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Just showing and using a few pices of kit that I have had for a while, and one new item.

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go back offs go now I've been using this laplander for a while this is a second one I've had and I think when I get the chance up on the tray dope for one of the silky sauce I've seen them both work side by side in person and the silky saw really blows this Laplander away I I wouldn't have thought that was possible I thought this was like the greatest thing known to man but not the case it's not bad but the soul will beat this any time the teeth are a lot more aggressive it's a good good blade good dry ash here like my ash dry I use my laplander to cut all those pieces of ash to length and I'm gonna use that trailhawk to uh split them down a bit now I prefer to use an axe but today it being springtime I have to cross a ditch to get over here the ditch is flowing real good and I can't cross my normal spot which means I have to walk a lot farther to get across the ditch to get into my spot here so I don't want to carry an axe the whole way and the full-size saw that I leave out here I need a new blade on it so this is my temporary solution for that this is my other my other kid if you will I didn't bring a knife either just my saw sax sack barber so there's my minimalist but it doesn't a fine job you know the the Laplander folding saw and the trailhawk terry i woodsman a lot of you have seen his video on the tro hawk awesome video that's why a lot of us including myself have one really does do the trick

I prefer an axe like I said it's a lot more fun for me to use an axe but this works

also God so these two pieces could have had for a long time I also got a new piece of kit I got from Lisa Creek forge a flint and steel striker I want to use later on there's a gift from a forum member thanks a lot man really cool of you to do so we'll get this broken down and get some bacon on I processed all that wood with my trailhawk there and I'm gonna make some shavings and whatnot I think I'll use my trailhawk for that too now they're not gonna make this fine shavings as if I had my adventure sworn a mite early here that's alright because I'm using footing steel today with the tinder bundle I'm not trying to ignite my shavings with a Ferro rod but even so you can still do that that you can get them fine enough to do that with a big deal

here's another piece of kit that I use a lot very often actually it's a girl made by my buddy donk oil Jay's dad a real good piece of kit and as you can see it's real dirty right now I'm really used up I'm gonna throw that on top of the fire and clean it out before I cook my Bacon's on it but actually considering I can't eat any kind of gluten or anything this thing saves my life I can bring out raw meat and just throw it right on there it's very very convenient you see I've got this platform of sticks built up so that when I do get the fire started

I can build it on there before the moisture gets sucked up from the ground too much to plug out the fire I'll already be established so good little thing to do go got one to catch most bats wood fibers are real good for this good for a lot of things that worked pretty good it's nice to have something with the bushcraft USA logo on it and keep that one forever yeah I'll get this fire built up a bit and gonna cook some bacon have some tea holiday treat tea Doug like to cook off the old whatever it was grease on there and maybe sneak grease bacon grease boy throw my my new bacon on getting nice and hot that's just what I'm doing right now I'm doing this I usually like to try to get all the flames out of the way because the bacon grease will make it flame up even more and if you have too much flame on the bacon it makes it I don't know it brings out the salt or something a lot and it takes it it makes it taste very very salty and I'm not a not against salt by any means but too much is not not pleasant then tell the wife to get the thick stuff but I guess they didn't have any in so when the bacon is thin like this I tend to not cook it as long I don't like my bacon too crispy and obviously the thinner thinner it is the quicker cooks so it's it's real hot heat still flipped a few times and call it good you see the grease on top of the bacon is already boiling or bubbling up it's almost too hot to touch that one was hot yeah well that's almost done well Bacon's almost done I eat a piece a little underdone but let the rest cook I'm doing that throw my tea on my hot water to make tea for later as you can see this grill is is very useful now obviously you can cook the bacon over a stick whatnot just as easy but takes a little bit longer and this is my preferred method so there's a video of some of my gear I don't know if there's any questions you guys can let me know and I'll try my best to answer them but it's pretty straightforward I use I use my gear a lot I don't go through a lot of new gear or whatnot so a a lot of its tried-and-true thanks for watching

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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