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Preparing for an Ideal Weather Backpacking Trip.


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Gear List.

Tarp w/ cordage 5x7 MEST from bushcraftoutfitters.com 290g

Sleeping bag +3c down bag from MEC 790g

Sleeping Pad Nemo Astro Air Light 390g

Backpack MEC spirit 40l 2lbs

Cook kit Snowpeak solo cookset with cat stove, windscreen and fuel. 8.5 oz

Water purification pristine drops.

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Video Transcription

yep it's another preparation video so I've got a few different things to my kit this time and that's why I want to make the video really I have a trip planned with my friend Doug we're gonna go up and do 35 kilometers in Algonquin Park in a couple days on a backpacking loop 35 kilometres is equal to around roughly 22 miles so the plan is we're going to drive there all day it's gonna take a while to get there we won't get there - like five o'clock at night we're gonna walk in from a 3-4 hours set up and then the next day's gonna be our big day it's mere a full day so we're gonna hike that day all day probably eight nine hours and then camp that night and then just walk about five floors out to the car the next morning and leave so this is an ideal weather backpacking trip and that's why things are a bit different so let's go through it clothes

first off I'm bringing one pair of under armour underwear they're like a Pollock Holly I don't know that fake stuff that Under Armour uses I like it breathes well one merino thin merino hoodie that's a good cooking co-op Brad one pair of thick sauce thicker hiking socks that's all the full Zen bring at all not including what's on my body what I'm wearing is a polyester top just a t-shirt pair of thin small ankle high merino socks

this isn't first for me I want to be able to dry my socks out and have thin socks it seems like the ideal way to go so that's what I'm wearing in another pair of Under Armour underwear and these pants which are a cotton polyblend or cotton nylon blend but they have the capability of zipping off into shorts and on my last backpacking trip with Kyle in West Virginia I was rolling my pants up so that I could wear them like shorts because I really needed the ventilation these are gonna zip off probably halfway through the second day even if not before that to be like 70 degrees in the daytime so I'm gonna be warm and that's why I'm bringing these as opposed to I have a lighter para North Face nylon pair of pants but they don't zip off and I really think that I'm gonna want this short so that's it that's my clothes period I have one trim off jacket my life girl off jacket a scene where a long time I would not go without this so every article of clothing is done I'm not bringing rain gear it's not predicted to rain the second night has a 30% chance of rain tonight I don't care I'm not bringing rain here at all sleeping I have my astro air light link for my email Astro your leg pad I'm gonna put the I'm gonna put everything in my gear list in the links in the description below and I'm gonna put weights next to it this time I've kind of actually been liking doing that so researching and documenting it so I'm gonna put it there just in case anybody has any questions about it new monster era like Sigma pad for shelter I'm bringing this small bag small nylon bag and all it has in it is my five foot by 7 foot bushcraft Outfitters messed tarp very very very small compared to analogy it's a quarter of the size that's my shelter I have an 8 foot hang compare cord wrapped around it's hanging together also in this bag I have probably 20 feet of white paracord to hang my bear bag and I have probably 20 feet of this reflective cord smaller smaller in diameter and way later than paracord but it's the only piece I have so that's why I'm bringing some paracord as well the shelter's taken care of sleeping bag is going to be my positive 3 celcius down bag also from Mountain Equipment co-op I've used this a lot in the past it's losing down it's losing this warmth but in celcius at night the first thing is supposed to be positive for suddenly I supposed to be like 9 or 10 so I'm good with that I am bringing a liner out of suit bag liner it's just just a crappy little one to add maybe a little bit of warmth and in all honesty I probably don't need it and it's probably not going to add anything but for the weight and the size I had tons of room my backpack it's staying in there ok camera GoPro Hero silver 4 with this tiny little tripod that's it and then I have an extra GoPro battery I have all these little Ziploc bags containing this stuff I'm actually a little GoPro battery and this hat attachment that touches to the brew of a baseball cap which I will be wearing a baseball cap this time No - so that's camera stuff all figured out go through these little bags so I have all these little bags that are going to go into one this bigger mesh bag but I set them so I'm not dodging through it and having to find stuff so this is my first dating and my patch kit hopefully I did not have to use it at all let's go at the bottom of the bag this is normal toilet paper these are wet wipes a combination of the two is my preferred method these are two bread bags rolled up into a into a snack bag here what I'm gonna do at night is when I get to camp coz my figure gets soaked taking off my shoes take off my socks and dry my feet slide these on put my shoes back on the way I can walk around campus Oh fear of getting something on my feet or stabbed me on my feet I mean or without having to put my feet back into wet shoes which isn't fun so those weigh nothing and that's going

lifesaver I have pants antenna Tizer floss sticks and chopstick aqua mirror drops they're the Canadian version they're actually called pristine but that's what we're using for water purification Doug and I are I'm going to use both of these that's it for that so all these little little bags get put together in one mesh bag and it's compact it's all together it's all good so let's do food I bought a dehydrator yesterday and I'm so glad I did no more mountain host crap the last time we did that trip Kyle and I went to West Virginia I happen I had a crazy IBS attack I have IBS but it was brought on I think by Mountain House meals there's so much sodium nitrate in that and plus it really even pepperoni with nature gets into the stuff just not good for you it doesn't taste good it's expensive I'm not an advocate of the house I'm sorry it's just not what it is for me but I am an advocate of making your own you hydrated food so the past I've used it file has made them my other friend Ken's made them for me but I bought my own this time so this is ground pork rice green beans carrots peas wild onions that I picked and a couple other veggies in there and then in this one I have much raw steak spice and this one I have Lowrey seasoning and I just put a little piece of tape on there to identify it so supper and supper for two nights for snacks and luncheon on the trail I have a half a little brick of Havarti roasted garlic cheese I have three sticks of turkey pepperoni stick and then snacks I have these all fruit roll-up things in the future I'll be making my own fruit roll-ups but I just didn't have time this time so I have two skinny ones and one stick one of a package of Crystal Light now what I'm showing you this snacks are all staying together I'll finish the snacks I I figured in the past I wanted savory things like barbeque chips and stuff when I'm backpacking so I went to the bulk barn mega party mix which is got a wrinkled O's cheesie's pretzels some Fritos stuff like that in there I have one of those in my snack bag I have a mint chocolate and have dark chocolate covered almonds so all of this stuff that I showed you is even go to one separate snack bag that's gonna stay at the top of my pack so I can access it easily whatever I want on the trail in the crystal later on the showing and getting my water now get my other food bag these are both tiny little miniscule Celilo our mesh bags they don't weigh anything my other food bag I'm not gonna have to access until nighttime or in the morning depending so I don't need it readily access accessible in my pack so it can go at the bottom whatever I have those two meals for supper have four packs of oh you know two for each morning I have another one of those chips that I'll snack around the fire I have my spork I have two teas and I have another Crystal Light thing also I have I wasn't gonna do it but I want to so I brought a little bit of whiskey this time I nice or I'm done drinking when I'm camping because it does it makes me not sleep well and all that well this is 200 mils of whiskey that's made of my city it's not much you know any two swings out of it each night and I'll just feel a little bit better so that's that's what I'm gonna go with booze wise no leader this time it's too much so that'll all go in a second bag that goes same for water this time I've got along with the Dasani one litre disposable water bottle as opposed to an algae I do have an algae here I'm not bringing it but I put it in my weight in my bag for weight man's dog put it in my bag for weight to take up what I'm going to be using which is a soft sided platypus water water I have also a headlamp a tiny little book where I'm gonna keep notes with a little pencil and this is new as well so it might cook hit may cook hit everybody start my pot has always been my titanium so people at it works well but last time I use my my pocket rocket well I liked having idea the idea of having my own stove and not relying on one of my camping partners to use their stove or fire I didn't like carrying the canister the canister is ridiculously heavy if you use all the few fluid or fuel in the canister you can't throw it away you can't burn it you have to carry it still and if you don't use it all you're carrying around unused fuel so I'm going to go up to Kat stove it's old hat to a lot of people but to me I've never had one before that's you work well and I think that was because of the windscreen so in my titanium snow Peaks ol pot fits my whole cook kit the new liquid fit on it and I just have a elastic band or on the top to hold it all still in my pack so my cook kit consists of a cat snow but I made with a whole bunch everybody knows how to do that a windscreen from my Etowah stove which I did not like and fuel for more than four days but I'm not going for that long I just I'm gonna have extra fuel in case this is a denatured alcohol

it all fits in my stove in my pot that's all good

hey I'm sorry a small bit later and a couple other things that wouldn't be brain as always my reflectix with my blue foam pad okay so that's gonna sorry my backpack is uh Matt I'm not gonna cooking co-op spirit forty liter my last crimp I think I said was a thirty liter it's definitely a forty liter says it right

so again packing my reflectix goes right on the back and this time I'm not putting my sleeping bag in a in a compression sack I found it why just testing it around here and home I don't need to like I have more than enough in my backpack this time because I'm going so lightweight then I don't need to put it in a compression sack to actually keep it a good size so literally just stuffing it in to the bottom and then the next thing I'll put in is the sleeping bag liner just again stuffing it in so then from there on would be the sleeping pad my my nest and my paracord will go in that bag and the reflective chords well go in that bag the reason I'm doing that is just so it all stays together beds not necessary but okay if I have my whole shelter set up in one bag it's it's easier oh my food bags look like this now so this is my supper bag that I can leave some supper and breakfast bag that I can leave farther down in my pack this is my snack bag that's gonna stay on the top this is all those little ziplock oh it's an N bag that hopefully they don't have to use it all so that can go in for farther as well and then after that really it's it's just the clothes that I'm bringing my shirt my underwear on my socks are just going in loose I'm not putting a white trash compacter bag liner in this time because I don't need it it's not gonna rain my cook kit and that's it oh sorry my Krim walk and that's it so I have a ton of room I'm going to put my food my snack food in the top I'm going to put my notepad I'm gonna keep notes second writing on good ideas and what works and stuff recently so that's going in the top is little zipper part as well as my headland and that's it for that the aqua mera drops neat drops are going in this front coach easy access zip it up my GoPro is gonna be my hand most of time but until then it's just going to slid down the front my waters on the side and then just for for sake of weighing and all that stuff this is gonna my tell who's going on this side but this is where my my platypus soft water bottle is going to go it's also one liter so it'll be around the same weight it'll be a lesser weight because it's not as heavy than LG just last thing shoes arm I'm on trail trail runners again these are tried-and-true for me now so if they're all banged up and and dirty but they're no worse for wear full mesh on the top the soles have this like almost water repelling bottom which I really like to talk to it so but the bottom seem to stay relatively dry they dry easy to come in and how easy which is important I'm going to drying these everyday one hiking pole this is a McKinley hiking pole my sunglasses and just a baseball head so here's a look at our rope coming in off highway 60 here's the trailhead we walk three point eight clips to that marker down half to the six point nine clicks so we're walking a boat roughly eight kilometers we're going camp on the east side of provoking Lake hole preferably the last site before a lake the next day in the morning we're gonna get up like down here all the way here boom back up to provoking Lake Camp on the west side provoking lake that night and then in the next morning we just have like a five kilometer jumped back to the car and we rope so I just got back from the vet with scope he had to go for his annual checkup and annual robbery for me but when I was there I decided to bring my backpack I weighed everything separately but I to know the exact weight of everything backpack food water everything all in weighs up at 17.21 pounds and I am ecstatic about that I've never had a bag this light the trail we're doing is is moderate to extreme up-down lots of stuff like that so I'm a light bag is really good I'm pumped man I can't wait so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you learned something stay tuned there will be a video for the trip thanks for watching I'm making a video okay

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