How to be Comfortable in the Woods.


I show a couple alternatives to bringing a chair, or sitting on the ground in the woods.

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after a hard day of walking around the woods even camping you know just being out for a few days it's a really important thing to have somewhere to sit and rest your back I think that's fantastic when you can rest your back so using just a couple pieces of gear that I brought they're super lightweight and this dead tree right here I'm going to show you how I like to sit in the bush so just making sure this tree is dead and it is so we'll cut it down that's probably sufficient maybe we'll do a back cut so basically I need like three straight pieces of this so I'll measure out probably what the size of my axe would do three pieces that way that big and I'll cut them so the bottom is kind of gnarled and stuff and I don't really need it want to start on off two feet up so measure boom that's one just market to market and that'll be three right there so I'm doing is just cleaning it up now I want to make like a stake out of it

so obviously take the bottom part which is sorry the top part which is thinner for the bottom now a champ for the top so it doesn't mushroom out too much on me

like to make this part this top part up here flat it's on the diagonal from choppin so thank you flat cool now that parts done

so the other pieces of gear that I have with me that I was talking about that would be part of my chair this is blue foam pad this thing has been with me for like 10 years go strong use it to fan the fire everything it's a useful piece of kit goes with me on every trip and this piece of reflectix it's 3/4 of my body length and use it I fold it up like that and then put my neck seat on it and use it as a backrest you actually use that as a pad underneath my ground sheet or my ground pad works good daddy nice back to this all I'm doing is I'm pounding stakes into the ground on a slight angle going backward and space um I know 3 or 4 inches apart cool now that that's done basically that's your seat right there so it's not that that's hold it up like three or four times you could even make the back taller if you wanted and the blue pad goes on there as well now yeah that's basically it so there's a couple other uses for this I want to show you as well so sometimes you might not have an action to you when I have too many tools with you or sometimes maybe you just want to set up in your log a lot of times we can find firewood in like even good shelter areas right by a big log like this and this is all you need Kyle and I have done multiple day trips with rolling logs to places and using them as a back support like this it works great it's fantastic and so again another use for this is probably one of my favorite uses for this thing I don't like to bring a ground sheet with me I've had bad experience with water pooling on it and just having bad times with it and really I don't like you're grouchy I went for a while without anything underneath but this allows you to get up off the ground even a little bit more like I said it's only 3/4 my body length but I just put it right to my head my weight is not going to be anywhere near my feet there so I'm not worried what pop and popping the pad with anything and it's good to go so I never bring a chair when I go camping I've always used this reflectix stuff it's much better than just sitting right on the ground or sitting on a log not having any back support as you can tell I like it it works real well it goes everywhere with me weighs nothing at all you can find this reflectix stuff from real cheap at like insulation apartment at your hardware store whatever picks them up try it out see what happens I hope you found this video useful

I hope that

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