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SOLO WINTER SURVIVAL! Minimal Gear Overnight in a HUGE Snow Storm! 24 Hours in the Wilderness


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I stayed out in the Canadian winter for 24 hours with no sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, or most gear that people normally use while winter camping.

I used just my centerline systems mother carrier and g roll canteen carrier and a minimal amount of gear that fit inside.

I wear a lester river boreal shirt made from a real wool blanket.

I snowshoe in the deep snow to a patch of spruce trees, make a shelter and try to survive the night.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing thanks for joining me I drove up north all day yesterday there's some crazy snow crazy deep snow now up here ready to do a minimal Survival overnighter in the winter time I've got just my centerline systems mother carrier and G roll on me which means hello I have no sleeping bag no sleeping pad this is it what you see is what you get for tonight it's gonna get down to negative 9 degrees Celsius we're supposed to have 60% chance of snow so what I really need to do is find a spot with a lot of conifers build myself a bow bed build myself a shelter build myself a really big fire because I'm in for a really long night it's 8:30 in the morning now I'll be here for 24 hours stay with me this is gonna be an awesome video well I sure hope so it was an awesome time about to dive right into that big video right now before we do that I want to give a huge shout out to my sponsor for this video of hims images I knew well this brenda helps maybe the best version of themselves they're offering men access to high-quality medical products for issues all men face but rarely take care of hims exist to help guys know that having an issue with their pair downstairs or their skin isn't weird not Anglian that's weird through hims you'll get personalized recommendations for prescription and non-prescription products based on the advice of a real doctor doctor the smart will recommend the right science-based products for you at the most reasonable price so as of now canvas is offering products for hair loss downstairs lloyd problems and later on this year they can be rolling out of skincare and a few other products so just to make this clear these are not so-called like natural supplements or non scientifically validated treatments so there's no worry all the interactions are confidential and HIPAA compliant I'm an anomaly I'm very lucky to not have to deal with this I'm going gray and I'm gonna go gray and I'm fine with that

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that's fo r hims comm slash Joe Robinette handsome has no genetic shudder to the guys who take care of themselves doing your future self a favor alright guys that's it really again want to thank hims for sponsoring the video I hope you guys check it out if you like it on to the video so she's pretty cold but oh nice and warm snowshoeing through the snow there's a ton of snow here it's gonna take a while to even dig down have to dig down beneath the snow to do my shelter so part of the reason I want to go into the conifers not only is for building materials like spruce boughs and stuff but there will be a lot less snow in them that I have to dig down to okay well this isn't looking so bad in here excuse me this isn't looking so bad guys it's pretty protected biggest open spot is there but I can clear all these branches away use a lot of them for kindling you get a pretty good pretty good shelter in here I believe yeah okay this isn't looking so bad so if you want to know my full loadout I shot a video yesterday and that will have will have been posted last Wednesday two days ago so check that out if you're interested in seeing exactly what I brought here but check that out either after the video or do it now and come back and watch this video don't just miss out on this actual video because you're watching the gear video right that will be silly

anyways all the gear I have in here and what I'm wearing I go through in detail in the video for now I'm gonna hang this up on a branch and start clearing away some of these smaller branches because I have barely any any room to move in here the snow on the ground is than a foot when out there it's like 2 or 3 feet so we are cooking with gas inside here cooking with gas I say brought no knife with me so this outdoor access current outdoor ox is gonna be my sidearm as it were my belt might just readily available for whatever I need isn't getting it hung up and then start building my shelter I expect a whole lot of snow falling down when I'm doing this so these bottom pieces I can use I need to build a bed like people these for fire and for building material and then as I get a little higher up I want to be able to keep the actual valves with my bedding for my mattress clearing away all the branches as you can tell I come across yes you guys know what this is anyone it's the old spruce cone that has been stripped by squirrel for food pretty cool well red squirrel all right I think I've cleared away enough branches don't check it out so here's my entrance to the outside world the land of cold it's honest-to-god warmer in here already I swear so we got a good wind wind break in here and then you can see there's all the branches I took down I got a pretty decent on our room you can see it better a little bit better this way my uh sorry my whole shelters gonna go right there fire in front yeah yeah it'll be good the snow is picking up it's snowing in here in this little spruce stand as well that's what this is all spruce so what I think I want to do now is take my pile of dead branches out for now I am gonna use that as my bed I'm gonna use that as I'm gonna make a springy like bouncy type bed so I'm gonna use that and a bunch of boughs underneath it sorry on top of that and that'll be underneath me but right now I'm gonna carry all those out of here order this spruce forest and shovel down a bit even though I'm not I don't have very much snow underneath me I want to get it down so that when I have a fire it doesn't end up making a big hole or a divot underneath the snow and burning poorly here they are so we'll come in handy for my it's kind of a pain in the butt bringing them out there bring them back in actually I might just tuck him can you see there's a little corner here well I just tuck them back there that's what I'll do

let's using the old noggin Joseph come on now whoa right there see what I mean right day right there be nice to get this shoveled out get my snow shoes off I have to use my snow shoes as a shovel but again that much snow location is a huge thing we plan on building these things resources energy levels a big thing too you know it could be a lot worse but driving and then doing this stuff you know I mean drive all day stay at my buddy so so you know I have a couple have a couple beers a night before uh stuff get up and do this probably isn't the best thing but it's my routine pulling a job okay so you can see after I've removed a lot of the twigs that I do have to chop all these off still these are all still impeding my my camping space so these have to go I'm loving this Lester River boy real shirt it's just super easy to put things in and out of I don't care if I get dumped on by snow I'm super warm tonight this is gonna be my blanket I probably will have to oh my goodness it's coming down out there holy crap we'll go out and check it out in a minute but I'll have to take this off soon before I overheat this ax man does the job alright there you have it nice and clear away lots of work done already a good amount of progress let's go out and check out that snow situation oh my goodness can you guys see that is it picking it up there's me in there that's my home and you can see it better off the green on my shirt she is coming down boys and girls no joke I love it it's so nice over here love it two extra pieces of gear that I didn't show in my gear video I'm carrying around my pockets one's a fracture IPA one is a zodiac IPA these are both really decent beer one is 9% one is 6.2 these guys are gonna go right in the snow and keep them from freezing keep them cold well I take off my jacket and work a lot more good idea is to bury them top down that way the top of the can or bottle whatever you're burying doesn't freeze you can really see the snow coming down out there man look at that really here the plane above - wouldn't be a Jo video this is a angle for you to see my area I've got plenty of room I'm going to tie off back there and make a lean-to there have my fire here I'll clean up all these twigs - I do have to cut some boughs some legit boughs to use for bedding like I've been saying but it's time to get these things off and my area dug out I'm gonna use the snow as a leveler for the ground and I'm also gonna use the snow maybe eyes a little bit of a bench or a wind block we'll see there's not gonna be that much snow because again in here this is a good yard a good like deer yard style where conifer boughs block the snow from falling all year round so I'm down to ground already that's only four or five inches where I've been walking around oh yeah it's a good thing this thing's big oh it's a good thing about wool man you know I mean I'm gonna sit by the fire later that's all just gonna steam off dry right off but look you can see it's icing up from the warmth that I'm putting off cool cool my leather gloves I talked about that in the gear video I hadn't decided yet but yeah this morning I made the decision just bring these new ones hybird kind of warm anyways let's get to digging know what I did good idea to pull the Joe this is a lot of work as you can see I put a good amount space here right to the ground just using the snowshoe kind of sucks there's a little layer of crust I have to kind of like I'm doing it in such a way where I can utilize the snow and everything to my advantage so oh yeah boogies left or right let me uh yeah work up a sweat I can't get too sweaty hi there like I have no extra clothes at all no no no nothing so it's gonna be a matter of like trying not to get too sweaty keeping layers off put him back on as to get too hot or too cold sorry and then drawing things like my socks or even my long johns my underwear near the fire I'm like obviously it's gonna be only intermittent sleep a couple hours here and there but I still have to do a ton work and stuff to build my shelter collect firewood there is a patch of hard wood there's like a hardwood forest right there not too far so I can go there and collect wood I do have my silky saw on me as well so it's gonna be myself who saw my small axe for all-night firewood hopefully getting enough hard wood to last I'm not going to be cutting all up to small pieces at all me doing a really long fire so that I can keep myself warm the full length of my body and so that I don't have to use my axe of my I saw it a buck it up like crazy this is gonna be at one open end of my tarp I'm gonna have like a lean-to tarp going up this way so I'm piling all this snow is probably up to my knee a little bit less right here so that'll be a part of a windbreak and then I can put debris and stuff there as well I'm gonna come out here more and do for my fire I took all my stuff off there cuz I was getting warm now I'm chilled down again I gotta I gotta eat something and put some clothes back on Jenna Bush Jo Jo made a fire still be with you so inside of this mother carrier I highly suggest checking out that other video I go through this is a probe our base probe are a mint chocolate one I'm a fan of mint chocolate these pro bars are the greatest tasting but this one's not so bad for them not so bad this will be the first real look at whatever I have in this in this video itself so this bottom part is called the G roll to take the G roll off you one buckle two clips from the mother carrier this is the G roll by itself it's pretty cool both G roll is that to open it up you don't have to undo these buckles all the way you can just kind of loosen her up it's got these little tabs at the end of the straps to stop you from going just slide it off one of these oops would help if you can see sorry about that saying was you just undo the straps like this and you have that so let's check it out picture for now too much detail but in the first pocket here I [Music]

saw which I will need 5x7 messed tarp from bushcraft Outfitters there's a rip stop nylon tarp I've had this for years it's it's worked really well for me this is gonna be part of my shelter have one piece paracord tied to that which is helpful down below this is the rest of the pocket completely is full of cordage so nothing else I need a lot because I assume I'm going to be tying a lot excuse me tying a lot with my emergency blankets and all that but by the end of it so I have that while I'm doing this I might as well grab up the other piece on my kit that's in the mother carrier itself

in the front of it here it's gonna stuff stuff full I've got two emergency cheapo space blankets and then my secondary part to my shelter is this sill nylon poncho

and all of that fit in the front pocket of my my mother carry my canteen care so whatever the space blinkers are space blankets this poncho is from a company called my trail they used to be called go light very popular backpacking lightweight stuff anyways so my LAN poncho and it is pretty decent so I can't remember how big it is five by seven maybe yeah five by seven ish anyway you can just cinch up the hood and it'll be a perfectly fine tarp and I actually just like to use the middle tile it's normally to give myself a little bit more room so I'll just use this even maybe this as the middle tie out so with that and my other tarp and my paracord and my space blankets and being able to utilize her spouse stuff like that I think I think this is doable man like again this is gonna be a test this is gonna be a long overnight where I'm sitting here writing in my journal basically I don't have a book I have a small journal I brought in here that's it so sitting by the fire of getting two hours sleep but at a time maybe which would be decent I've got those two beers I'll probably try and make those last as long as possible which is kind of hard when it gets dark at around 6:00 now but yeah the snow is coming down snow is coming down a lot out there I need to get my shelter set up so that's I'm gonna do try out my ridgeline get my shelter set up this gear roll does G roll can just kind of hang from a tree now and I can access whatever I need which is kind of kind of Awesome actually so let's get that hung up before we do anything - on the inside one mommy [Music]

ah it always hurts your hands breaking wood when it's cold okay another couple toggles I need three for this tarp I can break this bigger one into two there we have it two plus one boys and girls equals hands are so cold like I can't do anything with those big gloves on considering I've shown you guys about a million times me doing this I've already put two in I will show you the last one so just using Todd was again to keep everything taut and to keep it on there so I'm not tying directly to the tarp I'll show you this last one this is the way I like to connect a paracord to it it works really easy it's super easy to put on and then again just taking it off is uh it's very easy as well so I have the toggle kept in my pocket here another handy thing I'm using these pockets for right here just going to make a bite with the rope we're way too close

make a bite with the rope right through the little little tab that's on the tarp okay I'm sorry and slide the stick through that loop he made so everything is attached good okay so now I need to pull it back tie it out wherever it's going this kind of in the way but I wanted to tie off to it so I'm not gonna be pulling back as 45 as I could normally let's try it out anyway if not I can not I can redo it but I think this is gonna work I do have that secondary uh poncho I'll probably put it on a 45 go on like here that way I get a little bit extra room this is only a five by seven right it's not that much a little bit of extra room and then I'll have snow protection and wind protection from that way as well so yeah everything's coming together I'm not too cold

I've kept my other coat off since I put this thing back on so my hands are cold other than that I'm pretty comfortable but it's just like a dumping of snow out there I'm so glad I'm in here there's probably five percent of the snow coming down here then there is up there okay this is no good I'm not happy with this at all I did not have enough room I thought I was gonna be able to tie back to this tree and have enough room look at this this is garbage there's no good so my other option is to go go from this tree it's in frame yeah just pull back there with that tree I'm back far enough especially if I tie it on the on the outside of these trees anyway so now that entails moving all of the debris that I put there before which is fine because it's not I gotta move in anyway he's got to come on the ground so I can just kind of put it over here dig that out a little bit more which isn't gonna be too much I got most of the dug out already and retie so not happy but what it has to be done this is not a good I thought I was planning this out all properly and everything this is not good so anyways the snow and the wind is coming from this way that's originally why I wanted to have my back against it

but because I have two tarps like I was gonna do an almost like an L frame tarp anyways shelter I can still do that just set up my main tarp this way camp this way which is better for wind flow and smoke escape anyway and then I'll just set up my my sole nylon over here on a diagonal to try to stop it from coming in on top of me and I'll have my fire lengthways this way which is better again for the trees there's not so much around so yep your rip redo what you haven't seen is about the half an hour it's taking me to shovel this over my snowshoe to cut all the branches set this tarp up I switched up gonna use a poncho on the back I'm gonna use the nest the tarp that's a windbreak now this isn't very deep I've got this pulled out as far as it goes

get under here for sure but I am definitely putting a roof of a space blanket like coming out off like my shelter my tarp as more of a overhang and then it's gonna wrap inside too to kind of draw this heat into me then I have the second space blanket I'm gonna wrap up like a blanket around wrap around me like a blanket sorry I'm cold I'm actually pretty chilled here I haven't been able to use my gloves at all because I've been tying and stuff like that and yeah I'm getting pretty cold so I got to get a fire going and get a hot lunch into me I have a cup of soup a little Lipton soup thing I can cook up I need to do that so I'm gonna hit this other this other piece tied on need to get these bowels out of the way and uh insert start on that because it's about noon now and hungry and like I said I'm very cool the chilled still have my lair I'm still keeping this the secondary coat off me so that I have something to bundle up with when I do need it the most of snow a wind is blowing from in from this side it's not that much but coming in if I just put this up as a wall will be a pretty good protector protector for me good protection really big shoe so I'm just gonna tie it up loose just rough right now just to kind of eyeball it yeah that's perfect

they'll be back far enough away from my fire I'm not worried about it actually what if I turn it lengthways if I turn it lengthways I can probably have a little bit of protection from above and a wind block because I don't need to win to block the wind from over there at all has nothing to do with me let's try that yeah that's what's going on all right she's up not the prettiest thing in the world but she's on there I used her snow anchors I was able to get a couple stakes into the ground too so the next thing up to do now is make my bed and really all I want to do is make a flat plot enough base where I can add on to actual vowels again like I've been saying the whole time so there's some we're a bit long okay I'll put them when they have the arch I want to put them with the arch going like a rainbow that way they have as much spring as possible I'm gonna have to break off a lot of the twigs that are leaning towards the fire area too after but for now I'm just going to get the framework done get the biggest ones at the bottom the biggest ones the diameter that is at the bottom build a good pace this way I don't have to actually physically build like a raised bed I'm gonna have I'm gonna have to put a ton of boughs down to get enough loft to keep me insulated from the ground but that's another reason I'm putting these down so that the vows just aren't straight on the ground there are some decent sized diameter one I even might end up poking a pole or two through the SIL nylon ancho but this is like a survival training exercise it's okay the loft it's higher in the middle it's getting higher in the middle so I'm gonna want to start building up on one side probably going to put my head on this side here because I want the majority of the fire on this side away from the tarp I'll start building this end up higher I'll do that by even building out farther and then goes to make the bow in the middle up near the head put the twins they're so low or near home I'm actually a backup at that property that I got permission to use a couple of videos ago I told you guys in that video that I planned on coming back and doing this and I'm here doing this I always find it funny that people like think they know what's up like I know most you guys are good like and it's not even just trolls there's people who are actually watching you know I mean people who watch all the time and they think I'm like making stuff up like well you would never drive the five hours there just to check it out I Drive all the time are you kidding me you have no idea how much I draw 100% did drive the five or so hours last time to check it oh but not only that I like to come visit my buddy who lives in your hair I said that in the video it's crazy it's I know I know I'm gonna get a lot of comments saying don't let the trolls bother you and stuff and I get that and the trolls don't I get a million calling today I get a million a very very silly for lack of a better word almost every day and I don't talk about them I don't respond to them I don't bring any attention to them but there are some but I don't even think are trolls I just people just actually believe these things and it's like it's baffling to me okay beds going well no got that many uh branches left to be honest but that's okay this is getting pretty buoyant so yeah if I pop this tarp Lagos and big deal whatever survival training you have to know how to use your gear imagine again you have all this gear that I have doesn't seem like a lot of gear but it's a ton of gear if you didn't have anything right that's uh you'd be paying money you'd be begging for that stuff if you're gonna in a jam as it were so anyways it's cool to know how to use your stuff pull the half stuff even cooler how do you know how to use it so I'm not really concerned about like um sleeping per se tonight just getting up off of the ground and staying warm I know look I've already said it's gonna be a rough night but um yeah this buoyancy

taking a little bit longer than expected [Music]

about the perfect size I'm gonna stack some boughs up on that way to block whatever kind of win it's pretty sheltered anyway but okay I'm getting warmed up too ever since I put these gloves back on that was a huge issue for me so that's fine just I'll stop stop tying knots now I don't have anything else to tie so that's good way to get to work now boughs and firewood big time quick quick quick I'm not drinking enough water sometimes it's hard to drink water and winter time is so cold but you really need it just as much as a summer time scenes from jerk whoa whoa I'll try eating some jerky here Mitch in the midst of building yeah okay I gotta get some boughs this is crazy [Applause]

I'll probably have to end up getting a little bit more but right now I'm doing a separating like the fine tips from say forming like this has more of a stock on it

try to get as much snow off as possible then like I can't it is just coming down like even in here even in you and in these trees anyways so just separating these two sizes I'm gonna put the bigger ones down first and the smaller ones on the top for more comfort I'll probably get an armload or two more but they're looking pretty decent still gonna do I still haven't made a fire obviously hooked up any food to me get firewood time is precious time is short all these winter outings man I got it here 8:30 in the morning like I said so trying to find I knew and I knew where I was coming to actually would get into this location trying to find a specific spot where we're gonna set up cutting this all all up re setting things up mold takes time right you have to kind of a lot that time in there when there's these big stalks for no reason nothing on them might as well get rid of them so I'm gonna do any good I'm snowy did you guys watch my last video my Wednesday video if you did you'll find out that I got my wife pregnant so we've been trying have been pretty pretty quickly so we're pretty happy about that so now I'm up here away from her as she's pregnant and warning sick at home as it's a snowstorm but that's my job I asked her if she wanted me to stay home she said nope go make money all I'm doing is laying up in bed anyway so here I am pattern which means crossing leaving the stalks on the outside the fatter ends on the outside where I'm not gonna be really laying too much yeah I'm gonna have to get a ton more nothing anyways keeping the stalks on the outside that I said trying to be as comfortable as possible while you're sleeping outside with no sleeping bag no sleeping pad and neither

laughter you've got your bass in there you can start to kind of weave in we can push this the pokey parts the big ends down into the rest of it they're really good a good good weave I'm gonna try to concentrate a little bit of these softer ones up here in my head so I can create like a shoulder and pillow kind of deal II see what I mean here sorry it's a little bit higher over there kind of getting down I will have to get more for the rest of the bed but they're all gonna be small now I'm not going target bigger ones I want to target all small ones just to keep kind of running in this way oh well the pillow thing worked actually this isn't so bad oh yeah I gotta get some more around my butt I can feel like a dip and maybe down by my feet this isn't so bad I imagine I'll spend most of the night cuz I'll have the fire relatively close that space blanket of all my stuff to put that on I'm not doing it yet so that I can still have room to work around and stuff but I'll put that space blanket relatively close I'll have my this on and I imagine I'll try to like tuck my knees into this thing and fiedel up a little bit

fetal position for the win oh yeah that's how it's gonna be I guarantee it fire right in front me like this every piece of clothing I have on me I'll wrap my body in a space blanket as well which will be awesome that will be probably the saving grace yeah yep this will be me all right that's my bed after I laid on it there for a couple seconds you can see compressed I just collected all this much more I throw it on see what happens look how much snow is coming in in here oh this day of snow the day of the snow it snowed a crazy alright so for supper I got my chili also got a little I'm looking forward my first starting up my cup of soup so my first starting kid is just my later and some fat rope stick or that rope and quick down and dirty fire so that I get some food into me no base no nothing let's see let's really see how these things see if they work good I'll just grab a few of these storm right in the snow and I'm also going to just grab twigs that I've been dealing with already no preparation at all oh my stupid later it's too cold it's one no another good thing about a fire still there we go there we go okay it's lit it's gonna kind of pile it up with its little friends it's more there let that build that's pretty handy man like right now I'd have to make some shavings or find some birch bark or something if I was using my just just my fire steel I can normally do [Music]


one handed answer quick little flash player get it - just enough oh yeah Oh hasn't life over here all right guys you like I have a lot of bounce I have a lot of insulation underneath me good amount of boughs probably really just gonna drink this down a little cup of soup it's not much to eat mmm warm right now so I want to give a big shout-out to Martin dude who owns this property it's a big amount of property with a far back part of it and yes it's very nice to have this place to come and use I said last time so shut up Martin Cheers Martin

this one's on you this cup of soups on you but says he hears wolves out here all the time with coyotes and stuff oh it feels so good oh man well this is turn out to be a pretty fancy trip I'm able to do a lot of things here that I wanted to do for a while and this is the perfect location the perfect building resources and stuff I've had that mother carrier that girolle for almost a year now I've been able to use it how they able to use it the way I wanted to centreline systems which is the pouch in the canteen carrier and all that stuff is an American company heavy cover cantinas american company the shirt the Lester River it's American company that tarp is an American company this tarp is an American company that's pretty cool shout out to them to my American brothers today on this trip I got Baffin boots on with your Canadian Swedish pants Canadian Gators Canadian gloves American toque all over the place for hmm thanks for your support on ordering the shirts to the BAM son shirts we did 350 orders in the first week so that's pretty decent pretty stoked about that thank you very much for the support if you haven't seen them go check them out I'll put a link in the bottom of this video but there's a specific video for it we're gonna get a couple new designs and pretty soon we're gonna do just a scout logo boy do it on a hoodie and do like another cool shirt so it's it's always fun I've been waking live and we're in mind my whole family's I feel bad because their dropship right now get like my neighbor my my mom like my father-in-law and all say they want one and stuff I'd love to just give them one but I don't have them in hand right like they're their dropship anyways it's very nice to see the outpouring of support though we are working on shipping shipping to the UK over seasons like 20 bucks same prices the shirt but we're getting it down we're gonna take some money off the shirt and we're gonna get a different supplier so we will be able to ship to the UK or offer worldwide shipping soon so it's up to you guys whether or not you want to jump on it or not it's like it's totally up to you guys we're just gonna offer it it's probably gonna still be 15 bucks shipping to be honest but and you'll save a couple dollars on the shirt as well anyways no big worries no big deal just try and make it accessible I'm gonna have to move my built that snow pile up now for no reason because I thought I was sleeping there but it can convey the back of my fire hold fire reflector snow snow mound fire reflector [Music]

my snowshoes on the woods enough wood to last me through the night so I don't want to try to be wading through deep snow no snow shoes on so if I'm not mistaken I had to go around these conifers and back behind me okay alright I made it into the hardwoods it is quite a bit farther of a walk than I had thought oh and it's hard going Oh gonna be rough getting all the firewood back to my camp it sure is there's a dead piece of wood pine though I want to try and get hardwoods see here breaks off at the top that's not ideal what's ideal is like maple or oak thin enough and a lot of them so my time in these in these hardwoods looking

looking a lot for hardwood wish me luck here anyway suitable hardwood that's good

take the rest of that too when you see that back there here but it's pretty easy to take down anyway yeah it's gonna be slim pickins I think okay

well I got some wood four or five decent trees he's definitely not gonna be enough but it's a start and now I have to carry it all the way back over to my shelter fun the the the most work is carrying but whoa it's gonna be carrying it back to shelter so when I try and do it do it in as few loads as possible [Applause]

that was the last load of the original haul the firewood took about five trips to get back probably about an hour oh man maybe not maybe 40 minutes I don't want to exaggerate too much you know oh man

I'm moving slow though this freakin boreal hoodie is ideal is perfect I'm not overheating I have enough ventilation but this part of it that covers my mouth just feel like this cocoon of warmth like I'm never really too uncomfortable in my my face or neck area I don't have a buff on or a scarf or anything do I even have my hoodie I don't have my hoodie hood on for my sweater

and this thing just it's an automatic good fit being up having it down or anything it works as well it just just automatically zyk better fit up anyways that's my last two pieces of wood there I gotta go just another 10 feet to the beginning of my shelter I'll set up the camera and do a pretty cool walking shot in and he'll go from there watch fred penner your kiddos Canadian thing crawls through the log he's in this magical world this is my Fred Penner log right here


I wasn't allowed to watch much growing up its 327 cutting gathering collecting and bringing that back all took me about 40 minutes I need probably two or three of that of this amount to or trees two or three times this in my own oh my goodness to last through the night and cut up into body length lengths so about five foot whatever either ten five or ten because I'm 5 foot 10 5 or 10 inch lengths so some of these logs aren't long enough to get to 5 foot pieces out of so I want to just cut them in half and then for the long the logs that are long enough I will cut them about five foot five foot lengths was maple so the greatest it'll still do fine it's just not the hardwood that I was expecting those looking for so in mixed in with all the hardwoods has you saw there's a lot of red pine the best thing about red pine there's tons of resin inside it so it'll help it burn it'll burn hot it's just not as dense it doesn't have as many BTUs as say like an old from maple any hardwood really but the smell coming off of this stuff it's crazy

very very fragrant actually when I was laying in that bow bed earlier - it's all I can smell smells like a Christmas candle out my mom toast honestly couple snacks here before supper I got that chili and I got a baby Bell got some coffee [Laughter]

check this out the weird growth pattern is like balls of this is where like twigs would have grown out of branches with a grill note it's just super dense there I bet you there's tons of resin and each one of those - so some are already cut up actually the rest is cut up to good sizes yeah I gotta get like three or four times that amount well it's work not too much time to do it it's busy over here go go go kind of thing I haven't really stopped when I stopped first time I stopped was to eat my lunch there and that just took a second to chug that down oh it's peaceful out in the wintertime man very peaceful I feel like drinking one of those beers if I'm being honest with you but I'm not gonna I'm not going to and he's saved for tonight save one for dinner save one for a couple hours after dinner yeah that's the case I should've brought a little tiny flask up a little old nip little nightcap I want to bring too much extra stuff though though literally all the stuff I brought was in my mother canteen carrier and then I brought only extra was those two beers and a couple batteries and my my GoPro wherever it is that was outside of the whole system I think the beers are just you know given at this point right bang choppy choppy I never do this ever but I was bored at home I was just kind of back on my gear playing around with it and I decided to take the torch to my little grass forb rucksacks a little more on that side I blacked out the graspers logo completely and on the bottom which is kind of cool almost looks like paint but it's not it's just burn I think it looks pretty cool actually I'm not gonna do it to any of my other axes but this is almost like a tomahawk looking kind of thing anyway and I thought it suited it well here's that maple gonna clear up there we go pair up the limbs off of it those will be part of probably start off my fire like kindling have a hard time speaking right now

Wow all right yep all right so that's good seizing maple you use as much of that as I can possibly as I possibly can that whole talking thing this isn't something you can really check out beforehand like you can see me right - right

this is clear this is not reflective this is you know my life isn't dependent on this are you kidding me look at that that's the bunk one this is the good one you can't even begin to see through it oh my goodness Joe robinette verse the difference oh that's not cool this might have some some instant there's some reflective material e on the scenes you see that oh my goodness so

full disclosure on this these are both the same brand I got them at Walmart in my city before I came I didn't have somewhere to buy them I didn't buy them online Walmart was a place and they were like $7 a piece like ridiculous price for this stuff and then you can completely see me through it you can see me you can see me I can't believe this well I'm gonna be using this one to wrap up with I guess that's a tough call actually there are some reflective parts on it but it's only in the scenes it's like like it's sat for too long and rubbed off I like wore off I don't understand this at all look I'm saying like this is a practice this is an exercise you know I mean I know I'm coming here I know that this is happening if I was carrying this in my kit with this is simulating this if I was carrying this in my kit and I needed this like okay so very very very disappointing okay so let's let's think about it do I use this reflective sheet over top of me to barrel in the heat or do I use this one which will still it's still material it will still bring heat down to me I don't know how much it's going to reflect down to me how much is this going to go through or or do whatever it will do and the other one I need to cover up with like a blanket what one would I use is for what you know what I think I got to do this I think I got to wrap myself up like a baked potato in this reflective one and hope that this has some reflective properties still put this above me and have it circulate the heat in if it does if it will do that okay roll with the punches

once again wasn't my fault this time the world pulled the Joe Walmart pulled the Joe pulling a Walmart if you didn't get the reference Joe Robinette versus the the difference there's a hook called Joe Rogan verse the ice bucket it's pretty funny anyway all right well this see-through nothingness like saran wrap this is like cling wrap no no it's not it's like a see-through thing just something that's see-through okay so to do this we're going to use buttons buttons again could be a number of things but in this case we're just going to use snow little ball of snow put on the inside now that creates a little button or you can tie around and then tie that off to the trees this surplus cord I didn't need to bring as much cordage as I thought actually I didn't really use barely any for the for the tarp but it's good to have cordage nothing fancy on here a couple overhand knots use your teeth always good to use your teeth it's not really the dad in me doesn't want you to use your teeth another thing you can use for a button will be something like this which is just a little tiny spruce cone break in half you don't even need to use the whole thing

but that's gonna be more than enough this is a lifesaver knowing how to use buttons and things that don't have Toyota or toggles or sorry grommets or anything like that I remember first learning it my let's I don't know seven or eight years ago at a Midwest school of bushcraft class and really changed the game change the game for me you know really flipped the script what I could have done on this trip and briefly thought about doing was just bringing like this tarp and a sheet of plastic and doing just basically what this is dropping the sheet of plastic down in front having like a super shelter put on some boughs on the back for thermal mass blocking the sides at the boughs and stuff but it would've been too similar to my dollar store overnight earthing challenge II deal so yeah so anyway so this is what we're gonna do with this put it up here pretty high so it speeds away from this the fire as much as possible but so that it also grabs the heat and push it in like I was saying but really looking at this there's enough room in there I could have made a super shelter okay but again too similar to the other video so let's tie these up she's done okay like I said I've been non-stop going since I got here 8:30 in the morning so I'm gonna take a little bit of a break I don't really have that much time can't really afford to take too long of a break but I just want to kind of hike around a bit enjoy the wilderness enjoy the the winter and the snow on the trees I think that's what I want to do it's been a half an hour just walking around can you tell the difference in these kind of conifers and the conifers I'm Campton look at the needles they're long and groups of five they're soft these are white pine and what I'm camped in it's way back there those are spruce maybe Norway spruce I'm not 100% sure what kind you know I have to do it right won't anti-climactic jo I'm just now surrounded in these white pine your pitch a tent back in here and I love it I love this kind of turning this is awesome one of my first times really enjoying outside in the winter time and the North was my grandparents house it was very similar to this just deep deep snow and in conifers I didn't have any snowshoes on then I didn't really know about snowshoes or anything it was so hard to walk I remember up to my knees my thighs and snow thinking like cuz I was up north and I'm from Windsor right when I was younger I had no idea about the real snow thinking how do people get around snowshoes

are we all just big kids I just want to play outside no I do all right I'm back in my little old Grove underneath my snow all over my lens and back underneath my shelter area it's five o'clock now so I only really got about an hour of light left I need to get some wood I already got another armful I need to get another armful again and then it's time to cope some supper because I'm starving

yeah lots of lots of firewood get a fire going and start to hang out here Oh drink a beer I can look forward to that unless I'm looking forward to drinking the beer my hands are just dry try they split again I so come at home and some polysporin and some Vaseline on those things and then superglue again does that really did the trick she don't use butter she don't use cheese ah so lean what song is that what band is that the tow the tow tease I told you what song no toady's are super 90s lifts grungy lithium type

that's decent hardwood even though it comes off that easy this is very very dense so naughty gnarly that is BAM son got three good pieces they're coming up milhões I got my saw in my axe with Neela a boy using them right now I will look at right off the trunk there you see nice and flush

this is super dense wood there's gonna be a lifesaver this stuff I even know what it is man this is cherry that's why freakin cherry bud oh look at the color of that would tell me that ain't cherry boy right now I need to start fire up my supper on it's 5:20 after 5:00

losing light very soon around 6 o'clock get this bad boy goin regardless this is some cherry that I got I want you to use that as my base because it's nice and solid

and it'll be a good call base from the bottom up I cut one piece to use all this one here just split down for some kindling actually not kindling more like second fuel stage pieces because I can use the the pine twigs for kindling and starting it

this cherry is nice and dry it has good BTUs that's part of the reason I want to use it okay so this stuff will go on right after my twins hump good gather a lot of twigs actually you wouldn't hurt to break this down one more time some small pieces off of it there we go luckily there's lots of spruce twigs to grab nice and readily available to know I'm really not trying to have an inferno and have my flames go up too high it's a long fart that's not gonna happen anyway but I don't want to burn off my my reflective blend my reflective blanket up there so I'm not gonna throw on all my twigs if once I do have a bunch of twigs but I'm just going to do it slow a little bit at a time so that again the flames don't get all crazy and reach my ceiling

just in time because my stomach is grumbling she's going to town over here [Music]

burn right can't can't throw my tools around do want to disrespect my tools right my coats out up here pretty much all day time to get her down I'm not gonna put it on just yet like I said I do want to have some extra warmth a layer of warmth when I need it but I'm gonna put it on my bed when I'm on there just get it out of the snow a little bit although Oh No I was gonna say the snow has stopped but it has not stopped at all suppertime

we're losing light quick oh here man it's so beautiful you went this late eh especially with this light the snow falling I wish I was sharing this with my wife and kid right now honestly we uh who's my wife's birthday we're supposed to go somewhere I was gonna take it a bamf or Jasper on BC or Alberta when he found out she was pregnant I found out she could still fly but she didn't really want to fly and then just morning sickness like crazy like I'm talking like bad throwing up every single thing sheets finally she's good she got their stuff from the doctor that she needed to you can't just take like antacid when you're pregnant right it has to be all prescribed anyways she saw she all squared away now but hear that you know coyote or a dog but anyway um she doesn't want to do all that and then everything just deteriorated from us going up there then let's just go up to Huntsville then I was just going away for the night to nothing so it kind of sucks and then seeing all this out here knowing I would want to she loves snow in the winter is I'd like to be sharing this with her she doesn't wanna do this she doesn't want to camp in what I'm camping and that's don't don't fool yourself sir she wants she's a she doing the hot tent though she'd do the hot tent so what emeralds so nice it is in here oh it's so long I could feel the warmth feel the warmth over here see how ferocious that's burning that's cuz there's fat wood in this long log here this is a red pine that's all full of fat wood in there see like the black smoke almost love it perfect actually this should be a good little spot from the public up what about yeah this is ideal in here man I am feeling more warm nice much snow all melted already okay I gotta get my headlamp up before I lose any more light I got it and this one here I brought one extra battery on my trusty headlamp that I always use so want to get that out my battery not lose my battery flawless victory okay sometime that's gonna go in my little zipper pocket in my pouch here and I gotta fix my canteen cup she gonna be hot she's gonna be hot nice another use for the old wool jacket shirt see see decent amount of water in there excuse me I better fill that up again and again and again with the snow try out my new light you got a little bit of light from it you see a difference off on a little bit putting this wire on here might have been a dumb move yeah it's not burning as good as it should or as it could it was lino properly so trying to fix it right now breathing heavy over top of a fire is always very fun and healthy for you fix this bad boy up proper down yeah I thought it would've been cool burning that white log like that should have known better it's just dumb there's no point in it it's fine my partner's not ruined by any means I'll just throw some twigs on there okay going again good this is how I want it laid out like a long fur can you see that can you even see that you can't good anyways I'll get this bad boy rockin up real quick again ed we better better fire Leigh clearly that I intended to do I just like I said I thought it would be cool burning that why instead of chopping this thing was all steaming like crazy it must all come and gone off of it but yeah you can see it up I'm raising Franklin with the heat it's nice man it's nice under there Wendy when the fire is more of a long fire and it's just like em bring up and just radiating heat push it a little bit closer

damn son that Chili's gonna go down very well I'm looking forward to it be nice to get something hot my belly again oh look you make a coffee too after supper that's what I might do yeah it's crazy how you get used to the winter like the beginning of the winter every time I went out in the cold it was just like unbelievably cold now I'm very used to it girl hug says six more weeks which is a load of baloney I do not believe anything to do with the groundhog but I do believe that it winters not done that's for sure we're gonna have a warmer than normal spring in my area which means extra ticks extra fun a lot of actually maybe I'll get some from Erin this year karma threaten however you say it I don't think we can get it in Canada Laura stays and get some treat my clothes with it like crazy scope gets treated like crazy for it really you never had a problem he gets ticks on them they fall off outfitting gorge themselves whenever but getting those are just dog ticks all right we got a boil hard boil spilled a little bit there as you can see my bag was starting to melt because of how hot it was and it melted into my hand perfect I'll leave that on there for a minute let it sit and then put the lid on okay well that's their cooking before it gets too dark out there I still have some light out there it's really dark where I'm in here but when I go out there I still do have some light before it's too dark over here I want to get some I gotta get some more firewood I'm just not completely satisfied with what I have I'm sure it's a good amount but I'm really really depending on fire to stay warm tonight and I I just don't feel like I have enough so another arm load will do I'll leave the camera here go do that as soon as as quick as I can come back inside both fire and eat so that's pretty cool it's steaming off as soon as it's hitting or yeah the snow steaming off the students is hitting the reflective blanket so there's never gonna be any like Coolidge and I think that pretty cool I got a bunch more wood my foods got to be done happier with the amount of wood I have now good hole but it's most of it is okay watery chilly Joe water to evaporate some of the extra water that I put on my foods all done cooking I'm just letting it cool down a little bit time to grab a br I'm hoping that they're not frozen come on the adventure the journey of the frozen beer with me did I bury them did I bury them did I bury them oh there we go didn't bury him didn't bury him at all and they're not frozen good I knew about the whole time actually it was beer mound BAM Sun fracture or zodiac let's go light let's go zodiac save the bad bad boy for later on Oh such a good spot you know not everybody would leave in all their mishaps like I could three or four mishaps in this video just remember old Joe keeps it real boys and girls all right oh I've been keeping my baby Bell in my pocket too is that a baby Bell in your pocket yes yes it is to go with mine chilly that'll go lovely with the plane overhead the chilly baby bells just like I'm at home no the wax on these things would actually make a really good first order you like stuff it with like dryer lint or something along those lines maybe pour a little extra walks in multi-purpose Bebelle is going in the chili oh four or five miss huh baby Bo's going in the chili nice I'm gonna fix this up all right that baby Bell all might have melted it's not really cheese is it well it's gone nope it's still intact completely that's weird

thank you honey for the chili all right zodiac you guys want to hear a little bit about it I had this in a video before with Mike speaking of which that video that I did with Mike at the shelter I'm gonna go back there I would like to bring Mike as well you guys seem to like him comments were all Pro Mike and I like Mike a lot as well so bring Mike go back to that shelter he'll build on to a little bit more maybe make it into a super shelter or something like that and camp out for a couple nights we'll do that maybe in about a month like Michael and myself anyways this is the IPA from it says brewed by Omni polo Stockholm Sweden and Toronto Ontario Canada product of Canada I don't really understand once again I follow Omni Polo Omni polo on Instagram and I don't really understand their Swedish they have all sorts of weird beers and coffees and different stuff but it's very good one of the best beers I've had in this category cheers guys oh man

it's so cold oh it's so cold it loses taste when it's too cold they want to put it by the fire to be honest with you

it's not as enjoyable okay let's just not boil the beer and we'll be alright so have a pretty good time I'm uh I've only been cold a little bit once or twice my hands more than anything but toughen it up get my big boy pants on over here some baby doll she's like but again it's probably only seven yeah seven o'clock so you know I mean I still got all night in 12 hours I'll be packing up to leave maybe even maybe sooner but in about 12 hours we'll be back time to leave so I've only been here for less than that I've been here since 8:30 ooh boiled up the beer which tastier it's a good idea over there we're thinking about baby names I have me and really thought about any girl names I'm almost pause if it's gonna be a boy it's not even that I'm like dead set on it being a boy or I really want it to be a boy I do want it to be a boy but I'm fine either way to be honest no I just have a feeling it is the way she's it's so different the pregnancy already - I just how it gut feeling it's a boy and we're thinking of the name Liam named Gavin I'm leaning more towards Liam a little bit more I like it it sounds a little Irish II like my nan would have loved it how many who really thought her a girl name to be huh my wife has she has a few of mine I named emerald I knew I wanted to name her emerald it's my birthstone I just really like the name it sounds Irish she when I named her that I thought she'd have the most unique name in the world that and her middle name and then I could look online and there's like a hundred of that and her million put together in the same sequence pretty not really that surprising lots of people well guys I got to tell you man I'm completely warm here like I haven't put my coat on I'm sitting on it actually right now I am eating hot chili but this fire in front of me is just rocking I'm getting this like convection circulation everything's good hot hair again firstworldproblems right all right I'll stop yakking and I eat the rest of this you get back with you guys in a little bit I might take a little breather here lay down excuse me just been chillin by the fire I cleaned out my dishes wrote in my journal a little bit late here I'm completely dried off like my earlier today I was all exulting iced over on here completely all snowy everything I'm dry dry dry dry still have my Bible my coat underneath me not too shabby I'm not cold at all the fire is nice and excuse me excuse me fires nice and warm nice and reflective so yeah it's uh yeah just more of the same guys more laying here more feeding the fire

I keep hearing coyotes off in the distance maybe we'll go up there in a little bit and check out some stars if they're always cloudy all day never mind there's not too many stores I'll go and check out and see if we can hear any code he's a little better out there but still snowing not as hard but yeah everything's good man everything's coming up millhouse over here this fire or this reflector sorry this fire and this whole system's working really well for me them completely warmth honestly I have no nothing's cold about me at all I assumed tonight off put my coat on for a little bit or maybe not but I assume I will gonna be nice to be able to use it for a pillow although again with this hood on not that big a deal kind of curl up with it no cookies no bed pokies

that beer I end up people my beer I've been long gone by now but end up keeping it near the fire as I was eating and I drank it really slow I only drink of what happening but after that I had to take it far away from the fire cuz a whole one side of it was just like super hot I'm actually tucked away a little bit to all I can hear is the of the snow on it on the tarp the fire in front a little coyotes in the background saying so bad guys it's really ain't so bad over here let's go out and check it out over here oh yeah you can hear it oh it's Kyle you're a dog that's inside a bunch of trees see it that well from over here oh man anyway super dark over here I thought it had snow slowed I thought the snow had slowed it's a good thing I drink that Light beer I thought the snow had slowed down but I was wrong it is coming down I can't believe it all day long and still no no chance of stars not at all you hear that okay back to the walk back to the shelter of the fire and the shelter looks damn son so I kind of like doing this kind of camp I think this might be my niece right going out and doing like here specific overnighters what I thought I might do and I actually tried to do but it was impossible so I just switch switch my idea up and I thought might ask you guys first before before I go ahead and spend a bunch of money on it so I thought I would originally do a Walmart 100 $100 camping overnight or not really a survival overnight in the wintertime like a camping thing by a sleeping bag by tarp by a sleeping pad by an axe or like a cutting tool of some sort just food cooking implements all that stuff buy from Walmart for a hundred bucks and go out and do it well there's no way you can't do it like a sleeping bag alone the the coldest rated sleeping bag I could find them for the Walmart is the biggest one reply my host was negative negative one point one degree Celsius I believe negative 1 or +1 degrees Celsius so that won't even do anything over here you know might as well just do what I'm doing here with a synthetic sleeping bag I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing it would just melt the crap out of it right if I laid my sling bag here and tried to rely on warmth that's why you could use a little blanket for that stuff and you're not gonna find a little blanket it won't wear it either so anyways now I have to change my plan up to something called like winter camping on the cheap outfitting from Walmart or something along those lines and actually spend over $100 spent probably close to $400 on camping gear and that's okay I'm fine to do that with but it's not cheap to people like to me it is because if you're buying camping gear

one sleeping day for wintertime can cost $1,000 you know I mean if you're getting in like a negative 40 degree sleeping bag Associates that sleeping bag that is down and lightweight and all that stuff let's take a pause from that Cheers strong tasty

very strong well won't have to be drinking slowly take this jacket this boreal shirt this is almost a $300 American shirt so would be spending three or four hundred dollars on everything you need for camping for winter would be a lot to people or would it be cheap I don't know so my whole my whole theme would have to target people who get their stuff on the cheap I'm saying if that's the title of the video and that's the premise of the video excuse me so it's like I go and I buy all the things you need they'll cost about $400 Canadian which might be $200 American to 50 that's not so bad really for everything you need to go one or two nights in the wintertime so I might do that let me know what you think about that in the comments I know that was a excuse me a long a boat way to talk about it and explain it but that's me you should be used to that by now all right guys I'm gonna call it good for a couple hours here try and catch some Z's and get with you when I get up to stoke the fire I'm really gonna try to get this space blanket all tucked around me home here the fire I still haven't put my jacket on I'm not cold at all if that does happen I'll put it on but until then oh it's a welcome pillow I'll see you guys in a few hours good night well it's time for my cold on 1:30 in the morning it was good while it lasted oh yes okay I put some wood on this and blow it into flames for pecking the bird is the last my word I pushed it all together

it's 4:00 in the morning now I'm out of wood completely I put my last load on out of both three but this is like like I said two very ends of it all I want to try and get some more sleep try and get another hour in if I can and yeah even if not whatever start getting packed up soon I'm ready to get out of here so yeah morning can't come soon enough for me all right guys it's time to get up and start breaking down camp you're gonna get out of here I'm gonna cook breakfast or anything when I get up and take my boat out of here go to Tim Hortons and get a whole breakfast bagel Deeley Tim Hortons [Music]



beautiful look at this what a beautiful morning just complete cloud cover not a breeze snow all over the boughs you know you get to experience morning's like this too often I don't at least well that was pretty cool experience pretty cold experience but I got probably my first good stretch was oversleep was the first time I went to bed I probably start from like 11:00 till 1:30 or something like that and then it was yeah an hour or two here and there I read every so often I don't think I had enough wood I was scrounging near the end I was only putting one or two on at a time but in the same respect I never got too cold honestly and I think a lot of that really had to do with a few things with this Lester River boreal shirt we're in this like a blanket with the way that I set up my shelter here like just the circle of heat and then using the space bucket for actual blanket I could tell the difference when I had that on me when I didn't it just kind of baked me like a little potato on baked potato in there so I just threw some twigs on here on the coals

you know warming fire going as I'm packing up here so I freaking ate last night periodically throw it tonight everything I had just like staying warm you know adding calories so I get my jerky my my bar I guess that's all I really had but I had a decent amount of jerky I learned that on uh getting wood is not as easy as you think it is sometimes I really struggled a lot yesterday a lot of the day was spent gathering wood I didn't even bother filming a lot of it because it was so tedious like hiking through the snow and all that stuff and how many times getting to see me carry wood back and forth really yeah good good trip who was different I'm excited said to get this video out I'm excited to see what you guys will think of it if you do like it please give me a like I got 20,000 likes on my last big overnighter the the solo winter oneness in the snowstorm so if we can match that that'd be great 20,000 likes on this will be fantastic yeah that helps the algorithm for me all right I want to just continue packing up I got my Meiji role of my mother carrier there I have the pack full of somehow I have to get all this back in there I actually might be doing one of these I rolled this one up already

I might just be stuffing it in my my boy rail pocket here because folding these things back up is almost impossible I'll fold my tarps up get everything up into the mother carrier this is something else guys all right the long haul back to the car got a comeback for the camera right I'll recap in the car with you guys catch up with you in a bit just got in the car we're on the road now 8:13 it's almost 24 hours and it's negative 8 degrees Celsius now it's not it stops snowing really good around 2:00 a.m. and petered off oh man so I'm happy I did this trip I learned a lot I experienced a lot and it's pretty cool it's pretty a good thing for somebody who does this kind of stuff to learn and to to practice so I hope you guys enjoyed it I you guys yeah hope you guys like the video I'll see you guys soon on the next one thank you for watching as always

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