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Camping With A Subscriber in a Canvas Tent with a Woodstove.


You guys asked for it, Camping with a Subscriber

Check out Scott's video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXmMCq-mQco

Snowtrekker Tent https://www.snowtrekkertents.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

all right

ham can play with Jill robinette are you guys doing this is a new video this is Scott this is my new buddy Scott we've met once before Scott's a subscriber it's not me an email I live relatively close to each other wanting to get o camping so we met up for a beer the other night hit it off couple - yeah hit it off and decided to go camping

so tonight now we're gonna spend a night in a snow trekker canvas tent yeah yep be cool so be the first time I'm using this one this year and yeah I should be good let's get it started so my tent has an 8 by 10 footprint our plan is to put it right here facing the Sun the door facing the Sun well I'm just kind of clearing away a little bit of stick to first it's not really not necessary because the bottom is open there's no there's no bottom on the tent but just yeah just get a couple things out of the way we're gonna set up here it's very easy to set up very comprehensive I really really like this town so what we got here is a snow trekker tent I cannot remember the exact model for the life of me is 8 by 10 maybe I'll put it on the bar okay so I've got it in a stuff sack this is a 35 litre stuff sack you need not come with this but it fits into it well and I like it

I think that it's about 12 pounds I thought I read 15 but it feels it doesn't feel yeah right this is a it's pretty clean so there we go so there should be like a little that'll be the very back okay so you guys have seen in the past I've used like a pyramid like a style canvas tent and that's pretty cool I think I was telling you about it - but the downfall was that the pole was in the middle and the stove goes in the middle as well and then you lose this whole big space it I think basically the move obviously the middle of your dad right so you're losing walking space if you have your dog with you it's kind of sketchy you don't brush up against it or whatever so this uses poles as like that you bring in as opposed to a pole that you cut yourself considering all the gear actually I was shocked at how late it was

yeah me too and then like think about it work carrying the sin hand bomb in this but in the winter time you know we're on sleds so the poles are relatively easy to understand basically there's one pole that has two open ends see this one's open this one's closed so you know this one is gonna be on the ground all the ones with the closed ends the closed end goes on the ground one closed one open again oops

so you the one that has two open ends you know is gonna be a cross piece because it has to connect to the legs that you're making and then it goes into these so it's got two short ones and then a long one it's like a why two short branches in the long one the long one goes across to keep it across basically stick with me boys and girls so there is our nope here's our cross there and it's a bit shorter than the others if I'm not mistaken it is yep that's why everybody loves it you know no editing we're doing this we're doing this for the first time you can really see the size of it now and it gets a little bit more taut well that's a good decent size and then in the bottom corner it's just just there's like a little like yeah looking pretty good already all very easy

yeah you take pickup set down or set up take down five minutes no he's got it make it's late if you want to see Joe in action putting this together I've been trying to videotape him filming himself do this and see how he works I've always been fascinated about how he records his footage so I've been recording him recording his video so it's really it's an absolute pleasure to be here watch them do it so oh so Scott's doing this on the other side but basically it's super easy right you got these two sleeves and you've got your pole on the pole close the part in the middle done elastic on it slide it through then you've got this little like leather with a grommet in it and your toilet attached all you're doing your sliding that on there in the middle pushing it through and now you can make it super taut we do have to go around and cut some some steaks to stake out but that doesn't have to happen right now this support stick goes from the top grommet down to the bottom there's a grommet there as well and then now you have almost pretty good walls by doing that you can see here the skirt on the bottom and in the wintertime when there's snow I'll be definitely bearing it under the snow but I believe now because there's no snow we're just gonna tuck it under no rain or anything like that can pool into it okay we're just gonna cut some steaks stitch this bad boy break it my stuff hope that's not a sign of take a guy out man sir a day awesome pretty tall very cool very nice yeah so the stove will go right here will clear away the leaves on the ground because the residual heat from the stove will will catch the legs on fire but the frame I do I thought that of that so maybe because if you got it tight enough I don't see why not really but my friends pretty pretty awesome too yeah I think good I really don't know I used to have a pyramid tent not this kind of template different one that had a thing at the top where you tie it up so just tying the door open trying both closed doors open we get light in there they'll be easy to put her stuff in there clean it out and see so I'm sure some of you guys will remember a few years ago I had a another snow trucker it was the first one I got got from a buddy cliff thank you again a whole lot for that but that one was like that 12 by 16 if I'm not mistaken so this is much more manageable size for going on extended trips and stuff the other one was awesome so it was more of a base camp and I believe actually that was the model name was the base camp

you know what that would sound actually hot from this sitting in a set okay so we got the trekker model wood stove it's one of the smaller ones but it will be plenty for this tent you can see it's gonna sit kind of out a bit situation for it

I know how its best situated cool thing about this is that all of the components fit inside of the soap to store it with to move around with so maybe piping your spark arrestor or my spark arrestor not yours

my flue my elbow piece inside here there's fire bricks because you're not supposed to really have the the fire right on the on the Box on the bottom of box because it will warp it but I'm actually going to be getting from canadian-owned or equipment very soon a false bottom that I can put on there with holes so I don't have to put the bricks because it bricks are pain in the butt when you want to clean up the ashes what if I think firewood can't fire outside I would cut him even smaller than this right so I feel like it's a decent length take it to get him in so you are actually able to switch this up depending on setups with it sometimes things are different like we have to set things up or different so you can actually use the piece of the damper not flue damper first or you can use it with the elbow piece first depending on the situation but it looks to me like we're going to be using this piece first there's a corrugated partisan we want to try to match up yeah see this is much better already

actually I can move this the elbow piece moves independently that goes there the next piece we can put this on the other side takes up a little less room okay now we got to go outside and make a tripod because the rest of this will not stay up by itself and I don't want to leave it hanging and putting pressure on the rest of it so I'll make a small tripod okay well we got this all set up I feel like something's not right here I feel like it shouldn't be getting this big at the bend but for some reason I had to separately host I just took it down today it did not look like this but this is how we're gonna camp like this figure it out later it'll still work fine it just looks a little weird to me but I'm sure if I just played it off like it was good to me somebody watching this would know and call me out on it so we're gonna put it all out of me open right well that's all squared away our next duty is to get some firewood I said duty I have a tomahawk Scott's got a folding saw and I've also got a full-size

axe and my pay you bring an axe - yeah well hatchet so we got some tools let's go collect some so firewood there's lots of down stuff lots of solid oak around and stuff like that so it don't be an issue to get a lot firewood okay Breger boom

sorry wood though Scott's busting my chops already we're gonna be just fine friends alright so here we got a piece of oak it's somewhat deteriorated but like you've heard me say probably a hundred times the outside of the oak doesn't really matter it's what's on the inside that counts you know so I just got my little cold steel trailhawk we're gonna take some turns throwing it later on but until then let's actually use it for some firewood prep see look at that oh yeah she's solid it's like a bit bouncy this isn't like using an axe yeah so Scott and I are both from southern Ontario here we were talking about how growing up here you're always there always wanting to get up north right and go to the real wood sabor real forest and and the Canadian Shield and stuff but there's always something about coming back down here about the Carolinian forest about the hardwoods about how flat it is about the soil it's just home and I like it just as much now just as much as up north which if you would ask me that before Lee earlier on in life it would've been a different story

so we got this hardwood anyway it's my point down here lots and lots of hardwoods way more than up north so this is some kind of fruit wood it's a little bit decayed so it'll still be pretty good but the old grandmas axe out with me this time what is nice and giant no you're good we're talking about her knives kind of showing each other our knives we were thinking why don't we show the folks you know absolutely cuz I knew Jill Joe had a knife or two so one two I do have a knife yes so why don't we look at yours first

all right mine's a bark River Bravo I like a lot what I like what I like about it a lot is the compacts and the blade shape let me get this hook on here see that it's a real convex there's no like micro bevel or anything like that and look at the size of the blade what you think that is like a quart it's a quarter inch thick for sure but like five inches yeah it's a nice nice nice the only thing I really don't like if I'm being honest with you is this exposed lanyard loop because sometimes I like to use my split or whatever obviously you could use a piece of wood instead just hit it and that would hold up better than hitting the handle I like it I like it a lot look at that balance that balance yeah I like the specific term for it but a lot being jimping so yeah but I do like the comfort of that for me it works this way as well because when they describe this knife the intention of that was to have your thumb like that Oh on top that's what they say okay to be able to use but I just love it this way using like that no no it's just comfortable for me it works and then for the firesteel I love using that those just for well you know what it has a nice little case here so I never lose it right oh okay we're never campaign good so what I have this is my this is the Joe Robinson which Griffin is my son Griffin with Joe Robinette he's a big fan like my son can't believe it I'm actually on a trip with Joe let alone talk about right so this is very cool well maybe we'll have to hook him up we have to get Griffey out of the trip yeah so that's from a company called Weber ham there's a gentleman named Weber ham made I don't know it has my own blog yes I don't know if that night is actually happening now guys I'm sorry I don't I haven't had any communication with the maker in a long time so we shall see but if not another knife will be in the works

mark my car my car yeah I like my card a lot I like G tan and my Carta this is my Carta it has a little bit more grip to it than the g10 yeah I like wood too so I like wood to but the my card is pretty nice so that's like my idea of a all-around bushcraft knife you have a comfortable handle and a stoke blade you know that blades not going to break at all there's no fine tip on it and it's a nice scandi so it has a lot of meat behind the edge no do you have a couple have this one too so this is the other end of the spectrum this is a Dearing woodchuck so that's a compacts like yours okay see how it goes all the way down there eh yes and then right then that's like yeah and then if you look at the the pins on the side it's all jet-black right you put the jet black pins on it so it all matches yeah it's got a nice that's my newest knife fitters

yeah the floating liners too so those are black liners white liners and then the scales pretty cool yeah yeah I'm a fan of Ellen that's my newest knife I like that one a lot I'm still still learning it knife talk we choice got nice there's a lot to learn I'm gonna work on my collection I got to figure out which one I'm gonna put on my belt just grown-ass children in the woods off Scots oh dear cluck know so far what I'm gonna set up my sleeping gear in here and then we'll switch out so we're not kind of trampling all over each other in here I've got a negative seven degree sleeping bag it's only gonna get down so right around the zero tonight so having the fire going all night in the wood stove is not a necessity a lot two pillows all another control probably won't stoke the fire after we fall asleep I know I'm not if Scott wants you so I got a small rubberized tarp on the ground just for basically staying off the mud what's that um would snow starts kicking it starts getting warm in here it's gonna get pretty muddy so got that I got my reflectix to keep my um my seat pad pretty clean yeah it'll be uh the goal is we have very comfortable night alright perfect fit on the back there up near the head where I don't have any coverage such a nice guy I am use it as a pillow you know kind of secret well that's a nice one this one's got some insulation as well so it's got some down stuff in it I got what I'm using for a ground sheet is my that that's the great part there that's not part of the pad ok I gotcha yep so I just wrapped it in there just for perfect so that works so that's my footprint I've seen I have a different x pad but I don't have the pump in it no [Music]

so there's a sponge in here you see so once this there's a two way valve in there so you just put your hand over like that and it pumps up it's pretty cool

you practice your CPR at the same time do you is that a sleeping bag you have next to you is that a phantom is it red have the same one yeah it's what the heck is it called is it a phantom okay yeah I bought it this year oh it's I love you I know I love mine I mean this was my big purchase this year where it was not cheap I had a synthetic I had my original sleeping bag which is fantastic I literally bought it 46 now so I mean it's a warm sleeping bag still works great but it doesn't compress so some of the trips I was doing it so you start I mean you just gotta research them and this is I think this yeah a hundred percent yeah it's a great bag and it's it's rated perfectly - it's not like a wrong rating no you know what that's a good point because we went to my kids have zero sleeping bags so I told them it's like a look at the weather and like you guys be fine you know it's freezing so one morning we wake up I mean it was a gorgeous morning there wasn't a ripple in Georgian Bay - yeah yep so we you know we're on the of the platforms of storm Haven and I wake up now I was fine because obviously this is a my astute moral of the story screw the kids as long as you know but yeah that's the bag I would recommend that to anyone that is a fantastic save a well worth the money like you're saying it is an investment but you're gonna have that like you said you had your last one for 20 years

you don't mean that's not something you have to replace next year yes right

there's not so many dead trees in this wood we found a nice oak gotta show me up oh nice it is fun and there they're actually a pretty good for actual tool I swear that was me that's was that one my problem it's gotta get one gotta get one on camera see people believe me ready you're right I was putting too much comfort into it he's getting just off just like me I gotta get it it gets worse every time right okay I have to take this away from Scott he's sunk it game over boom I think we need some firewood buddy get this fire going and we're just gonna use some grass so we grab this grass standing not just laying on the ground nice and dry I made it broke it up me a little birds nest after that goes I'm gonna try to stick that in there throw this grass on top of it without getting burned up too bad so well that went pretty good normally oh let's put it out and try to get normally kind of when I'm striking stuff you guys see me plant it in and go like that but with grass it's not necessary really good I mean you always want to flip upside down you always want to flip it upside down so that it it has somewhere to grow right because if it's staying burning and on top it has nothing else to catch on fire [Music]

all right prep ready to go make sure our flu is open look at Scot was nice enough to bring some venison tenderloin out for us and we don't want to waste it by cooking in a frying pan and in the stove so we're gonna build a fire out here we just cleared away the leaves from the immediate area and build a fire out here and cook our food out here at least that portion of it as uh yeah fire grilled stuff is always a little bit more tasty than fried like a little platform something I like the way you do that I know it seems straightforward but yeah it's a no no no no yeah you get you get the best of both worlds you you get your fire up off the wet ground so it doesn't smoke as long and then you build this coal base along the bottom - it's it's yes especially for cooking it's a good way to do it garlic

okay and I said here we come last time I exhaustion I facing losing a Shawn and we were up north building something on his property a big lead to an Isis property and he brought a deer backbone and we how did you like it oh it was not great but I was it wasn't bad actually we left it hanging over the fire for like hours like all through the day everything got so smoky then we just picked it it was it was it was okay know what I got a play a league over here lately like years ago with a deer hunt for a while and we used to bring our stuff to the butcher and they used to cut like like beef right right porch or chops and steaks and whatever else with the bone and the fat in it we vetted the towel from venison ruins it taste it ruin my opinion I do not like the taste of it so once once I got into deer hunting years ago me and my buddy bill we just decided to we would be boning ourselves really yeah none of none of the venison that we use has any fat in it or the bone because it's it's not like beef or it gives it a flavor it takes a wave things that we write might in my opinion it takes away from it so that's why it's it's for me it's tenderloin stews and stuff like that I don't know these chops people I saw I think I saw Sean the cooking ribs yeah Justin really sir I don't know what those stations okay yeah but they're not terrible injured yeah I can't wait you should see me after we cook that backbone we broke it and the spinal cord it came out as like this like like solidified gel it was so fast like we're just you know for centuries people have eaten that like no doubt in my mind you know the indigenous we even slice the ball in half roast in that give us yeah they've had it it's actually pretty good but it's kind of gross when you think I don't think that honestly I don't visit the venison sucks people fry it up it's disgusting good right right what about like pepper rats you ever get those maybe I make those oh yeah that'll be my favorite yeah because you but you gotta mix report oh hey people are mixing you may report least make them all time they are awesome but you gotta cut it with portal drive okay this is very dry okay right so you get some pork shoulder then you take it to the butcher and it's like half pork half innocent I know nothing about this that's cool I like it's very suit in the very near future next year next year I wanna get deer next year I'm gonna have my my license oh I said this for two years now not only should you get it but with your connections people can be begging you to go hunting yeah I've had a lot of offers you know I'm saying like that's the part where you got to take advantage of that right well we're a couple of hard-working man you know in the woods absolutely we've earned this today you have to try this it's called user it's a Japanese fruit inside the IPA really it's dude I know it sounds weird but it's probably one of the best years I've ever had in my life no no me either use a pale ale and it's from radical Rhodes which is from from and I'm going with a Walkerville Geronimo IPA which is a local brewery can't go wrong Windsor Ontario yeah yeah I can't believe I only brought one beer it's lies you know the Rope you kidding me coming over joke I'm prepared yeah I got this what the world thinks of me it broke my back in here all the beers it's a good thing we both have good taste in beer absolutely not drinking that Bud Light nonsense I don't have room I just got here screw the gear we need the beer oh it's been a fun night buddy yeah me too yeah yes has been great looking forward to the food and sitting in the warm tent yeah tent is nice and warm right now we got the thing cranked so anybody I'm gonna be talking to Joel get him committed with some beers over some bike packing trips that we're gonna do it sounds so fun doing it with you guys see no we talked about Joe bike pack go ahead I've gone on a bike packing trip and we're at her house today at my house today and you can't just skim by the by packager how long was out what's the duration of your bike packing trip it was a 7 day 500 kilometer 500 kilometer bike packing trip okay that's a part that's an important part of the store and Joe's oh yeah he says he's ready to go like right now so anyways yeah it was through Central right up your alley we went through central Ontario called the central Ontario loop trail that's what it's referred to as the cult people called the cult and its online a lot of people have had some interest in it so anyways I mean a couple buddies did that late September and basically Lake Ontario almost tell gone from parking back through ATV trails and uncrown camping on Crowley and and some private parks but it was it was awesome right it sounds like an adventure yeah it was great and so we did that on a fat bike which is got the balloon tires at for not for a half inches thick before why did you say and so they're they're pretty fun they're new thing right now a lot of people they're kind of just coming out with the last couple years you always at my house riding it and I got some footage of him shredding the trails near my place entirely and so if you want to see Joe riding his bike my bike and running through the trails and my dogs it's a pretty cool footage and Joe hamming it up for the camera like he does you're gonna put that on on your video that'll be on my video yes yeah if you want to if you're watching this and you want to see that click over mine yeah I'll link it below


join the party Arielle Scott was nice enough to bring that venison you know not like bring potatoes or anything but we're all bring we're all doing our part I got some potato onion garlic and butter and I'll probably throw some cake spice on it - and we're gonna do the little hobo dinners wrap it up in hobo dinners wrap it up in tin foil and they'll probably go on for 25 minutes maybe half an hour throw them on before the venison I imagine the venison won't take too long is it like steak where you don't have to hook it all the way through raw and wriggling yeah

what's taters precious it's got the Lord of the Rings fan - it seems we've been drinking beer and talking and having all the time but the potatoes are done and garlic and these are this is I gotta give props to my buddy bill with someone else takes place simple enough but I would not be doing this bill well thank you bill that's pretty cool Scott was telling me he harvested this year right on this property when was that this year or last year last fall last fall that's the December nice so yeah it's kind of fitting here we are all starving one thing about this is talking all night

Oh buddy that take coming home yeah Lots take another look see the size of me all right that's enough that's not all right nobody knows gonna be r2 oh wow giblets okay Andrew there you go ma'am yep you know you got a croc another beer with the suppertime Cheers

that's perfect did you get a good one look at these so I can't really wait oh yeah yeah yeah very much so shut the front door - shut the front door yeah

I'm gonna bleed all over my potatoes all right look I'm gonna sit here and smack my lips so I'm gonna shove my camera up go back with you guys after take two now we're just sitting outside by the fire here throwing wood on it and shivering if only there was a warm place if it was a hot place we going to let's go there Ted oh so he'd been out there for a few hours I soaked for this one time and she is good to go damper closed well we were out there it's warm in this place up i pre burned off the pre burn the stove before we came because this is a new stove just so we marine boats sitting in here with the fumes but we didn't have to worry about that anyway the company's snow trucker I got this from an American company it's a family owned company so a big shout out to those guys thanks for hooking it up with this awesome tent a lot somewhere I used to come out of this thing with her what do you think about it yeah it's how are you six physics - and I can almost stand up that's pretty decent yeah it is because I mean you realize use the back I'm used to backpacking tents right my MSR tents and getting drastic stuff right so do we all have this we're just talking about Scott's wife was kind of giving a little bit of grief for coming over to camp with somebody you met on the Internet right and I'm thinking about to tell him I said Mabel Hotel on the camera my wife was the same way and my mom back in the day when I first started on bushcraft USA and I was telling you I flew out to Missouri and stuff yeah so I'm this like little skinny white can and young like maybe 22 no not in maybe 25 but like you know I'm gonna go fly out to Missouri to hang out with all these American dudes in the woods and like let alone my mom like okay whatever mom is just what it is I go through customs

come through and they ask me like I'm driving through the fly through the to the states and the border and they're like where are you going and why and I tell them how do you know these people and this is before like the internet was huge in the morning and they're like you serious red flags Oh big red flags and the only thing that saved me this officer is Beauregard next next to the one I was talking to I was like yeah I'm on a motor said the guy I was talking to you see I'm on a motorcycle for him we go meet up all the time or whatever and then so like the guard was a goal another time I'm going through and I got all my stuff though and I put my ax and I want to make it seen I don't want to try and hide it I want to make it out plain plain view so that they see it and like it doesn't seem like I'm trying to bring a weapon or something so it's a lady on the but just in the and the booth don't pull me in and she's talking to me and I tell her what we're doing and what we're gonna do is shit I bought a bunch of tuna cans just for like survival yeah just to have some more about prepping and stuff so she kind of understood a little bit and she goes up I don't I don't know if you can bring that ax over I don't think no no I do it all the time it's okay it's okay cool have a good day if you say exactly what you can not anything wrong but it was just funny that she believed me you know yeah like you would know better than right no I've been don't you worry I go camping yeah yeah it's fine it's more normal these days I'd say meeting up with someone with like-minded interests you know I mean yes I do agree it is bizarre it's you don't meet because it's not there's a part that's not normal about it for sure but I had to luxury what I don't know this is recording here work over live yeah I had the luxury of having a good idea what you are like because I got to watch your videos right when you come across very honestly in your videos especially you know if you fought if you're a fan like I've been I've been watching us for a while so going into it I've been like okay I can contact Joe because I guess I know what to expect you know I don't think he's faking of that well after these hundreds of videos right I don't know if he's that good of an actor well so for me was you know fairly easy to give you a shout out or whatever and track you down but I mean if I were you you know I mean that's the challenge from your from your end from your purview right well I think like I was saying to you earlier I think I get I get literally if we're just going by emails let's not count comments and stuff I'm gonna say I get 30 emails a day yeah some are nonsense through through like partnership through YouTube and stuff but a lot are people saying they want to meet up right and if I'm being honest it's hard to to agree to that especially because a lot of people are far away and it just the logistics of it is crazy but the way that people type the way that people come across matters to me I can tell if you're like if you're sincere or a normal person you know and when I got your email it seemed like you were a normal person and and if I'm if I'm being completely honest yeah when I go and I can check out your YouTube videos videos as well it kind of gives me a sense of like okay this dude's legit he just wants to be out there in camp as well and he's good you know so it gives me a gauge as well so I did I in all honest I did go and look at your YouTube news before I replied but I noticed I only had the to view so I but I have to I want you to just go you know I mean there's some crazy crazy stuff going on in the world and it's I got a family and stuff man you know I mean I you see me with my kids right exactly yes I you know mine obviously come across is okay this guy is a family guys of course and you know what's crazy after I didn't even really realize it when I first could I just glanced at your videos after we were talking really quick but I had what went back after we were talking and I had watched one of your Algonquin videos with your son when catching those crazy brook oh yeah yeah yeah so before I went to my fall one with Doug I freaking it was trying like just scour for fishing videos and stuff from oh yeah came across that and watched it goes so yeah so yeah you get to see you just see who you're dealing with tonight so that was right and that's how we and we're probably literally what 10 15 minutes away yeah we're not far so yeah that's that's a huge part to it too yeah it's starting to get less and less as it is the tiers references references yeah yeah it's like 11 o'clock at night just been talking up a storm tell some lies on fire here beers went down real nice and sleep is gonna be even nicer good night Scotty boy night Joe it's been fun buddy yes get with you in the morning well we're awake how did you sleep sky pretty good actually yeah me too so it's 8:30 now mr. goose flew overhead and woke us up about an hour ago just been laying here it's not too cold I know pretty warm right now that's too bad

so I think we're gonna do some pancakes you up for some pancakes absolutely if you're making pancakes for this morning as promised we got some pancake mix already made up this is the jet this is the just add water kind I added a little bit of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup chocolate chips in there yeah so that'll be a little tasty treat I'm gonna do it all up this will make six or seven exactly now that we got a good bed of coals in there and that's raging up we're going to close the door I'm gonna close the damper so that way I get a lot more heat coming off the top of my stove rather than just getting pushed right out the stovepipe so we're gonna cook with the frying pan right there no all right let's try and do this properly Joe good first pancake impression okay campus soda can't flip a pancake so oh boy you're gonna big - oh yeah gotta make two big ones oh yeah it's like an actual cake in a pan it's like a pancake all right Joey think I can pull it off

not only did you do it look at that pink that pancake that's right that's what I like to hear it oh good alright folks that's the second one right there nice and pancake II put some butter on that piece I dropped the ball I took the time to put syrup in my little squeeze container for Scott and myself just enough you know just not for - she's not far - yeah I forgot it in the car

how is your dry pancakes it's very buttery oh my god I didn't figure that that's one thing we got now it's raining pretty good so I got the tents inside the sorry the camera inside the tent we're gonna dump her ashes on top of the old fire pit from last night and then water before we go those are the fire bricks in the bottom it's not Pete it did sound like I know you're talking about [Music]

well folks I'm gonna wrap this up here she's running pretty good we're pretty much done anyway yeah yeah so I have a really good time thank you for coming out no is uh good I'm sure we'll have more trips in the future together because yeah we hit it off pretty good so thanks for watching this video and I'll see you guys in the next one thank you

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