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Overnight Bushcraft Camp With My Dog-Rock Cooking Bacon, Making a Bush Chair.


Part 2 of a 3 part Series of me camping with Scout, my dog.

As I was editing this one, I realized there is plenty of footage left for a 3rd part, I have not done a proper 3 part series in about 2 years, so that's what this is.

I hope you guys enjoy seeing me camp out under a tarp with my dog in the winter time.

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Video Transcription

before I go out and look for more rocks this is like rocking rocking fire so I think I want to just maybe put this here so we'll get warmed up and then we'll see where we go from there if I find more rocks I can prop it up if not maybe I can just use some wood here yeah this is good good good bed of coals I don't want it too little wait it's super warm skin over top of that fire messing with it so we're off to find some rocks off to see if we can find some rocks make that pot scrubbing brush also I think people call it it's like super rigid your your prints all in here

let's go smell them this is got to be like a little wet area straight Punk punky punky wood whose can and stuff it's almost looks like a trail I've not been back out this far on the property I'm at the property where I'm allowed to be Martin's property I've not been this far onto the crown land yet at all so I have no idea really where I am mm-hmm but if I'm looking for rocks I shouldn't be going uphill I'm just kind of intrigued by what this looks like over here maybe we'll check this out real quick head back downhill let's go let's go straight up the curse go up up up

nothing really up here aspen trees everywhere Aspen and white pine those are trees that grow up very quickly when there's like a disturbed sight whether or not it was clear cut or logged or a home fire this is awesome and there's so many little like like peaks and valleys everywhere

you can kind of get yourself feeling like you're out a little nowhere I can't even see my uh my tarp anymore things completely gone good thing that's white it's your clearing up here I'll go to this clearing I'll head back down yeah just a field here nothing to see maybe there's some rocks in the field actually we'll see okay this is gonna be a score I'm coming up to a bunch of rocks here is like an old trail yeah perfect so if I get to a couple couple this size they perfect I don't need to raise it up much off the coals I'm gonna grab with you perfect this is awesome no but you skill but it's time for me to eat man I was successful in finding some rocks they're not the biggest but if I prop them up two on two shouldn't be so bad all right pretty good pretty good height I think what I want to do now is uh set up set it up properly the rock is already very very hot try cook some bacon real quick okay one two three yeah oh yeah yeah yeah she's posting one button all right so I stopped this butcher near here got some big home-loving the bacon and do a few pieces I'll do a few for me in a few for scope oh six yep or eight even well you know what let's put as many as fit that fits on as many legit I'm gonna have to flip it very quickly before at a time I guess oh she's cooking quick she's cooking super quick Oh No [Music]

so hot oh boy ahead gloves so I could put my gloves on little on the hot side Haley no crisis averted for the most part that's gone already how so [Music]

Oh buddy that's bacon say you can buy best bacon that you can cook on a rock Oh broke my bacon broke back bacon pissed so good still good so good well ash never hurt nobody so this is gonna work really well for my steak too oh and we'll have bacon grease on the rock already so have bacon grease on the rock all right let's try some of this this is the last one we made here you go buddy first bite and everything hmm plate tasty

we're gonna wet the rocks are from the grease bacon grease still going where's the door

Oh chillin back down after I got back here not doing much so players died down to not getting warm from that throw on the coat for now I'm loving this this place man there's excuse me lots of resources lots of resources for things I want to do and use I think I'm going to start construction on a semi-permanent base camp here

salty salty bacon I have this half a liter of smart water and my canteen full still I've only had a couple sips of water which isn't good I go to I have to melt snow for water which is not good there's there's patches where snow is deep enough where I can collect it pretty easily but I think when I try to find the pond he said there's a pond back here if I can find a pond I might be able to chop through the ice relatively easily it's been warm and like where there was snow there's not and where there was a lot of ice it's super thin so I might be able to chop through it with my um my axe so that's the case it'll make water collection easy either way it's gonna be fine just don't allow me to do yet I will need water for tonight I'll need water for scout too actually I got to go get him some water he does eat the snow which helps but he needs to have access to water especially after eating a salty salty bacon just one sec buddy he's salivating he's literally pouring from his moat

I am having a great time I feel very relaxed here I feel like Carmen comfortable home like home it's um it's a good feeling because I don't usually have that feeling when I come to places because I'm not familiar with them unless I have been there before the place that I go around my house this is how that feels but way more remote but I feel like comfortable you know I mean I'm not I'm not trying to make myself comfortable I am comfortable okay I have a lot to do with the weather - it's nice out ma'am there's no Sun but I'm not cold through this jacket on I was fine yeah having a great time super glad I brought my dog super glad I came oh dude you have something in your eyeball it's like a seed head from like uh like a grass or something it's only one I gotta get some firewood but I don't really feel that pressed for time I might just lay around here for a little bit with the dog we'll go for a little hike I don't know have to decide what I want to do

it's a good feeling not pride being pressed for time I'm not she's me on my last trip it was like work work work didn't get firewood other than the firewood wasn't even enough yeah I feel very relaxed I haven't said that already coffee that's what I want to do buh-bam son shouldn't take too long at all trust the old Fantomex possibles poach inside I got small first aid kit my light for my camera for nighttime oh my back sloop I'm gonna put that on my belt

forgot all about that I borrowed my buddy's headlamp because I forgot mine at home

pull the Joe to melt for my late for my camera diarrhea pills lens cloth fire starters the fire starter this is a space blanket that I could have used if it was gonna be colder I could line it in the inside of my tarp here coffee and water purification compass power bank for my phone or my GoPro so Oh a chopstick I'm gonna use some hot and extra battery

okay extra battery needs to stale coffee needs you still and this needs to stay my battery's almost done my first thought I only brought two I'm sure that'll be enough I did half the day with one so my axe loop will hold that in there it's not made for this act specifically but it will work for this axe it'll actually work better then the axe it was made for because the axe was made for is a little bit longer the skin Navy and forest axe whereas this is Nick small forest axe style yeah I guess I'll put it on the other side obviously so that I don't have an interfering with my knife

these fall ravens are great they have belt loops very close to each other I like putting my knife back in between these two so it has nowhere to slide very very tight fit I've got to burn the end of this belt actually I might do that one over here got it new and it was way too long because I'm a skinny boy but it's heavy duty and I like it okay check out one tree leather on Instagram for things like this still using these jiva cubes and loving them this is the classic I've upgraded from french vanilla to caramel to classic the I'm hardcore now guys drinking a black if you haven't seen them before they're just like straight-up Columbian coffee pressed into cubes just add water I don't have anything else to it and she's good to go smells super good it says raw unrefined cane sugar granulated called Colombian coffee those are the two ingredients in it they're from the states too so yeah definitely not sponsored by the them or anything like that they did sponsor one video but those many videos ago I'm a really big fan of these things it's actually got me drinking coffee extra voices for the wind

it's almost boiling and drop it in there now it doesn't even need to boil its water from home but just getting it hot can you see the Sun sun's out guns out let's go sun's out guns out hey bud am i annoying he's tired she's up boiled she's done you know what so it doesn't lose its warmth I'm gonna set it on the rock look at that there's not much better I should set up my chair we've got that got a hidden woodsman boy chair should set that up maybe I'll do that after oh yeah well you know what actually I have to have my coffee now I have to go get water for sure whether or not I find the pond or snow too much water too much water in there so I I've been seeing a lot of people tagging me and things lately for my clothes the clothes you've been putting out the BAM Sun shirts and then stuff like that I just want to give you guys a heads up I've been ripped off like crazy so a lot of the things I've been seeing people tagging in like whoa Joel look I just supported you by buying this or whatever it's not even from me and it's completely a ripoff I had somebody come to me email me and say you're getting ripped off with what you're doing I can provide a better service for a better cost and I was just completely turned off by the way he approached me with it and I said no and I like the guy I'm doing doing business with tak designs Oh Scotty good member landed on Oh he was burning up tack designs is who I'm working with to do it and they're awesome and I'm really happy with them so I know I don't want to change providers so I said no I'm good and then he went and did it behind my back and sold the design show me the design he wanted to us to make I said no I left it that along I didn't steal his design or anything but then he went and took the BAM Sun and the logo design and put it on a bunch of stuff t-shirts mugs I've seen sweaters even like puffy jackets and stuff like that it's all Ripoff guys it's all support it's all if you buy it you're supporting him ripping me off so I'm taking legal action now we're in the middle of doing it I tried to just let it go and but it's not going away it keeps happening and yeah he's not he's not willing to stop and there's more than one person doing it so my point is please if you are trying to support me or please if you're trying to just buy a bam Sun t-shirt or a different t-shirt that I have because you like it please only buy it from links that I provide in either my Instagram feed my Instagram link on my page is is the is the t-shirt website so you can go get to it from there or a link in this description in this video or in videos I put it before please only buy from those links because if you just type in Joe Robinette BAM son you're probably getting ripped off I'm sorry you're probably getting the wrong thing I'm getting our thought so anyways legal action is being taken for the states for Canada for my trademark and for the people who are using all of that stuff on a lighter note and a happier note I have we fix the shipping we now ship worldwide so all of my UK and Beyond customers or our subscribers who I have a lot of even from Australia all that stuff you guys were hitting me up a lot saying where's the the shipping for overseas well it's there we were able to find a different ship courier and I dropped a few bucks of it so that it's equal to the Canadian and the American costs I was a big sip and there's a new shirt there's a new shirt design two on the inside one on the outside referring to my taut line hitch as you guys know I'm sure so that's a new t-shirt out right now we are doing dog bowls collapsible dog bowls with Scouts logo on them so those will be ready very soon and hoodies as well but he's with my my logo he's curled up like a little husky anyway so I just wanted to a little public service announcement about that yeah no worries if you haven't bought one just if you have maybe you want to check and see and even if you did buy it up off when I whatever you know what I mean I'm not I don't I definitely don't need you to go buy a real one now please don't do that I've had a lot of people telling me they were gonna do that it's not necessary I just wanted to give you guys a heads up it's crazy how people can just jump on people's coattails you know like I don't want to get too much into this because people have different opinions on on it all but let's go to my dog and he used in my first youtube video and he's not gonna be around for much longer and I love this dog and that's my logo and you're stealing it you're straight just using it after I told you that I don't want to work with you even if it is legal because I didn't have my trademark yet like it doesn't make it right you know anyways it's funny how people can think how somebody could live with themselves or go to bed at night after after doing something like that like you're scum you're Scott he's been very content to just lay here my coffees done I got to get my button here now

what I need to do is get water and firewood and make a chair so right off the hop I'm gonna make I'm gonna get water first so you can see my smart water there's like almost half of a half a liter and then I have a lot in here so what I think I'm gonna do condense look one-handed one-handed condense my containers then I'll fill this up what I'd rather do is fill this up but I don't believe that all my water will fit into here so I'm going to do this fill this up and fill this up depending if I can find a pond and break through the ice and get water I'll fill this up that's my point and then if not I want to just fill this up with snow I start melting it I'm gonna bring my axe just in case I have to chop through some ice in the chance that I even find Mission water

this is a decent amount of snow right here I think well I look for a pond I'm going to have a pile or have a cup of snow melting that is some packing snow okay

so put that on while I go search for the pond

I haven't even gone really far away from my shelter at all my search for the pond and I've already come across like three or four nice pieces of firewood here one there one on the ground there Oh a woodpecker see me he's on a spindly tree just oh there he goes scout season I believe it's a hairy woodpecker

it could be wrong very cool Oh or even a small pileated it is awesome out here right now there's literally no sound at all there's not there's not a breeze I can hear the little woodpecker pecking away I'm so glad I'm out here let's talk about wood cutters these are definitely from affiliated with bunker those cavities the long narrow cavities pretty decent that is a loose cannon tree if I ever saw one I'm gonna loose cannon I am a loose cannon you guys know what I'm talking about right I know a lot of you do Wow oh yeah loose cannon for sure final school stuff no pawn but another canker another burl on this tree here and if you look or I've seen a lot better on similar Heights

similar Heights on the tree so it might mean like an ice storm came through or something along those lines at the same time scarred up all the trees right around the same time here's another one right here about the same height and then up there again to just crazy up there I don't know if you can see what the GoPro but they're down the same tree Watson I'm finding lots of dead straight wrist size too thick pieces too so I'll be able to I think I'm giving up on the pond thing but I'm gonna collect some sticks for my chair I need three sturdy wrist size logs plus a smaller one I need three and then I like three and a half maybe

should be good for one of the polls - I was gonna call this one number three but I cannot pass up using this for firewood look at that check in there she is uh as a gold mine it's a gold mine I don't wanna I don't wanna choppy choppy what's up buddy yeah this isn't straight geeking deacon of geeking look at the color of that wood that is some bleached wood man very clean we gonna do now we can do that thing come on your eye steak did it sure did good good boy no don't look it eat your eye gone there you go this turkey tracks there looks to be a turkey track leave it gross

the bird go I dropped my by two chair pieces cause it kind of got turned around so I found my mitre boy over there passed a couple of peaks and valleys so I got my nice piece of firewood here my two chair poles are back that way I'm gonna have to go and try and find them again easiest ones to walk through with something like this well caught up well hung up

let's go I want a javelin you bro straight spiria you know where's home where's camp nice oh it's boiled and everything yep boiling it somehow I'm able to touch the handles crazy lots of lift lots of debris and leaf litter in there but that's alright damn it's getting quite sunny hate signing out

I've got a few uh different lengths of wood summer firewood and some are for my chair I'm going to try to try to use these three this is an old piece of oak is rotted but this Center should still be good and then also this piece of Aspen and then this piece of Aspen so the two pieces of Aspen might be sketchy so in case they are if they're not gonna hold up I get grabbed nice big long oak these are all dead all I didn't really have to use my axe or anything I'm just pushing over this this solid piece well there's a couple behind me too out of all this I'll be able to make my chair and have extra firewood definitely not done getting firewood but this is a good start

get the three that I want to use I'll kind of prop them up on a tall or log want them to be about seven feet long at least I can always take or if they're longer it's fine but they have to be at least seven feet tall or seven steps rather not feet so this one see how it's like yeah it's soft it was bent so that's no good so that's just gonna market where the other ones are - here I'll be able to clean that up having the logs propped up on the off the ground kind of helps there helps a lot actually so all I'm going to do is tie an overhand knot to secure it to it so to secure the paracord to one of the logs to overhand knots actually wrap a couple times actually one time because I'm short on paracord I can use I have more but if I can just get away with using this I'll be happy

okay here the woodpecker this tool that's all I can hear okay before I retire my tripod I want to pour my water into a bottle because it's getting all funky look you see in there all sorts of funk before that goes any further not that it's the biggest deal in the world but okay

almost shouldn't pour that last bit in there almost a half a liter in there there I only get you I'll get you some water once that bud so this is uh this is gonna be the collapsible dog bowl that has the Scout logo on it just this is a prototype making sure I like it all right that whole thing's for you big guy there you go no you have to drink it good boy good boy drink it here that's water man I know it tastes like smoke but that's how it is that's water too good for your water okay solid enough all squared away it's time to get the chair on to her so I got this moisture leaves from milk um at the hidden woodsman you guys meet and see me use chairs like this before but they've been out of still nylon and another one was out of like an old haha blinds like old curtains but all this is I'll loop a piece of paracord through the top tie it to the top and I'll slide a stick or a log through the bottom sleeve and then that's gonna cut the cross and that will be my chair so I gotta get this piece of paracord through this and it's not the most impossible thing in the world but it's like retrying to rethread a drawstring through like your hoodie or your jogging pants it's kind of a pain in the butt so what I have is a stick here this is not rocket science I'm sure but it understands what I'm about to do but I'm gonna smoke dope just gonna tie a loop or tie a sari I'd not tie the paracord through the stick basically and then just push it through just push it through guys you know just make it a little bit easier on myself make life a little bit easier man I could stand on a different spot it would make life easier too and I could see okay pair cords through both sides I'm gonna pull the stick through while trying to keep the curl cord in BAM son won't be held responsible I just uh tie an overhand knot like a bow like a shoe tying knot that way because you're putting a lot of pressure on it when you um when you sit on it obviously so any other kind of knot or not any other kind but a lot of the knots you're going to tie will be hard to undo afterwards but this bow holds it super easy on do so I like it okay so I'm going to need to drop it down a bit because that's way high and my feet are never gonna reach the ground but that suggested I just got to tie that on we're good sometimes you'd only have to try it on you can use friction I'll try I'll try that you know what I actually might even be able to I would sit on the tree there doesn't matter doesn't matter ya know this is not set up properly at all okay I gotta fix this oh-ho something's breaking okay that's not so bad oh yeah the back support is the biggest thing just being able to lean my back against something oh not too shabby so this lip on this side is / at the perfect height so I can gauge it that leg just kind of match it up there and use this the surplus rope cordage really all I need to do on this too is wrap it a few times and tie it so I'm just going to go back and forth creating some lashings creating some lashings and tie it on the upside in a bow she ain't going anywhere damn son for one the wind kicks up sit pad for the wind so that I don't get a cold bum no CBS no cold but syndrome nobody likes that you hear all the birds if the plane wasn't ruining it that's all I could hear I hear woodpeckers over there and like chickadees over there I can't wait for spring I cannot wait for spring

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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