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Solo Bushcraft Overnight in my Semi Permanent Bush Shelter, Fire Inside, Building the Front Wall.


I travel in by canoe, and foot to my log cabin type wooden shelter in the forest.

Once there, I build more onto the natural bush shelter, I explore, go fishing, and cook some good food over the open fire inside my shelter.

My friends the blackflies make a grand appearance lol.

Come along with me on this solo overnight :)

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

good morning how you guys doing I'm feeling good

hello it on the water it's 8:30 in the morning

I'm gonna cross over a couple of lakes and later than 10:00 in the morning little short trip with me sure you'll enjoy it

sorry about the hiatus - oh yeah I got my fishing pole with me - I forgot the only thing that's in season right now is crappie and sunfish this is the end of the line as far as canoeing goes now I gotta hop out of the canoe hide it in the woods grab my backpack and hike in the woods whoa 20 minutes half an hour until I find the perfect spot in the forest I think I'm almost there I haven't mentioned it yet whoever where I'm headed but I'm trying to find my old shelter my semi-permanent a pretty decent Bush shelter the one that I've been building for I don't know a couple years now Mike helped me with some renovations on it not too long ago maybe before the winter yeah we came before the winter we had to break ice on the way out ah stop for a little drink here I've got my why not wildland scope pack the one I designed you haven't seen me use this and probably a year or so got everything I need for an overnight in there I got a small sleeping bag go my cuca I haven't used yet from Seoul of Siberia have you cover canteen lots of fun gear this trip we're almost there I think you got to find it hopefully it's still standing and hopefully I can find it all right back on the move oh I've got a new axe - council tool it's a pretty nice one I'll show you that when I get to the shelter I need a name for it the Hut oh look what I found still standing

still intact this thing looks awesome look at that oh I love this thing BAM son just like me and Mike left it just like Mike and I left it lovely absolutely lovely no one's been here this is the tripod we left here underneath the shelter on purpose this is exactly how we left it okay cool oh man this is so cool I absolutely love this place I love the way the shelters built I love the forest it's in everything feel very comfortable here there is a little bit of a problem there's a boat a million black flies around right now they're all over my camera and they're swarming me I have a very bad allergic reaction to black flies if you want to see an example of this I'll put a link I put a video up here of a trip that Kyle and I did in Temagami nine days I just almost died from black fly bites it was so bad very very bad allergic reaction to them I don't have any bug spray or anything like that on this trip because I did not think the black flies are gonna be out yet but that's ok I don't think they're biting but they are swarming like crazy so I think what I'm gonna do first off is get a smoky fire going in there and the fire pit kind of just smoke this whole place out of any any of those bugs I've got some lunch get to my gear I'll show you my gear it's gonna be a good trip nice and relaxing on a fish work on the shelter should be good this is a from Mike and I when we were here last time it's a cedar plank a grilling plank or a maple one moat cedar for grilling we cooked a steak on it it's still here which is pretty crazy but anyways I'm gonna use this for quick kindling grab some pine twigs color good collar good [Music]

still there which is a good sign my reflector solid everything's coming up millhouse these are the same ashes and coals from from the fall shove them all over the side there they are wet very wet just push it over here for now have a fire in this main part got a knife sent to me from Ben's backwoods Ben's backwoods has been an outdoor store outdoor bushcraft store online for a long time this is just like that leg hole knife that I had but it's called the care mat and it's a much smaller see it fit my hand oh man the black flies are everywhere but yeah it's much smaller than the leg home it was at 330 seconds sharp sharp sharp spine it's made by LT again and I think the handle are sorry the blade is about four inches maybe 3.75 but pretty nice stout little knife for my zoom look at just a basic moron almost wanted to test this out and yeah say thank you thank you Ben so I haven't played with this at all I haven't been out since I got it so down this is cedar so it makes it super easy to do this but all right I'm gonna strike these with a fire steel there's no birch around I have to go on a hike for some birch that's okay ah they are by eating son of a gun okay fire fire

firesteel calm firesteel I really like these ones for a really big glob like you've seen

one stick in it some of you know that I've been having some gut issues lately that's why I really haven't been out camping getting videos done and stuff so I'm completely changed the way I eat now things that seem to be going better cut out wheat and sugar and salt I'm eating spelt bread with natural turkey shaped Turkey and spinach and baby kale on there I gotta get my leafy greens my dark leafy greens it's very important I'm about sixty percent right now I have to get better have to get ninety to a hundred percent so I can start doing my canoe trip and they wilderness living a backpacking stuff what all as well I'm on the mend just poor diet poor lifestyle that was good four years went through a lot of a lot of crap with my stomach my butt good four years got under control looks like the last year just felt like a key to eat whatever I wanted and I did and I'm paying for it I really should not have done that it's caught up to me but can always learn the same lesson twice I guess stick with old Joe kids eat your leafy greens

well that smoke really seemed to work the bugs have died down completely just got a little bit on there but it's smoking really nice so like I said I really do love this place it's awesome but it needs to still needs a lot of work it's set up for me they're fine with the lean-to this is all waterproof here but the ceiling definitely is not and the extra bed is not so definitely Mike is gonna come back soon or somebody else with me but for sure Mike maybe somebody else as well I want to get this part ready for them and then also in this corner I want to kind of make like a like wood storage or a dog shelter so if Scout comes he can kind of tuck in the corner there or any dog really so what I'm gonna do is trim up these first let's check out this book so first never had one of these before this is straight from Siberia I showed this in a like a unpackaging unboxing video but haven't used it haven't been out sweet little feather on there - very cool check out soul of Siberia on Instagram and YouTube although soul of Siberia Oh anyways I like to keep that clipped on the outside of my backpack easy access I say I like to do that I'm doing that this time we're gonna get into the backpack and get my saw and my axe out of here oh I got a nice fillet knife to brought a prequel fillet knife you're gonna fish I'll show you guys that that fillet knife is from an adventure swarm alright here is the saw it's silky gone boy you say this is a new saw Joe you've had a silky gone boy for a long time this is a new saw this is a new silky gone boy this actually doesn't even look like my other one quite a bit longer but if I'm not mistaken I don't think it cuts as well I think the teeth might be a medium instead of a large is that a thing am I right on that silky gone boy three hundred millimeters model code ggb one two one three oh my other one was like a 240 I think but anyways pretty good decent size on it put it to some use and my axe

so woodcraft to council to a woodcraft i'll show you about this in a little bit I'll use it and I'll talk about it in a little bit it's different it's different than other axes you don't need to come out very far past the log okay she works pretty good


I don't mind black flies as much as mosquitoes it's just that I react and the black flies way too much okay this isn't really doing anything here that's coming out oh she's soaked under underground that's all soaked this one needs to be pounded down in he's all could use a little pounding I was gonna cut them off but I'm a whack first here whenever I use my axe to pound things in like this I always get a lot of comments saying you should leave your sheath on because I always take it off but I've personally seen someone cut through their axe mask by doing this the pressure of a hitting down made the axe bust through the axe mask in the front and I've never seen someone come up and hit themselves in the face with their acts like this I've never done it so carefully I'm going to use it with the the axe mask off and that's why I'm doing it that way okay

hello better I'm gonna tie that right to it too

so holds it tighter kind of holds everything in place well that's sweet check this out pretty cool huh and that's all super resinous fatwood esque the bugs are getting bad they're bouncing off my face like crazy oh here I don't know what it's like inside the shelter black flies love Sun as opposed to mosquitoes we were looking for dankness I'm not trying to burn a ton of wood or anything like that I just want to keep this fire smoldering throw a little bit of wet stuff on there too actually

that's her she goes you're the bird Oh couple different birds going to town these pinecones really make a good little smoker to totally catch with all the resin but well check this out I wanted to show you guys over here speaking of pinecones this is like a squirrel mitten so they would have eaten the pine nuts these are just like the shells I don't know where he would have done that at though maybe sitting up there somewhere

but anyways pretty cool to have that there it looks nice on the ground and actually I could throw it right on the fire for more smoke it's crazy how loud squirrels sound and birds can you hear that

it gets loud some of these I can burn keep those ones that I can overhear easy-access

there's like dead oak everywhere just the best kind of firewood so the stuff like this these little Quigs and then old stuff you know the pine twigs the pine needles and then just like the decomposing matter this stuff on the ground makes for great bashing it just kinda all sticks together and that's what I used all in the back there's videos of this homeless shelter being built I think I think the first one was two years ago I didn't come back for a year how think I only built it onto it two or three times but yeah you can definitely find those on my channel I'll link them in the description for you so anyways I don't want to get rid of all this stuff as my point I don't want to throw it all into the woods I'm just gonna pile it over there because it's very useful [Music]


all these rocks here and use them for part of the shelter build just want to get them over the way so I can sink the logs down into where they need to go normally I'd blow on it to get it going it's not even necessary I want the smoke I want it to take a long time to catch more the longer it takes to catch a longer little smoke very good very good all right deadweight fine here it's about wrist thick I want to use it for a ridgepole for the front instead of trying to make a lean-to on the side I think I want to work on the front of it and let leave the side for Mike when he comes to decide if you want to use a tarp or work on it with this someone take this down on my silky yep see what kind of bends here I don't want all that Wampus wood I don't want it all s attorney for what I'm using I'm gonna cut it up here where it starts to get straight


here's the even better one I can use either of them for a ridgepole but this is thicker and again dead I'm trying to get all dead trees to do this with like there you can see those are live that guy there she did yep that's what I said that guy there she did pretty good Oh what down there [Music]

do you see my friends my friends are with me always show don't less Strout yeah these are a hundred percent black flies they are swarming so this is an eye-opener it's a big eye-opener ice out isn't even in Algonquin Algonquin doesn't even have ice out yet like look at this they're not allowing people to go on backcountry trips yet and the black flight is already this bad yet last year in May I was on a canoe trip right around this time five days so low not a black fly to be found Algonquin nasal touch more north of where I am right now I'm still up there still about seven hours north of where I live I'm just not in the Algonquin area so heads up for the spring Algonquin paddlers proof is in the black flies I think it's because we had no spring really it was like all this almost summer weather like I have my sweater on it's still but only because I don't want to expose my skin they're not biting they're not biting I don't want to exaggerate more than it is but these are swarming like swarming they've been I've like 3 of them in my eyes a bunch of my ears

it ain't went to any more and they went sir we're back in the land of the bugs Oh

they're swarming this camera just swarming my mic off pest okay they're bitin they're bitin I gotta get out of here I want to go paddle around I think get out in the in the breeze they don't like a breeze it's dead back in here there's no air coming through but um oh my god okay I'm still gonna keep working but in a few hours I'm gonna get out there and paddle around and fish and stuff I uh I think if I'm not sitting so still right here it's not as bad when I'm up and working moving around they're not as swarmy and even over by the smoke it might be a little bit better man flies black on black on black dress black black black black it's a bit better over here bug wise okay you guys I'm not exaggerating like just not exaggerating here okay I know that doesn't look like much but that literally was the one that happened maybe five minutes ago now what's gonna happen on this is it's gonna get this like Burnie crust like puss that that that crusts and it just stays like that and then a lot of them will spread and stuff like the one on my how do my legs spread up like a spider bite got all infected this is an eye-opener I had planned on going on that alone sequel thing by myself pretty soon but I'm not if I'm not gonna do it during black fly season at all there's no way I'm not staying here for 10 days unprotected like this and just just building and sitting and then they're all the woods like there's no way I'll wait until they're done and deal with the mosquitoes if that's the case if I have to go in mid June or whatever I'm fine with that but look one bite two minutes ago five minutes ago tops and I guarantee that will do what I say puss up and then crust off and just burn and like and it's not just like like like bites I get like big deal if I get a bite right

I get sick lethargic from it like very very sick it poison my body my glands swelled up big-time yeah it's not good so that's an eye-opener I'm glad I'm actually happy that this has happened to to make me realize that the black flies are coming out early this year last year they came out late we had an actual spring we went from winter to summer here so and I know it's a different story where I'm planning on doing that out but still if the ice out if I'm gonna be supposed to be going there right after ice out like a week after I so this is a week after ice out here chances are it's gonna be the same boat same little boat all right back to work I don't want to make it out to seem like I'm just complaining and moaning complaining but this is okay it's fine it's just I'm surprised it's the first of the year for me Brock fry this one going this way leave about two feet up here to the next one for airflow smoke to escape and all that stuff so I'm gonna get that up there measure it cut it and tie it so it's one of these three that I'm going to use for the ridgepole they're all pretty long but I'll probably end up using the thickest one so it's strong to support the weight of the other one cleaning on it that means this one right yeah okay

it's definitely long enough I'll use the thickest end and cut it so that I'm not wasting I'm not gonna cut in the middle right yeah that's the still very long piece there's a little bit longer and I couldn't put it any farther else it would have tipped over that's plenty gap there smoke to escape yep

you know what I'll bring another touch let's eat in line with the bed there with the bed so good two and a half feet or so on that side and that's tyre on check this out somebody sent me this pretty cool thank you to whoever it was so a little piece of pic Hank a paracord but the really cool thing is what it's on it's called a spool tool so I only need about that much watch this there's a little razor blade in there there's all sorts of things that you can do like hook the the rope onto there hook this onto some excuse me something else I'm sure there's more things that I don't know about but my favorite part is the Hat that saves a lot of time all right

I got two pieces per cord we're gonna do the Canadian Jay I'm not surprised surprised if you want to learn how to do this not in detail I've done it in many other videos tie a stop or not tie a loose knot and you can use this for like like putting together clothes inside your backpack to cinch them down or to put shelters together lots of different uses so she's on there I'm not gonna wrench it too tight when you go do the other side then wrench them both gotta give her the old body weight test that's about the extent of my chin-ups okay perfect see my hoodie see my Scout logo hoodie merch link into the description what I am being a very big baby I know but my arm is about six or seven bites deep right there you know will fold up so we're gonna get smoke going again

it's a whole car there real soon okay so I don't really need to put these on a big angle because I'm not trying to have another lean-to on this side just a wall they can almost go vertical what I think I'm gonna do is line it up with the outside of this tree here can you see that yeah the other side of this tree and just kind of make a wall flat against that so that yeah it comes down as far as the tree does basically so it can go that straight I can cut it close black flies love to do that climb in your clothes and fight you underneath they crawl around a as opposed to mosquitoes that just kind of land on you and bite guys will find the opportunity I know a lot about the black flies I've had a lot of experience I'm very intimate with the black flies okay one like 20 more to go pass left a lot of knobs on trying to think that it would be good for thatching like because they're so straight up I want some stuff to hold the Duff on but it's also making it difficult to line up next close to each other it's okay okay cool so coming together slowly but surely okay well I'm super thirsty I have no water left I want to get some fish and done and I want to give all these black flies go in the breeze for a bit so imma leave my DSLR here

I grab my GoPro head out to the canoe my taking boat probably 20 minutes to get to it so go fish for a little bit get some water hang out in the boat for an hour or so and then head back here it's only 1:30 now so I got lots of time coming together well I'm in my canoe and my good idea to get over the dank or start of the still air into the breeze so the black flies wouldn't bother me was a great idea you know in theory there's no breeze out here and it's more sunny and there's more black foot so we're just trying to get through this little like meandering creeks part of it hoping to open up into a lake and a little bit of a breeze a little bit of a breeze will be heaven right now it's not too much to ask for right just a touch of a breeze well she's pretty calm out here on the lake like you can see I'm getting swarmed oh man no escape and here is the breeze quite nice quite nice nice I'm on a breeze now yeah yeah I'm gonna get a little fight here Oh birch are open - I said earlier that sunfish and blue and crap you're open perch are also this is great black flies are gone I'm literally just sitting here comfortable enough very cool very cool races a godsend now








well I stayed out there for a lot longer than I thought I was going to it's five o'clock now I just got back less than an hour ago really so I went into a couple more lakes farther down i trolled in there for the possibility of lake trout or brook trout in the lake but no luck these bugs are bad I'm really really warm but I just kind of like need my sweater on here I got to get a fire going I left I let that thing go diode it's it's been hours since I've been here I get supper on to them I'm super hungry feeling a little spent as well a little tired

you know these bugs can you see them are they showing up and to think my forehead oh I got another one it was this was the first one oh yeah me and a few there it seems

ah yeah I gotta get this fire going I got something cool to use to I'll show you I don't want to go run around look for birch bark and take a bunch of time I will wanna get this fire going right now get the smoke in here get rid of these things go fox late possibles coach here got a bunch of stuff in here here's my fire starter chapstick two fire starter I have it's called wax wood stick it's like this by the scene people who make fat rope and all the other things I've been using lately production hanger 51 he sent me this wanna try it out this is different from the rope for sure

fat wood made better from the makers of fat rope stick comes the wax woods that each wax wood stick is handmade to achieve superb performance in all weather conditions

cool wax wood stick is made to mimic naturally-occurring fat wood which is wood impregnated with extra resin when a tree attempts to repair damaged or died but it's not enough to just mimic fat would because fat wood has some downsides that can be improved first of all it's not always easy to find especially if you don't know what to look for once you actually find it you have to process it in pieces at a usable size which is a messy sticky undertaking to see at least once you've done that storing it for travel is a challenge as well since it doesn't come in standard size of shape you also have to factor in a sticky mess that you wouldn't want to put on your favorite pack wax what stick is not only easier to light the natural fat what it's conveniently sized for your pack or fire kit is soft enough to be easily processed but has no sticky residue to contend with it's dry easy to pack and super easy to use that's pretty cool thanks man check out production hangar 51 on Instagram all right so let's check this out doesn't have a smell at all oh my goodness it's like butter Oh canteens falling over can you see that the shavings so I think the whole thing behind this is you can use this as kindling tinder like first stage all the way through fire so let's do that let's actually make a fire with this whole thing when you use the whole thing maybe I'll save a piece for the morning I have a whole bunch of my home not worried about wasting it I could definitely get the fire going just this let's let's take this off now I'll do one of these be very very careful okay so I'll save this how about that will save about a quarter of it morning see this straight pieces I'm getting make a feather stick with one oops or not oh goodness okay okay that's far going no more messing around Joe wonder if I can throw a spark onto it instead of planting it down in there there we go nice pretty fancy yeah that stuff goes up seal of approval so yeah anyways you're supposed to be able to make a fire legit with this and it should burn for a long time and then that by by the time like this dies down you should be able to get any kind of kindling like if it's wet or not lit yeah yeah she going some big old pieces on there see what happens gotta start getting coals ready for my supper - so this is all just pine still I'm gonna go have to get some firewood I need a bunch of snacks when I got back jerky granola bar and some raisins drink a bunch of water so I'm okay right now what a thing all I do is try and get two or three more trees filling a little bit more of that wall because I didn't really do too much today I spend a lot of time out there didn't do too much building really just the ridge pool those trees cleaned up that area that's fine I'm not there's no agenda by any means but ya get a couple more trees anyway finish off that for today or until it's up until after supper at least and get some oak for firewood but all in the meantime I'm gonna have this fire going good now so that I'll go gather coals and stuff like that and again the white pine doesn't really create good coals so red oak bro all my head's all wealthy wealthy Joe this will be the biggest diameter one that I've taken down so far it's why I just a touch wider than my axe head so I'm gonna put it nice and clean notch there and gore on the backside make a couple cuts and then push it over [Music]

close a bam Sun moment if I ever saw that one tree took up the space of almost the other the other part that I did mm-hmm science math well I'm a little son today you see the difference my watch was I'm hoping that because it's supposed to get pretty chilly tonight it's supposed to get around +1 Celsius so I put 33 or 34 Fahrenheit but the black flies are gonna drop down they're not bad under here at all with that rager going but it's hot it's so hot in there I'm starving I'm gonna get some food cooking soon I already got some maple and some oak on there I've just been like throwing around what throwing it on when I'm running around working I mean I can't talk but I just got a really good piece a really big score solid oak they're pulled up to the to the lean-to so I want to go over there cut it up with my saw and then buck it up a bit too with the ax just to play with the axe with hardwood and then split it and then maybe tonight after we're sitting by the fire or whatever I'll give you my thoughts on that axe I have only really used it for D living and chopping down pine so it's you know that's not the greatest test for white pine that's that's an American accent made in America so I'm sure it's supposed to be used on hardwood dense wood I need some food a lot of Sunday man I'm gonna sleep good I got four like four in the morning I'm going to bed Roland's like 9 o'clock yet last night I went to bed at 8:30 after that drive 20 buddy's place 8:30 at night up at 4:00 and laid there to like 6 so I'm sure I'll be in bed by 10 o'clock at the very very latest tonight area it says sleep by 10 o'clock at latest new my hair you know a haircut looks super gray super gray Joe blue shirt red arms ok energy here we go so this is that really dense piece of oak nice and long solid [Music]


so dance that way danos 90 degrees to it straight on alright it's time to cook up some supper for dinner tonight I have long grain wild rice all natural the ingredients are parboiled long grain rice and wild rice that is it so should be pretty good for me for my stomach I also have store made honey Dijon sausage that's what I had to get this morning on the way here for my buddies to this place and about two things we're open so that's what I got I have my heavy cover Canty I'm gonna cook the rice in I'm gonna make up some tea tonight - I got found a bunch of wintergreen over there pick some wintergreen pick some pine needles and mix it up in here little booster tea so this is I'm gonna measure though it says on here for our 250 mil of rice you use 500 mil of water or just double what I have right so if I put in one of these of rice I put in two of these in water nice and easy to go that route to do it that way I'm losing my voice losing my mind can't really speak super hungry

okay so one of those okay what you know about rice so this isn't precooked this isn't minute rice this is gonna take a little bit says 20 minutes that's done is plump hmm good right one more minute I'm gonna call them done look at that I can pick it up with that fork super easy this is a heavy cover titanium spork love using that for that purpose oh it's hot it's hot one it's hot ones I'm your host jewelry event and T were cooking snausages in the fire anyone watch hot ones smells good this one be sure it's cooked inside open the heat all day yeah this one's done for sure sausages were still cool when I pulled them on my backpack I'm not worried about it I just definitely want it cooked that is tasty Wow

let me tell you you got fluffy fluffy rice I'm gonna get rid of my sweater in here cuz so hot the fire died down now it's not so warm anymore the bugs are coming back I think I'm gonna take that sausage off and throw some maple on there get the flames back up get the bugs down Oh dainty rice that other sausage has to be done it's a nice temperature oh man very nice this is an awesome trip just today already really really a lot of fun it's been a long time coming you know what I mean like last time I was able to putz around my canoes in the fall I feel good this is good my bump I just don't seem to be too bad Oh take that buggies take that smoke Spence doesn't make Spence doesn't make Spencer rice who watched any vs spenny another Canadian gold mine if you like Trailer Park Boys you're not familiar with kenny vs spenny and you like canadian weird shows kenny vs spenny it's crude if you like Trailer Park Boys on two off the warning about that we'll finish up the rest of my food maybe go pick some wintergreen for some tea later just I relax just gonna lose lose light any minute now not any minute but soon you know little chilly my sweater on gonna have to cut up the rest of this wood man I've really got a sunburn my arms are red tender better cut the rest as wood and yeah get some materials for my tea okay oh I gotta split some - I forgot about that let's do that let's cut a big chunk and split it solid man oh my friends the answer back her all friends sorry about your life sorry about that what this one a little bit longer pretty accurate pretty accurate so I've got a lot of axes like ten something like that most of them are boys axes some of our nineteen inch like half axe type deal it's not really hatchets because hatchets are like nineteen and smaller I'd say this is something in the middle this is like a twenty two twenty three tops inch long handle so it doesn't qualify as a boys X the head is let's say pound and a half maybe two pounds maybe two pounds it is made in the USA I guess a few things make it different one of them is the fact that it this is the size that twenty-three is not a normal size though the other thing is it's a flat grind it's not a convex like on the graspers axis this is a flat grind another thing that's different you have this swell for splitting doesn't go all the way to the top grooves out there and on the bottom it does the same thing right there

it's very sharp I don't know that I'd oh I did ding him a little touch a little ding in the in the in a blade that's probably from when I was going 90 degrees on to that oak not too long ago it works well for splitting it on all honesty using it with one hand feels a touch heavy it's not a deal breaker by any means

I love the blonde handle on it I'm going to treat that linseed oil and beeswax probably I like to get it a bit dirty before hand and I mean dirty it up a bit and it gives it even more character when it all gets darker they have the wooden wedge and the metal wedge in there again it's a wood craft but council tool I bought this myself with my own money I bought it from Canadian outdoor equipment their Mississauga I believe in your Toronto they have an online store in an actual store that you can go into so I went in I like to go in there and talk to Tim the owner he's a nice guy I get along with him well camped with him once before but yeah thought I'd try this out loss axe I got was my grants for Scandinavian forest axe and if I'm being honest between this and that one I would probably pick the grants first just says that as an all-around tool but I like it it's a nice axe I like the fact that it's made in the States I like the fact that it's a different kind of uh kind of shape you know I mean it's not it's not very narrow it's not very narrow whereas the grants for his Brooks pretty much all of them are flares out

Flair's out at the top there again this is only my first time using it so take it with a grain of salt but not you shabby oh I guess I don't need to go far wintergreen right here oh there's a little firm coming up too nice yeah oh yeah she done yeah Oh finesse you love that it's okay dirty gray color because of the the old rice in there mmm that's water go gray water yeah looks lovely

now they spill it everywhere trying to show you the joys of filming there we go all top up that should be a good tea minty citrusy BAM summer all right the first sip out of the soul of Siberia kusa once again thanks a whole bunch buddy Oh check him out Cheers nice the wintergreen is overpowering everything overpowering the pine needles and the rice water yeah it's good it's very good feels good on my stomach oh that's nice Oh buddy that's nice I'm gonna make another one that's super good so no craft beers this time haven't been drinking any beer at all or booze at all again just trying to have my guts heal it's one of the really bad things to do is to drink so even though one beer here and there I really probably won't hurt just on the mend right now so that's all right

not too shabby I don't mind not having it it's okay I haven't reacted as bad this time I haven't been bitten hundreds of times on one leg either so in in small doses I'm sure it's okay I'm tired I'm very tired it's nine o'clock a Docs or two I've been active I haven't been active at all doing it getting old I used to be able to get off the couch after a winter of doing not much get up and do a canoe trip with Kyle and and have way more endurance in him and not work out like get out literally get off the couch and go and do a seven-day thing poor Tosh he would train for it and still be like huffing and puffing I'm not saying this to puff my chested or anything it's just how it was it's not the same way anymore it's not the same way anymore I'm gonna be 35 34 soon like in on the 19th of this month 30 I was born in 84 I don't know

34 or 35 anyways so getting up there feeling things more for sure only another cup of tea on here it was really good

alright guys just about 10:30 I'm headed to bed it's nice and warm still not cold at all I'm gonna strip down climb in here have a good night's sleep I'll get with you guys in the morning sweet dream can you go through that whippoorwill whip-poor-will whippoorwill that's the moon it's 3:30 in the morning I'm I can't sleep very well they don't for about a half an hour no since three holy whippoorwills

but I'm in I can't get up yet I gotta sleep it till at least five try go back to bed wish me luck good morning guys just five now 459 in the morning I've been laying here since I last talked do you haven't gone back to sleep but I got a poop we're gonna get them poop and then when I come back from pooping I want to be warm because it's pretty pretty cold so I'm gonna get a fire going right now shouldn't take too much effort I got some split up stuff and I got that fat would stick a wax would stick so yeah that's what's going on get up and Adam so I can make a little deposit at the bank I just made a little feather stick and left it on the stick there gathering some twigs real quick on the way back from my drop-off quick and easy fire oh that's nice and warm oh yes all right time to pack up start making my way on out of here breakfast was good but II was not good it was so strong there's only a couple sips either just like I took one sip and toss the rest of it that's alright alright guys that's it for me I'm gonna put everything away hike out paddle out I might shoot some little bit a little bit of footage in the boat if there's anything interesting but other than that I'm gonna call it here thank you very much for watching I really appreciate it sorry about the hiatus before this try not to let it happen again but it is what it is right health and family comes first always I will see you guys very soon in the next one good bye

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