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Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with a Dog and a Woodstove.


In this video my dog and I head out for winter camping trip in my new Atuk Kanguk 9x9 canvas tent.

Winter Camping, Bushcraft, Cooking, and some great beers!

Link to the Tent http://www.atuktents.com/en_kanguk.php

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription



hey guys Joe here thanks for joining us I got old Scout with me today it's a beautiful winter day in central Ontario I got here this morning early been hiking around all morning trying to find a suitable camping location we're going to spend all day here all night here and then head home tomorrow morning I have with me a pulk or a sled I have a brand new canvas tent an itok king look nine by nine canvas tent with a wood stove that we're going to set up for the first time probably in this woods I might go over there and check out there's a little pine stand over there that I might check out part of the forest but yeah set up near the river and hang out I found the river behind scout there and it is flowing so it's gonna be a huge bonus I'm not gonna have to melt water all day for our milk so for cooking water which is really good because I'm all in the water now I only had one Nalgene with me and I am thirsty as heck as heck I say you go walk he's gonna walk fall right in watch Oh skating on thin ice literally but you can see this this is a slide otter or beaver see it right down then it goes right into the water

and there's actually when I came up there was a beaver there he slapped it slap the water with his tail and that's some fresh beaver too right on the ice there so to me that's a good sign that means that this water is going to stay open and stay flowing the beaver wouldn't be messing around if it was all kind of solidify so I'm going to camp right around here so I can get some beaver water we'll make sure to boil it boil the heck out of it but yeah I'm gonna camp as close to here as I can find hopefully find some nice conifers and some level ground Oh something so I think I've made it to where I'm going to camp and this is absolutely beautiful look at this area behind me it's all red big old red pine maybe Austrian pine but look how tall they are not cool the branches don't start to like a hundred feet up so there are some dead trees I'm looking at right around here they're all going to be pine they want to set up here this is sweet my campus tent is a nine by nine and it's like a pyramid shape I've not set it up yet but I believe all this tree is dead anyway I can take this one down yeah I'll take that tree down for sure actually I might do that before I set my tent up then just for safety sake but I'm going to set up my tent up in this this square between these four trees all I'm gonna do is tamp down the snow with my snowshoes you can remove it you can shovel it out but then the ground gets super uneven and there's a lot of snow right now and it's heavy it's not powdery it's very packing like snow so man snowball material go with this what he loves it out here he loves the snow this is the tree that's dead I'm gonna take it down you got to go over there bud so this is a tall tree and the top is pretty wobbly watch out leave it whoa all right so I'm pretty confident it's not gonna do too much now the only my only problem is scout you really like to run after the trees when they're falling yeah this is rotted right through I've decided to saw the rest the one axe ship I took out of it my axe went about halfway through I just don't feel safe trying to chop it not not for a fear of the axe but for fear of the top just breaking right off on me I'm definitely gonna have to find better firewood try and distract the dog with snow push this over safely well house perfect on the top of the tree how about halfway up it looks like there's better more solid wood anyway so hopefully I'll be able to get some use out of that one but it's out of the way now set up the tent here's the new tent and wood stove so this is the nine by nine kang-cook a tuck canvas tent and this is super lightweight compared to my old I had a canvas tent last year that an awesome subscriber gave to me it was a snow trucker expedition base camp or something like that and the whole setup with the tent and the stove with 60 pounds this set up with tent and stove is 18 pounds mind you that other thing could sleep like six people this can only sleep two tops but that's more of my style that's more of what I need that's more what I'm going to get more use so this is basically a practice run I want to do a week-long trip in the winter soon and this is a practice run to see just to make sure I know how everything is working how everything is running efficiently and everything so anyways let's set this bad boy up again like I said this is brand new I have not even opened this I just cut the rope for the first time like you saw okay so this has got to be it's bagged that's cool nice carrying case bag for heavy duty probably like a cotton or something and then this this is the tent so now this doesn't have any poles and there so that's a reason why there's less weight you have to cut your own pole it's a center pole you use so I cut seven and a half foot piece of red pine and then I've got some snakes next to me here alrighty so yeah I guess we'll just do it now oh yeah I got one less stake now like like a TV like a pyramid shape so then I've got to stake out the corners there's five corners I need to stake out okay so it's got these generous loops on it I can fit my whole hand basically inside it so you're not having to cut small sticks and what I'm doing now just following sticks on the ground I'm just sticking them in for now it'll go back around and I'll pound them in or I'll put snow anchors whatever I have to do I just want to see the general layout of it I've got all pegged out how it's supposed to go we'll try and put the center pole in now I'm expecting there to be some tweaking still all right to get this up get my stuff in there it's like it's basically raining I don't know if it's melt or what but I'm getting dripped on like crazy okay so all the sides are pulled out now are you more and there's these secondary tie outs that I can tie down or off the trees just to give myself some more space on the sides for the tights is going to be really easy it's gonna be the same thing I do for my tarps just make a bite or a loop what are we going to call it in your paracord or whatever you cord is you're using slide it right through the tab provided and then you're going to take both ends of your paracord or whatever again and slide both them all the way through yeah that's going to help a whole lot I'm just going to put taut-line hitch on here as well two inside one outside super easy too good not to know if you don't know it check it out I have the knots on my channel or not video


she's up here the tents up time to do the wood stove this weather is rough man like the rain and the snow on top of the snow it's it's a good hypothermic situation ready to happen this stove is going to change that completely so I don't know if you saw but I just folded the legs up they fold down this is an I coast of so and everything will fit inside like I said before this is all brand new like still got the paper on I have not used it one thing I did do though was I took out of my old wood stove these bricks because they say that you need to put sand or bricks or something on the bottom of the these stoves I get these snowshoes off man not fun working them especially in this tent I keep tripping over myself so shoes are great when you need them and great when you get to take them off - it still has to go right by the center Pole and then there is right there where the jack goes out so there's not too many places that still can go in in this tent but so this has got to be telescopic I would assume like any other wood stove there is a bigger part and I imagine this is the part that goes right on to the stove itself it's gonna have a float yeah a spot for the damper this part should be relatively easy just going from bigger to smaller

oh here we go remove this flap stove Jacque will come out or my chimney there's a last part of the chimney and there's a spark arrestor that came with it so the spark arrestor can be set up a couple different ways like this if you're using Sparky wood or if it's raining but it should really be used like this if possible so that good airflow it actually affects it from what I've read and heard so what we're going to put up like this because it's legit raining right now thanks we'll have Scott lay on this side it's going to be too warm once this fire goes for him in here for sure so I want to keep him as far away from the fire as possible lead oh good boy yeah that's a good distance away from the fire for him and then I'll sleep back here yep I like it I like it a lot already go go there got this red pine that I felt when I got here and it's okay actually I found some spots on it that aren't too bad not too punky it's not going to be the majority of my firewood but I will start my fire with it right now I got some birch bark and cedar twigs as well let's get this thing going make sure my flue is open starting to get comfy in here I think the more I use this more I'll get familiar with the best way to set it up and stuff it is a little saggy right now but I got to work on all that like I said this is just the first run practice run

I got this brand-new 14 centimeter zebra pot it's going to be enough to boil water or melt snow for scout and I before I had to 12 and it was just enough so 14 should be good I got to try to get water over there it's going to sketchy situation alright that worked out okay okay I'm not doing that again I can stay in I'm not coming back down for the camera I hope I don't fall again with the camera in my hand it's selectman it's mud and snow not much to grip onto especially when you're holding things at least I'm not wearing those snowshoes anymore all right we did it we're did it all right get some food into me guys she's fogging up fogging up good ah get some food into me I'm starving then go go go I think when I do some cheese and kielbasa I was sent a box of meat by Springer's meats from Hamilton so I got a bunch of pepperonis but they also sent like some really cool stuff like cabassa and turkey legs and a fricken spiral ham and stuff so thank you very much to the folks over at Springer meats whole home group ok this is the first initial burn I only stoked it once and it's already too hot in here for me I'm gonna have to open the door I think it's freaking toasty man that's the thing about this small tent it's going to heat up very very very quickly very warm doesn't he look worried are you worried scope

are you worried buddy you're a good boy and I love you that stove is making all sorts of noise and the pot of water on top of it's boiling away and making tons of noise - so Scouts a little trip to it right now he's not used to it I get it you'll get it you'll get your tent wings he's just looking at me like an idiot like I'm an idiot not him the first consumable water so I can stand completely straight up in this I'm not even in the middle it's over my hand too

but he hates unbearably hot up here there's a vent the zipper is able to open from the top as well go to vent it but it is literally unbearable to stand up here it's ridiculous it's over a hundred degrees I guarantee it I put my watch up there I will have my watch up there there's some tile points 39 102 hot it's 39 1 so that's over 100 degrees I think around 100 degrees anyways I gotta learn how to regulate this better and it's not even cold that's a thank to it's I mean cold outside I was walking around in a sweatshirt all day so it will be ok look at that thing that thing's really cool looking good tepee

let's go let's go for a walk come on let's go get some firewood come on buddy I've had these tubs snowshoes for probably maybe six years they're not like the the normal brand tubs they are a higher-end model doing the venture of a call and I guess it says right there they've worked out well for me but ever since I got these new boots is what sir like this is ridiculously big it's extremely hard for me to get my my boot into the binding good boy you're a good dog scope might be because this is a new place it's ghosts not been before but he's acting like a puppy man love it

go on run go on it's also stepping on my snowshoes every step go hike down there the river turns down there there should be something maybe some cedar down there or something

no I'll quick walk around the river shows me that I have red pine some red pine maybe there's a little bit of red pine some pinus resin OSA red pine red pine there's a little bit of red pine around so that's gonna have to do for my wood stove for my firewood which is okay one tree should do me alright with what I have already just burn a little bit at a time because I know why I don't even need it roasting hot like that in there at all come tonight when it gets drops down below zero be a different story but I'll just save my wood for them so let's get to taking one of these bad boys down the good thing is there are a lot of dead standing so here we go this tree right here is exactly what I'm looking for

it's shedding its bark it has a natural crack or check down the middle of it it's dead on the inside but not rotted and not too big around here are very tall and wobbly so it's a bit sketchy that's why I don't really want to use my axe too much on it if I chop into this it's a lot of friction a lot of force in the top could end up snapping and falling down on me and if I'm chopping maybe I won't notice if I'm sawing there's not that big boom every time it's just a saw right still still forced but it's not like that big impact less chance at falling but even so I'm going to

just give it a shake and it's spinning like crazy up there anyways it's okay well that was pretty slow not too shabby he's limping like crazy he just wants to lay there I'm not going to be able to take him for a week with your campus the oh my stove is slanted now it's melting down I guess on that part farther than it is on this side I can fix it I'm going to get up like that but I do have to be careful because the stove Jack remember is through the tent so I have an idea I'm going to put that long piece of wood underneath that side and this side and prop them both up you'll get it up off the ground a little bit higher and try and even it out I'll make one side bigger but probably split down a log to do that with so there is its natural check and it's not going to split straight I can tell you that right now looking at it but that's okay it'll split straight enough then we can just queue the rest down with the axe that's not bad at all see that and you see that mosquito it's Christmas in a few days boys and girls and it's active too [Music]

so I put these in the fridge today I've got a cause and effect by a nickel Brooke one of my favorites lone pine by Sadr City on another one of my favorites and this is a brand new one for me it's called fracture Imperial IPA by Amsterdam brewery mic is this the same one that you were talking about that Great Lakes and this one teamed up to make this anyway so couldn't find in the can so it's in bottle don't worry folks I'm packing all my trash out what'd he say bud look a boy get his winter coat this is freaking molting molting dog you are majestic a scope a F that's about 4 o'clock right now all my camp chores are done I just been cutting up wood boiling water just doing the camp life thing but yeah I'm all set now where I'm not concerned that I don't need any more firewood or anything like that I'm just going to do I want to do rehydrated chili

dehydrated chili with extra sausage in there so I'll cook that up tonight it'd be really easy but I think before it gets too dark I'm gonna go on a hike with scope yeah it's nice to hike it at dusk coming up to the top of a hill here let's be cool to see what's up on top of the other side I love coming to places I've never been before a little bit of adventure just a little bit of venture you know whole Scouts up there what do you see big guy [Music]

he's having a rough time man his hips are done the snow's too - yeah I can't I can't expect him to walk around like this I can't bring him on that that week-long trip either there's no way he he's nine his hips are done he sat around for far too long now I got him on glucosamine and chondroitin and another one I can't remember met cameraman something some expensive painkiller and hip stuff but he's a lanky mug those lanky dogs you know when I first got him he was eight weeks old I got him at the shelter and yeah he he lived in su st. Marie 10 feet of snow that year that I lived there and when we had him there was no stop and I'm bounding into the snow like a deer friggin deer dog here we have the elusive winter pillar loves snow and curling in balls well touched usually not found in winter the oddly named winter pillar that's strange a curled up he's not dead he's gonna freeze though stay in here in the open no the old chaga clinker fungus I have no desire need or want for that chaga I have had chocolate tea in the past it's decent

I know it's healthy for you it's good fire-starting stuff too but really don't need it or care to take it off that tree so she stays until the next person sees her one big guy what do you do her usually don't take him on camping trips when I'm far away from home I like to leave him home with the family and a lot of the times it's it is a hinderance weather like people like to think of it or say it or not haven't you're having your dog with you as a pain in the butt sometimes it always you know the bad but anyway some glad he's here

still does not need a lot of wood to be very efficient which is pretty cool there's a whole bunch of coals piled up in there man bunch of coals how's that tell me it comfortable so I have great lighting in here I'm gonna cook up my food now this is some super super old homemade spaghetti I thought it was chilly but this is gonna be the test because it's been in and out of the freezer on trips and not eaten then sat in my basement forever I think literally I'm kind of sketched out by it but it smells fine I don't see any mold on any of the pieces I'm going to try it and I also have bird should go a cheese infused snausage that Scouts gonna get half of this and he has kibble as well my pot has melted a hole through the pack down snow so now it's a nice stable spot for it I've got I emptied as much water out as I thought I needed to but I have extra to put in with my needs I'm going to let that sit there the water is not very hot so actually I want to put it on to the wood stove this zebra Billy pot came from the firebox stove guy so it's equipped with the clips the handy dandy clips goes nice of him

okay so the spaghetti is still smells a lot of water in it but I sent I just wanted to char the sausage a little bit they're precooked it's smoked already look at the cheese inside it so that's going to go in my spaghetti maybe maybe this will be more of a jambalaya so some big pieces I'm going to save you Scout half I'll take one more small piece and then I'll mix this with his kibble he will be a happy doggy you're that scho sure does [Applause]

are you gonna pick out the sausages huh there we go there you go you got to go for the brand new one a fracture this one's 9.1 boys and girls that's not messing around that one there she's done real hot

very good bonus sausage in there fire feeling this thing is going to explode with cheese Club all right time to crack that beer you got a bottle top a bottle opener obviously with me but I have my knife so oh we're good losing light gotta fix that carefully make sure your blade is taller what by that I mean this way then your thumb is wide so you're going to grab the bottleneck you're going to pry it so you're going to push down on the knife down on your thumb and up against the bottle cap ready can't really get a good angle makes it easy didn't even pull them up or nothing oh my goodness Oh

she's tasty the after it's the after hit like the aftertaste 9.1 I'm gonna have fun tonight

look how much fun I am look at me and disapproval disapproval my log is starting to smoke there's a knot right here where a twig or a branch would have grown out of it's all resin II it's all smoking up so I think if I just twist it I just twist the log cuz like this part of the log I came in touch with my hand it's stupid hot like I seriously can't touch it so twist it oh oh maybe no no sign be as easy as I thought okay do that that next up I think I want to drink this one cause and effect by nickel Brooke and nickel Brooke is in Burlington Ontario and it's quickly becoming my favorite brewery oh we got a little head on this one boys and girls Oh little head go ahead

all right Cheers Clark this one's for you buddy you're the man it's like the perfect temperature in the snow there man I think I'm going to take a cue from the old scooter and go to bed myself pretty exhausted it's only 9:30 but that's alright oh I got some eggs to cook up in the morning does not look good doesn't that look good looking forward to that so yeah I'll see you guys in the morning have a good night and sweet tree [Music]

well good morning I slept great it's just past 7:00 7:30 now I slept from like 9:30 get away from the stove bud she's hot so from about 9:30 to 2 and then I got up and then I stoked the fire real big again and got nice and warm and then slept till 7:00 so that's a decent way to do it guys once up get warm again go back to bed so right now I just got to uh get up make some eggs on the fire she's going nice right now and pack up and get on get on home so I broke three eggs in there I want to put them in the top part of my Billy can Billy pan Billy pot and then there's water in the bottom and they just get like almost poached I guess all right I hope this is done I'm starving nice oh that's gonna be good all right this turned out really good I'm about halfway done I might leave scouts um in their cousin you know I'm a generous guy like that you Faramir good boy

you want those eggs bud good black glad good boy good you're a good boy you can eat those eggs now okay pretty easy he's gotta unpack it now if the snow wasn't as deep as it is I would have used snow anchors I would have buried my pegs crossways in the sill just to keep it down farther but there was enough snow where I could just stick it in at state farms no big deal okay guys that's it for this trip I got a long drive home I had a really good time there's a good learning experience testing that tent out getting the feel of it and getting to spend some time with my buddy so I'll put a link like I always do in the description where you can check out that tent I hope you guys enjoy the video thanks for coming along I'll see on the next one good bye

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