Quick flint and steel demo


Showing how to throw sparks and blow charcloth into flames with a tinder ball.

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Video Transcription

this is my flint and steel kit got my can then I keep my char cloth in and make it in that as well that's why the holes on the top my piece of rock that i use for Flint not sure what it is I don't believe it's Flint though my striker and a piece of chaga or tinder fungus stuffs uh very valuable to me it's almost like gold works great keeps a number and I keep it all on this leather pouch made by a forum number Tennessee der it's really nice it's big enough that I can keep even some tinder and it like a tinder ball today I'm going to use Phragmites read for tinder ball I never knew you could do that I always thought it would just go up too quick but another for remember kgd show me that

alright so my tender are sorry my char cloth shrimp a piece off doesn't have to be that big try and find a good spot on my rock to stray clip


I don't know if you can see it is glowing see that

place it on my Phragmites and there's fire and now we're going to use the chaga or the tinder fungus it'd be the same exact thing it just holds a number a little bit longer than the tender than the char cloth

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