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favorite classes in school is the trigger ID

triage it is this is our little spot in the Prairie we like to come so forces spots surrounded by the Prairie tall grass and fields right there where ken is the down log we like to sit on and make a little fire to our bow drill practice so Ken's wrapping these two sticks together to make the two stick fire bow set watch the line up I'm not editing that / and doing this to stick a nice smoker off the bat look at that form let's burn mine don't go round desk brown dust brown dust doesn't even feel good pjc lmd I don't know how you did it man but you got one up on me that's for sure i'm done with this can't get it to go looks good from here no all right well you got you got one up on both of us alright so now we're going to try it with sumac that's a nice big piece of sumac this is one piece here baton in 22 and that's Ana look you can tell from the video but it's gonna scar looking a no-charge color to it such stinky would hear shrouded in a cloud of it looks good from here scopes looking like that bow drills for him go on scope oh it's nice why I docks maxing ahead with its tail next time I'll get a boxer can know to go let's go get out here yes take the baton scout and the baton let's go burying a bet your spindles on fire you got nice damn third time's not a charm sure all the way through I'll stand the poplar ferns over there there's a nice little spa here too I'm good on the house too good the only bit of color around another little sassafras stand

that's a good one t

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