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the bush today with scalp this video is going to be a bunch of uses for the sassafras tree I'm going to use this as part of my hard-working challenge for identify and you find two uses for two trees two plants I've already done one tree which is about the tree I'll have that on video today I'm just gonna do sets for us for the other tree and worry about the plants later so this is a Down sassafras limb there's a bunch of twigs on it and I want to use it for a twig bundle now I know any any twigs can be used for a twig bundle of why is why is this a you specific to the sassafras tree well in my neck of the woods here there's no no softwood no spruce pine stuff like that where you can gather twigs easily like this and they're a good size and actually the sassafras twigs if I'm not mistaken have fuel have oils in them that make them burn better like there's a fuel and then that'll make a burn hotter and easier so I want to try and get this going with I could have a twig player going with one paper match and if I can get it with the twig bundle I'd say that's a pretty good candidate for a wood for a quick bundle around these these these woods anyway there's one move oh if one peeping that good

some sassafras trees around here get very large and when they get this big even when they're bit smaller they have this furrowed bark on it I like to take from this one because the top dead anyways and it's got all sorts of pieces missing from it but just pop a piece of bark off all right I'll get a few pieces of these and show you what the bark can do all right so you can see what I've done here I took the sassafras bark and I just drilled into it a bunch okay until there's all this powder and I've been piling the powder here on this log and then I've taken my knife and just shaved off a few slices okay now the slices don't come into play until after but I just wanted to show you and they're not even necessary but I'm going to take this one step farther than I've taken it before so before when I tried this it took a sparkling fire steel Ferro rod whatever you want to call it and held it pretty good let's try this okay that's in there try it again slamming up

I'm gonna let it die out so what we're doing here getting a great coal extender okay and if I continue to blow on it it will flame up and I'm planning on making a little fire with these shavings am I taking that hopefully you're not too bored and shut the vanilla

okay took a little long but all we used oh we use the sassafras bark and a firesteel now it's not going as good as I had hope the fires not staying lit but it is a great Ember extender and you can get a fire going with that good tender bud I'll put that in the tender bundle whatever

yeah so for for actual actual fire starting with just the bark itself probably not the greatest idea but as you can see it'll work fine as a number extender now just as a side note the sassafras can be used to get a bow-drill fire going it's not working for me today it has worked in the past I've got the bark to go and you can also use the roots for tea I'm not gonna make a fire and have tea today it's getting pretty warm suppose you go thirty degrees today so that's hot I'm done for today I wanted to do more I failed at the bow drill a few times and it's just just not my day for it's like 90% humidity you're so crazy like that so I'm done hope you guys learn something

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