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Midwest School of Bushcraft Ohio Class


Footage from a great bushcraft class I took this weekend.


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Video Transcription


then he can store it have to be real cold and then you re cook it up to 24 hours later and that will actually recover if they're in any bacteria that will kill if not supposed to keep someone cool so cooking re-cook is a real good method to do standard stinging nettle and this is the wood metal wood nettles will whoop your ass okay they hurt a lot more than stinking at least I think they do my fingers thing about it is if you look at these you can tell the difference especially in the stems is how I tell the big difference the stems on a stain needle are almost ridged okay and the ones on the wood metal are smooth they both have real fine hairs on them both of them are edible both of them are very good when they're young when you can just pull them right out of the ground and you have to heat them up for a couple minutes because otherwise they'll sting the inside your mouth and what the active ingredient needs like a formic acid kind of like ants have a form of gases in them that's why their stings stinky so it'll go away eventually but use around here haven't had got H on jewelweed put any skin irritations or anything like that this works real well you can ground by the base and I just pop the leaves off without cutting into the plant too much and once again we're just prepping this cordage right now like that there's a couple different ways you can do it with the wood metal I prefer to take it and take a round log this kind of does a couple things separates the pith from the outer sheath is what we're looking for and it kind of beats on the niels a little bit and renders them help us and this is just a a bag sewing out of a piece of Persian see how this you can also take it and pound it right that tenderize is it more just tell Kenny when you just treat it would just lying this whole

this is just going to keep the dirt off our food you guys picking up what I'm putting down here and i like to use it out of the leaves just meet you can use grass he bet now we're going to build so you'll put the dirt pickin oh I'm put the dirt on top this is pretty silty stuff usually but you know clot it up a little bit better works a little better starting the top and they would start these raids these natural fiber brains and they'd get 100 200 300 feet of this all going at once and then they start twisting from anything from the end this was just this twist was allowed to go all the way down where would they get that much natural fiber one from wilderness yeah i mean what's 300 feet I mean no no no it's all like sliced together okay this little okay gotcha yeah they're doing him for doing yeah yeah and then count along along with a lot of the Rope walks they had shot towers because it was a tall structure and it figured out with molten lead the different the different sized sibs and the different height for that reason I'm doing this is because when you get a coal like long said or are you ready to light your fire you don't want to be running all over the place right now it's pretty dry and I can get away with using twigs right I did not get to wade through it up on the ground it I know got stuff those up off the ground dead standing it's his key it will save you more heartache and grief than you ever know if you spend the time though just taking me a long time I really busting my hump doing this you don't want little tiny crap either one tough to pray lengthly you want enough so you have three fires dangling back towards me that's going to screw up the way I do my school my grill so I wanted to fix them right put that right in there I like welding my hand to my shin all right now we're made it I've got my whole well the reason you're doing this right is we're putting this notch in here because all that dust that's coming out is what's going to be start your cold that's where everything is going to heat up so you want something where your dust is going to fall down and gather up and I'm going to be using this little deal here to catch my pile of dust all right that makes that be bearing down real hard the whole time

squeaky little girl okay you see that smoke coming up there means i got coal there's not my cool now look how much woof that has already and all we're doing here guys just laying a framework nothing fancy shmancy watch subject here lots of excuses coming from a cab i'll bet they taught you that when you're sucking on your mom's teat it's in a boat bed there's pine boughs in your crib

sorry buddy oh you're all right I am on the highway to the danger zone so watch out I just want good pictures the internet is what matters sorry okay a lot of weird noise in the background of this video all right you guys pick it up what I'm putting down here we're just doing a real basically into now we're going to start laying these on we're at the crisscross a little bit we always start at the bottom just like angle in a room doing a roof we can do this in layers

notice how to put in the curve all right put curbs this way now i'ma tell you they're fighting not enough flowers here to make this water / it takes a tremendous amount of vows to make a shelter water

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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