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6 Day canoe Trip in Killarney Provincial Park


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Watch Ken's video here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNtZWAyw4xg

Myself and 3 friends spent the week of May 12th 2014 canoeing, camping, hiking and fishing in Killarney Park, Ontario.

This is my favorite trip to date.

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Video Transcription

we're out here in Killarney Provincial Park in Northern Ontario I got four of us with us on this trip for over six days five nights early May 2014 it's a beautiful day a little bit overcast on Chile I feel rain loves these hills are really really big it's all made of quartzite on that side and across it's more of the granite Canadian Shield that I'm used to I've never seen anything like that and that's specific for Killarney he's taking a lunch break here we were paddling for Ghajini the rain really came down quite a bit and we were able to hike up to this this lookout point called the crack huge huge rocks up there they didn't take the camera along because it was raining but kind of got some footage of it so game plan for today is just paddle on again port ours find a campsite fish and hopefully catch some fish

thanks for filling my honor welcome we're here at campsite 1 you've been going since about 8:30 this morning it's now 5 502 so long day q4 Taj's 1 900 meter 1 1,500 meter and it's a really nice site right now we're just going to propped up for supper we're going to fish tell you hopefully we get something so take you're on a show you camp get our fire pit and hang out general hangout area there I'll close on things hanging up there's Ken's tent I'm bunking in there with him and Doug's got his tent over there and the way back in here and see Kyle in his tent chemist third bass but we're throwing them back because they're not in season right now but they're all really nice size and they're all pretty looking fish too nice wrist you can see the stripes on them too pretty fish we need a damn thing when I got it I don't have any a sore winner you know census reported no weaker your weird Lord because I got that all on video yeah I asked Authority Oh we woke up to this beautiful morning sun is shining blue skies so today we don't have any portaging to do we just have lots of canoeing and fishing it or not we end up catching a nice pike last night you eat them up around the campfire it's pretty cool we're just packing up now it's 8 o'clock in the morning and everything is all squared away we're going to go fish and go on to the next Lake now we're in this little narrow Lake here it looks pretty cool nice and clear water pretty shallow - to change your scenery oh my goodness what is that there's more of that quartzite little ah strange going back up to it if you didn't know any better you could almost if you could always think it was snow on there we've arrived in our second camp for the trip guys are down there the big campsites down there where we're gonna have our communal fire and they've got their tents and whatnot over there

last night I slept in Ken's tent but I also brought us some Island tarp I figured today I'm going to set it up and say see you over here I'm on a course site oh crop facing the lake it's a really really nice spot so I'm going to probably do a plough point tarp configuration and hang out over here today

we're just hanging out here on the rock dry all year we got our boots and socks and whatnot my feet have been wet since yesterday I put the wet socks back on because my boots are wet and this morning it was pretty chilly on the feeties so it feels good to have them off I bought my brought my camping crocks and they're helping out right now well my boots dry you see how much room I have in here like this I lay sideways here I just didn't have enough room for my head so I is why I tied out the tight that point there give myself a little space between the tarp and my and my face so I don't get all con full conversation when I'm sleeping I would ideally have the open part facing the lake there but I don't want to be susceptible to rain and wind so that's why the plow point this way it's only 1:00 in the afternoon and while we're hanging out here in Culver just having some lunch and chipmunks were literally coming we could because smack them away if we wanted to so it's it's a concern to leave your food just even on the ground during the day even when you're right there so just work this up for now it's it's not sufficient for bears for at night at all but for now this is going to do for the chipmunks to keep them all for food this is that Toyota I was talking about so I had to get the tarp up away from my face and there's a tile out here and I can't really go into the ground because it's all rock here even with my steaks I had to kind of put them on it in a real steep angle so here we put a stick going on an angle wrap the paracord round and stick brought it down and tie it off to a rock and it's fine it's going to stay like that off to get some firewood we decided to take a hike up from our campsite and ended up on these quartzite hills pretty cool up here it's no Charles or nothing we just kind of hiked up the hill we're up real high up here and there's signs of people everywhere there's a little rock formations built by lots of people it's pretty nice up here no wind - for some reason this is yellow birch tree when they get real big they get they lose all the ribbony bark and they get these big plates on them and those still burn real well as well can you see it the size of it compared to Kyle here it's pretty big it's about an hour before supper now you want to start rehydrating my mighty hundred mill it's just that ground beef and rice and green bean let it sit with some water aunt and it will rehydrate until I want to cook it and when I go to cook it I'm going to use this three rock twig stove just set it up here like this have my twig fire underneath it boil it up that way using this dead striped maple it's real dry and I'll be able to cook my food with just twigs which is pretty cool no extra work no splitting down wood and that stuff

I'm going to light the fire with this yellow birch bark you can see how ribbony it is takes no preparation at all use my fire steel with it I'm just gonna let that burn down a bit and I'm gonna throw my pot on there she's done now took uh 10-15 minutes not the most convenient not the most efficient but it worked and I didn't have to carry a twig Stover and alcohol so man bring any still was a strip those guys have so nice didn't feel like mooching off them tonight I normally would use the fire but we're waiting till later on to build a fire signal so you can conserve wood I brought some Frank's Red Hot Sauce little bunch up in there and the the food's a little bit bland with that that Frank's really spices it up oral I bring some seasoning salt and that really helps to so I'm just gonna hang out here by myself eat my food then I'll go down join those guys for the campfire and some rum later on well not much fish action for Ken and I tonight ken caught one bass and released them

Doug cut a few bass and Kyle had a pike own all right the rain started to rain it's getting dark so we just headed in now we're going to just chill it by the fire and if you drink smoke a cigar call it good now here we are morning a day three it's been raining since about 4:00 in the morning see water pool in there and it's not too bad right now it's kind of calmed down but add a little pool edge under my running underneath under my pad and go over there and some of my stuff got wet my pad got wet but my sleeping bag stayed dry and that's the main thing

so the barometric pressure staying the same right now I don't believe it's going to stop raining anytime soon so we'll see how much video I get today but we got about another twelve or thirteen kilometers to go today at Port Haji and canoeing just hanging out in the tent for a little while it's been raining since 4:00 this morning and it's 6:00 now we paddled for like 12 kilometers got drenched everything it's raining again so keep myself Brent here we got a group shelter up out there right waiting to get the fire going so once that starts I'm gonna head over there we are morning day four it's a little bit of a gear bomb going on here getting up had coffees breakfast getting ready to go and the sky looks a little bit better than yesterday but we don't know what to think it rained for 14 hours yesterday and it's pretty dark up there so see how it goes we're off again for today got about five klicks going in the canoe and then we're hiking up a mountain look at this we're just surrounded by this LaCrosse little chain those guys up there we're going to be hiking up on that one so we got to our campsite this is our fourth campsite of the trip and looks to be a good one there's a couple flat spots we're going to set up back in here and Kyle's got sweet bow staff skills and I eat some lunch and go for that hike it's not raining yet so that's an awesome thing looks to be like there might be some good fishing over in there too we came across this crazy waterfall it's really really tall so no we're coming off the rock it's really awesome sight the sun is shining now we're nice and warm my feet are still soaking wet but they're actually warm for once so it's a quite a hike to get up here these guys can't handle it it's going to be windy boy Georgian Bay way back in the background this is the highest peak in Killarney we're all tired owes like a two and a half hour hike up here but the lookout is amazing we didn't bring it up oh good

here we are morning day 5 we have a big big day ahead of us we got a 3-kilometer portage and a little bit of a paddle and a 900 meter portage and a 900 meter portago after that and so I need to oatmeal packs this morning trying to gain my strength with a few reasons should be a good day I was supposed to be nice oh it's chilly got down to probably plus three sauces last night and 38 degrees Fahrenheit what would you do it Doug this is what I have to deal with we just complete our three qualms reportage it's definitely the longest ever reportage is kicked all our butts but we're done it now and we got a little paddle to go a couple more Portage's I've seen Munter what's the red button on top bitch i bent pins i pins now we're on little mountain lake and this is really pretty in here the waters got this really bluish color to it super clear it's just beautiful yucky we're in the middle of a portage of our last portage of the day these are all our bags you got left to right Kyle's dry bag Doug's dry bag Ken's backpack my backpack and then some paddles fishing poles camera gear lifejacket all that fun stuff so we tuned it in pretty good gear wise this trip we don't have lots of extra stuff it's working out all right for us we're in this nice little river here we just had a set of Rapids is awesome change of scenery small River as opposed to the big lakes and we're going with the current which is cooler tons of Tamarack is a really pretty spot get out your get out your wildlife hatchet and chopped it up yeah yeah use your muscles Kyle okay that was super dangerous so it was a very difficult day it was really rewarding as well we started off at 8:30 in the morning got here at the campsite it was 6 by 10 we got wood ready set up our tents and everything at seven o'clock we didn't eat till about 7:30 it's a long day but we got to see a ton of really really cool stuff and it was a really good end to a good trip the weather cooperated really well except for on the third day it was rained for 14 hours I almost got hypothermic these guys really helped me out

I just wasn't wearing the right gear underneath my rain gear so lots of stuff learned this trip lots of memorable things we were going to probably just stay up for a little bit drink the rest of the booths have a tiny fire and crash because we're all really tired Vanek loons and fire good combination this is what I get to wake up to just gorgeous sun's coming up over there may be a beautiful day just on our way out now the first port our mountain in the background

real nice morning here's our last link and our last look at the White Mountains it's been a really good trip we had a blast really good weather except for the one day it's been challenging and both rewarding so we got about two kilometers to go and reach the car and got about a 10 hour drive home so we along day thanks for watching guys and hope you enjoyed it come along for the next one

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