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Doug and I Annoying Each Other for an Hour Straight :) Episode 2


We had a blast.

Check out Doug's video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUluUjEjUU4&t=67s

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Video Transcription

good morning get up for some time just kind of hanging out by the fire pit not the fucker we've caught a couple bass this morning

hello 10 we haven't really done anything but just kind of sit and that's that's been fun so oh it's a good morning good morning

Hajin heck oh she's warm you're hot it's a little hot why'd you make it so hot I don't know oh good warning we're having a William friend oh good morning it's been a nice morning I just been sitting around the fire pit didn't start the fire till now it's after 10:00

we're gonna cook some bacon and eggs excuse me for breakfast so yeah good night I slept all night I've only got once to pee which is abnormal for old Joe so real good night's sleep and yeah I've got a couple baths this morning just from shore which is fun today will be a nice day I think I want to find some cliffs to jump off of I found a couple yesterday as I was paddling around maybe 10 15 feet up up off the water not too crazy or anything but also I think we might we'll do that yeah yep go down there's a little portage bring just our canoes and none of our camping gear or whatever get down there fish in there today and just kind of explore hang out I don't recall can you maybe try to keep it off the lichen let's get free oh yeah just put that begs now but I am that's for both of us right that's all the bacon that's all the bacon yeah oh no it's gonna be a mix of scrambled flipped flicked eggs that's a thing flipped you got have you spoken to mr. scramble Oh lately oh oh you're doing that hey you do that bacon grease in a puddle of anything that is beautiful I don't know if that will even cook on that can I get that Lake in peace my campaign first here's a bacon are those eggs I can't wait so he just threw some spice in there some Joe robinette what but not only does any old spice this is Joe Robinette blend for real it's made in Quebec there will be package soon and I will be promoting it soon it's good for steak chicken fish spicy sweet salty it's really good put a lot of on the on the eggs so I'll give you a rundown I've been using it at home and I'd be using other smoke show stuff and a Lee sauce and also a smoked jalapeno hot sauce which is super tasty hey Olli alright so we put the eggs back in the carton this is my plate for today multi-use plate for sure mmm spicy my turn Thanks people always on your comments I never liked Doug and then until I watched your videos and yeah I really like you know she's got to separate you for me then you're a nice guy good it's too late

yep that spice is good BAM give a little bit of saltiness in it I like the salt salt is a key breakfast was good

we were headed out now to go fishing for the day I'm bringing my swimming stuff my shoes my shorts my towel some food or water my water filter I mean yeah you gone for the day probably look if I find some nice cliffs I am going to jump enjoy that there's an airplane yeah well you're playing coming to check on me once again do it alright thanks bye but we don't need much nice carrying those little water filters me and you I'm constrain water at all got our food tied up and our kevlar bags on the tree behind fires dung really made sure to put that fire safety first Oh check out Doug's video to see just how much or disparate some real entertainment my backpack bro in your face leave it leave it leave it hold on still dance we just pull up a pants in do the Rockaway go up River do you have long for Tosh and just see what the river has to offer got our swim trunks next drink drinks water filter good should be good see you there


all right dad everything's coming up millhouse don't tap my boat bro that's right keep paddling so we're coming up to a spot that I camped last time just up there we're gonna head down farther see how far we can get today it's nice man really nice spot there's no uh no breeze at all I could deal I could deal with a little bit of a breeze and be honest dog the other day right ahead there's a in front of us it looks like land it's actually just an old Beaver Dam that's the one that the bear ran across in my last video that when I was here falling falling falling

little black squirrel which I never see in the woods running to the end of a log that goes over to the water we're gonna see what yeah we're gonna see what he's gonna do

is he gonna swim he's taking a drink for sure little little drinky-poo oh oh diving board diving board he's going he's going man I hope a pike comes and grabs him that was a trip I thought for sure he's going what are you doing homie he's at the very end almost maybe a three feet two feet from the end see these are strange fella no ride big guy like oh he's walking a super tall his belly wet

that is funny whoa squirrel boy he's looking yeah he lifts over and then we wrote there's some decent rock in here might not even have to lift over oh yeah there's some can openers in here for sure you know what you know it's just a little lift over there's some high rocks but it's nothing Oh manoeuvrability +10 experienced Oh might be able to paddle it might be able to skirt through oh boy yeah nice and sleazy it's very pretty in here coming into the the gates

yeah I think it is it's a decent one we've been catching anyway oh yeah he's bigger than any of the other ones I caught the whole trip not saying much but bigmouth Billy bass for sure oh nice and easy hook release look at Beauty fish I like catching bass fuck only one my favorite fish to fish for now we're we were already thugs got one on - no sign of people and even after that little poor Tosh I guarantee there's gonna be less side of people dougies on the board in the new area she's hot over here man whoa we spit it second cast second fish that was a decent one - through for a loop it's hot over here third fish Oh bassy guy it's getting hot again the Sun had gone behind a cloud it was very nice he was actually ideal but I'll take what I can get there's a lot more clouds today than there was yesterday so that's good that's good there's a fun way to fish man these lucky worms I got it down now I needed a little help from Doug last night but I got it down yes fighting this small but felt decent not the smallest definitely not the biggest

there's a note it's almost like it's a large boom bass though we just been coddling fishing taking our time going over a bass every now and then I'd like to go up and find the spot that Ken and I can take seven or eight years ago it's up here not too far now I didn't come this far when I was by myself the last time it's fun to explore this this place Saturday haven't heard or seen of anyone which is nice it's 1:30

I like camping the people I'll be camping by myself too much it's very fun having Doug here yes sir yes sir it's a big and pulling me into the weeds oh yeah pulled me right into the weeds dude this is a decent fish Oh buddy all in the weeds oh yeah that's all right that's certainly my biggest fish of the trip no doubt that GoPro could fit in his mouth very cool well let him go and he's old well that was cool it's always fun to catch a big one these worms are awesome very fun to use okay we're at this spa really nice spot and I believe that this is the spot that Ken and I stayed out about eight years ago 78 years ago so I'm gonna go up on up here and check it out I pulled up thinking it looked familiar I'm like if there's a beaver lodge on that side it's gotta be and there is one right there that Doug's fishing at and I remember there being this little musky mosquito we parked behind for sure which would have made it not an ideal place to camp but we were young and we were looking to fish and swim and looking for a flat spot oh yeah this is definitely okay yep yep do this old firewood right cut the saw

for a bear one day and then our old fire pit here this little depression we used that as a chair I also used I think a food barrel for a chair yeah man very cool this was our view pretty nice to get the canoe down there Ken's got an iconic picture of it like that nice view down the river and I one of the very few times I did I hung in a hammock through the hennessy hammock over in between these oh there was blueberries all over the ground it was in June lots of mosquitoes yeah I tied off from that tree to that tree I used some rocks to put up my tie oats the bungees what a cool spot yeah most the places I go aren't very like unless I'm really near my house they don't have these Oaks and maples and stuff and it's nice to have the canoe with that type of tree usually tall conifers right spruces Pines here they have it all they have it all all right get back in the canoe do some fishing probably head back ain't not too long pretty far away from from our camp it's 2 o'clock good day is that a GoPro in your pocket danger Doug is gonna climb up here with his new camera literally a sheer rock face he's climbing he's climbing nah he's not climbing anymore nothing I've just got commentary don't worry

I imagine he's just a dot up there now but he made it the injured dog made it he's gonna throw me his GoPro from up there can you make it across is it easy walking over to the ledge is it easy walking over that way this is nowhere to jump off if you look at the bottom it's all just sharp rocks you know behind a cloud for some time now which is very nice very nice hey can you pass me your GoPro yeah


Oh GoPro hello GoPro want me to throw it back up no there's two GoPros in gopro session huh okay I couldn't let Doug have all the fun I gotta climb this thing too

no I already looked at that that's not a that's not a good jumping rock I jump from a high no problem but no I have a Laura quarry I've jumped from that high that's why I'm saying no we'd have to go down check out the water yeah that's why I was scoping out down there I didn't see myself coming up the way you came up I'm just too too short oh man made her up she's uh she's nice so we're high up lilypad looks super cool okay we are up here hi man clay toasty up here though

full Sun on the rocks I'm gonna climb down get some water you want stick you want me to do uh-huh almost down let's take a whole rock slide here it's nice to know the rocks are standing on our stable and it's not always the case right here it's rock slide hurry is did it we were back for some time it's kind of lounging went swimming already once dried off completely but she's a toasty one bud so it's time jumping again I'm just gonna take a page out of Doug's book and throw this GoPro in the water it's coming I'm telling you there was a SWAT over here yeah there are really cold spot there's no way this is springfed but well then it's definitely sprung Fred dude



so the sun's pretty relentless even behind this tarp here feels like you're inside a tent kind of thing so across the lake across the river the shade the Sun is on that side so the trees are casting some shade Doug's already out there I think I'm going to get dressed head out there got my fishing gear and hang out in the shade in the boat and also get a fish for supper so guys I want to apologize until it comes to fall this is what I'll be doing I can't really go into the woods this time of year around my house or even here it's just so bug filled and this is a time for fishing time for you do it around for me so soon as September October rolls around especially if I'm in my new place we doing lots of bushcraft builds maybe some like more outdoor cooking stuff and I'll have if I am moved I'll have my own location where I can set up a bushcraft base can have a big old shelter and have a lot of fun out there bring the dog so I know it's getting to be the end of the the camping canoe camping season so it's getting a bit older that's how it is I change with the seasons right guys I've been doing that for like ten years just in the winter it's winter stuff spring spring stuff so it starts to get another camping follows my favorite thank you guys like the Falls as much as idea noise that's what it seems where the view counts on the videos I've been putting videos over pretty regularly again and they're just music garbage I know it's because of summer

to visit Kyle in California - thumbnails of legit mountains and Kyle in them and doing different stuff and still it's just a deadtime year for the outdoor people as it should be and that's what you get for playing around oh I got him still I thought I messed up now I messed up we are looking for supper now so I don't want to mess around too much but turn on that silly camera anyways fishings getting hot again died out for a couple hours in the daytime there these wacky worms are just so fun have I said that how much I enjoy fishing with these wacky worms so you really see the water line on the rock the waters low with summer so that makes sense it's gonna dry summer - there's a little pocket in the lily pads over here let me have some luck yeah just nibbling they're not committing at all no if it's a small guy a little crappie or something right the lily pads now though give me a bag those a good cast if you cast a bass well it's a good thing Doug's here slaying him all day and I can't catch anything to save my life right now Doug was having he said it was your own right but he's was able to grab a couple anyways so I went to get some firewood and serve a fire and cut up my potatoes onions garlic and all that stuff I got the Gerlich but over there I'll show you there's Sun peeping through it looks even cooler

Oh little Sun poking through go for a quick player again using my fat would set

pocketing dogs later we cut these potatoes trying to keep them in evenly cut pieces that way they all cook I like the crispy bits of it so don't mind that but we'll be sure to put a bunch of onion and garlic in here too yeah three big potatoes this should be plenty Plus that fish dug kind of up into smaller pieces so we cop it's a run-on joke go watch dogs video to find out so three potatoes bunch of garlic and onion in there and look at this butter it's already melted just ready to be drooped down there I do not have enough tinfoil to do to have two pieces but can be double wrapped oh you want spices in it yeah just like that whole hobo funny Joe all right when you get some room without anything cold one

oh yeah oh no crispy bits in this piece Oh

little crispy on the bottom there are fishes here potatoes here Tigers here it's a good meal I'm excited yeah heck yeah buddy yeah what you weren't seeing buck no no all right tell what the spread boys and girls it's hard to see because of a microphone there we go but it blew them Tigers this really is good fish hot bass Sal bass no that's from Doug hey Sal bass Seinfeld Oh Sal bass no finding Dory named Sebastian Bach that number will Jose what lies okay yep I will check back in with you first thing in the morning and that's the trip really will be will be packing up and headed home so great date today what was your favorite brother day young Joseph when you said and that's the and I thought you're gonna say bottom line that stone cold said so what was your favorite part of the day so my hair bristled Douglas yeah yeah but that was like a necessity a necessity more than like highly I like climbing up that cliff mm-hmm that was cool

like catching all those fish you're like a billy goat oh you know what I did this morning

and you only see it if you watched upsides video she was plugged I went around in the fog while you're sleeping you like the Wombats well that's enough about yeah it was a good day I had a good day too I don't know what my favorite part of day was maybe all right I'll just catching all of you know what actually sitting here in the morning was really fun too it's very true okay guys it's probably about bedtime so I'm going to in this video tonight and I'll catch you guys in the morning not much is gonna happen tomorrow we both got a pretty hefty Drive so I imagine you know I honestly don't feel like getting up in Russian over here either okay we'll get up and relax a bit and then didn't paddle on out the last the last haul is the hardest so maybe we'll eat some some joke meal and get our strength above us all right good night guys we'll see in the morning

well guten morgen I I good sleep last night

but you dougie yep yep let me get some water on it some oatmeal for breakfast did it he's poking me in the butt alright let some water out for breakfast had a good night's sleep oh you can't see me I'm not unfocused not in frame slept all through the night she's gonna get a little breakfast going and pack up and get out here so uh 7:30 it's nice out no bugs this whole trip no bugs not in the morning night just airplanes those boots actually worked out really well for me I want to get this on my bush buddy well I Yammer on to you

the boots worked out really well I liked them a lot I would highly recommend though maybe I'll look and see what exactly they are so you can that's the ticket

or Philly don't forget use your airfryer - well I'm sorry they don't say what kind they are there 116 dollars at Sport Chek for who else applies left get a head out got a couple our paddle and then all day drive to get home tomorrow is my seven year wedding anniversary with my wife so I need to be home tonight and I will be taking her out to do something pretty awesome tomorrow so thanks a lot for watching the video guys I really appreciate it thank you for your continued support those who are still watching in the summertime I really appreciate you nothing about good things to come nothing but more new exciting different trips to come hopefully open might be in my new place soon hopefully I'll have my baby soon my wife is due September 10th and it is August 12th right now she doesn't have the baby by September 10th they are inducing her so by September 10th I will have another daughter oh sure I'll see you guys before then stay good be nice enjoy the outdoors that's not my tagline see on the next one guys

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