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Maxpedition Xantha Overnight Gear Loadout and First Impressions


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Maxpedition Xantha Bushcraft Survival Gear Review Camping

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe again I'm gonna do something a little bit different today you got this Maxpedition is antha sent to me by Maxpedition to do a review about this is more of a first impressions and xanthan gill odo now I am planning on doing a trip in a couple days an overnighter with this bag and they'll be more an in-depth review of what I think of it but this is the reason I got this bag the reason I got this bag was because I wanted something a little bit bigger than my Maxpedition Condor - to do overnighters with this bag i've had for like ten years it's lost a lot of its rigidity you can tell it I've used a lot it's still a great pack and I'll still continue to use this but for things like overnighters it's just a little bit too small in my opinion for what I want to bring depending depending on what time of year it is and and and what my goals are but this antha is a lot bigger it's got an internal frame and let's take a look at it show you a little bit about it so first off let's start on the outside you can see I've added a couple little pieces of paracord on the front I would like to see in the future Maxpedition may be making these Molly these MOLLE straps a little bit on a two of them wider so that you can slide attacks right down in it without having to attach the paracord but big deal I just title a couple overhand knots on low pieces of paracord and that'll hold it perfectly fine that's not going to go anywhere so that's good for holding your axe there you can also put it in the in the side pocket but this side pocket here I use for my tripod when I was looking at the bags camera gear is a big important of a big importance to me so I needed I needed places to put my tripod and camera and stuff so there's a little 20 inch axe I just got it pretty cool my buddy gave it to me thanks Mike so that goes in the front anyways and that that's sturdy and it's just about as long as that the the pack is next up we'll check with the bottom it's got these straps like my max with Blake my Maxpedition condor - does I was hoping that they were going to make the straps a little bit longer considering this is a new pack on my my contour - I actually had to use Canady Jim Nantz and paracord on the bottom in order to secure things I could fit this this tent on the bottom of this but in the cooler weather the sleeping bags get bigger and I will put the sleeping bag underneath because it wouldn't fit inside it and the straps just didn't do it so I had to add the paracord it seems like Maxpedition did not make the straps any bigger on this one I'm not sure why but it's not the biggest deal in the world you could add paracord you can even make the straps longer yourself if need be but in this bag the beauty is it's so big inside that I can actually fit my seam bag inside I don't have to attach it to the outside and therefore the problem is solved so again Big Agnes tent in there it's got the poles the tent itself and the pegs in there I don't have the fly in there because I plan on putting a big 10 by 10 tarp up high up so I can have a place to work under and stuff like that this is for this upcoming trip in a couple days so straps get back cinch down and we're all good it's got that rubberized coating that we've come to love from Maxpedition on the bottom where I do most of my overnighters and I'm planning on doing this one there's not a good water source there is but it's kind of sketchy so I prefer to bring my water in side pocket really good for that I go Maxpedition water bottle I've had that actually for a really long time so don't try and think I'm just plugging Maxpedition here but that's the water ball I've had so I do have a grape if this side pocket like it cinches down for sure but if it was just a touch bigger I can actually get my cup oh I feel like maybe a couple millimeters wider and it would have been perfect I can get my my cup out but it takes a little bit of issue again not not really that big a deal but just little things that maybe in the future they can tweak on so that's my titanium cup that I'll use for cooking and boiling water and whatnot so that's the outside of the bag done I already mentioned on this side this is where I would put my tripod sticks in there it fits down in there really nice and then I can snap up the belt on there and cinch it down I would show you that but all

see I'm using my tripod as we speak he's got these little zippers right so again like I said camera gear is important to me and where I'm going to put my camera gear in my bag is important normally I'll carry my DSLR on the way in and and just being ready to shoot video and whatnot but in this zipper behind the pocket I can actually put my GoPro so I will be bringing my GoPro be bringing two cameras and a bunch of battery life and all that stuff plan on getting a good half an hour worth a video at the end or whatever but it's always good to have two cameras and this with my GoPro always stays on this little tripod and it goes perfectly right there easy access if I need to get it out for any kind of reason at all so that's that also on the hip belt hill built hip belt has these pockets as well more of like a backpacking saw backpack and I keep my emergency fire starter or my emergency tinder fire started whatever in there all this is so you're in sample container with orange tape on the outside the orange tape could be used for multiple things on the inside it's got just that pressed wood and some strike-anywhere matches

sorry it's storm proof any more matches storm proof strike-anywhere matches bit so it's a hefty pack I'm not sure the exact weight it's gotta weigh about four pounds it does have that internal frame on it and in the back it's got these nice this error airflow and it's got a groove in the middle for the air flow and it's padded it's actually got nice you can feel the little bubbles and padding on the back same with the straps and down here too and the where it goes by your waist is super padded as well so let's open her up and get to the goods inside so we'll do the front compartment that's as much as it opens up I'd say a 3/4 way open it's got a pretty good mesh pocket here where I'll keep things like headlamp a compass and a journal a note notepad for the field also in the front this would be my food for an overnighter I'll have things like oatmeal dehydrated meal snacks whatever stuff like that the old silk Esau is a pocket boy works real good camp towel these are invaluable it's like a ShamWow style deal dries real quick and it absorbs a lot of water bug spray for this time of year fall Nivens sharpening kit with a straw a little char cloth material maker that's all I have in the front so this front as you can see is organized this is the the spot where you put things you don't want to lose what you want to zip up and maybe it's got a keeper for your keys to maybe want to use your keys in there but the front pocket is always things I'm gonna use that are small and in like Elsa not in their own pouches or whatever so they weren't they're not just loose in my backpack so and the zippers are always good on exhibition a no fear of it ripping or anything big part again a 3/4 open I would like to see it open completely it opens up a lot of possibilities you know how to dig around in there but again these are just nitpicking things it's not a big deal gloves leather gloves extra water folder this is a 1 litre Platypus air core bag so in here is my first-aid my lid to my pot my my spoon patch kit for my therma rest all sorts of things like that this is my Sigma pod a hammock again I'm not sleeping in my hammock this is just for hanging out relaxing in I do not like sleeping in the hammocks my down pillow ball in this is my 10 by 10 nylon tarp bushcraft Outfitters it's a bit bulky but it fits and my sleeping bag so warm weather sleeping bag so inside that's empty it's got lots of room like enough room for me to put all these things in for an overnighter this is what I want to have for an overnighter at this time of year this is just you could do so much more you could do so much less you know what I mean but this is what I prefer this is what I feel like I want to have both there for 24 hours however long all out therefore I'm not bringing the dog if I was I bring some extra things for him it's just too hot for him he can't handle it he's got a thick double undercoat he's a Belgian Malinois he might be mixed with a German Shepherd but he's got such a thick coat that he dies when we're out there I can't take him on the summer so in the back it's got this little pocket and I always have my blue foam trusty blue foam pad this thing's seen better days but I don't go anywhere without it good for Fanning the fire sitting on whatever so the frame is inside it's got this zipper where you can actually take the frame out it's like this Holly with aluminum stay in it I'm just going to leave it in hey I want the rigidity I don't wanna have this thing packed up with 20 pounds with no no frame in it just me that's it on the very top they've got this soft like fealty kind of place where they're saying that you can put your sunglasses or whatever I'm not too worried about with sunglasses but again the camera here I like to have my camera gear safe and I like to have it easily accessible so I've got in here I've got two DSLR batteries in a baggie with a SD card and then here I've got my hat clip and my extra battery for my GoPro so those are things I really really really don't want to lose these each battery for a DSLR is 100 bucks and the memory card if you don't have your memory card you don't have a video right and that's that's the whole point

so those things go up in the in the sunglasses part I like it I like the backpack I can't see then it's a good bag I can't say that it's better than my max efficient condor 2 because I've not used it yet I think it's a good bag it looks like a good bag to me I know that Maxpedition products are bomb-proof so we'll see I'm going to go out a couple days and test it out so I'm going to pack all this stuff back up in here maybe put it on my back and show you guys how it rides here's just a quick shot of showing the size difference on both of them as you can see the xanthus is quite a bit bigger than the contour - that's exactly why I wanted it so once again I'm in my backyard guys this is not a review this is just my initial thoughts on my loadout figured I'd do it now before I actually get it out in the blush that way I can spend my time out there filming actual things I'm letting you know how I actually feel about the pack rather than just looking at the specs and what I put in it anyways there it is I feel like it rides really nice probably weighs about 20 pounds everything included the water in the backpack itself

I had this over up my bug buddy Doug's and he's six feet tall at least and I know a lot of the complaints on that old Maxpedition was at the waist belt but ride up like her right under the nipples if you're a big guy but he just let these ones down these straps down and it fit him down here totally fine and then me I'm a little a little Hobbit II kind of guy and just wrench up on it and it's all good so we shall see look forward to a an overnight video using this backpack within the next week there's always been Joe here take care guys I'll see you on the next one you

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