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This is the first video in a new "Budget Knives" series.

I will be looking at knives for Bushcraft, Survival, and EDC.

The knife in this video is the CIMA http://goo.gl/yWPtM1



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Video Transcription

hey guys it's joe here i'm in the woods of schoo today and now we're gonna start a new video of series called budget knives

I posted a knife video a while ago showing my knives and people liked them but a lot of people find that they're too expensive a lot of my knives are custom knives

well in this series I think that we're going to dispel the myth that you need a an expensive knife to play in the woods I got this tonight it's actually let's call it what it is it's an Essie or rat knockoff it's called a Seema jungle survival knife looks exactly like a rat bird sc3 so we're gonna were to beat it up we're gonna try and break into it let's get over the woods what are you doing getting all wet it's only 10:00 in the morning bud

a little deep we had a torrential rains for a couple days here my old Muck Boots are holding up for now I'm cutting it close here bad good man get a Soaker what is that bud hey what is that no job own action bud oh this is pretty fresh leave it

his jaw bones intact pretty good I think I'm gonna keep the jawbone this skull is a little banged up we have some brains in there still but they all put it up in a tree

is that still there in a week or so I'll come grab it I doubt it'll be there my main purpose for this knife is gonna be a car knife I'm putting together a little a car bug old bag and this knife is going to go in there there's a couple reasons why it's just a solid make it snow nothing pretty and I think that I can use the end to bust and glass if I need to so a little bit of specs on the knife the blade length from where the blade starts because there is this little bit of a toy oh you want this knife in your faces oh well there's a little bit of toil this blade length blade to blade it blade to tip is three point three five inches long it's got this black coating on it which I'm not a fan of but we'll see how it goes with the fire steel and I'm sure I can wear it off with a little bit of use it's got my car two handles or at least it's looks like micarta to me it's only five thirty seconds thick which is which I like because a lot of these knives only three sixteenths or at least a quarter inch thick it's a thin handle knife like the SCS are it's got this exposed tang that you can use for a linear or crushing bones or maybe even a window break if you wanted to it's got some jimping on the spine and I believe it's a flat grind or a V grind I'm not a hundred percent sure on that I don't have these style knives I don't really like a vegan v grid or a flat grind but we're gonna see how it works for me in the bush today and the first thing I want to do with this knife is the old Moore's Kohan ski beat into a log and stand on it to see if it breaks test doing this downed log so I'm not penetrating a live tree and hurting it I actually do like this little pommel plate on here so that not to worry about it let's go one go stop good she's in there can you see that okay just going to try to get another angle for you here that's the knife stuck in like you saw it alright and then zoom out I'll try and step on her again okay hopefully that's sufficient yeah

she didn't better anything didn't break didn't bend still perfectly straight that's cool that's impressive I shouldn't bet it's five thirty seconds worth of steel and I weigh about 100 pounds that's a good thing it didn't bend so what's next for this knife let's let's split some wood down and try and start a fire steel maybe cuz realistically that's what I do I don't go around pounding my knife into trees and stand on it for ladder yeah let's get some wood so this is some really really dense oak and they're longer pieces that I would normally try to boot on and this one's all funky got some Gnarls in and stuff some barrels so let's uh let's split this one the thicker one

and again this is blades just over three inches long the cutting edge maybe to be fair there was a natural check in the slit so made it a little bit easier but let's split it again where there's no natural check although it is in half so again it's making it easier but that's part of it making your life easier with these knives

it's gear and skills and knowledge okay well let's button down really nice when I'm holding any knife I do normally grab it up right by the blade are we right by the blade but here how's that choil

so look at my hand where my hand is when I'm holding that I have super control of that because my hand it's so close to blade and it's not making too bad out of curls to be honest with you it's a different angle that I'm used to I have to go more deep definitely way deeper than a scandi but those are some of the curls I was able to produce let's let's strike those bad boys see if this coated blade strikes first deal all right let's try out oh yeah no problem at all there we go or not there we go nice not too shabby so let's take a look at the sheath comes in this shorts a plastic not a kite kite ex actual sheath part is okay with a belt buckle is insane in my opinion this is metal like straight metal look at the size of that thing I don't like it I don't like the metal part of it if I were to take off the metal part which you can do with these screws not a big deal and just have it like like I said for my car be alright but it snaps in there's no way it's coming out at all it it's not coming out you have to actually give it a little tug for it to come out yeah the retention is great they don't like the metal like I said it's heavy but what are you gonna what do you what do you want you know can't have everything so this little paracord in the front too can be used as a net carry if you wanted although again I would have I would take off the metal part because of the weight I should have done this before I started beating on it but this is a receipt so thin paper and it seems like the edges held up I haven't done much to the edge at all just that little bit of a taunting and countering into the wood but as you can see holds up fine so actually kind of ripped it on that one but

not too bad and I imagine if after a while if I start to strop this it can be convexed the edge which I would prefer here's a dead tree when I throw the knife at do some knife throwing skills plus see see if I can breaker ah there we go did you get it did you get it did you get it Eric Stevie there she be let's go take a look so I threw it six or seven times at least you can see it bounced off there there where else there anyways she's in she's in pretty good I don't think it's any worse for wear let me stop the camera figure it out everything looks fine I don't see why it wouldn't be pretty tough a little nice man little bulldog little bruiser mmm he's a SEMA fixed edge night imagine that the steel is a 7cr 17 MOV stainless steel I've never heard that in my life it's Chinese steel definitely so stainless steel knife the hardness is a 58 which is good three point three five inch blade length like I said and 5/32 thick so this is the kicker right to budget knife all my knives cost like 200 bucks plus 200 bucks with without a sheath is a good deal for for a custom knife this knife is a $57 knife that's on sale right now for 20 bucks nope that's wrong 22 bucks 22 bucks for this and this I can't fill my car up for 22 bucks inside so I'm not even have to take a gas for 22 bucks and you get a capable woods knife a a survival knife pack knife car knife whatever you want to call it whatever your intended purpose is for it I don't know it's uh it's not going to take the place of my Turley my adventure store my Deering any of those knives but it definitely has a place in my car or a buddy can use it if you wanted to that didn't have a knife my wife can use it you know I mean it's it's a knife it's a cut things going to do a good job as you can see I don't know what else I can do it I can I can sit here and make a bow drill kit with it I can split down harder wood I can cross baton I can carve some traps and all that nonsense but in all honesty you know what's gonna do it like this is again it's hard oak yeah maybe I should have been able to go through it in two swipes but like what is the was it what is the defining factor right move scope you're gonna you're just gonna alright well that's it for this this video maybe I'll do a follow-up video on this knife or I'm gonna plan on doing this for a bunch of knives now maybe once a month we'll do a budget knife review review but maybe I'll come back to these knives all at once maybe in a year or something and see how they've held up long term because that could be an issue for somebody buying a cheap or inexpensive knife I guess but yeah so thanks for watching guys I will post the the links at the bottom of the page where you can get this knife you better if you want to buy it I suggest doing it quickly before the deal runs out fifty seven bucks is not bad for a knife at all but if you can get it for twenty two bucks by two anyways have a good day guys thanks for watching I will see you on the next one and I will be back with a video soon maybe a survival II kind of trip soon so alright bye by all right see you later folks so I decided we should cross it on with it this is a piece of hickory and in all reality cross Mitanni is something that I do with my knife so well that's dead Hickory for you and it's a clean cut another one right on a knot right on an eye here

leave it scope Wow so truncating things splitting things down shouldn't be an issue this is a dead Hickory Hickory is a pretty dense wood let's go back pretty dense wood so could also split your wood down you didn't want a baton it no stick it in a bit first like that actually you know what this will be a good test for it there you go not too bad

is that Hickory still I'm going to put it already got the knife and hit the edge of the Hickory right into right into the blade that works I get the knife over there not too shabby okay so there's one one thing I really don't like there's no swell at the end at all and no hook near the bottom to to grab on to when you're when you're chopping but you can fix that let me see if I can do it with a piece of paracord that's on the sheet so there's that little piece of paracord it's not you paracord actually what do you want it so I'm just threading it through this little lanyard hole in the exposed tiny I'm just gonna do a quick overhand knot a small loop that way what that does is gives me a load of a pinkie hold and something to chop chop choke up on or to grip while I'm chopping so let's see if that helps at all gotta love the Train wouldn't be a Joan Robinette bushcraft video without the Train

again I'm looping my pinky finger through that and basically my whole hand is going down here it's really not on the blade too much at all I don't feel like it's going to fly out on my hand at all it just doesn't have the weight really to chop all right that's it for real now guys thanks for watching I'll see on the next one love the Train

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