Sassafrass and Ash Bowdrill set



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Video Transcription

I'm a good buddy is just did that video about sassafras photoset and he thought he could one-up me by using cotton what instead of a a spindle and see what that could see blood haha but i just wanted to show it could be done and like i said on that all my posters could have done it too if you had a spare kinda ash spindle no problem he's a expert oral man and good woodsman so I'm had no doubts he could have done it but check it out

so I'm just gonna burn in the hole right now the notches and cut or anything but oh yeah I got my my blue moose pajamas on today so I'm sure it'll get a lot of comments on that you

so the whole is burned in pretty good and my spindle shard I'll cut the notch on the back all right i got my notch cut spindle already using a an antlered bearing block or socket where you wanna call it here we go I'm going to change the camera angle just one second oh man I got it you

come on it's smoking I inhaled about half of that smoke some in my basement there's no breeze blowing it away from me I hope you guys can see that smoke I'll get it going a little bit better there you go but as you can see what is very hard and very barely even spindle barely even dented it a little bit and it's a hard a spindle so it's acceptable it's useful I find accidental works really well with any kind of would go from soft the best would only har up to the sassafras and sycamore as well alright well just wanted to make that video and thanks for watching this

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