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hey guys had the day off work today so I wanted to come visit my little shelter that I haven't been to in about a week since I've been here last time a lot of leaves have fallen I don't know if you can tell through this camera but looks like fall actually a really cool so I just I brought out some female bacon today and I'm going to grill it up I actually brought a little portable grill I'm going to throw over the fire when have a fire and have some coals grill it up curl it up that way there's a little fire pit I got a paracord bracelet from member on bush got us a JCL md his wife made it it's really thick it you probably build a house with it I really like that though thanks a lot man tell your wife thanks for making it so i think my first order of business before i get my fire going or anything as i'm going to i got like the framework laid out as a little barrier for debris and what not to get in here i'm probably going to clean up all the leaves so i don't have the fire hazard and probably do a one-step fire got this piece of oak on the way in here you can see it's got the natural check in it like i like to look for that to me is a perfectly seasoned piece of wood really good for for cooking on how umpires in general so it's about 15 feet long be a very long one stick fire it but be good so i'll clean up this debris and i'll be back alright so got all that cleared out I like the looks of it a little bit better like that so more a little bit more clean tidy so I'm just going to saw this log up in two lengths and you do some prep and I'll be back and I'm on my way to go grab some bark to use as a platform to have my fire on it's a little bit damp on the ground so I don't really like to have it right on the ground this is an ash tree right here it's dead because of the emerald ash borer that's pretty much destiny to all the ash trees around and you can tell from all these little squiggly lines right here is the odor bark I rip the piece off the other day which is here but you can tell from under the bark all the squiggly lines that's where the action bar literally bores into it and kills the tree I'm not sure how the eats can be in later or what but it's not good so I'm just going to grab this piece but i have previously knocked off it is good for firewood though ash is a great firewood there's heading back to the shelter now got my wetterling's small hatchet today our small axe just some of the pieces of one died I found already I'm not really trying to split it with when I'm holding on to it because I could slip and hit my thumb so all I'm doing is putting the acts in the check tap until it has a grip of it and then I'm trying to split it so I guess the reason being I'm not going to try and hit it hard and risk the chance of slipping and cutting my thumb I guess there is still a small chance of what I'm tapping it it can do it but I hold both pieces very firm and it's never helped me yet so cross my fingers and under does I know there's a safer ways of doing it but this has always worked for me leave my piece of oak alone so really quickly I just split I cut about three or four lengths off the oak and split a bunch of little pieces of wood now I'm going to take two or three of these pieces make shavings from with my my knife and split a bunch into thin thin pieces and that's going to be what starts my fire then I'll save the rest of these pieces here for actual fuel I like to use a bandana or a hat leave it and put it in front of the log I'm working on which is here put on the ground in front I got this idea from bindle stitch I'm going to put it on the front and I'm going to shave because I don't leave the this the feathers on the stick it doesn't work as well for me so I'm going to just shave it off scout weight and their pieces are going to fall onto there and I'm going to collect them that way so obviously making feather shavings very easy towards the front of the log venom on so that they all fall towards well the majority of them fall towards the bend in sometimes I like to split it again to get 90 degree angles so I'll do that and then on the straight edge straight angle make my shavings be right back guys all right so I got all my tinder prepared obviously these would be my shavings nice mount my small kindling my bigger kindling my next stage and then left some thick ones to get good coals I want to click on the coals today in here already on the bark is go to golf ball size of scrapings and to ignite it mice cognate fire steel and my homeslice farmer the all alright so I've got the fire established the grills on there getting nice and warm cooking out all the nasty stuff I'm just going to pretty much wait till the cold are the flames die down to coals and cook my p-mail bacon thought I'd let you guys know what was going on today make a short bed well I guess it's not that short but thanks for bearing with me take care guys

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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