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all right boy well hello folks I'm gonna set on my gloves let's settle my gloves I'm a big ol choppers Oh today it's 2018 I've reached 500,000 subscribers it's negative 20 degrees Celsius and mr. Scutaro and I are in the woods for the day to hook up a lunch and to talk to you my fine subscribers but a few things jacobson pack with me so we've been getting a pretty steady snowfall nothing crazy but we've got enough accumulation here where I could say it comfortably we have about six to eight inches of snow on the ground you can see here what this is odd for my where I live especially for this early in the winter for it to have accumulated and stay around and be this cold it's a good thing very good thing it's like a old-school winter perfect very good so we're gonna I want to get some firewood together I'm probably gonna show too much of it get a fire going cook up some food and talk to you guys

ooh you know what I see a perfect perfect base for my fire good boy that's the old ash tree with its bark peeling off look at that I mean great shelter building material boom I'll put that shelter that I just did that video with Mike this is exactly the kind of stuff that I would want to put on on the on the roof this will be waterproof stuff is phenomenal but the problem is down here hardwoods hardwoods hardwoods and up there ah not ash got oak we got maple this is ash anyways I think a little spot on the ground and have a fir it is bright out here with the Sun I came in telephone I'm in a viewfinder or not but listen in the winter maybe some people think it's silly to wear sunglasses and a toque together but your eyes can get real messed up from that glare off the snow so we're gonna keep some sunglasses on today just chewing on that lug all right these gloves talked about them before with these are surplus mitts I think they're I believe they're Canadian surplus they're wool and leather some snot rags and these are my go-to when it's like negative 15 or colder we sitting on this this log this fall logs here so I want to have my fire just a bit in front of me enough where I'm not gonna melt my boots any more than they've been melted since there's snow everything looks different and stuff I've come to a different spot in the woods that I normally come to so there's lots and lots of dead standing stuff that I haven't like access before lots of small stuff that'll get my fire going really eat started really easy stuff like this I can literally just just break it and I mean I don't really need any tools or anything I do have a saw and a small little hatchet act grants for zode or X but for now this is the name of game man just walking around grabbing twigs then I can get my fuel pieces on after this is what I've got so far not much but you'll uh should get a small warming fire going and then as that's going I can process some bigger fuel pieces so I think I'm just gonna snap off some small twigs and get that fire going right now good boy and go through what I brought it out here in a little bit but right now I got a little tiny 5x7 carp that I'm just gonna lay on the ground so that I can organize my stuff and then after that Scout can lay on and if he wants to I do have some reflective snacks can buffer him from the cold as well if he needs it I brought it for him just because I'm planning on being out here for today reflectix can go right underneath as well back up buddy so I really just want to concentrate on the very smallest pieces I can get right now I do have a fire starter I'm going to use I got my fat rope stick just like shavings of it yeah the fat rope I think shavings actually so I'll use that with my first is that what I was talking about it's called fat rope have you seen the used couple things like this in the past but this is just like the shavings so I'll bust it up so take a spark pretty easily there's gonna throw a little handful down there this is probably way overkill I'm sure it is crazy I got you some food don't worry big guy my new Mora garb rope sheath from one tree leather with fire steel loop just off to get a decent player still for but she fits in there like the glove I told you last time I was gonna get one of these after the Turley sheath I got nice and solid block with the red stitching just like I asked and she fits in there like the glove it's this fiery 180 and fireworks this is what's so good about a fire steel you can just kind of rub it in the snow and then wipe her off and give it a go give it a go by hands

it's not- 20 I should elaborate it's not- 20 by itself it's negative Tony with the windchill I don't know what it is by itself I can look on my phone here in a second and see oh I know it hurts ah I know my hands hurt you get you some food soon negative 12 but it feels like negative 22 I hope you can see that on that it's so blinding out here now you have 12 degrees Celsius feels like negative 22

I don't know that must be with the windchill I guess but it's not that bad again you lazy next to it it's like no no don't mind me don't worry about what I got go huh good boy so five hundred thousand subs guys half a million subscribers let me let me say thank you first of all obviously 500,000 subscribers is not possible without 500,000 subscribers viewers like you PBS stuff it took me like seven or eight years to get a hundred thousand subscribers and in 1 year 2017 I got four hundred thousand more actually I think I'm sitting out like 500 five five hundred thousand five right now yeah but that was by New Year's anyway so four hundred thousand subs but but in one year which is insane for me considering how long it took me to get that first hundred

it's humbling it's it's actually unbelievable really like I don't fully grasp it my wife was able to quit her job in 2017 and stay home and be ready for the kid when she gets done school and be able to see her and cook and be there and that's what we all wanted right like when she originally first started working again emerald my daughter was three so will my wife hadn't work for three years and she really wanted to work so I said by all means go you know what I mean I'll help with the kid and we'll make it work we both worked a bit for a bit there before I before I quit but then she doesn't want to work anymore she worked for a good two and a half years there and she was tired she was the manager of where she worked that she was tired of coming home and not even being able to see our daughter before she had to go to bed anyway and I was like five six days a week and I wanted her home she wanted to be home so we both were able to make the call she was able to make the call I was able to provide enough for her to have that luxury to make that call that she was able to go home to come home and stay home do you like do you know how good that made me feel very good very very good I'm providing for my family well and I'm doing what I love and again it's because of you guys so thank you thank you very much also in 2017 I became a home owner for the very first time I'm 33 years old born in 1984 and in 2017 I became a homeowner I should say my wife and myself became homeowners I bought the house that I've lived in on and off my whole life but my wife and I have lived in this house for the last about six years seven years and when I moved into it it was my gret it was my grandmother's host to begin with he's laying in the snow eating a mystic if you didn't know this anyway not on the bed but huh yeah I had lived my grandma had bought that host brand-new I lived in and out of it my whole life my mother was raised in it just lots of memories and lots of lots of family history in that host so I was given the option to buy it out once when I originally started renting it from my uncle six or seven years ago never thought that was going to be able to happen he told me that this spring coming up 2018 he has to sell it regardless he's getting a little old can't have that on his conscience if he if he goes he doesn't want to leave his wife with it and I completely understood so the option was a move and try to get a mortgage somewhere which we went bankrupt like three years ago you know we're broke broke broke broke broke anyways went bankrupt three years ago so I getting a mortgage is gonna be a nippy thing for meeting myself and my wife or settling somewhere where we don't want to settle renting which honestly has been just throwing money away and I don't want to do that anymore okay lady okay but then when this YouTube thing really kicked off and things started getting better financially but I was on a canoe trip and this all ties into it - we've been wanting to have another kid as well and our fear our whole plan the whole time was get Oda wins or get out of wins a good out of Windsor and and and it's still our plan but we can't just jump to that right so I'm concerned about moving away and not having a health line or like even like our family's around us which we have to help us now yeah for the baby for whatever my wife is a high-risk pregnancy she has a disease called von Willebrand's disease it's a blood disease she could not get an epidural the first time she had her natural emerald naturally in about two hours so we got so lucky guys and I'm just concerned that the doctors up there I'm gonna no I'd rather be home for a pregnancy home for a newborn you don't even Windsor but we have our our families and stuff so I'm on a canoe trip but I'm open by myself at night and I'm just thinking and it just clicks it's like yes we want to move away from Windsor very badly but I can't just jump to that so what so so so I buy this house that I live in now which I really didn't want to do I didn't want to live here anymore but I buy this house you live in now we put some money into it we sell it in about four or five years and and move away and have that income or that capital from that house and then everything that I've banked already to be able to put a mortgage down or a down payment on somewhere where we want to live

and being home for those five years we can have a kid with four or five years we could have a kid and have our support lines here and the doctors here that know what's going on and everything and it just kind of all made sense so we were able to get the mortgage you had to put half down we got a steal on the house who just just just bought it for the the remainder of the mortgage that was left over that was the the deal that my uncle had offered me six or seven years ago I'm very thankful to him for that and we we've done it all it's everything's done the house is in our name we've begun to make renovations on it because us living there for four or five years we need to make it our own you know I mean I didn't do much to it before because it wasn't mine and I really really want to make it ours now so we're doing a lot of renovations to it as we speak and yeah it's pretty exciting

there's lots of stuff going on we've been trying for another kid no luck yet but last time it took about almost a year anyway so who knows I want to have the kid as soon as possible because I'd like it to be as close in age to emerald as possible we've already waited too long I feel like I said I'm 33 my wife is 434 whoa real talk okay this has burned down to pretty good coals I'm gonna get some food out show you what I got and start making up delicious let's just brunch delicious bunch okay you got a cup you got a ten-centimeter Billy can that has an everything bagel that fits nicely inside of it let me just back that off a bit fits right inside of it and then we've got an egg that's wrapped in paper towels just inside there so we're gonna do that up we also have some coffee the Jiva cubes coffee again got some butter some cheese and the piece de resistance breakfast sausage one for me one for mr. scoots so looking forward to that that will always be good and frozen butter and cheese on like I said frozen butter frozen cheese I got my grill and I got a chair actually but I don't think I want to use it I got my plate - good good work should work okay I'm just gonna stick that insert and the coals real quick to get it hot so that I can kind of paint the frozen butter onto it so that my egg will come out nice and easy as opposed to not nice and easy hard as it were probably enough squares making everything a little warmer hey it's funny how fire does that warms things up okay nice oh oh I got a shell it'll keep its shell in there come on come on there we go all right that's good like that okay now I'll just build that spot up real quick

put some twigs and then grill my other food on the other side these are pork sausages I like these ones and also like the turkey ones breakfast sausages I'm gonna have to get a little bit more fire probably underneath there that's okay I can scoop some of these coals underneath there too

all right everything is done the sausage is for Scout got my bagel nice and toasted my cheese somewhat melted but my my egg will do the rest for the melting of the cheese this is gonna go on my bag oh yeah get my my egg eater her you see that stuff still in frame nope I'm excited for this can you tell all right try and do this spatula would have been a good idea my knife will probably work just fine oh yeah buddy oh you know what I'm missing is pepper pepper is the ingredient that I am missing okay this is gonna come out nice and perfect actually look at this wait till you see this superhot okay I gotta take a picture of that one and I also want to start steeping my my coffee and do this quick oh I'm stoked get over there to keep it warm overtop of the fire and this is good to go I've had to turn around the Sun is very bright in my face right now and if I shot the other way I just all be backlit I can't see anything I can't see anything okay here you go scope it's a big part for you right now savor that take a little blade of mine I think my yoke might be a little bit runny still which would be awesome all right cheers guys happy 2018 first for his breakfast outside oh he's got a BAM Sun on one of those I'm gonna get my coffee we have one second here here's your last piece and you know where your blanket is go lay down good

oh yeah buddy where have you been all my life


so woke up the other day I'm watching my normal YouTube feed and I'm seeing all of these famous youtubers talking about this thing that logan paul did which is absolutely crazy I don't watch Logan Paul I don't watch Jake Paul either I don't think that many of my subscribers watched them but I could be way off on that

I think they targeted towards children to be honest for the most part they're just loud obnoxious like braggarts basically and it just it's just weird entertainment you could tell their to just fake people but what I saw other youtubers talking about what they did was what Logan Paul did was absolutely insane so remember these people are entertaining your children okay he goes to Japan and there's a specific forest in Japan where people go to off themselves it's got a specific name and they go there looking for a specific thing and they find it and they film it and he's making jokes about it craziness think about that this is children watching this how is that even allowed on YouTube when Sean gets videos restricted for using an axe you know what I mean I've had restricted videos for talking and then that video got trending number one on YouTube not crazy

like even telling you guys this story I'm trying to not use specific words because I'm scared of my video getting flagged and restricted you all know what I mean by there's a special for a certain force in Japan where people go to offer themselves it is it's a thing and they went there looking for that and found that and filmed it and this is so disrespectful imagine the people's the person's family Japan is already a place of like honor you know what I mean and like things like that and that's why I believe I don't know but I believe that's why it's in the culture I mean old samurais would do it I think it's just part of their culture and to put that out on YouTube and where they've got whoa I don't know billions of people watching them some of the some of their videos are huge and I'm saying they're kind of just lumping both of the low the Paul brothers together but because they are the book dummies they do um they do just just like shock a random stuff it's just it's it's fake you can tell it's fake in anyways my point is this is the point to that monitor what your kids are watching monitor what your children are watching on YouTube because there's not just because you think you've seen a little bit or you see their their wholesome because they used to be on did the Disney Channel they got fired from the Disney Channel no I mean you've got to really really pay attention to what your children are watching on TV and YouTube especially right now YouTube is the big thing there's not as much censorship they're trying to get it but they're censoring

censoring all the wrong things obviously if that if they put that to trending number one number one video come see this guy disgrace all and nothing will come of it he made an apology it sounded like a half-assed just boasting about himself and then took that down I made another apology so who knows who knows if he's sincere who knows if he actually knows he messed up but regardless of that people all mess up I've messed up big-time and pass monitor what your children are watching on YouTube craziness another reason I make this channel without swearing without things that I think that children shouldn't watch because I have parents and and Families email me all the time saying that this is like there are nurses Friday night get together they watch Joe Joe video kids of babies kids with babies parents with babies say that anyways this has been very good very very good

you think he wants a little bit more oh boy

well Scout refuses to lay on his bed that I made him and he keeps putting his paws up in the air being cold so I think we're gonna do is walk around for a bit get the blood flowing and AH and just explore a little bit of the winter of the little winter woods so just packing up now my hands are about to fall off they are so cold I was about to take down my saw and the thought of touching the cold metal is not pleasant so let the gloves on I would highly recommend these gloves gotta look for them a surplus stores they're not the most next provide the most dexterity like you can see but they are easy on and off and they're warm and those two things are important in the winter time I wish this saw fit in there a little bit better pack is cool it's only how much just saw sticks out of it okay let's go Walker on the woods briskly I'm sure most of you realized that last week's video was a very old video was old footage at a club that I made into a video and I said that in the description and stuff honey not everybody catches on to that but hope that you all understood that it was pretty cool to look back on that footage and see what I was saying three years ago see how far everything's changed and everything but pretty cool pretty cool I was sick last week pretty pretty bad actually the whole week just getting it over it now I wanted to do an overnighter this week I'm just not feeling up to it but very soon I'm going to do a pretty cool overnighter I got a bunch of surplus stuff from Australia I got a pretty cool subscriber sent me a bunch of stuff like one of those LK 35 backpacks and then some some tarps of hoochie turf so I can't Kucha I can't remember the name off the top of my head anyways that go together it's all military surplus stuff so I figured I come out doing over and over with that'd be pretty fun I'm not sure if I'll bring the dog or not and depending on how cold it is when I do have my when I do a winter winter hot tent camp thing I'll bring Scout for sure but I just don't know about the cold camping with him anymore I don't wanna feel bad for him if he's too cold he has a real big problem with laying on things apparently he'll keep him off the ground but oh it's nice out here man son it's a perfect winter day the sun's out it's a very cold and snowy so as long as you keep moving it's pretty good so yeah 2017 guys she was a she was a messed up here but she was a good year for me I gotta not only have all the stuff I already told you to happen I also got to do a bunch of really cool trips some really memorable ones that stand out to me are the woodland caribou flying float plane flying trip we stayed there in the boreal forest for like nine nights Doug and I crossing Algonquin was very very cool as well lots of lots of good some had some go really good winter trips and videos early on in the year just huh I don't even know I didn't count

last year I counted I think I had like 56 nights out or something I didn't count with this year but I'm sure I beat it this was my job this year guy has it took it serious you know I did almost one video a week except for one month hiatus in August oh I got too old to California to see Kyle I when I saw some but climbed mountains i frickin camped in the mountain good boy go go go camp to the mountains for the first time I was like 20 miles away from the JMT the John Muir Trail oh man I almost died whitewater kayaking I don't know if I ever I never put that video out Kyle and I did a bush like class three-plus whitewater and the American River in California near Sacramento or in Sacramento if not near we rented these duckies which were like sit-on-top kayaks and he blow their inflatable and there was all these guys it was like snub nose or snub nose hard body kayaks the I've never seen water like this let alone gone down it and we spent the full day working our way up I only fell in once but when I did haha it took me I couldn't couldn't get back on lost my paddle these guys come save my life come with me if you want to live kind of thing it was fun man Kyle Kyle wiped out a few times but I think though the worst was me almost dying but oh and getting sunburn on my legs second and third-degree sunburn on my legs that from that day full seven hours in the Sun just exposed little white virgin Canadian legs in the California July Sun that was fun that was a fun trip show Kyle hope he's doing good I hope you all had a good Christmas in new year hope you're all feeling rejuvenated and having goals and and feeling like you want to improve on things I know I do I have something coming up I want to talk to you guys about but that's gonna be for the next video but improving myself for 2018 huh yeah okay well guys if I'm being honest this tripod and camera it's getting pretty heavy hold out in front of me Oh walking I think I'm just gonna enjoy the rest of the time here with scope put this camera away so once again you guys Rock seriously thank you very much for all of the support and all the views and all of the comments and all of the likes I appreciate it it's it's awesome it's it been allowing me to do more and more things so thank you hope everyone has a great year hope everyone has a great day I will see you soon with an actual trip video the next video will be a trip vo it'll be pretty cool and I'll talk to you about what I want to talk to you about at the beginning of that video good bye so my scope say my scope my scope

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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