Camping with a Kid.


I take my 4 year old daughter out to the woods to camp overnight.

We set up a tarp shelter, cook over a fire and hang in the hammock




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Video Transcription


I love you so much all righty we're here if you got camping spot for the day and night get rid of our frozen backpack all our bushcraft essentials in there yeah blue and the player is still hot Clint my foot musta just left Clint's might have just left because the fire is still hot watch I'll show you put it above the fire like that see ya little warm hello Joe emerald and Scout over here today and we're happy to be over here right are we happy to be outside you can tell all right ecstatic so mummys away today mommy went shopping with her mommy for a couple days and staying in a hotel a couple hours away so daddy figured what a better time to go spend some daddy-daughter time camping in the woods Oh sweetheart and buddy Clint was nice enough to let us use his place so we parked 15 minute walk away and we hiked in frozen backpack shopping bag and I've also got my Mex log bag my big red one that I take canoe camping so we're going to set up a tarp cook fire over cook food over fire we build what else we gonna do oh that's it drink it okay can I have some thank you so got this water bottle from a subscriber like I put on a video a while ago but I also got this other this other cool thing from subscriber made some stickers of my logo sent them to me a good look and another one yeah we got about 25 of them so very cool thanks a lot buddy I really appreciate it

you turned out awesome I got one on my car one on a couple different now jeans and we'll just put one on our walls we're doing good okay well what do you think about her or tarp setup no this is the ground sheet it's not really necessary but I figured you might feel a little bit better with something on the ground beneath your sleeping pad can you go on that side and pull it out for me thank you ma'am I said ma'am ma'am that means like Miss or lady or girl or woman so there we go there we go look at that perfect size yeah you just step on that with your shoes no problem go ahead now we'll put Scout where are you where should we put skillet over here yeah on the ground there okay

there's Scouts blanket perfect then we got daddy's sleeping pad it's a therm-a-rest NeoAir oh my god Andy's sleeping pad which is I don't know some kind of therm-a-rest can unroll it for me thank you thank you ma'am

what's up little pit over there you want to sleep back up here let's sleep Emme back here daddy here does that work yeah you ready not a big one you like the hammock pretty cool huh are you doing there's just a stick it's through the tree but if like like close you up like a little burrito in there roll you up like a burrito are you gonna rock me okay let's go whoa man scary ride what's up behind you there's the camera say hi to the camera

hi you're not even in front of it now oh there you go alright let's go get some firewood for our supper and our nighttime fire here it is on this backpack come get it the black and silver one see ya yep there you go kiddo careful its sharp helping me here we go gathering sticks in May or April done now is what your your ring booth you like it well it's 240 now they don't here for a couple hours

emeralds been swinging in that hammock non-stop really loving it and I'm glad but now she's tucked in under the Adirondack tarp shelter eating some you got some corn twists nice and healthy snack I got this this right oak that Clint had laying around and it's bone dry

it's almost petrified there's a glaze on it after I cut it super dense wood I'm gonna use my battle horse knife this is the one that I designed I still have to come up with a name I'm thinking about the bush knife but what mesh gum just called the nish gum I'm think about calling it the bush knife in all honesty I like the name I really like the knife too so gonna uh gonna put on this red oak I'm going to use Clint's ready-made mallet this is out of a piece of piece of ash super super heavy dense wood as well yeah whoa hey you want to come do it come here yeah come here I want you to smash it I'll hold that you get up there I'll show you what to do okay so I'm gonna hold the knife here and you're going to stand there and you're gonna hit this part of the knife okay try not to take daddy's hand all right lift it up I what let it fall there you go all right keep going keep going keep going

I almost got a good job thank you can I see I was gonna it's gonna be hard now I gotta get in pretty good good job baby first day smashing this what forever be known now is smashing to me there's no more batoning it is called smashing smash these lugs right click some dense knots hold on baby you gotta see that man there we go that was us yeah I cut right through it super dense oak not you can see the darker red glazed over part what smash it smash what that tree all right what is he's playing around [Music]

mimzy's hoes

what do you what do you think of it do you like it or no finally what did you just say that you saw in my my glasses a reflection yeah a reflection perfect you said a different word before what my weight fluctuated I guess you are yeah you want to go for a walk what do I do what next what Oh kiddo no this is a piece of that really dense red oak and it is two inches three inches in diameter two inches in diameter easy I want to cross baton through it



I wasn't expecting to be able to just get through it like that I was gonna okay one second sweetie that was gonna have to notch it out very cool man oh come kid what okay there where's the bug do not know you like granite

yeah there's no bug well there's not now let's get in it what language is that yeah look right there where oh that is I don't know some kind of beetle get it go all is good he is gone macho bug swing go for a swing what are you doing wait oh do you like this kind of camping yeah what's your favorite part about camping swinging you got a bug on your head take it it's not moving if you don't move I can get it uh he's just a little ant I got him see those no reason to freak out right daddy got him you didn't know is there oh there is he was on my hand stuff yeah he flew it he didn't care about you you shouldn't care about him everything's good right it was enough flying yes I believe it was applying it very good very good true very good I'll mold [Music]

I'm ready a beep aah oh my goodness are we going in for a walk you found a coconut I'm sure there's some frogs in here I can hear tons of green frogs and spring peepers and there's this little seasonal pond Clinton told me dries up in the summer but I saw a bunch of ripples when we walked up so me and Emeril are going to try to emerald an eye I'm going to try to catch some frogs oh and there he goes and there that happened there you go yep drink it up I don't know it's muck I wouldn't want to drink it but I think scope might have scared off all the chance we had to catch any any frogs there any you doing all right one good job there you go there you go you look happy

hey bud the picker blush that is a rosebush a wild rose bush yeah there's mine yep there he goes again she says what are you gonna do with that garbage he's got himself a stick sorry didn't mean to disturb you you can munch oh let all right all right Rick it's a little fork with pallets and sticks and leaves and nut tree and a fire pit it's like 10 degrees cooler in here come around do you feel how cool it isn't huh no ok thanks for that super helpful for what yeah so we need a dead grass the ones that are brown right well that one's a little wet but if we grab like to do something like this and probably grab some loose ones from the top right grab it from the top and rake it out Oh perfect look at you go thank you alright this is enough that's 4 o'clock now I think I'm talking to camera sweetheart I think we're uh there's a plane for you [Music]

yeah I can hear it baby you see it nice so anyways look it's at 4 o'clock now I think we're gonna start a small fire just keep it building slowly maybe for two hours before we cook our our food we've got pork tornadoes it's like a tenderloin wrapped in bacon so it should be pretty good one for each of it all three of us you good bud it's hot man do you like camping at me do you like camping [Music]


yeah okay there's water over here go get it all right no I'm waiting for you Thank You Kara okay put a bunch more a bunch more yep you can keep put a bunch in you don't really have to throw it pick up a bunch at the same time baby a bunch at the same time there you go now drop them in okay there you go perfect that's probably good thank you

was it hot he'll be careful right see start one really in the fire I knew you were worried that the fire was out look at it you made it go again what do you think of that the old cooling rack drill that's going to go in there ready to cook cook up our pork tornados because I'm going to cook our food house you want to come check it out so we got in our little cooler bag of marshmallows you know that's an integral part of the s'more we have to have s'mores over camping right and our chocolate bar is still cool so our little cooler works did the job we're going to put our marshmallows on our chocolate bar back into the little cooler it's just a little lunch pail actually the soft sided lunch pail and then we got our pork tornado's bacon-wrapped pork tornadoes so these are a total of five dollars and 66 cents at the butcher I'm talking to the camera but you can listen you want you can ask me questions if you want to okay so there's three of them on there one second baby three of them on there wrapped in bacon substantial size so they'll be good for us and here we go I don't know which way to cook them first lapa chicken is yummy to eat food is yummy to eat the tea does a yummy I think they get the picture I think they get it

potatoes are yummy to eat so also gonna grill up a red pepper mashup

masha masha mash watch your feet girl master Annie we're calling these done baby

calling these done they look super good they do look super good mmm BAM son yeah but you can wrapped pork super delicious well what do you think you like it yeah is it yummy I like it then the hawk that you like it better not dogs nice you hear you tell us red pepper no yeah there's some bacon good is that a content face are you content if you spell this I'm gonna be super angry I've told you like 7,000 times you stop doing that I can are you alive no your mom eat it up scare to him start you off with a hunk he's drooling like a mug a little dump it's a big attack she so their summer was fantastic was pork tenderloins cooked really well there was bacon in between them as well little slabs of bacon in between them wish I didn't know so it goes well bacon bonus emerald is uh hanging out in the hammock as usual I'm really glad I brought that thing because that has entertained her quite a bit so it is 610 right now temperatures dropping a little bit so I'm going to put my pantaloons back on my socks and stuff I'm gonna make this one put some pajamas on what that's what I mean by make this one put pajamas on yeah hang out maybe I'm gonna cut some more wood then we have marshmallow and what is mark what does marshmallows in chocolate and graham crackers make we're gonna make on the fire graham cracker s'mores and then i'm done video stop stop doing that what are you doing collecting for what a nice there you go tetherball you're gonna be a tetherball clean you hit yourself in the face

it's a shemagh yeah are you chilly well then let's put your sweater on like I told you you look like an old Ukrainian woman now hello I am NOT that you know what my cape don't look at my cape I am NOT run up don't just stop doing that I do not like it what don't you like you looking at my cake oh man what else you are great get pls thks I am NOT a craning and I am NOT such say echo okay

that's enough oh yeah no more no more No I don't hear you counting Scott you gonna give me away you

Sandhya did you say he probably left me why would you think that I did not say that I heard you I heard you I did not say my another kid dead what's your home what happened so told the camera what just happened you what why are you bleeding uh-huh Ronnie take your throne gut yeah but now you're not bleeding it wasn't one drop of blood we're gonna roof some come down I had to we had to do the s'mores to to appease the I know I'm gonna do with mine can I come by

yeah let's go to your nice daddy thank you he will help me feel better damn son Suns going down yes do you want to watch it I do I want to watch it with you Hey hey kiddo which one I'm gonna start off with this I'm not gonna start off I'm asking which one you want we're here yep Cheers

no you leave me hanging cheers it don't you think a big bite no you got the whole thing left what do you think you owe me Santa hmm not strength you're not getting away with this I'm excited how for you no wait no way Jose pick up I hate violence I had plans what does that mean I just say stuff to what I said I just ate I just say stuff to all the time I hear you good yeah so we're going to read stories tonight no you brought three stories we're all gonna read them yes we're going to we need to poo I used to watch Winnie the Pooh and read running Winnie the Pooh when I was young so we have this big thick book tales of the Hundred Acre Wood so I figured it was appropriate to bring that out what else do you bring Berenstein bears

the old Berenstein bears oh oh they are old what do you mean they're around when daddy was young I think even before that yeah we just know what to field watch the sunset




I am a star and I like this stuff this is my way singing cuz I lost just like doing that we are camping I like kivett but we aren't with my mom today that is not fun but we are careful that is the fuck and so that is all what I had today and I'm gonna press this square thirsty

chapter 1 in which Christopher Robin returns who started it nobody knew one moment there was the usual forest babble the wind in the trees the crow of a cock the cheerful water in the streams and then came the rumour

Christopher Robin is back I got her into bed

it's a 938 she's sleeping now and just started to hear the Coyotes yep and so I hopped up on a bed I was laying with her off to put about a try and get her on film I'm gonna stay out for a little while stoke the fire up and I try to get the coyotes howling as it is right now it sounds like a jungle man there's so many birds frogs crickets like toads going don't crazy the moon's pretty bright but there are stars some stars out as well it's nice night it's April 17th there's a June bug out already he's moving slow he's not flying he's still

it's good day today I'm glad I was able to do this with her we came from quite a few times it's always been at campgrounds or provincial parks we're gonna allow to just go running cut trees and you have to have a fire and fire pit that they have so it's pretty cool we were able to hang up the hammock go the little Bush chair a fire going all day basically I think she had fun she didn't complain too much at all so it's a plus I'm pretty beep myself so like this will be it for tonight and I'll catch up with you guys in the morning good night good morning she's still asleep he's not 6:30 now the sun's coming up behind us so I'm gonna get up and stoke the fire get some sunrise sunrise shots hopefully if she stays asleep at least eight that's not bushcraft there's a little downy woodpecker right there behind the camera I tried to get up to turn the camera around so I could show you guys any free bailed on me hard skittish little little thing Scout is eating a goat skull I'm sorry Clint the scope goats colors no more he found it on the ground and scout it has demolished it it's 7:30 I think she will sleep until about 8:00 I'm gonna have one of these I have two for myself and one for her I wanna have one now because I'm starving but I want to eat breakfast with her make sure like that so there we go works so that's pretty cool little green stick bent around it hold it nice and sturdy what's up you can still stay laying down let's get you on top of this sleeping pad here hey cuz you're on the ground are you alive in there want me to make you some oatmeal right now hey okay I'll turn it down oh the Sun how how did you sleep did you have a good sleep yeah did you stay warm yeah good I'm glad that sleeping bag is soaking wet

ah the condensation from the tarp and from sleeping on the ground yeah but I got a fire going and I got some oatmeal ready Oh Scott's blocking it but I just got to put some sticks on it and there's the oatmeal just over there don't make it look the water's hot do you have fun I'm glad I'm glad to hear it crazy hair I thought you were leaning in for a hug or a cast Hey punched me right in the heart what is it it's a belly oh you have the worst morning breath I've ever smelled in my life to warm this water up a little bit look what I made when you were sleeping a little bail a little bail for the water bottle put that like that and daddy's going to go get some sticks and stoke the fire so I'll be running back in one second okay okay oh I gotta fix your hair you know I gotta try and put in a ponytail so yes I guess so I'm gonna go back to the blanket yeah go sit on the chair and we'll cover you up with the shemagh what are you doing we went way too far here to sit on this on the top of the chair there you go no I know but it makes you warmer I promise just okay you don't want yeah you don't trust you you don't believe your dear old daddy all right tuck y'all in and we're gonna put you close to a fire push and lift this chair like that it I'm gonna keep it warm

yeah baby on your back toes are all right all right all right I'll stop with the sip pad just a buff buff took a mop mop yeah yeah it's a little warm it's how hot you like it here you go just remember it's a little warm stuff yeah you gotta be careful hold net just like don't squeeze it is what I mean little at the top see I told you man Teddy messed his up the old soupy oatmeal going on what do you think delicious so emerald that was your first night sleeping under a tarp instead of a tent you know that and you didn't even second-guess it you didn't say no I want to sleep in a tent this isn't enough none of that stuff I just realized that it was like tarp camping is not for everyone you know what I mean top camping is something that some people have to work their way up to and she just being a child didn't even really second-guess it which is really awesome because you didn't tell me that I said it okay go ahead okay Turk no dad yeah that's really cool anyways tarp camping tarp camping at 4:00 alright guys that's it for us do you have fun animals I had fun too I hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for coming along we'll see you on the next one should we leave the camera and do the walking away shot and come back from the camera or just carry the camera from now walk all right let's go Oh doesn't even work okay you

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