to push so I don't think it would accidentally trigger it but that's the thrunite ti3 Riz a space blanket because I used it the other day in a shelter building Scituate

so two pouches left these are both from Fantomex like oh say my small pouch has my odds and ends in it so we'll go through that first another little first-aid kit separate from my PSK first-aid kit because I don't want to have to take from that unless I need to and here again it's very simple its band-aids some gauze painkillers actually painkillers are in this farm just part of it as well as stomach pills and then alcohol swab stuff like that nothing nothing big I've also got some gorilla tape this is for wiping my screen I'm sorry for wait for my lens on my camera super important some chapstick a headlight Masons twine extra cordage that's a ton of extra cordage that's relatively strong definitely set up much tarp shelter with it

toilet paper which consists of big waves TP and hand sanitizer all in the one and then I've also got just in case of the hand warmers two hand warmers in there and a body warmer one in here so those are definitely just for safety's concerned they don't need for if something goes wrong I'll keep those I don't ever plan on using these just for fun so the big one this is my food and for today I packed it out I'm gonna eat a lunch opening here I have a bagel this is an everything bagel wrapped in a ziplock bag so this will differ again day to day obviously all this stuff well but this is what I have today so everything bagel in a ziplock and I keep a few honey lemon teas and green teas in here from Tim Hortons just prepackaged tea this is my folder cup that I've been using lately pretty handy I like it anyway good no all the bar my water filter from survival survivor filters that's just in case kind of thing and it's like a life straw you can drink over the puddle with it or you can hook it up with a tube and a couple bags Tremec some seasoning for snakes Clif Bar butter for my bagel and some tums oh sorry a wet-nap from Buffalo Wild Wings which is a very good place to eat and a good call to have wet-naps and my titanium spork my Snow Peak taking a spork that I've got the handle up and like I said all of that is subject to change it all depends on environment and conditions comfort levels all that stuff but as opposed to what I hit multi it'll all be a variation of what I have in my panic right maybe I'll add stuff maybe I'll leave stuff mail will bring back but all the fundamentals will be there and on my person I'm always going to have a good belt knife and a fire you're still on a lanyard so guys that's my day loadout for a bushcraft day in the woods definitely if I had to I could stretch it to an overnighter and I wouldn't want to try to do that because then you're in a survival situation and things are not fun so I was not fun going out and playing in the woods is so I hope you guys have to learn something I hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions well any my gear or the pack or anything like that just let me know and I'll do my best to answer you so I'll see you got on the next one thanks a lot bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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